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The Zakon that was cut cried out as it started to disappear.

Due to that scream, the other Zakons noticed me and bared their fangs at me together with a menacing cry *Shaaaaa*.

Well, time for combat.

By the time I set up my sword and look at the Zakons, they start to disperse to attack me front multiple directions.

If it was the me from before, I would have received the attacks from the five Zakons head on.

However, as my reaction and sense have been increased with the t.i.tles, I can grasp the movements of the Zakons and beat them.

I won't attack at first, I'll concentrate on their attacks. This way I can get a little bit accustomed to my increased physical ability, and grasp their attack patterns.

I dodge the bite from the Zakon that is coming from the front, then to dodge the one coming from my back I lightly bend over. I deal with the two Zakons aiming at my feet by taking a step back, and those Zakons end up crashing against each other.

And, while avoiding the constant attacks from the Zakons, I gradually grasp their movements.

What is important is to grasp the entire enemies as a whole. Always keep grasping the enemies' movements, if I continue to create a map in my brain, the image will be created in my brain and I will be able to cope with the attacks coming from my back.

My movement gradually became smaller, and the Zakons' movements duller.

(It will be good soon)

One minute after the combat started, I got to the point of roughly understanding their attack pattern, so I decided to start attacking.

Even so, because I understand their attack pattern, it's easy. I just have to move my sword to the incoming Zakon. With that alone the Zakons will be cut down due to their own speed, and the sword's sharpness.

As their number decreases, my consciousness has to manage even less, so it becomes easier to take them down.

Then, this will work.

In just a moment I took out all of the Zakons, and then I breathe in and sit down on the spot.


Quietly, I stare into my own palm.

While I was fighting, this feeling gradually grew.

"Hu, huhuhuhuhu"

(I feel like a completely different person)

With an skilled warrior's calmness, like an a.s.sa.s.sin, I was able to move my sword sharply like a first cla.s.s swordsman.

My LV has not changed. My equipment is even worse than that of begineers. But, I got three t.i.tles.

Like this, how will it be after I acquired another t.i.tle?

*Bururi* My body started to tremble.

I want to try it. Quickly. I want to obtain it. New power.

With this excitement I began seeking more Zakons.

(…… With this one, I have 97!)

While dodging the bite from behind, my sword flashes. The 97th goes down.

There are 4 remaining. The requirement is 3 more. I counterattack again with my sword, and the 98th goes down.

Then, I take some distance and wipe away the sweat that acc.u.mulated in my chin.

(As I expected………… This is quite severe…!)

Even though the Zakons are quite the small fish, the task of continuing to beat them down as I dodge all of their attacks is quite harsh to my spirit.

When I got to the second half, my concentration was quite low and the risk of getting hit has put quite the burden on my brain.

My physical strength is okay, but my mental strength is about to be exhausted.


Because I took some distance from the Zakons, I got to see them flying around the same spot where I was.

There are three remaining. To be more accurate, there are two remaining + 1. This + 1 is unpleasant.

In the labyrinth, when a large quant.i.ty of a kind of demon is killed, a special demon named King appears.

The number necessary for a King to appear depends on the type of demon, but with Zakons it is just 100.

The King appears in the labyrinth as the closest demon to the enemy, so in this case one of those three will become the king.

The king's fighting power is about ten times of a normal one. So I don't think I will lose, but I can't deny the possibility of an "Accident" happening with my poor equipment and worn mental strength.

(…… Ha, I was killing them carefully to avoid this!)

I fought while making it so that the last battle would occur near the entrance. And after the King appeared, I would escape before it noticed me, that was the original plan.

I couldn't find any Zakons by the entrance, so I went deep looking for them, and encountered a group of 6 at a corner.

(…… Can't be helped)

As it is, I have no choice but to endure it.

Although I planned on not crossing dangerous bridges as much as possible, considering the strength I acquire with the t.i.tle after killing two more Zakons, it is safe enough.

So I decided to prepare, take a step into the Zakons and cut a Zakon in one slash.


The king appears along with that roar that shakes the air.

"………… Ha?"

(Why……!? Even though I'm still one Zakon away from 100, did I make a mistake counting!? No, I haven't obtained the t.i.tle, so it's okay, yeah. f.u.c.k, is it something like that?)

In a moment my thoughts moved at high speed and I got the answer.

These demons are unpopular, don't drop anything, and their experience is quite low. Since I thought that this was a very unpopular labyrinth, I excluded the possibility from the beginning.

(Someone entered this labyrinth and killed a Zakon…!)

The Zakon changes its appearance in front of me, while I get angry at this "Someone" whose face I don't know.

The sphere that was 10cm big got big enough to bite half a human's face. Its wings become enlarged at the same time to become like that of a dragon's, and it gives off a strong aura. And its grayish body is now gold.

After the king finished changing it stared at me who killed a lot of his brothers with deep grudge.



At the same time it roared again, I finally recovered myself and started running.

"Be in time……!"

The destination is, of course, the entrance of the labyrinth— To where the last Zakon is.

"Be in time!"

There is only one way for me to win.

To kill the small Zakon so I can focus totally on the king, did it read my thoughts, or is it going to defend its subordinate as the king?

Well, this is already a battle of me killing that small Zakon, or the king hitting me. So to speak, a desperate fight.

Therefore, who is faster? If not me, maybe I will die again?

"Be in timeeeeeee!!!!"

It roared and it was almost at the same time that I cut the Zakon, I got hit by the king.

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