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A groan leaks from my throat.

My body trembles as I feel like something hot will overflow from inside my body.

It is excitement. The delight of knowing that all of that wasn't a dream.

Even if I try to endure, the feeling inside me is beyond what I could even endure.


I let out a beast-like shout.

On that day I kept going in and out of the labyrinth until sunset and got the t.i.tle "Veteran adventurer" and "First-cla.s.s adventurer"

[Main Status]

Alkain = Healthy

LV = 1

HP = 352 / 32 (+320)

MP = 333 / 13 (+320)

Strength = 1.02 (+16.00)

Reaction = 1.56 (+16.00)

Endurance = 1.21 (+16.00)

Magic Power = 1.10 (+16.00)

Will = 1.51 (+16.00)

Sense = 2.02 (+16.00)

"Hu, huhuhu, huhuhuhuhu"

At night I look at the status card in the inn's dining room and I couldn't keep from grinning.

Veteran adventurer is a t.i.tle that is usually acquired when someone has been an adventurer for around 10 years. To have this t.i.tle is enough to be able to become a knight of a country.

To become a veteran adventurer of this country single-handedly after becoming a madman and entering the labyrinth all day.

In only one day. I got it in just one day.

And the result is this.

Lv 1 with this status.

Even with my current equipment I might be able to capture a labyrinth that is close-by.

I didn't think that I was truly the main character of a game.

Because, how could I? I certainly exist here. And the spectacle reflected in my eyes, the appearance of the people living, and the smells from the delicious dinner.

If I'm hurt I feel hurt, and I feel sleepy when night comes.

The information from the playthrough site was true.

However, that isn't evidence that this world is a game.

If the information from that site is enough evidence that this world is a game, then the evidence that I feel is real from my surroundings makes a discrepancy.

That information may be poison for me.

To avoid it, I should verify that discrepancy before it's too late, and it's necessary for me to get the benefits.

…… However, that is.

I look at the status card.

At this moment, I could become complacent due to acquiring this power without any difficulties.

Everything is 16 times my initial abilities. I got all of that in just one day.

Since 1.00 is a numerical value of an average adult, that means that I have acquired 16 times the physical ability of an adult.

"Hu, huhuhuhu"

Considering that, a smile inevitably overflows.

"What happened? You seem so happy"


When she saw that, Elise who is the inn's pride comes here with the stew.

"Then, maybe your Lv finally has gone up… And you were happy?"

I was smiling while looking at my status card.

My status card is abnormal right now, so I can't show it to anyone.

"Well, it was pretty creepy"

"Eeh, that is mean"

While laughing with Elise, I suddenly remember that site.

She is quite a miserable character.

First of all, she was attacked by thugs and raped. Afterwards, she is confined for one week by those thugs and keeps being violated through day and night, and if the hero isn't able to find her in the meantime, she will be sold to slavery.

After that event, you can purchase her as a slave if you have a certain amount of money at the slave quarter, but after some time she is sold to an ugly fat merchant, the description says that she ends up working as a prost.i.tute at his mansion.

By the way, before she becomes a slave she can't become a companion, a strict specification for Elise to the end thoroughly.

(Now then, what do I do?)

I think carefully while looking at Elise's well-featured face and her rich chest.

Now I have two options.

One option is to rescue her before being attacked by the thugs. The other one is to have her become a slave and purchase her.

The first choice will be good as an experiment to test how influenced I am by the scenarios from the game.

In the game, there is no way to save her from the event of the thugs attacking. Therefore, if I'm able to save her it will be proof that the scenario has no influence and it will be proof that this world is reality. On the contrary, if Elise is attacked no matter what I do, I will be a slave to the scenarios planned in the game, and I don't want to imagine the future of the game if that is the case.

So, if that happens, the other alternative is to have her become my slave.

The biggest problem right now is how to get companions. Just like today, I will keep the strange behavior in the future. If I'm in a party with other people, the reasons for my actions have to be explained to them, and even if they hear me, if I become strong, people will imitate me. If that happens, my advantage will disappear, and on the contrary, I will become the target of other people.

So I have to fight alone all the time? It's impossible. The labyrinth isn't such an easy place; if I go alone I will die before long.

Therefore I need a slave. If I have a slave, my secrets won't be exposed and i can handle my libido.

Elise is quite a beauty and has the skill of a special character. I can treat such a girl as a slave. This is the second choice.

First of all, the experiment is the first choice, but I can experiment without it being this case in particular. She would be grateful to me and I can feel satisfied if I manage to do it.

But the second alternative is that she will be purchased due to becoming a slave, and my conscience will hurt badly, besides, it's necessary to gather enough funds to buy her at that time.



Elise notices that I keep staring at her and she looks at me with suspicion.

I decided after watching her.

"Hey, can you go out with me some day?"

To save her.

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