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Chapter 1112 - 1112: Bai Yunfei ‘s Weakness

Translator: Henyee Translations Editor: Henyee Translations

They entered the hall unimpeded. Although the demons were fiendish, they did not dare to show any disrespect in front of Bai Yunfei. Even when they saw Ye Qiu and Master Crocodile, they didn’t dare to show any disrespect.

Especially Master Crocodile. In terms of baleful aura, the entire demon race, including Bai Yunfei, probably did not have as much baleful aura as him. He was truly a G.o.d of death.

“Master! The Demon Emperor has been waiting for a long time.” As soon as he entered the hall, a demon priest walked up and said respectfully to Bai Yunfei.

Although Mengli had taken over the position of Demon Emperor, she was too young, and the current headquarters of the Demon Race were all people from the Demon Lord Bai Yunfei’s lineage. Therefore, Bai Yunfei was still in charge of everything in the entire Demon Race.

“Mm, you may leave.” Bai Yunfei replied coldly. After returning to the demon hall, he returned to his previous superior att.i.tude and a cold and arrogant aura appeared. The demon priest didn’t dare to say anything else and quickly retreated.

Ye Qiu discovered that this priest was actually an expert above the Dao Sacrificial Realm. He could not help but be secretly shocked. No wonder the demons could occupy such an advanced position in the foreign battlefield. Their foundation was very strong.

Just Bai Yunfei, an invincible Immortal King and the true number one person below the Immortal Emperor Realm, was enough for them to do whatever they wanted. Even Immortal Emperors did not dare to enter the territory of the demons as long as Bai Yunfei was still alive.

Along the way, Ye Qiu kept sizing up the entire demon hall, feeling extremely surprised.

Master Crocodile said excitedly, “Hehe, this demon hall is quite domineering. It’s comparable to my temple back then. Unfortunately, my temple has been destroyed. I’m only a homeless person now.” At this point, his eyes could not help but dim. He was a failure! If Ye Qiu hadn’t saved him, he would still be locked in that cage.

“Old senior, it’s just a temple. WIt’s just a matter of time before you rebuild it.”

Bai Yunfei smiled evilly. After walking into the hall, he gestured for Ye Qiu and Master Crocodile to take a seat. He showed his hospitality as a host and did not show any signs of neglect. They were the guests of the Demon Emperor. He still had to give them the respect they deserved.

“The Demon Emperor has arrived!”

Ye Qiu and the other two had just sat down when they heard a report. They looked over curiously. In the image, the Distortion Door trembled, and a stunning woman in a red robe slowly walked out. It was the appearance in his memory. Ye Qiu couldn’t help but be secretly shocked. Although Mengli had already completely grown up, her appearance did not change much. She still looked a little like when she was young.

“Grandmaster! ” The girl who entered the demon hall immediately saw Ye Qiu sitting in the hall. Her eyes instantly became excited. Although she had already become the Demon Emperor, in her heart, she was still the youngest disciple of the Violet Cloud lineage.

Especially in this cold demon hall, there was not even a single person who could speak. The moment she saw Ye Qiu, tears couldn’t help but well up in her eyes. Excitement was evident.

Bai Yunfei shook his head. He did not stop Mengli’s actions. He only sighed and did not say anything.

“Uncle, did you really invite Grandmaster?” Mengli still did not dare to believe her eyes and asked excitedly.

Bai Yunfei smiled bitterly and said, “Since you’ve already begged me like this, how can I not invite him? I went personally.”

“I knew it. Uncle is the best.” Mengli said happily. This sentence hit Bai Yunfei’s heart. He had seen the cruelest and fiercest things in the world, but none of them could move him. Only the girl’s smile touched him. Even if she could not bear the responsibility of the Demon Race, under his protection, she would be able to grow smoothly. He would not be letting down the Demon Emperor’s kindness.

“Hehe, little girl! I haven’t seen you for so many years. You’ve grown up.”

Seeing Mengli walk out excitedly, Ye Qiu slowly stood up and greeted her. Although she had already become the Demon Emperor, in Ye Qiu’s impression, she was still the little Ioli who liked to play with Linglong, but she was always beaten up by Linglong.

“Grandmaster, you’ve been gone for a hundred years. Why didn’t you come back to see Martial Uncle Wan’er and me? Mengli misses you and Master.”

Speaking of her master, Mengli was even more depressed. She had not seen Lin Qingzhu for many years. It would be a lie to say that she didn’t miss her. Every scene of Lin Qingzhu teaching her was still vivid in her mind.

Ye Qiu didn’t know how to answer this question and could only remain silent.

“Is Master alright now? Why didn’t she come with you?” Mengli asked curiously.

“She’s… quite good! She’s in the lower realm with your Martial Uncle Wan’er.

She didn’t follow me up.”

Mengli could not help but shake her head in disappointment. Then, she looked at Bai Yunfei. She asked tentatively, “Uncle, can I go to the lower realm to play? I haven’t seen my master for a long time. I miss her so much… Please…”

The girl acted cute, and Bai Yunfei was instantly numb. He was not afraid of the heavens or the earth. Even in the face of the pressure of an Immortal Emperor, he did not retreat at all. The only thing he could not stand was Mengli’s plea. It was too torturous.

“Your Majesty! This isn’t good, right? Opening the pa.s.sageway to the lower realm is very tiring. Moreover… The situation is so chaotic now. If anything happens to you, how will I explain it to everyone?”

Bai Yunfei was also very conflicted. He did not want to disappoint Mengli, but he was also afraid that something would go wrong with her. In order to find her, Bai Yunfei had experienced countless hardships and finally succeeded when Ye Qiu wasn’t paying attention.

Was he going to send her back again? This was worse than killing him. He was not afraid of the threats from the outside world. The main reason was that he was afraid that once Mengli was unwilling to leave, the problem would be huge.

“Uncle, you’re the best. Just let me meet my master once. I promise I won’t stay long. At most… I’ll play for a hundred years?” Mengli probed.

Bai Yunfei’s mouth twitched. A hundred years? It was indeed not long, but how many years would it take for him to make Mengli’s experience in the past hundred years fade?

“Aiya, what a mess! Since when did you, Bai Yunfei, dawdle so much? Isn’t it just a hundred years? It’s just a matter of closing your eyes. I’ll open a path for you! Go ahead. Their master-disciple rela tionship hasn’t ended yet. What’s wrong with letting them catch up?”

Master Crocodile couldn’t stand it anymore. Hearing this, Bai Yunfei felt a headache coming on. None of them knew how difficult it was to be the head of a household. Ye Qiu held back his laughter, but he didn’t show it, nor did he stop her. It was mainly because Bai Yunfei’s theft this time made him very unhappy, so… he had to make him suffer. Otherwise, he would feel uncomfortable.

“Alright! But this time, I’ll go with you. I’ll treat it as playing with you, but you have to promise me. After you return, you have to cultivate diligently. Take on the heavy responsibility of the demon race and accept the baptism of our demon race’s inheritance.”

In the end, Bai Yunfei gave in.

“Yay, Uncle is the best! I promise you, when I come back, I’ll definitely cultivate well.” Seeing that Bai Yunfei finally agreed, Mengli immediately revealed a smug smile. She had finally discovered that her aloof uncle could not stand her wheedling. As long as she wheedled, he would definitely compromise.

This was probably his biggest weakness..

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