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Chapter 1111: Master Crocodile’s Decision

Translator: Henyee Translations Editor: Henyee Translations

“Old Daoist! Do you want to come with us?” Ye Qiu didn’t forget to turn around and say to the old Daoist.

The old Daoist priest’s heart skipped a beat. “Hehe, let’s not! The old priest prefers to be alone. If there’s nothing else, I will leave first. We’ll meet again.” With that, he ran away. He dared to do so many immoral things, but he did not dare to appear in front of so many big shots. If he was found out, he would die. Others were fine, but he was a little afraid of Master Crocodile. This ancient G.o.d of death! He did not have a good temper. If he got angry, the entire outer realm would tremble.

“Who is this kid? Where did you find such a weirdo?” The corners of Master Crocodile’s mouth twitched as he watched the old Daoist priest leave. Ye Qiu sweated and explained, “I just came up and met him head-on. It can be considered fate.”

“Let’s go!” He shook his head and did not continue chatting on this topic.

The three of them traveled west and chatted as they walked. Bai Yunfei enthusiastically explained the current situation in the outer realm to Ye Qiu.

“With the Emperor Continent as the dividing line, there are two extreme Heaven Domains. The G.o.dfiends from the outer realm are complicated! It’s still impossible to determine who’s the strongest.

“Ten thousand years ago, after a huge battle in the Emperor Continent, all the myriad races suffered losses and entered a short period of ceasefire. It just so happens to be in the peace phase. But I estimate that this short peace will soon be broken.” Bai Yunfei said worriedly.

Ye Qiu understood what he meant. The appearance of Tian had broken the balance. He was born from the most evil aura in the world. He killed, destroyed, and devoured. It was his lifelong belief!

In his entire life, he had been searching for the profundity of immortality. He had also searched for the footprints left behind by the Ten Fiends and the pioneers of that resplendent era to explore that void.

It was also because of that huge battle ten thousand years ago that all sorts of chaos erupted in the lower realm. This was because the higher-ups urgently needed to replenish new blood and set up one dead end after another. Only in this kind of desperate adversity could a true Heaven’s Chosen appear.

At this point, Ye Qiu understood what these people were doing. Although it was cruel, it was worth it for that slim chance of survival.

“By the way, Senior, what are your plans next?” Ye Qiu turned around and


Master Crocodile shook his head. It was a pity that all his close friends from the past had died. There didn’t seem to be anything in this world that he was reluctant to part with. There was only one obsession. And that was solving the mysteries of longevity.

At the thought of this, Master Crocodile sighed and said, “Little Ye, I don’t think I can accompany you for much longer. I’m prepared to enter the path of reincarnation and search for the profundity of longevity. At this point… Master Crocodile will no longer exist in this world. If I can succeed, it can be considered to have resolved a knot in my heart. Most importantly, I can fulfill the last wish of my good friend from the past.”

Ye Qiu nodded after hearing Master Crocodile’s thoughts. In this world, there were many people who entered the cycle of reincarnation to search for the path of longevity. Almost no one could escape this calamity, be it Ming Yue or Linglong, or the current Master Crocodile. They had all chosen this path. The only difference was that they had chosen different Daos and the method of reincarnation was different.

“Looks like you’ve already comprehended something, Senior. I can only wish you success and a safe journey. If you’re fated with me after your reincarnation, I can tell the lower realm to take care of you.” Ye Qiu teased.

“Haha, kid! I feel much better after hearing what you said. But since I’m going to enter the Samsara Tribulation Realm again and enjoy the tastes of the mortal world, there’s no need for that. Kid, if you have the mood to worry about me, you might as well worry about yourself.

“Once I leave, there won’t be anyone to protect you in this foreign battleground.

That Strange Tian probably has its eyes on you. There’s still w.a.n.g Xianzhi.”

Master Crocodile did not continue. Ye Qiu naturally knew this logic, but the situation wasn’t to this extent yet. Apart from wanting to see Mengli, he had another motive for coming to the Demon Race this time.

He wanted to use the demon pool to enter seclusion for a period of time. He wanted to fuse thousands of demonic qi into his body and form a complementary force with the righteous qi of the world in his body.

He wanted to completely stimulate the divine blood in his body and completed the last method of planting the Dao with blood. Once it was realized, Ye Qiu could jump into the Immortal King Realm. With another leap, he could reach the Immortal Emperor Realm.

This was an extremely long process. The fastest would take ten thousand years, and the slowest would take more than a million years. To him, or rather, to the entire Outer Realm, ten thousand years was just a snap of the fingers. In a battle between Immortal Emperors, it would usually take at least tens of thousands of years to determine the victor.

Therefore, as long as Ye Qiu stayed in the Demon Race and didn’t leave, there was nothing Strange Tian could do even if he wanted to settle scores with him. This was because the Demon Clan’s Dragon Trapping Array was there. The stronger the demonic qi, the more powerful it was.

Even if a True Dragon descended, it would still be imprisoned here. Otherwise, how could a mere Immortal King like Bai Yunfei establish himself in the outer realm and become one of the few giants? Tian did not dare to come here!

Bai Yunfei was a genius who had countless legends in his life. Unfortunately…

because of his ancient bloodline, he could not take that last step. No matter how talented he was, he could only reach the Immortal King Realm at most.

This might be the tragedy of the Demon Race. Only one person could become an emperor. With the Nine Heavens Demonic Qi added to one person’s body, the others could only bow down.

Thinking of this, Ye Qiu couldn’t help but admire him.

Bai Yunfei was one with great talent and vision. In the face of this situation, he did not have the slightest pessimism. Instead, he worked very hard to maintain the operation of the Demon Race. During the period when the Demon Emperor died, he pulled the demons back from the brink of death.

Ye Qiu was actually very relieved to leave Mengli to him as he respected and revered Mengli more than anyone else.

“Let’s take it one step at a time! Things aren’t absolute yet. If that day really comes, I can only block it with my sword.” Ye Qiu replied indifferently.

The three of them quickly arrived at the Land of Profound Fiends in the west. Looking at the world filled with demonic aura, Ye Qiu felt as if he had entered h.e.l.l. A cold aura followed, making one’s hair stand on end.

“Is this the demon race’s ancestral land?”

“That’s right! This is the birthplace of our Demon Race. Please follow me.”

Bai Yunfei replied indifferently and flew towards the sinister Demon Hall with Ye Qiu and Master Crocodile. Along the way, Ye Qiu could see many demons filled with killing intent. They were sparring with each other and their methods were extremely cruel.

Only one demon could survive on both sides. It seemed that only the demons dared to play such a cruel elimination method. He could not help but be secretly shocked..

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