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While Alex was pondering over what Jessica said, Jessica was lost in her own thoughts. Her thoughts were not fixed on one thing at first she was wondering about Alex's past then about the good looks of Alex and how just after getting conscious he complimented her. Thinking about all this Jessica could not help but blush.

Being born a beauty is not much helpful when it comes to love many of the guys think that she is above their standard and they are not fit for her and those who think that they are well matched for her think that being such a beauty they might already have someone they love. Jessica is the same when she wanted to have a love life no one would approach her and later she was too busy to progress in her career. She once had a boyfriend but she being born in a conservative family never let him do anything more than hold hands. She wanted him to wait for her till marriage but her boyfriend turned out to be cheating on her, from then she never had any kind of romantic relationship but today just one word from this guy plucked the strings of her heart once again and adding the mysterious side of Alex which can make anyone curious she can't help but feel differently about him.

"Well I should be going then" not thinking about the stuff anymore and since his headache is now tolerable Alex asked Jessica.

"Hmmm" Jessica replied absentmindedly.

"Miss Jessica" Alex called her a bit loudly.

"Haa.. Yes" Jessica jolted from her thoughts.

"It's late and you might be busy so I will be going"

"Ohh.. well see you soon" Jessica replied being a bit sad.

Seeing the downhearted appearance of Jessica Alex thought of something

"Today I am throwing a party for celebrating my appointment do you want to come?" asked Alex.

"Yes I would love to" she replied without giving a second thought.

Seeing such a fast reply Alex could not help but smile, when Jessica thought about her immediate reply she wanted to find a hole to bury herself.

"Good btw do you know Susan, the receptionist?" Alex asked, he has promised Susan to treat her if he gets the job.

"Yes" Jessica replied with a mysterious smile.

"I promised her to a treat so why don't the two of you come together?" Alex suggested

"Ok I will ask her" replied Jessica while thinking something.

"Good, well one more thing where do you want the treat restaurant, pub or my home?" Alex asked once more.

"Anywhere is fine, I am not that picky"

"Then let's party at home I want to enjoy with my parents" Alex decided.


"Well bye then I need to prepare, I will ask Susan to meet you" Alex bid farewell with a warm smile.

"Bye" Jessica looked towards his back until he was no longer in the view like a girl in love.

After arriving at the ground floor Alex went straight to the reception

"Hi" Alex called Susan.

"Are you alright" as soon as Susan looked towards Alex she asked with a worried look losing her


"I am fine I just got dizzy and fell unconscious nothing to worry" seeing the worried look on her face a warm feeling gushed in Alex's heart.

"It's good then" Susan sighed in relief.

"Well about the party…" Alex started to talk.

"No need to worry about it I know you slashed Daniel's wrist and he is VP Gary's nephew he must have fired you, you just go home and rest you must be feeling right now" Susan interrupted him and replied in a concerned tone.

"I do not know about being fired till now but since I got the job I am going to treat you to a meal as promised" Alex replied with a smile.

"Oh.. You don't have to take that promise so seriously" Susan knew that Alex promised her just to get her out of that awkward situation.

"You don't have to worry about that, you know Doctor Jessica she is also coming so I asked her to come with you" Alex said casually.

"What she is also coming?" Susan suddenly cried out loud.

Seeing such a reaction from Susan and the mysterious smile of Jessica Alex couldn't help but think that something must be between Jessica and Susan.

"Well if there is a problem I can treat you separately you can just tell me the date and time" Alex said looking at Susan.

"No there is no problem I will meet her later and decide"

"Then it's settled btw I will be treating you to dinner at my home I will text you the address, since I need to prepare for dinner I will be going now, bye" Alex settled things and stormed of the company.

After Alex left

"Why it has to be her?" Susan cursed almost crying.


"h.e.l.lo" answered Susan

"Miss Susan come to the infirmary we need to talk"


After shopping for the dinner Alex finally returned home at around five in the evening, both his parents were not at home. He was not sure what his father's job was but his mother was a doctor in one of the famous hospitals.

After resting for a while, Alex texted the address to Susan and asked them to come at 8'o clock. After texting Alex started to prepare for dinner.

After about 2 hours everything was done, it was time for his parents to return. Alex went to his room took shower and changed his clothes.

He came downstairs once again and now the only thing that was left for him was to wait for his parents, Susan and Jessica. While thinking about them Alex suddenly remembered about Margaret, she too asked for the treat. Alex messaged Margaret to ask whether she was free or not for dinner at 8. He soon got the reply that she won't be able to make it for the dinner and he should treat her some other time.

At 7:30

Knock!! Knock!!

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