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"What do you mean?" slightly taken aback by the smirk on Martha's face George asked cautiously.

"Well let's leave all that I will ask you a simple question, are you going to sue my son for a.s.sault considering the fact that he saved your son's life?" Martha asked in a calm yet confident tone as if whatever he decides it won't change anything for her it's just a formality for her as if instead of Alex this man was given a chance to redeem himself.

"Aren't you a bit too overbearing? Even though he saved my son's life what if I refuse and insist on suing that 'b.a.s.t.a.r.d'? I am the injured party here" although a bit afraid with the att.i.tude of this lady but thinking that this mere doctor might just be bluffing and can't do anything to him he regained his confidence. It is a fact that in the whole of Winterlyn city not many people can stand against the Cornell famil they can be counted on one's hand.

"What did you say about my son?" the face which was full of smiles a moment ago was now frosting cold, now she was angry d.a.m.n angry.

Without saying anything more she picked up her phone and left the chambers. After coming out she called George(Alex's father). After ringing for some time other side answered the call.

"Honey, what made you call me now, aren't you busy? Were you missing me?" as soon George answered the call he started flirting with Martha.

Listening to non-stop battering of her husband maybe for the first time during their married life she felt frustrated.

"Will you shut up! I called you for an important matter if you can't listen then I should talk to someone else instead"

Hearing her wife's harsh remarks left George dumb folded. Even though there are times when she wasn't in the mood of his flirting but she was never this angry at him, someone must have p.i.s.sed her off.

"Honey, what happened, tell me who p.i.s.sed you off if I don't bring him on his knees and make him kowtow in front of you then I will change my name to s.h.i.t head" in order to appease his wife George left no stone unturned and started taking all sorts of oaths.
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Listening to her husband's cute banter finally Martha's mood lifted a bit and controlling her emotions she sighed and without explaining much asked his husband

"Have you heard of Cornell family?"

"Yeah, but why are you asking this did someone from the Cornell's p.i.s.sed you?" George asked sceptically. His wife was someone who never interacted much with the upper echelon of the society she finds them fake and insists that they can never be good friends. So her asking about a big family all of a sudden made him doubt that whatever was coming might not be good.

"Just call the person you think holds the power in Cornell family and tell them that George Cornell p.i.s.sed me. I don't care how you do it but I want it done in less than ten minutes if you can't do that don't come home tonight" not saying anything more and without giving George any time to reply she just ended the call.

Staring blankly at his phone's screen George couldn't help but smile bitterly. He had known his wife for a better half of his life, though she was a proud woman, she was rational. It must be something big that happened to have infuriated her and possibly it might have been something to do with Alex. Although Alex was not their biological son but they loved him more than anything in this world. Coming out of his thoughts George picked up his phone and called his secretary.

"Sir any instructions?" the a.s.sistant who was more of a bodyguard came and asked respectfully.

"Do you know who's the head of Cornell family?" George asked.

"From what I can remember his name is Francis Cornell. He is 70 years old and used to be a small-time gangster in his youth along with his father but they affiliated themselves with foreign powers and soon started doing illegal business. He soon got himself involved with human trafficking, drugs and illegal ammunition industries and soon rose to power and now is among the top three families of Winterlyn city. Now days they don't directly get involved in these businesses but they are still a part of this. Currently, he is enjoying his retirement from the business but still holds power in the family" the a.s.sistant explained everything he knew about the Cornell family head. Since it was about one of the Three families the a.s.sistant didn't need to call for a background check but he was still thinking why his boss was so interested in the Cornell family.

"What about George Cornell?" George asked particularly.

"Well from what I know he is the third son of the Cornell family and is in charge of night clubs and casinos in the city"a.s.sistant replied and continued "Sir can I ask what happened that you are suddenly interested in the Cornell family" unable to hold is curiosity the a.s.sistant asked.

"I also don't know what happened and it's not something related to official work it's just that just now my wife called me out of the blue and told me that George Cornell has p.i.s.sed her and wants me to do something about it" George replied helplessly.

"What they p.i.s.sed madam? Sir, should I bring Francis or George in front of you?" patting his chest the a.s.sistant said righteously.

Initially, George and the a.s.sistant were not from Winterlyn city but were posted here. The a.s.sistant has been following George for nearly a decade now and revered him a lot and now some low life dares to mess with their madam it was unacceptable... simply unacceptable.

"I don't know what you do but in five minutes she wants George on his knees in front of her"

"Don't worry sir I will make sure until madam forgives him he will kowtow in front of her" said the a.s.sistant and went out to make some calls.

Francis Cornell was leisurely sipping tea in the garden of his mansion while reading a book and was enjoying himself basking in the sun. He was born in a gangster family but as he progressed in his life he started to live his life elegantly away from blood and violence like his early years. He retired from the business after dividing the business among his three sons and since they all were doing fine he enjoyed his retirement to the fullest but today was not like most of his peaceful days. Just now he received a call from the mayor himself and was told without any reason to make his son apologise to a doctor. He wanted to know more but the other party was also clueless about what happened but was adamant that his son needed to apologise or else he can forget about doing any business in the city. Francis has seen all kind of situations in his life so he was fast to react even in this situation and dialled his son's number.

Here George Cornell was slightly worried now, the lady said nothing and just left like that. He was not a rash person like the other common thugs. His family may have been of gangsters in the past but now they were more of a business-oriented family so although they still had some dealings in the illegal market they still kept themselves clean on the surface and for that the first thing they do is to live and interact like a legitimate businessman. But today seeing the calmness on this lady's face and the way she interacted with him made him loose his calm and he made a rash choice in the spur of the moment. While he was reflecting upon his actions his phone rang and without looking at the ID of the caller he answered.


"You unfilial son who did you provoke?" Francis shouted over his phone.

"Father what happened?" clueless about why his father was so angry at him, he asked.

"I don't know who you provoked but go right now and ask for forgiveness on your knees from that doctor"

"But father at least give me an explanation as to why I should do that" unconvinced as to why his father would tell him to do something like that he asked. Just a few minutes ago he was acting high and mighty in front of the doctor but now if he suddenly went up to her on his knees won't he loose too much of his face.

"Are my words not enough for you to beg on your knees?" listening to his son Francis was getting more angry by each pa.s.sing second. Looks like he has been too much out of the business but now it's time to establish his authority once again among his children

"No! No! father, I will go right now" listening to his father getting angry George made a choice. He might loose some face today but if he angered his father more now he might loose all the business under him. His father may have retired but he still held most of the power in the family.

"You better" saying Francis hung.

Dejected George can only leave the chambers to look for that doctor...

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