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Alex entered his mother's office but as Alex took more time to come back his mother went on rounds. After waiting for about half an hour finally his mother showed up.

As she entered she first inquired about the boy and how did his statement with the police go. After confirming that the boy was safe she finally tried to ask Alex that why was he here and what he wanted to talk about so urgently. As Alex was about to tell her about the kiss with Jessica a man burst through the door.

The man was probably in his forties with a build as large as a gorilla. We cannot see a single hair over his head and a scar ran from his forehead through his eyes. One look and you can tell that either the man is a war veteran or a high profile underworld gangster. But what gave him away as the gangster was the flower pattern shirt, tattoos all over his arms and the vast quant.i.ty of jewellery he wore across his neck and fingers.

As soon the man entered the office he was followed by the same nurse who previously called Alex. The man first looked at Alex and then at the nurse, seeing her nodding the man went towards Alex and carried him in his arms and twirled around like he found his long lost love.

From the sidelines, Martha was first astounded but after some time and confirming from the nurse that the man was the boy's father that Alex brought earlier she relaxed and started to capture the scene her phone to blackmail Alex to do her bidding in the future

[What an evil mother!! Hahahahaha (-_-)]

Unable to comprehend the situation Alex instinctively chopped the man's neck and when the grip around his waist loosed he slid from the man's grasp and went behind his back, twisted his arm and pinned him to the ground.

'Crack' "Ah!!" a bone shrieking sound filled the room.

"Alex" Martha cried out in alarm bringing Alex to reality and his dull eyes cleared suddenly.

Looking at the man in front of him crying in pain Alex backed off in a panic stumbling upon the items in the office.

Looking at her son Martha was surprised, her son who spoke to everyone politely never raised his voice against anyone let alone fight just broke someone's arm in a flash she can't explain her current emotions in words.

Martha was brought back to reality by the nurse and she rushed to the man crying in pain.

"Let me check you first," she said while looking at his shoulder.

"Ahhh... " just as Martha touched his shoulder to inspect the man cried out in pain.

"For crying out loud can you shut your pig mouth for a moment" Martha snapped at the man while she stuffed his mouth with gloves. Martha thought to herself that the man looked like a gangster so how can he be such a wimp and whine like a kid.

"Umm... um... ahh..." the man tried to say something but alas he can't.

"Go get doctor James over here and tell him that the patient has a dislocated shoulder, wait just take him to his chambers and let him treat this guy over there" ignoring the groanings of the man Martha instructed the nurse and reached out for Alex.

"Son are you alright?" now that all the external parties are out of the picture she can focus all her attention to her beloved son. It seemed she was not at all concerned about any of the consequences that might follow after the a.s.sault just now.
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"Hmm... I am alright mom just a bit shaken that's all" seeing his mother's concerned face Alex tried to smooth things up.

"Why don't you rest a bit here and I will wake you up in an hour or so" seeing that Alex looked rather pale she suggested.

"Yeah I think so too I feel kind of dizzy" saying so Alex laid down on the couch and slept.

Looking at her son resting peacefully once again Martha sighed in relief and closed the curtains.

After leaving the office Martha headed to see how the man was doing. She was slightly concerned that the man might try to create commotion and might sue them for an a.s.sault. She can just call George and let him handle the situation if things go out of hand but if possible she needed to contain the situation on her own.

Reaching doctor James's office Martha knocked at the door and after getting affirmation from the inside she walked in.

As she entered the chamber her eyes fell on the man Martha and she could not help but let out a snicker. The man who was jumping with joy moments ago was now covered in plaster around his neck and arm it was a funny scene to look at.

"James is he alright?" asked Martha directly to the doctor in charge

James has been in the hospital for more than two decades now and was one of the best Orthopedic doctors in the whole country but right now he was looking at the X-ray of the man and was mumbling to himself and sometimes asking questions to the nurse, somehow every time he looked at the reports he looked more amazed.

"Well he is alright but the injuries he suffered are kind of peculiar his injuries" James answered while looking at Martha strangely from what he heard the injuries of this man were caused by Alex. He has not met Alex many times but he had a good impression of him. According to him, Alex was mild-tempered and very polite, how can he do this?

"What do you mean?" looking at the strange expression on James face her interest was also piqued.

"The injuries are not quite severe and the good thing is that everything is perfect. The dislocation of the shoulder bone was perfect, there was a fine crack in his neck bone but it was also perfectly straight and clean as if done by some sort of instrument"

"I understand what you are talking about but to sum it up there is not much problem with him right?" she was just concerned whether the man had any issues which might prove to be difficult to solve.

"Yeah, you can say that except what I hear it was done by Alex?" James inquired.

"That's why I am so concerned about him, he might sue him for a.s.sault"

"You sure you can persuade him?"

"I can only try, can you give us the room, please? "

"Sure but you have to tell me about everything that led to his injuries once you are free" James was very intrigued by the man's injuries and he wanted to know more about them in detail.

Soon James and the nurses left the room and only Martha and the man were left in the room

"So Mr. umm..." now that she wanted to discuss with about the issue she came to notice that so much happened and she didn't even know this man's name.

"Cornell, George Cornell," said the man with a proud face with his head held high and nose pointing to the ceiling.

"So, Mr Cornell what I want... wait what Cornell as in the Cornell

family's Cornell?" initially she didn't put much emphasis on the name but looking at the high and mighty att.i.tude of the guy and connecting it with the Cornell family she was shocked a little.

"So the doctor has heard of our humble family?" looking at the shocked expression of the doctor, George was satisfied with her reaction.

Many people show this kind of reaction to hearing

their family name so it was not much but after what just happened he needed to instil some kind of fear in the people here to gain back the face he just lost.

"Of course I have heard about your family, your family is very famous in the city. You are active in both black and white of the city" but contrary to his expectations Martha sarcastically remarked on his family business.

"Listening to doctor sarcastic remarks I think you don't have a very good impression of our family?" a bit p.i.s.sed on her remark George replied.

"Good or bad it doesn't matter but I am certain of one thing that the things I was afraid of earlier I don't need to be afraid of them anymore" Martha replied with a smirk.

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