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Chapter 2 [Childhood Friend and The Hero of Light]

TL : Cnine

ED/PF : LittleEndu, Flare007, Akshaythedon

Part 1

◆The Youth Who’s Summoned By The Demon King, Kuroki

Why is Reiji in this place?

And why did he become a hero?

And why is my childhood friend Shirone in there too?

I’m completely unable to understand the situation.

But, I’m glad to know that Shirone is alive.

These were my thoughts when I saw that image.

As for the reason, it’s because Reiji current whereabouts are unknown.

Shirone went to play in Reiji villa right after the summer holiday had begun.

And then vanished just like that.

They even mobilized a search party for them. In addition, I also went to that villa in order to look for Shirone.

But, I’ve no memories of what happened afterward. What happened to me.

「But, thank G.o.d…………….. Shirone is safe and sound………….」

I’m muttered in a low voice.

Me and Shirone have been acquaintances since as long as I can remember because our parents were always close with each other .

And then, our relationship goes on as we keep growing.

There’s even the time in which we’re running around the mountain together when I was a child.

And we’re learning swordsmanship together in the swordsmanship dojo of Shirone's father.

Thus I was worried when Shirone went missing.

Shirone and the others were alive in this place.

I should be glad about that.

And they’re currently fighting inside of that image.

It seems the this image of battle was taken a while before now.

Maybe because they’re already annihilating the whole army, Reiji and those academy beauties are having a friendly conversation.

Tears are dripping from my eyes when I see that scenery.

Surrounding Reiji were beauties who were prominent even back in our high school. Those girls are happily talking with Reiji.

I’m really jealous of him.


I suddenly hearing a voice from my side.

Before I know it, Modes, who was on my side, is looking at my face.

「Fumufumu, I see……………….」

There might be something strange on my face.

Modes is nodding as if perceiving something.

「Kuroki-dono, let’s continue our story. The hero suddenly appeared half-year ago」

Modes begins his explanation.

Half year ago?

I’m sure they disappeared around one week ago.

I am left wondering.

「Up till the point where they suddenly came and started raiding Nargol territories, the armies of the G.o.ddess weren’t even close to defeating the armies of Nargol. Naturally, I wasn’t just sitting and doing nothing, I send our subordinate demons and magical beasts but, it’s completely similar to standing on the edge of sharp blade. Just 5 days ago, they even defeated our strongest elites, The Chivalric Order of Dark Knight. At this rate they should arrive this castle by tomorrow」

Modes saying so with vexed tone.

「When I was investigating about them, I was told that they’re summoned from the spirit world in order to defeat me. Thus, this Modes came to a thought. It should be okay if we also were to summon an existence from the spirit world who can defeat the hero」

Part 2

Saying so, he’s looking at me.

「That person was you, Kuroki-dono」

「EH, wait a minute………………..」

What’s that about………….

I’m screaming like that from the bottom of my heart due to Modes' words.

「How is it, Kuroki-dono. Please save us from them, from the hero」

Modes is bowing to me.

「That’s too absurd…………….」

In short, he’s telling me to fight against Reiji and the girls.

That’s an extremely unreasonable story.

Midou Reiji, or more known as Reiji is a popular figure in the big combined school of Kayou middle and high to which I’m also attending.

He has well ordered face along with slender and well proportioned body that's around 180 cm tall.

Maybe because his mother came from foreign country, he has bright brown colored hair which can be seen as blonde under the sunlight.

To make matters worse, he has a good grades and is also good at sports.

And his family is very rich.

He’s completely just like a character in a manga.

He’s extremely popular with girls for these reason.

But, even if he is highly rated amongst girl, it’s the extreme opposite for the boys.

The reason is simple, because Reiji has a completely different att.i.tude when he’s facing those from the same s.e.x versus those from the opposite s.e.x.

He’s nice, only for the girls.

That’s what I think about Reiji.

And somehow, Reiji has this strange ability of saving cute girls who are in danger at that place.

The number of women saved by Reiji is high .

Maybe for that reason, the girls falling in love with Reiji has never stopped.

By the way, I've never heard of the stories in which Reiji saved men.

No matter how troubled they’re, if it’s men, he’ll somehow forsake them for himself.

Though Reiji’s extremely kind toward girls, he’s extremely strict toward boys.

This is the reason for the hate that's coming from the men's side.

In the first place, Reiji himself might have not worried about such matters.

The number of boys whose crush has been taken by Reiji is too many.

Moreover, there’s another reason for his low popularity.

But, since Reiji’s never forcing something against a girl's wish, the girls came to like him, and I've never heard any complaints from the boys.

They’ve no choice but to wait in silence.

The grumbling of the boys because of the girls to whom they’re taking fancy to surrounding only Reiji is coming all out.

They can’t beat the handsome guy.

And then, my childhood friend, Shirone, Akamine Shirone, is also one amongst them.

Could it be Reiji greeted her because Shirone is cute?

Or it might be because he was greeted by Shirone, I don’t know which one.

As for me, I don’t want them to be together thought. It was then turned into a quarrel when I told Shirone about that.

That was what happened before the summer vacation.

My first love is crushed.

I, who have nothing but common skills. [TL : Your average guy]

Am at disadvantage when facing against Reiji. I didn’t have any choice but to abandon my first love.

This monster who call himself as demon king is telling me to fight that Reiji.

That’s unreasonable.

Reiji is all powerful in a brawl.

Part 3

I’ll be ended being beaten black and blue.

Once upon a time, the captain of karate club is taking his revenge on Reiji and then brawling against him since the girl he have a crush on is taken by Reiji.

The result, the captain of the karate club have his jaw broken which need full 3 month to recover.

By the way, Reiji is unharmed.

Maybe because Reiji parent are moving behind scene, or maybe because the captain of karate club is fearing the retribution, I don’t know which one it is.

But, it was somehow didn’t goes on public.

But, it was an open secret amongst the student in the school.

In addition, there’s this guy who love martial arts and goes to challenge Reiji.

There was even adult with body bigger than Reiji amongst them.

But, no one ever come victorious. Naturally myself included.

Reiji might have not rememberred that I was amongst the opponent which he defeated in the past.

I’m not even wanting to remember such miserable defeat.

Moreover, the fighting scene is bad.

I myself is a pacifist.

It was only by chance at that time.

The matter about that fight is just too forced.

「Please wait a minute, your majesty!! ! 」

Someone is forcing his way through the crowds of the monster.

Thus I saw the figure of a lone man who wore jet black armor standing on that place.

He have darkish skin with well ordered face and then pale blond hair. If it’s only that, he’ll ended as a yankee lad who loves to cosplay but, there was pair of horn growing from the head of that man.

「Ooh, isn’t it lord Runfeld! ! Is the wound inflicted by that hero already cured? 」

The man called Runfeld is bowing respectfully.

「Thank you for your worry, your majesty. But, you’ve no need to borrow the power of someone with unknown nature like him. Though we were suffering such embarra.s.sing defeat once, our chivalric order of dark knight is still in full power. Please just give a dispatch order to us」

The man called Runfeld is making an appeal to Modes.


He’s glaring at my direction.

「I don’t think that this man can win against that hero」

It’s as he say.

I’m unintentionally nodding at his words.

「Let me to see your power!! 」

After saying so, he’s drawing the sword on his hip and then slashing it at me.


I’m twisting my body to avoid that slash. Somehow I feel that my body feels lighter than usual.

「HA!! 」

Runfeld is keep coming at me.

Naturally, I’m dodging his next attack too.

My knees are weak, and I’m shuffling my feet to dodge the attack that keep coming from Runfeld.

I’m dodging the attack of my opponent with least movement without destroying my stance.

I unintentionally catch his arms after he send who know how many attack to me and fling him just like that.

「KUHAA!! 」

Runfeld who’s toseed to the ground is raising a groan.

「Ah, sorry!! 」

I unintentionally apologizing for the matter of tossing him to the ground.

But, that wasn’t the end of it.


Part 4

Runfeld is propping his body as he pushed out his left hand toward my direction.

He pushed the black flame that was flickering on his left hand.

「Wait a minute, lord Runfeld! That magic is! ! 」

Without even paying heed to Modes warning, Runfeld is throwing the black flame on his left hand toward me.

「EAT THIS BLACK FLAME OF MINE! 」[TL : GUAAAAAAA–>The translator received 9999 mental damage]

The black flame on his left hand keep expanding in size.

I can’t avoid this one.

If I’m going to running away from that flame, I’ve no choice but to run toward the flocks of monster who surrounded me. Moving toward that place with such close distance between me and the flame is quite difficult things to do.

The black flame is keep approaching.

So I unintentionally stretching my hand to the front to catch that flame.

My eyes opened with at such astonishing scene.

Flame is an immaterial object, it should be a matter that couldn’t be catched by hand.

Was what should happened in normal situation.

But, I’m currently catching that black flame with both of my hand.

When I’m trying to crush the flame, it’s dispersed easily.

「No way, the black flame of mine is……….」 [TL : GUAAAAAH, that’s the sound of your beloved translator receiving mental damage]

Runfeld is hanging his head down while muttering such words.

Could it be that it was actually his greatest technique.

It felt strange.

Though I’m taking a look at my hand to confirm it, there’s no burn scar on it.

When I’m recalling the sensation from a while ago, the black flame suddenly erupting from my hand.

What a surprise, I crushed the black flame in my hand in panic.

And then i can hear the crackling sound of someone clapping his hands.

「As expected of you, Kuroki-dono. Runfeld-dono is the strongest knight of Nargol and yet, even that Runfeld can’t even touch you, moreover, you even learn the black flame」

Modes is laughing. Even the hero might be defeated if I’m using this.

What the h.e.l.l is this black flame?

Come to think of it, they’re also making flame or light coming out of their hands in the image shown to me a while ago.

Could it be that I can use an unusual power after I come to this world?

My brain already unable to catching up with the situation.

Moreover, what the h.e.l.l did he say about fighting against them for real.

In the first place, I’ve no reason to fight them.

The reason is because I shouldn’t fight them.

What will become of me if I’m fighting against them?

Will I unable to return to my original world if I’m not fight them?

Maybe they’re in the same situation as me too in the fact that they won’t be able to return to their original world unless they beat the demon lord?

If that was the case, it should be better situation for me to cooperating with them to defeat the demon lord?

And then, I’ll ask the G.o.ddess who summoned them to returning us to our original world.

But, Is Reiji willing to cooperating with me?

Reiji’s cold towards men.

He might kick me out after saying that he don’t want to see troublesome guy.

Though he might’ve saved me if I’m a cute girl, unfortunately I’m a man, there’s something dangling on my crotch.

After beating the demon lord without my help, they might be returning to our original world while leaving me behind.

Should I wear female clothes? And then getting closer to them hiding the fact that I’m Kuroki.

Part 5

……….. Am I just turning into an idiot.

I’m shaking my head which is thinking about such foolish action.

That’s too prideless action.

Though there’s a reason for Reiji, I don’t even want to meet Shirone in that situation.

In the first place, I’m currently in the middle of quarreling with Shirone.

That’s why, cooperation is impossible.

In that case, I just have to do it right.

In the first place, I might not be able to be back if I leave the person who summoned me.

I’m sending a sidelong glance at Modes.

「Uhm………….. Am I won’t be able to return to my original world if I’m not defeating them? 」

I’ll try to ask for the time being.


But, Modes’s letting out exaperated voice as if he wasn’t expecting that question.

「………. The way to retuning Kuroki-dono, is it?」

Modes started pondering deeply.

And then, he too out something like paper from his pocket.

I’ve a bad feeling about this.

It seems Modes was reading the letter written on that paper.

「Could it be………….. You don’t know the method to send me back?」

Modes keep his silent to that question.

The unpleasant silent is dominating our surrounding.

「………… It seems there’s no method to send you back in this summoning art」

It was the worst result.

「W-WAIT A MINUTE―――!! ! 」

I unintentionally shouted loudly.

「WHAT THE h.e.l.l IS THAT!! ! 」

And unintentionally shouting at the top of my lung capacity.

That’s irresponsible right?

「Yeah, my apologies」

Modes is apologizing.

It seems he’s quite timid person in contrast to his build.

「Please wait a minute, Kuroki-sama」

Mona who was on the side is standing in front of Modes.

And then looking at my direction with the face as if she’s going to cry.

I can’t say anything when I’m looking at that kind of eyes.

Those kind of eyes are lethal weapon to me who isn’t used to woman.

「Please, Kuroki-sama. Please hear Modes-sama's story」


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