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Chapter 1 [Summoned By The Demon King To Defeat The Hero]

TL: Cnine

ED/PF: LittleEndu, Flare007, AKshathedon

Part 1

◆Summoned Youth, Kuroki

I was surrounded by a group of monsters when I opened my eyes.

To be honest I don’t even know why and how this happened.

I was asleep, on the floor of a great hall with glowing letters written in a circle formation.

And then, these monsters were surrounding me, who just woke up, from all sides.

One with dog's face, one with bird-like shape, one with tentacles, one with just big eyes, though a minority of them are shaped like humans,most looked from from human.

Should I scream out of extreme fear at this point?

But if I do, I won’t understand why this happened, I need to resolve it myself.

Could it be that I'm unable to think due to this extremely unlikely scenario ?

It seems the monsters don’t want to approach me and are just surrounding me from the distance.

They’re only looking at me from where they're standing.

As expected, in the current situation, I'll definitely scream if they close distance between us.

But, I regained a bit of my composure as they’re not any closer.

Where might this place be?

My memories before coming to this place, they are quite blurry right now.

One thing's for sure at least, I’m not in my own room back in j.a.pan.

Why am I in this place?

This could be a dream…………

But, I know that this is not a dream as I can clearly feel the sensation of the cold floor.

If this is not a dream, what kind of place is this, h.e.l.l?

If that was so, I’m already dead, right.

There are way too many things flying around inside of my brain.

「How wonderful , our savior has arrived!! 」

A voice suddenly come from the platform diagonally overhead.

Savior? Is he talking about Me?

Those words are obviously about me.

I quickly turned towards the direction of the voice. In my surroundings, which is surrounded by monster, there’s a crevice in the middle in which there are no monsters.

I can feel that there’s something inside that darkness.

After straining my eyes to look at that place, there was a big monster .

Why could I see it clearly despite such darkness around me?

That monster is clearly different from the rest of the monsters surrounding me, as even I can feel its mighty power.

Its form is similar to that of a huge pig standing with both of it’s rear legs[bipedal]. It has tusks coming out from its lower mouth and a big horn on its head. Its nose was blowing what looked like black flames from its nostrils.

It wore a jet-black robe without even trying to hide its violent presence.

This huge monster is approaching towards my direction.

It then bowed it’s head in front of me.

「Our name is Modes. The one who’s called as demon king. And then, the one who’s ruling this land called Nargol. May I hear your name, savior-dono?」

The monster who is calling himself as the demon king brought his face closer to my own.

「Ah……………………. Yes, It’s Kuroki…………………. Yukisaki…………… Kuroki」

I unintentionally answered honestly due to the vigor of the demon king.

「Ooh, so you’re called Kuroki-dono huh! ! Please Kuroki-dono! Please save this Modes」

(PR: I don't think このモデス means "this Modes" even tho "この" means this, instead it probably means something like "humble Modes")

Modes is again bowing his head towards me.

Part 2

The big monster, who seemingly can easily kill me, is bowing his head for me.

This is becoming harder and harder to understand.

「Uhm, I’m sorry………….. I don’t understand what do you mean……………. Why do I have to save you?」

I asked timidly.

「Ooh. You’re right……………… You won’t be able to understand even if I’m asking you to save us after suddenly being summoned」

Modes is raising his face and begins his explanation with a slightly warped face.

「The truth is, currently, this Nargol which is governed by this Modes is facing an invasion」


「Yes, invasion. It’s because of the hero who was summoned from the spirit world by the G.o.ddess of Elios, Rena…………… She’s not satisfied with just banishing me from the land of Elios, she even wants to s.n.a.t.c.h my treasure……..」

Modes is saying that with sad expression.

And then, an eerie smile appears on his face as he looks at me again.

「I want to make a request to Kuroki-dono to fight and defeat that hero」

Hero he says…………… It’s a word which I've never heard of except in games and manga.


「Yup, hero. The brave and heroes of this world are no match for this Modes. That’s why Rena summoned the hero from the world of spirit」

Hearing Modes' story, my feeling is like “What the heck is that”.

Hero from another world, just like the story from the fantasy novel which I read long time ago.

If I remember it correctly, it was the story of a boy who lived in the modern era of j.a.pan who was summoned by the G.o.ddess to defeat the demon king.

But, my situation is the exact opposite of that.

Somehow I was being summoned to this world by Modes, who proclaimed himself as the demon king, to defeat the hero.

Being summoned by the demon king to fight against the hero…………

Isn’t that something a villain would do……………

「Let me show to you how that hero looks like, Kuroki-dono. Mona! ! 」

A woman is coming out from amongst the monsters after being called by Modes.

When I saw her, I felt as if the world came to halt.

She was an extremely beautiful woman.

Her beautiful and silky black hair was down to her waist.

Looking from the side, she had an extremely well ordered face.

My eyes are captivated by the rich bulge of her b.r.e.a.s.t.s.

The silhouette of her slightly transparent white robe made me sure that she has a well proportioned body.

I can't stop looking at this beauty.

Being surrounded by such ugly monsters, I saw her as a shining star.

I can’t take my eyes off from that woman.

「What do you think, Kuroki-dono, she’s beautiful right. Her name is Mona. She’s my beloved wife. Mona, please greet Kuroki-dono」

Modes is proudly introducing the woman called Mona.

I received a tremendous shock.

How could have this earth shattering beauty become the wife of Modes.

She and Modes are basically beauty and the beast. To be honest I’m envious of him.

「It’s a pleasure to meet you Kuroki-sama, my name is Mona. Please treat me well after this」

Mona’s greeting while smiling at me.

Her smile is completely resembling that of cherry blossom petals.

I’m unintentionally charmed by her smile.

Part 3

「Mona, show the figure of the hero to Kuroki-dono with your magical power」

「Yes, honey」

Mona’s muttering something as she spreads both of her hands

Thereupon, some sort of glittering image is being displayed high in the sky.

Something was shown in there.

Large amount of monsters are rushing to attacking mere few humans.

But, despite few in numbers, the human side is far more superior.

After I’m taking a good look at them, I can see they’re youth around my age. No matter how you look at them, their age is no more than 20 years .

Their party is made up of one man amongst 5 women.

The man is brandishing his shining sword to fight against the monsters. His truly knight-like appearance is something out of a fantasy story.

Even the appearance of the girl who’s coming out afterward is fantasy-esque.

One of the woman has a swordsman-like appearance, three other women have a magician-like appearance, the last one has a ninja-like appearance.

They, along with the man, are once again displaying overwhelming power in the battle against the monsters.

「Kuroki-dono, that one in the midst of those women is the hero, Reiji」

Modes is pointing at the only man who’s fighting as the center of those people. Thereupon, the image of the man in the center if being enlarged.

「What the…………………… That guy…………… You say his name is Reiji………….」

I unintentionally mutter such words when I saw that man.

It was the face that I knew. Moreover, I was familiar with his name too.

Midou Reiji. Nickname, Reiji.

That is his name.

He was someone that I preferred not to remember about.

I take a look at the women behind him. Their faces are also familiar.

Though they are a bit different from the ones in my memories, I won’t mistake them for someone else.

A woman with long and beautiful black hair wearing magician-like attire, Mizuouji Chiyuki.

Behind her, the brunette woman who wears a white robe, Yoshino Sahoko.

The twin tailed girl who shooting fire from her hands, Sasaki Rino.

The girl with bob cut who's vigorously swinging around her short sword toward the surroundings, Todoroki Naomi.

And then, the swordslady who does her long hair in ponytail is my childhood friend, Akamine Shirone.

Everyone of them were famous beauties who were attending Kayou high.

And, those girl and Reiji were supposed to be missing.

Those guys are fighting inside of that image.


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