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_Three-ply_ or _triple ingrain_: A kind of carpeting, in which the threads are woven in such a manner as to make three thicknesses of the cloth.

_Tic douloureux_: A painful affection of the nerves, mostly those of the face.

_Tocqueville, (Alexis de:)_ A celebrated statesman and writer of France, and author of volumes on the political condition, and the penitentiaries of the United States, and other works.

_Trachea_: The windpipe, so named (from a Greek word signifying _rough_) from the roughness or inequalities of the cartilages of which it is formed.

_Truckle-bed_ or _Trundle-bed_: A bed that runs on wheels.

_Tuber_: A solid, fleshy, roundish root, like the potato.

_Tuberous_: Thick and fleshy; composed of or having tubers.

_Tucks_, (improperly _Tacks_): Folds in garments.

_Turmeric:_ The root of a plant called _Curc.u.ma longa_, a native of the East-Indies, used as a yellow dye.

_Twaddle:_ Idle, foolish talk or conversation.

_Unbolted:_ Unsifted. _Unslacked:_ Not loosened or deprived of cohesion.

Lime, when it has been slacked, crumbles to powder from being deprived of cohesion.

_Valance:_ The drapery or fringe hanging round the cover of a bed, couch, or other similar article.

_Vascular:_ Relating to or full of vessels.

_Venetian:_ A kind of carpeting, composed of a striped woolen warp on a thick woof of linen thread,

_Verisimilitude:_ Probability, resemblance to truth.

_Verbatim:_ Word for word.

_Vice versa:_ The side being changed, or the question reversed, or the terms being exchanged.

_Viscera_, (plural of _viscus:_) Organs contained in the great cavities of the body, the skull, the abdomen, and the chest. Generally applied to the contents of the abdomen.

_Vitriol:_ A compound mineral salt of a very caustic taste. _Blue Vitriol_, sulphate of copper. _Green Vitriol_, see _Copperas. _Oil of Vitriol_, sulphuric acid.

_White Vitriol_, sulphate of zinc.

_Waffle-iron:_ An iron utensil for the purpose of baking waffles, which are thin and soft cakes indented by the iron in which they are baked.

_Wash-leather:_ A soft, pliable leather dressed with oil, and in such a way that it may be washed without shrinking. It is used for various articles of dress, as undershirts, drawers, etc., and also for rubbing silver, and other articles having a high polish. The article known in commerce as chamois or shammy leather is also called wash-leather.

_Welting-cord:_ A cord sewed into the welt or border of a garment.

_The West_ or _Western World_. When used in Europe, or in distinction from the Eastern World, it means America. When used in this country, the West refers to the Western States of the Union.

_Western Wilds:_ The wild, thinly-settled lands of the Western States.

_White vitriol:_ see _Zinc.

_Wilton carpet:_ A kind of carpets made in England, and so called from the place which is the chief seat of their manufacture. They are woolen velvets with variegated colors.

_Writ of lunacy_. See _Lunacy.

_Xantippe:_ The wife of Socrates, noted for her violent temper and scolding propensities. The name is frequently applied to a shrew, or peevish, turbulent, scolding woman.

_Zinc:_ A bluish-white metal, which is used as a const.i.tuent of bra.s.s and some other alloys. _Sulphate of Zinc_ or _White vitriol_; A combination of Zinc with sulphuric acid.

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