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CHAPTER VII: Quarterfinal 1

SEPTEMBER 7, 2016 / HTTP1447

“Some fail start  .” ZHANG Guan heart is very depressed, although he is a beginner, but still can feel this is clearly not the best start time.

“Good poor start !” Spectators coaches and athletes invariably think of, even the Old Chen some helpless shook his head.

Experienced athletes know how to maintain their own state and the excitement in the game, so even a morning run two, it is possible to state carried over. ZHANG Guan is clearly a novice to master this skill, after the game, plus a period of rest, ZHANG Guan  this is far better than the starting time of the first performance.

“Starting so bad, it almost starting reaction time to 0.4 seconds, and even if he plays the same play, the results will be more than 10 seconds of the 60 seems to fear this ZHANG Guan, this group of qualifying officer has given!” Chen coach slowly loosen tight fist, and next to the coaches who have also relieved.

High-level sprinter war, 0.01 seconds can be judged as a grade, so starting the reaction time becomes particularly important. ZHANG Guan starting reaction time of about 0.4 seconds, while others are less than 0.2 seconds, 0.2 seconds once sent a gap in the men’s 100-meter project, 0.2 seconds slow start almost a death sentence an athlete.

Coach Chen ZHANG Guan did not watch the first match, in accordance with his perception of a normal athlete, ZHANG Guan first start of the reaction time should be less than 0.2 seconds, after all, a qualified professional athlete starting reaction time does not exceed 0.2 seconds.

So he calculated ZHANG Guan final results will be more than 10.6 seconds, but Chen does not know he can not coach with normal cognitive school determine a new, ZHANG Guan first time this new starting reaction time is 0.3 seconds, the second Although the field starting a bad state, but only slower than the first field in less than 0.1 seconds only.

But with the first field is different, ZHANG Guan sprint skills has become an expert.

On the podium, to guide ZHANG Guan is also concern, when he saw ZHANG Guan’s start time, but rather laughed. At the same time talking about the self-serving: “really a rookie, but good new, blank, plasticity is also very big ah Hey explosive speed even stronger than just how quickly this is not possible.!???!”

In guidance at a glance ZHANG Guan faster than the first game a little faster, which makes for guiding feel a little strange.

ZHANG Guan process from the starting point of view, he is obviously not as good as the first game, the excitement of the body is not as high in the first game came in the second state, after starting speed ZHANG Guan certainly not as good as the first fast before reasonable performance. But after ZHANG Guan at the start,Not only did not reduce speed, but even faster than the first, which is to guide opinion, is completely contrary to common sense thing.

“Bad state but will run faster! Who would believe that out? Is this guy did not do everything in the first?” To guide the low road.

Under Field, Old Chen also frowned.

ZHANG Guan Chen Lao also see the status inferior to the first, but then show it faster, obviously it is not common sense.

“Before this kid have some  reservations about the race ? Must be the case, the reason that nowhere else.” Although Chen Lao think so, but it is more the hearts of joy, Chen Lao expected ZHANG Guan manifested today has far exceeded the potential, as a coach, he has devoted his life to the cause of national sports, and now to this age, became a disciple of Chen Lao probably perform well only pursuit .


On the track in third place both tried opening gla.s.ses Xia Hu rushed forward, until after fifty meters and has second place Panggui Bin par.

“Gla.s.ses, Hu is open!” Panggui Bin Hu found already caught up to open, and then looked at the front in the lead of w.a.n.g Peng, feeling even doing all, it is impossible catching on Peng. Moment Panggui Bin made a decision, be sure to keep the second ranking, and he immediately adjust the tempo, took a more aggressive run method.

Hu opened two years ago began to receive formal training sprint race experience and ability to adjust the game Pang Guibin do not like, but if you compare the talent, Hu will have to open a bit more powerful, this time Hu has already found his rhythm, speed She held up, and at the moment he should come from behind, more than Panggui Bin.

“Super gone!” Hu fun in a happy and ready to initiate leading Peng sprint.

It is also the moment when a figure flit from Hu kicking open side.

“Oh, was Panggui Bin go-ahead!” Hu happy in surprise, he found that more than his own shadow higher than Panggui Bin, athletes are not the same color.

“Not Panggui Bin, who could it be? Face looked raw, yes, that is called ZHANG Guan’s!” Hu opened immediately react, but found ZHANG Guan actually have to chase the first of w.a.n.g Peng.

Peng played since starting it in the leading position.

This is a state of the game is very good Peng, after fifty meters he has been able to sniff out the first place.

“Today I am in good shape, this certainly ran 10.40 seconds!” Peng heart silently calculating, as an experienced athlete, even if the game is still in progress, he can judge about their own achievements.

Suddenly, w.a.n.g Peng found the corner of my eye, behind the famous athlete actually has caught up.

“Speed so fast, who would it be? Did not wear gla.s.ses, Hu is not open, it is certainly Panggui Bin. Panggui Bin improved a lot this year, ah, actually be able to run so fast.” Peng idea flashed in my mind, but then they found each other already and his neck and neck. Then he was surprised to find that this is not actually a relative latecomer Panggui Bin,

“That is the first preliminary round of ZHANG Guan? He can catch up with me, do 10.38 seconds of the preliminary round was not an accident.” Peng immediately conscious of this, at the same time he noted that even at their own pace to keep up with ZHANG Guan , the two go hand in hand only to maintain a moment, ZHANG Guan Peng completes the transcendence. It is also ZHANG Guan overtake the moment, Peng clearly know that he is impossible to complete the go-ahead, the other fast speed, enough to let Peng feel despair.

All racing project completion is always the most exciting than most exciting moment. ZHANG Guan because the relationship between the starting reaction time, one up on the last one falls, the results in just ten seconds to complete the transcendence of seven rivals, took the lead position, this reversal style game, also most can arouse pa.s.sions surrounding the audience. Especially ZHANG Guan Peng beyond moment came a few choke off even excited cry, and repeatedly exclaimed.

On the track, it has been less than fifteen meters from the finish, under the current circ.u.mstances, ZHANG Guan feel semifinals have no problem, taking into account the skills can sprint for 20 seconds, ZHANG Guan will take the initiative to slow down its speed.

The last ten meters sprint Peng efforts a bit, but still only second place, and ultimately slow down the ZHANG Guan took the lead crossed the finish line, the time display of his final grade is 10.35 seconds, a time faster than the preliminary round 0.03 seconds, but also a rematch first.

ZHANG Guan down the track, go in the direction toward the athletes channel. So he did not expect that, half-way encounter some did not know the coaches or athletes, will take the initiative and greeted him, some people even take the initiative to come up with ZHANG Guan conversation two.

“This is Sports ah! Can be really cruel.” ZHANG Guan mind silently exclaimed.In the game, the strength is the sole criterion to get peer recognition, even if your appearance is not outstanding, even if your body is not tall, talkative even if you did, as long as the achievements, the will be recognized by everyone, when you get good enough grades, you get everyone’s looking up!


Old Chen came forward, pretending angrily said: “! You know kid has a hidden strength obviously run so fast, training can all conceal it, even I do not know.”

ZHANG Guan slightly embarra.s.sed smile, This is not his hidden strength, it is after the end of the game just upgrade skills.

“Honest account, you can run fast in the end?” Old Chen then asked.

“This ……” ZHANG Guan hesitated, then said: “.. I guess I really have not tried if the state is good, so hard I might be able to forward 10.30 seconds  it.”

“So soon? Sure it?” Asked Chen Lao opening.

“! Sure” ZHANG Guan nodded seriously, then leaned to Chen Lao side, whispered:. “I have the game, and finally put a little put”

Old Chen nodded his head: “This is right, there may be a semi-final in the afternoon, two count this morning, which can be considered three times a day game, and this game is a great strength, it should be retained some strength. Fortunately, the afternoon’s game will be a little later, can have some time for you to recuperate. after the afternoon game finished until tomorrow afternoon will be the final hundred meters, there is plenty of time to rest. and PM is selected from the total score the top eight finals, to compete with the much smaller group of players, you simply have to run their own on the line. “

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