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CHAPTER V: Initial Success

SEPTEMBER 7, 2016 / HTTP1447

On the track, ZHANG Guan both feet in the starting blocks, could not help a bit nervous.

“Steady, Ready!” The Starter lifted starting gun, including ZHANG Guan, including athletes who have made the starting position.

Have to say for two months starting ZHANG Guan training is very effective, at least in the starting position and the direction of force aspect, ZHANG Guan has caught up with other professional athletes.

Finally, gunfire sounded, eight athletes on the track out of the starting line, ZHANG Guan at this time to activate the “sprint” skills.

However, at the starting moment, ZHANG Guan fell on the last one, professional athletes who start the reaction time is generally within 0.2 seconds, while ZHANG Guan current starting reaction time is slower than others about 0.1 seconds, after just two months of training, ZHANG Guan reaction at the starting time has not yet fully meet the standards of professional athletes.

Distant spectators guidance frowned on as national team coach, he knows the state of the natural starting reaction time and start time athletes have a great relationship, but every professional athlete after a lot of training, muscle and body already to start operation won memory, or even the formation of a conditioned reflex.For excellent professional athletes, even when the starting state worse, the body alone start memory and reflex, it is impossible to start the reaction time is slower than 0.2 seconds.

The only explanation the men’s 100 meters race in the career of the athlete’s starting reaction time is 0.2 seconds slower than the starting time distracted. When not focused on the game, no matter what sports are taboo, the 100 meters race is an unforgivable mistake. Ever since he turned slightly and looked for guidance Chen Lao, but found Chen Lao face wearing a faint smile, this is a very pleased expression.

In guidance did not know, ZHANG Guan original starting reaction time is even more rotten, within two months will be able to start the reaction time is raised to within 0.3 seconds, and has let Chen Lao very satisfied.

“This is how Chen Lao, his disciples dare to start in the been distracted, he was so happy!” To guide feel a little strange, and then turn on the track to divert attention, then it has found the first ZHANG Guan keep pace with the name.

“How is it? How he caught up! Speed so fast! This is the country’s top players  speed.” Stared at the guidance, he is the highest level of coaches, athletes speed is extremely sensitive, so just a moment, to guide it to make an accurate judgment.


The next group of players ready to go a few are spectators on the sidelines.

“What’s one up on the red so fierce, so do not fight it preliminaries!” One player began.

“Normal, after all, is the first group thing, the strength is not dominant, it is better to grab the top two qualify for a rematch.” Another person speak.

“But this kid is really very fast speed. This speed should not new, how can I have never seen?”

“I have not seen ……”

“No, it seems to be some speed out of it!”

In the discussion of the crowd, ZHANG Guan nearing an end, even some distance lost the “sprint” blessing skills, ZHANG Guan no doubt crossed the finish line, but his mind is also the time he crossed the at that moment the end, precisely stopped at 10.38 seconds.

Then, at the end of ZHANG Guan look a bit display, shown above his ultimate achievement is the 10.38 seconds.

Two months ago, ZHANG Guan 10.3 seconds hand count results, with electronic timing would probably be 10.54 seconds, and now electronic timing of 10.38 seconds, faster than the 0.16 seconds two months ago, basically improved starting time .

“So much better than this national compet.i.tion.” ZHANG Guan slight sigh of relief, a sense of tension is more disappeared without a trace.


“10 seconds 38!” To guide exclamation.

If this results in ten years may not be bright, but at the time, this is a very extraordinary achievement. Last year, only three people ran over within 10.40 seconds, 10.38 seconds ZHANG Guan results if placed last year but can be discharged into the domestic top four.

In domestic athletes selection system and rating system, as the national team coach to guide the athlete-level athletes are well aware of the provinces, but now ZHANG Guan notable exception, and recalled a moment in guiding those good-level athletes, actually did not find similar information.

Looking at his face to guide the satisfaction of Chen Lao, he spoke and said:? “Lao Chen, from where you got this good seed.”

Chen Lao extended two fingers, spoke and said:. “Two months ago, I dug treasure”

“Two months?” Stared in surprise, guidance, for him, a mere two national level athletes is simply child’s play as usual childish. And then, in guiding thought of Chen Lao he said, “two months” ago.

“Two months ago two athletes to partic.i.p.ate in the test? Is he new?” In the guidance immediately grasped the crux of the matter.

“For He is seventeen years old, the second year, a few years began to sprint training, in my hands for regular training only two months!.” Old Chen nodded, re-export and asked: “can not believe it! ”

“Can not believe it is far more than simply shocked.” Paused for voice guidance, then said: “Lao Chen, this baby back information to me a copy of it! national team needs some new blood. ”


On the track, ZHANG Guan finish the race at the same time, new tasks also will be completed.

The system prompts pop open again: the task is completed, get your reward: a skill point.

Then, the sound system sounded: “Unfortunately, in addition to learning skills, skill points, you can also upgrade the skills, then you can try to upgrade the skills.”

System interface appears in the middle of the sprint skill icons, ZHANG Guan Task Tips To sprint skills upgrading. And ZHANG Guan also immediately sprint to upgrade skills.

“Upgrade successful sprint skills upgrading to expert-level skills to enhance the effect: straight running speed has improved, the duration of 20 seconds.”

System, originally green icon skills, now has turned blue, original “straight line running speed have some upgrading” into a “greatly improved”, while continuing to time by the 10 seconds into 20 seconds , an increase of a full double.

“10 seconds into 20 seconds, and that is the effect of sprint can cover the entire process-meter race, the last of a distance, I was able to enjoy the skills to become a plus.” ZHANG Guan secretly thought.

A new Task Tips popping:

Today you have expert-level skills, have shrunk, to embark on the broad road of life has opened the peak, challenge it!

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