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CHAPTER III : Into the provincial team

SEPTEMBER 6, 2016 / HTTP1447

Zhang Guang crossed the finish line, I looked around and no one was paying attention, he was about to leave.

“Hey You” came a voice behind him, he saw back and saw an older man and a man of middle age were approaching.

“The two examiners, who will want” thought Zhang guang

“Zhang Guang my last name is Chen and Zhou is, we are the coaches of provincial athletics team.” the older man introduced himself, and then asked, “You want to join the track team?

“Provincial team” after the surprise Guang Zhang said, “but not all provincial team athletes are professionals?”

the older man nodded “Yes, they are all professional athletes, if you come you too will be a professional athlete”

“Why choose me? Zhang Guang immediately wonder

“Your speed at 100 m is fast, if we can improve training, these destined to be the national leader of the project sprint. And later compet.i.tions abroad, to bring glory to our country” The coach Zhou replied diplomatically.

“No” Zhang Guang shook his head, if he had 17 years of age he might have been easily deceived; but Zhang Guang knows that being an athlete is very difficult and probably not get results in your life.

Zhang Guan reject the propuest, coach Zhou said: “I have tickets to provincial universities if you join the track team the quota is yours”

“SERIOUSLY” Zhang Guang suddenly felt very well.

according to the way in his original life, Zhang Guang presented in two local universities, and after graduating from a school administration in sports was admitted to the sports Bureau, has played with actions on the Internet, and then quietly at home playing online games, Zhang Guang academic level made it impossible to study at a good university but now can be admitted, Zhan Guang knows that this is the real benefit.

At this time, Zhang Guang recalled that his parents did not have the pleasure of seeing him go to a good college did not feel that pride, Zhan Guang knows that this would be a great gift for your parents at that time take a decision ”

“If I can really get into a good college, me one,” said Zhang Guang.


At home, he can not wait to study the system. but can not open the skill bar because it is still in learning mode in principiant, system functions are disabled, and now can only use “sprint” only this skill.

Zhang Guang not known to be able to teach the beginner mode but his next task is to partic.i.p.ate in an official compet.i.tion.

“Taking part in a race? Where can I find a career ……” Zhang Guang looked a helpless to the task, obviously if not complete this task novice system will not end and can not see the other parts and system skills.


the bedrooms of provincial athletes.

Zhang Guang already arrived and is finished unpacking their belongings beside his bed a thin man was lying on his bed watching a martial arts magazine while talking to him.

This man is called w.a.n.g Kai, and is also an athlete athletics but his distance is 1500 meters, is also the new roommate Zhang Guang.

w.a.n.g Kai lying on the bed lifted his legs as he continued reading his magazine and said: Hey Zang Guang your luck is very good, I heard that the old Chen is teaching you personally ”

“Lao Chen”? is that man in his 60? how powerful it can be ?. Guang Zhang said as he settled clothes in the closet

w.a.n.g Kai sat down and started talking and said, “You’re on the track team and do not know who Chen Lao, he used to be our national coach track and field team, a few years ago retired and we ask him to come here”

w.a.n.k Kai saw Zhang Guang that did not have a great reaction and said, “Lao Chen is the first person in track and field, he is the fastest man in the world”

Fastest man in the world ??? That would mean that broke a world record, Zhang Guang smiled and said: “w.a.n.g do not lie, I know that the project of 100 m started in the 80s and e have been able to break into record in Asia but never have been able to break the world record”

“At that time the person who broke the record of asia is Chen Lao” w.a.n.g Kai went on: “” in the era manual account, Chen Lao ran 10 s but this result was the fastest in the world, at that time only 4 people could run 100 m in 10 s Lao Chen in the 5 person in run 10 s “and you say it’s not powerful.

“That’s it,” Zhang Guang nodded, Chen Lao achievements in his youth, he did not think could be the fastest man in the world, “the fifth fastest man” a few days ago he had never seen this man.

Just listen w.a.n.g Kai said: “Now the national athletics team and the person admisistra the system are disciples of Chen Lao, the coach of the national athletics team was once partner and if you can get a recommendation from Chen Lao enter the national euqipo not it is no problem ”


The next day Zhang Guang not started training, but one series of measurements, and again the 100 m in 10.32 s manual timer these results Lao Chen relaxed.

In the evening Chen Lao watched measures and data in the report and was surprised, seeing only from the point of view of data Guang Zhang is at a beginner level there is no way I can run at a professional level.

“There is no merit are only the data of a normal man ,, with these data and can run as fast” Lao Chen moved at filling the report measures.

Lao Chen proceeded to give a ma.n.u.script and Zhang Guang said: “This is your training for the next month”

Zhang Guang looking at plans all written by hand, you can see that Chen Lao spend a lot of energy.

Just listen to Chen Lao said: “I have a detailed a.n.a.lysis of your situation now, your problem is the lack of professional training you’re still a beginner level, starting your reaction time is very slow, your posture is not standard, your lack rhythm and control your movements, the other is lack of physical strength, you lose power at the end of which affect your sprint ”

Guang Zhan nodded, a.n.a.lysis of Lao Chen has a lot of sense has always been a beginner, there is no technology in his career, only the last part losing speed because the Sprint ability disappears.

Old Chen continued to. “As a professional atlethe your foundation has to be strong you are relatively young and have no knowledge of the sport is a good opportunity to lay the nNow bases that are starting your workout the next two months, your main exercise will be the beginning . to correct your position and have a better reaction time, my first goal is that in two months your reaction time is in 0.3 s stable.

The fastest human movement while smaller the reaction when most people raise their finger reaction is 0.2 to 0.3 s and when we initiated a significant action time is greater.

The reaction time is affected at a level training and normal reaction time between 0.5 and 1 s varies due to personal differences, and the fins trained their reaction should be faster, a sprinter for example their reaction beginning is 0.2 s 0.2 s between these may vary but this is the most standard time.

the international compet.i.tions the reaction time of the sprinters tend to be about 0.15 s 0.14 s if they can achieve is considered a success and if it is more than 0.17 s reaciion a bad time.

If you want to shorten the reaction time have to go through a lot of training for the muscles of the body, starting to remember the action, which takes to build, for starters two months to improve your reaction time 0.1 s while not impossible is not a simple task.

Just listen: “This September 5th secion of Asian athletics championships games will be in the Philippines, I received the news that the general administration is preparing a share and 50 athletes but this has nothing to do contigo.pero to cominezos July is in two months will be carried out tests championships Asian athletics, this if you have realción you, the share of the trials is a good opportunity for young athletes, I’m ready to let you familiarize yourself with the game environment, but also to show, so you know, this is a good opportunity for you to give a good collared,

“Lao Chen this is a game official qualifier? Wonder Zhang Guang

Lao Chen sai: “Of course, if a race is organized by national athletics”

Zhang Guang suddenly felt excited, the system in his mind gave him a task of “partic.i.p.ating in a race,” the task been waiting there, originally was worried thinking about how to accomplish this task now the opportunity is at your fingertips.

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