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CHAPTER X: Almighty System

SEPTEMBER 7, 2016 / HTTP1447

National record is 10.17 seconds, the record has been sealed for five years, if not ZHANG Guan appears, may want to keep this national record will be brokenin years , but now, ZHANG Guan 10.16 seconds broke the record .

At this moment, compete against athletes who have stepped forward to congratulate ZHANG Guan, this time a heartfelt congratulations, respect for the strong, but also to encourage ZHANG Guan broke the national record.

Only a 17-year-old, only two months of formal training, should start belated pink newcomers, even beat the nation’s top athletes, breaking the national record, which is like a fairy tale in general, something that happened in the crowd eyes. At this moment, the presence of all know that this is not tender care will become the future of young people in front of the men’s 100 meters of the project, a star about to rise slowly.

But spectators on the podium in a number of longer-term guiding vision has to, he saw not just ZHANG Guan broke the national record so simple, but the entire domestic Pattern 100m project will usher in new changes.

ZHANG Guan not just  break the national record 10.16 seconds in the 100m project, the more important is that this figure is within 10.21 seconds, 10.21 seconds and is the subject of men’s 100 meters for Olympic A standard line.

And just Chen ran 10.22 seconds despite reaching the Olympic B standard, but just stuck in 10.21 seconds Olympic A subject of edges. Olympic A standard and one Olympic B standard, all of a sudden make national embarra.s.sment of being caught.

I guide able to predict the near future, as well as total body National Athletics will fall to tear open a debate with them.

Thought of this, even self-serving to guide laughed, muttered:. “This time can be considered to Athletics those guys looking for something to do.”


The referee in the final results confirm a single word on the sign, at the same time, the system prompts ZHANG Guan mind again.

“The task is completed, breaking the national record, get 1 bonus skill points.”

Then, also a prompt box appears: “You can get skill points by certain tasks, can also be obtained by skill points to break the record, honors manner according to the difficulty of different records, honor, you can get different skills. point.”

“For example, breaking the national record can get 1 bonus skill points, breaking the record achieved in the continent 2 bonus skill points, broke the world record can get 4 bonus skill points, superimposed on each other in accordance with the highest standards of reward, according to different levels of high-level standard record award not repeated statistic. ”

See here, ZHANG Guan nodded silently, according to the system mean if break the world record, naturally, it is tantamount to breaking the national record and the Asian Records,

But the system only to be rewarded according to world record 4 skill points, but will not give a single record or national record continent reward. Adults also broke the record and certainly the junior record was broken, which count only adult records

“Skill points are used to upgrade skills and learning skills, skills are divided into active skills and pa.s.sive skills, active skills required in order to use activation, you need to activate the pa.s.sive skills Some skills can not be upgraded, such as this one:

I saw a gray icon appears in the middle of the system, called the name of skills: quick response.

“Rapid response: to improve their own body of all stimulus-response rate shows that the effect of skill training intensity, age, status, and other factors.” ZHANG Guan looked at the skills of description and requirements of the system is to learn this skill.

“Learning this is not to increase the starting reaction time?” Think of it, it really hesitant ZHANG Guan point learning a skill point to spend just to get to the “rapid response” skills.

And before the “sprint” different skills, upon graduation “quick response” skill icon is white, and has a “non-upgradeable” special labeling.

ZHANG Guan heart secretly wondering, look for opportunities to try starting the reaction time is not changed soon after to go back immediately, but this time, the system again have a new dialog box pops up.

“You have the strongest domestic, domestic arena does not satisfy you, it is time to walk into the world .” After the dialog system within the flash, there is a new Task Tips: “novice task: to partic.i.p.ate in an international tournament, and foreign players compete on the same stage. ”

Watching this new task, ZHANG Guan heart suddenly feel very unhappy, international events but many track and field events, but the domestic level track and field sprint in particular the level is not enough, in many international events simply do not qualify, this task do not know How long will take  to complete.

ZHANG Guan But then I thought, this time to partic.i.p.ate in their own precisely Asian Athletics Championships trials, took the first game, we should be able to go to the compet.i.tion. Asian Athletics Championships, from time to international compet.i.tions!

The thought here, ZHANG Guan mood and relaxed.

After accepting a new task, the system has flashed a prompt: “skill bar to unlock.”

A skill hint system logo appears, immediately ZHANG Guan point into, but found it neatly arrayed a variety of skill icons on the left is active skills, pa.s.sive skills, right is right and left have a skill icon is lit. , namely “sprint” and “rapid response”, other skills are all gray.

“So many skills, have a quick look at what.” ZHANG Guan immediately follow the “sprint” skills looked down.

“Turn sprint, to enhance the speed within the curve of learning requirements: Master sprint”

ZHANG Guan immediately picked up another skill seen:

“Lateral sprint jump, sprint jump after lifting the lateral distance learning requirements: Master sprint, jump master.”

“Stride, stride action to improve the ability of skills.”

“Hop: jump on one foot to improve the operation of the abilities, skills.”

“Dribble: dribble moves to improve the abilities, skills.”

. “Rapid change to improve the high-speed movement sudden change of direction ability, skill learning requirements: Master sprint, pa.s.sive skills: physical, pa.s.sive skills: physical coordination, pa.s.sive skills: Strong knee ……”

“Kick: kick improve the abilities, skills, learning requirements: master shot”

“The water to improve the water efficiency of arms learning requirements: master swimming skills.”


ZHANG Guan generally looked at these skills, covering almost all sports programs, athletics, football, basketball, swimming, gymnastics, boxing, shooting, etc. should be much, ZHANG Guan even saw motorsport “driving at high speed tips “and the e-sports” improving APM hand speed. ”

And the more complex the movement, the more relevant skills, such as various special track and field events only learn one or two skills, like Hectometer a “sprint” skills can be, but they need to basketball-related needs of dozens skill.

ZHANG Guan heavy sigh: “It’s a hodgepodge of so many sports, so much skill, fear is a lifetime to learn i will not finish it!”

ZHANG Guan and then look to the right of the skill bar, there are pa.s.sive skills can be used without activation.

“Physical, increase physical strength Description: Growth Skills”

“Fitness, increasing the degree of physical stamina Description: growth of skills.”

. “Body flexibility, increase physical flexibility Description: Practical effect over time, sports training intensity, age, height, weight and other factors.


Pa.s.sive skills than the number of active skills a lot less, but the main effect is to improve the quality of the body, most of the skill effect will have a float factors.

“It looks good complex, but from a technical point of view is described, and some pa.s.sive skills Active skills are complementary, they want to learn such skills initiative ‘quick change of direction’, you must learn pa.s.sive skills ‘strong knee’ quick change of direction on the knee the burden is large, so we must rely on strong knee strong skills to increase the extent of the knee. “ZHANG Guan has been found at this time, the system a lot of skills are complementary, with the role of mutual aid.


After the prize-giving ceremony is very simple, The trials are not even a medal, just give a certificate even if the champion avoided.

Champions Cup to the certificate ZHANG Guan hands, the system prompt appears at this time:

“I won the national championship honors, awards 1 skill point.”

ZHANG Guan immediately come to understand, and this is before the system mentioned by Honor can get skill points reward way.

But ZHANG Guan did not immediately spent on this valuable skill points, he felt that the system still need a good study of it, so do not rush to use this skill point.

ZHANG Guan broke the national record in the future National a.s.sociation will field a single grant of a certificate, as well as a bonus. ZHANG Guan bonuses do not count on it, the official prize has always been pitiful, far better than some of the advertising sponsors so generous.

As for the presence of the media reporters on this new national record and no one hundred meters depth reports, simply introduce a few words for a moment. One reason is that the game is not the size of the media unattractive; and secondly because is weak 100m project for many years in the international community not had any results, 10.16 seconds to score on Asia also came in a good few away performance, and naturally the lack of focus.

But for ZHANG Guan’s state track and field team, one hundred meters to break the national record, but a very good news. Advocates early Provincial Athletics have written a very long press release sent to major newspapers, the newspaper went to press, ZHANG Guan also stay on the return trip on the train.

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