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Akuyaku 240Underwater

Viscount Valendolf gazed at me with interest for a while as I remained quiet with all the bewilderment and astonishment whirling around in my mind. Before long, she broke the silence, saying, "That reminds me…", since she couldn't bear it any longer, considering how talkative she is.

"Rumors have already started to spread, you know. At the anteroom a while ago…"

With a clink sound in my head, I felt my mind changing gears.

That was because the topic she brought up was something that needed to be dealt with and was far more comprehensible than some feelings from ambiguous strangers.

"Count Nordsturm's companion, you mean?"

"Yes. You know them?"

The viscount couldn't hide her curiosity and bent forward. In response to that, I just slightly shook my head.

"No, not at all. As it was recorded in the family tree that all other blood relatives of this family were dead, I had not even considered the possibility."

I said out bluntly because the crowd was literally straining their ears to eavesdrop.

Judging from the fact that it is turning into a rumor so quick, it can be said that this attracted that much attention.

"Ara. From the way you said that, are you thinking he is possibly a blood relative?"

"He looks that similar. I think it is more realistic to think that he's an offspring of the previous generation or the generation before that rather than just an accidental resemblance."

I shrugged my shoulders and let out a sigh. Even though my appearance in the mirror is also detestable to me since it resembles Orville.

"I agree. Then, will you welcome that person as a blood relative?"

I felt the surrounding eyes gather at once.

For just a moment there, the chatter died down.

"Yes, under the preface of his origins—"

….Such curiosity towards a poor countryside territory.

Now that the war is over, even if they get involved with my territory, it will not connect to any profit. Their interest is merely for juicy gossip, and nothing else. And it's because I know that that I feel stumped.

"-however, if count Nordsturm or he himself doesn't wish for it, then I won't do anything. If he does join my family, then he will have to obey or even serve an underage family head. As such, since there is no evidence to prove his connection, I have nothing else to say to him."

I declared, clearly, such that everyone could understand, that I do not intend on giving up my position to anyone.

As I just simply stated the facts, the surrounding people had already understood and lost interest.

….I see. I guess having a good reputation isn't all bad.

Up until now, most would have just thought like — "but she's a kid", "but she's a girl", "that Kaldia daughter is cunning". And what now? It seems my words are falling into their ears much easily now.

Of course, a group of n.o.bles were frowning but there's nothing to be bothered about. Stirring animosity or them laying bare their discomfort isn't anything new.

…There's no need to be frightened about something I am used to.

Along with the cold feeling in my heart, I suddenly realized that I was evaluating people's hearts like that, and let out a sigh.

"Well then, as decided in the interim meetings held until winter, we will begin developing diplomatic relations with the country which we have friendly relations with from next year. Rindall Union Dukedom's counter will be count Juunas' territory and southern countries' counter will be count Freche's territory. We will allow the people permitted into the country to be active in the authorized wards. Is that okay?"

In response to the facilitator's question, the House of Lords answered with silence.

All dispute had already been boiled down and there was no one who would voice their displeasure at this point.

That agenda was the last one. The House of Lords was done and the n.o.bles started exiting the reception room in a crowd.

Although the anterooms were also a kind of social meeting place, as there were a lot of people, many rooms were becoming empty.

I don't know what Melchior did after exiting the anteroom but he didn't show up at the room Oscar and the others were in. No change could be seen between the two as they met up. Seeing Weigraf calmly walk behind me, I gave a slight strange expression.

"The meeting ended without any problems. Let's return to the dormitory."

I also added that I had some things to talk about after returning to the carriage, to which both of them slightly nodded.

When I glanced back, Weigraf had already changed his direction towards his attendants.

I see.

…I guess I need to think of a way to say my thanks.

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