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Huh?? I was supposed to be working on a new chap of mofunade, but somehow I found myself translating this instead… OTL

Anyways, very excited to present to you the first chapter of Akuyaku Reijou wa Danna-sama wo Yasesasetai! I really love this story! Hopefully, you’ll like it just as much as me. ❤

By the way, those who are just stumbling upon this and unsure about the story because of the summary; this is more than a weight-loss story. It’s very character driven, and totally different from what I expected. At the very least, give it a few chapters before deciding to drop it (your loss though). Without all ado, please enjoy~

(Also, Ray route for Mystic Messenger was just released, so I might be busy for a few days nervous laughter)


Prologue 1

The daughter of Earl Strom, Camilla Strom 1 , is a villain.

The second prince of the Sonnelicht Kingdom 2 Julian 3 and the baron's daughter Lizelotte Ende 4 bore a love of different statuses. The love story that excited everyone in the kingdom was still fresh in their minds.

The two who overcame numerous trials were blessed by everyone in the country. There wasn't a day that the two's love that was more like a story than a story was brought up in conversation.

And indispensable to the couple's love story was Camilla Strom.

Camilla held one-sided feelings towards Prince Julian and obstructed the two's romance, the very mastermind of the couple’s distress. She was envious of the Prince's sweetheart Lizelotte, tormenting her.

There were too many wicked deeds to count.

Camilla spread a scandal about Lizelotte through high society.

『Lizelotte only approaches the Prince for the power of the throne. In truth, she's a licentious woman, wandering from another man's place every night.』

She proclaimed the lie as if it were true.

Or, Camilla used her authority to threaten those around Lizelotte, isolating her from high society.

Furthermore, she even employed ruffians to a.s.sault Lizelotte. Fortunately, Prince Julian was able to save her and nothing more happened, but Lizelotte received a shock and was confined to her bed for many days.

With that fortune, Camilla tried to use the power of her house to force Prince Julian into marriage. Using Lizelotte's scandal as a pretext, she claimed that Lizelotte was unworthy of the crown. Only she who was upright and pure was befitting of the royal family, cajoling people from high society to the First Prince Eckart, even fooling his Majesty the King, managing to escalate things to just before their betrothal.

But even after doing all that, she was unable to tear apart Prince Julian and Lizelotte.

Just as Camilla and Prince Julian's engagement was about to be finalized, Prince Julian himself exposed all of Camilla's sins to daylight.

The repulsive scandal that Camilla released about Lizelotte was in fact, all about her very self.

That far from upright and pure, Camilla was a filthy woman.

He spoke of how she relentlessly tormented Lizelotte and revealed the inexcusable, inhuman deed of ordering scoundrels to attack Lizelotte.

The truth that Prince Julian revealed cleared the eyes of His Majesty, and he canceled the engagement with Camilla. In exchange, he recognized Lizelotte as Prince Julian's fiancée.

On the other hand, Camilla, who sought the downfall of the sinless Lizelotte, acquired the rage of the royal family. Camilla's father, Count Strom, also turned his back on his daughter. She was almost left with only the clothes on her back, nearly being deported from the country.

However, the compa.s.sionate Lizelotte did not blame Camilla for her deeds.

「We are fellow comrades who've fallen in love. I also understand Camilla's feelings.」

Lizelotte's kindness striking their hearts, Prince Julian called off Camilla's deportation.

Her numerous charges were also dropped, and the punishment he imposed on Camilla was just one:

She was to marry into the house of the Prince's choosing, and she'd never appear in front of them again.

The husband-to-be of Camilla's that the Prince decided on for her was Duke Alois Montenacht. 5

As a member of a branch family of the royalty and having governed the Mohnton territory 6 in the northern extremity for generations, there was nothing for the house of Count Strom to criticize. No, rather it was a partner that was too much higher in rank.

But, this was punishment. Alois Montenacht wasn't just an affluent man with a high standing.

From hearsay in high society, his common alias was 『Toad of the Swamp』.

"Swamp" refers to the band of wetlands that is covered in miasma, apparent in the Mohnton fief. "Toad" refers to Lord Montenacht's appearance itself.

A bulging, fat, giant body. His skin covered in pimples is unsightly, and in addition to the face which has lost its shape due to the fat, his appearance is like a toad's. Perhaps because of the largeness of his body, he's always sweating. The way he's always damp and moist is also a reason behind this alias.

His personality is gloomy, and he never tries to converse with people. Only for the momentous ceremonies of the royalty does he crawl out of his swamp, moving forth towards the royal capital.

His abnormality is conspicuous, even from a distance. He's as wide as three adults. As if having been soaked in the swamp, he has long gray hair that is always wet. The eyes that appear from the gap in his hair are like that of an emotionless toad's. It's said your heart will be ripped out if you look into those red eyes endowed with magic, so no one tries to make eye contact.

That Lord Montenacht is to turn 23 this year. It's an age where it's about time for him to start thinking of marriage. Just who in high society will become his spouse? Rivalling the 『ghost stories』 of the royal palace, the n.o.ble daughters whispered about it among themselves.

In short, both burdens were to be bundled off and gotten rid of together.

Everyone welcomed Prince Julian's decision.

The daughters of n.o.bility wouldn't have to fear marrying the ghastly and unsightly Lord Montenacht. And for Camilla who wielded her power and subjected Lizelotte to vulgar persecution, she was sent off on a fate befitting of a villain.

All the newspaper companies in the royal capital unanimously wrote of the perfect ending of this love story, distributing it as a newspaper extra for all.

カミラ・シュトルム Kamira Shutorumu ↩ ゾンネリヒト王国 Zonnerihito Oukoku ↩ ユリアン Yurian ↩ リーゼロッテ・エンデ Riizerotte Ende ↩ アロイス・モンテナハト Aroisu Montenahato ↩ モーントン領 Moonton Ryou ↩

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