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In a soft light, someone was calling me.

I was in a forest. A beautiful spring was right next to me. Huh? I was in the audience hall until a while ago though…

『Fumu, so this is another one of thy forms, Beneficiary』

「… Beneficiary?」

My voice is different. The hair is black. Limbs are long. When I looked at the spring in confusion, what the water surface reflected was『Me』. I have become『Me』which should have been lost.

An ordinary, not beautiful face. Bad, pale-looking complexion, long hair reaching up to my waist.


『Because here is in a dream』


『Umu. This is thy dream. That’s why thou are in thy soul form』

「And Beneficiary is?」

『Thoccasionallylly appear. G.o.ds of different worlds send them to us on a whim. Generally, they are humans loved by spirits. Thy soul is mesmerizing to spirits』

「Mesmerizing, is it?」

Rosalia aside, this seedy-looking me?

『Outward appearances are unrelated. Thou doesn’t want to pursue our power, though only wish to be together with us, right? As a friend, a neighbor. That is most comfortable to us』


I don’t understand well, but it’s something like that?

『What is thy name?』

Name. The name that I have already lost, the name who n.o.body should be calling『Me』anymore.

「Rin. Watase Rin」

『Rin, huh. A fine name』



Sui and Hal appeared. They are calling my name. Hugging me with their little hands, they called my name many times over. They seemed to be in a good mood.

『By the way, Rin. I smell Spirit of Darkness, but thou have not received its protection?』

I explained the circ.u.mstances until now. Holy Beast-sama struck the floor with his paw. Holy Beast-sama, you don’t have to hold it back like Arc does… does my misfortunate tastes like honey? Your dignity has been spoiled, you know?

「Well, one of the reasons I refused Darkness-san’s protection was because he was annoying, but I would like to learn healing spells, so I don’t want my magical power be ruined with darkness. Do strong spirits influence one’s magical power, just as I thought?」

『Umu. Thy magical power will certainly turn dark if thou receive its protection』

I was told that it would be better to not receive its protection for now as my magical power is especially unstable at the moment. Spirit of Darkness, I have decided to neglect play it for the time being.

「Although, I don’t know if I can do it…」

「No? You can do it, ya know?」


Hal said while scratching his head.

「Rin has received my protection, so you can do all attributes」


「I will teach you if you’d like. Wind is my main attribute, but I can use them all」

「I will be in your care」

I reflexively replied. I indeed thought that Hal was a bit different from other Spirits of Wind in the game. He’s somewhat rainbowy. The Spirits of Wind in the game were mainly green or light blue in color.

「I am a heretic, ya see?」

I don’t understand well, but I understood that it’s nothing good from Hal’s expression.

「I don’t understand quite well, but Hal is Hal. Isn’t it fine being a little different? Besides, the difficult combined magic would be too difficult otherwise, so I’m thankful. Thank you, for meeting me and giving me your protection」

When I smiled at Hal, he burst into tears.


I panicked. Did I say something that made him cry?


Hal started wailing greatly. Wait! Sui and Holy Beast-sama stop looking at us warmly and console him!! Help!!

In the end, Hal cried until he lost all of his strength. What triggered his crying is unknown to me. I didn’t intend to say anything bad, should I apologize?
Placing Hal on my lap and patting his head, I looked at Sui.

「By the way, Sui」

「What is it?」

「You are a pretty high-ranking spirit, aren’t you?」


「No, I thought that creating a field of Suzuran or controlling the cacti like your children would be impossible for a low-ranking spirit」

Sui’s figure slowly changed. A boy of about junior high school student’s age. His size became the size of an ordinary human.

「This is my true appearances」

「Ohh, a pretty boy. Huh? Your p.r.o.nunciation is normal, isn’t it?」

「It becomes funny because I’m forced to look childish」

Sui smiled troubledly.

「Sorry for deceiving you」

「What? You are not doing it on purpose and I am the same, aren’t I? I don’t think you are faking your appearances to deceive me, so don’t mind it」


Sui put his head on my shoulder. Sui is a high-ranking spirit thus being overly popular with humans which he got fed up with. He apparently just wanted to play a prank on me, and he gave me his protection because he got amused when I thanked him instead of getting angry.

That number of Suzuran was a prank, huh… a distant look appeared on my face. W, well, everything turned all right in the end.

My eyelids became heavy again. I want to ask one last question. Something I can ask only in here.

「Why are Beneficiaries sent to this world?」

『Because you wish for it. That very wish becomes thy fate』

I wonder what I wished for? The moment I died, what did I think about?

I closed my eyes. The time of the dream is coming to an end. I understood instinctively.

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