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Ojousama seem to have reached her limit and flopped sound asleep on Holy Beast-sama. Holy Beast-sama swaggered back over to his s.p.a.ce with Ojousama on his back and lied her down on the cushion.

He dexterously lowered Ojousama down. It wrapped its tail around her so she wouldn’t be cold.

Ojousama, where do you find people who use Holy Beast-sama as a mattress in the middle of talking with the King? No, there’s one right here.

It’s wouldn’t be strange if Ojousama grew hair because of her guts. Rather, they might be made of steel.

A gaze confirmed that Ojousama has fallen asleep… oyoy, don’t be envious. Stop making a vexed expression, idiot. Weren’t you fighting with His Majesty just now! Ojousama’s excessive courage is definitely your fault!

「Rufus, is it really true that the cacti were summoned by your daughter’s spirit?」

「Yeah. It was my daughter who came up with the pet.i.tion forms and accounting doc.u.ments that will be used from now on」

「… Ha?」

My Lord… it’s My foolish Lord already, isn’t it? You foolish Looord! Stop your smug face. You overly doting parent!!

That wasn’t necessary information, right! Boast about your daughter all you want at homeee!! You will just bring trouble!

「Isn’t she amazing?」

「Ah… yes」

His Majesty is obviously speechless. He’s trembling.

「She also spoke with Holy Beast, she’s quite an unusual princess. Children who meet Holy Beast usually start crying」

He’s right, you know?. Ojousama is strange in many ways, but that’s the normal reaction. In the past, I got howled at by Holy Beast-sama and it’s a trauma even now. Children who come to the castle generally receive a baptism.

This foolish Lord is strange for staying cool that time. He was fine even when Holy Beast-sama was play biting his head, so he was weird since the old days. His Majesty backed away that time too, how nostalgic.

「That’s because Rosalia is brave」

You over there, don’t be making a smug face now. He just wants to boast about her. The difference between brave and reckless is paper-thin, so let the boasting about your daughter at home.

If I leave it to this foolish Lord, we won’t get the things settled.

I recite a little incantation in my mouth. It’s transmission magic. A magic that conveys a message directly to the recipient’s ear.

『Your Majesty, the negotations』

The recipient immediately returned the same magic.


『You have been mixing your work with ours right before the deadline, weren’t you? Selfishly』

『…… What might you be talking about?』

His complexion didn’t look different from before, but his eyes were swimming.

『Was it just my imagination? Then, is it fine to tell Lord?』

The blizzard would be certain. Foolish Lord doesn’t show mercy to his opponents. He has been even more aggravated from overwork recently… my first step would be dogeza. Life is important.

『… What do you want?』

『Approve of the cacti before ensuring more personnel. They are unexpectedly clever, their spines don’t hurt very much either. It could also serve as a measure against suspicious people』

「Were you p.r.i.c.kled?」

Ah, idiot! He talked normally!!

「… p.r.i.c.kled? You talking about a cactus?」

With His Majesty’s hand as a signal, the shadow guards retreated. There’s no need to keep talking in secret anymore, so I dispelled my magic.

「Yes, the cacti. Also, make Ojousama and Bocchan temporary secretaries until the personnel is secured」

「… Is that safe?」

「My children are superior to others」

Be quiet, you overly doting parent. It’s true that your children are on a different level though.

「I guarantee it. I am incompetent compared to Ojousama」

I looked into a distance. No, I think being normal is the best! A common peace is wonderful!

「Got it. I give you permission」

His Majesty sighed. The negotiations are done. Lord spoke to me who was about to leave the hall quickly.

「Arc, you are not incompetent or anything. Paperwork is just outside your area of expertise」

My Lord who is unable to read the mood also won’t console others. Rather, he can’t. If you are incompetent he will say it and he won’t force you to do things you can’t do. If he recognizes it, he will quietly accept it. He’s a troubling fellow, but I can’t hate that about him.

「Yes, yes. Thanks a lot」

The edge of my mouth naturally loosened.

「By the way, did you get p.r.i.c.ked by a cactus?」

You are bringing that up again? You have been fussing over the inconsequential since the past.

「A spine came flying at me when I was dispirited about my incomptence」

「… Isn’t that dangerous?」

「You see, it healed my stiff shoulders」

「I’m going to get p.r.i.c.ked」

Foolish Lord quickly left the audience hall. Will you wait for me? Don’t leave me behind.

「Leave it for later. I have asked Ojousama’s spirit about it later, he said that the cacti won’t attack those with no evil intentions. I got apparently p.r.i.c.ked because it noticed my fatigue. Ojousama was worried, but there shouldn’t be any wounded among those who complained, right?」

「There weren’t any」

Thus, the cacti were officially admitted. It goes without saying that not only Lord but even His Majesty got themselves p.r.i.c.ked to heal their stiff shoulders.

What are the country’s two tops doing, geez!

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