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Doc.u.ments and the plan to round up the muscleheads.
Now then, the afternoon work has started. Each person began working on their papers, and a while later.

"Seriously, why are there so many outrageous doc.u.ments!"

The son of Marquis Roswayde who has reached the limits of his patience had snapped.

"Rosarin, go exterminate them one more time. I give you permission."

Have you already discarded your big sis persona? Your eyes write and read that you are being serious, Adeil-san.

"Certainly, this is too terrible. Rosarin, go ahead."

Even Dirk who was the most moderate of all had given up. Those muscleheads, just wait.


Dober-san, you were actually silently mad all this time… that's scary, though.

Receiving everyone's instructions, I decided to go. To be frank, this is an easy task! Rosarin, departs! I am going to annihilate the muscleheads who aren't able to fix their doc.u.ments!

"I am back~"

"Incidentally, how do you make them fix the doc.u.ments?"

"I overlook it if they win against the cacti. If they lose, they have to fix them. I use simple rules like that."

"… I can understand now."

"By the way, those stronger than the cacti got beat up by me. I was especially attentive to those comrades who were disregarding you, Dirk."

"Bones!? Mind!?"

"Either way, they couldn't avoid you, the great disaster, huh. Although they are getting what they deserve, I sympathize."

Just what do you think of me? Son of Marquis Roswayde. The great disaster, you say.

"It's both."
"To think it was both!?"

Dirk was shocked. No, it was both. On top of being stronger than they thought, they weren't giving up, so I did not have much choice but to break them a little.

"It's fine, I healed them properly!"

"You can't think that you could leave it at that, right!!"

Adeil-san has apparently lost his big sis skin.

"No, it would be meaningless if they couldn't go on missions and write the doc.u.ments."

"Don't be so calm about something so strange!"

"Naturally. It wouldn't have a meaning if they kept getting their priorities backward. Steadily knocking at… their muscled brain tissues, I repeatedly bestowed pain upon them to make them properly learn to write doc.u.ments properly."


"Do you think they would learn only after one time? They are muscleheads, you know? They won't learn unless you etch it on their bodies."

"I was convinced for a moment, but where is there a fellow who would really etch it on their bodies!"

"She's right here!"

"Be hesitating a little!"

"I was hesitating about the method of brainwashing them, but it was troublesome so I decided for the physical method."

"How come a more peaceful way didn't come out right there!"

"Then, Son of Marquis Roswayde, please come up with a peaceful way."

"… A, a conversation."

"What about time?"

"… We don't have it."

"In the first place, if it could have been settled with a conversation then you or Dirk would have already settled the matter."


"Intimidation also takes time and effort, though. If you choose such means, is it efficient?"

"They are also being tempered by me, so it's like killing two birds with one stone."

As there are many old-fashioned muscleheads in the order, they also serve as a stress relief for Rosarin when she gets bored with doc.u.ments.

"In the first place, I had received permission from Rudolf-san to use force if they don't abide."

"You were planning on using force from the very beginning?"

Dirk asked in exhaustion. No, that's wrong.

"It was mainly my last resort. There were only relatively decent guys coming to the Prime Minister's office, so these guys fell drastically below my expectations."

"… As I thought, poor ones should be fixed."

Dober-san muttered. There's sorrow flowing around him! Thank you for your hard work!!

"… Isn't the Knights Order holding up only because of you, Dober-san…? If such ridiculous doc.u.ments were delivered to Father, he would cut their budget… that's it!

I clapped my hands. I came up with a good idea!

"Son of Marquis Roswayde! I came up with a wonderful and peaceful idea that will reform the muscleheads!"

"Say it."

"Dober-san should disappear from the Knights Order!"

"Eh? Am I getting fired?"

"That's not it~"

I grinned complacently.

"Ah, it's the expression she makes when she comes up with sinister designs. I have a bad feeling."

Nono, it was quite difficult practicing it day after day. It's a plan to round up the muscleheads!

When I spoke about my plan, everyone was at a loss for words.


"That is certainly… peaceful… I think?"

"The effect seems probable."

"Wow, you are so clever, Rosarin-san."

"Fumu. Rosarin is cunning."

"Fuhaha! You better feel grat.i.tude for the reliable me!"

Dirk's face cramped, the son of Marquis Roswayde was making a complicated expression, while Adeil-san seemed to understand.
Dober-san praised me and I feel that Holy Beast-sama criticized me, but let's not mind it!
I really am thankful to Darkness-sama recently. When I asked him what he wants as thanks, he said nothing just because he was having fun in the past few days. When I offered that he can request snacks for me, he was greatly delighted. I will come up with something.

We prepare for the plan today and put it into practice tomorrow. I will work hard!

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