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Lunch and mofu cravings.
Finishing today's dessert, I took Dirk's hand.

"Dirk, I have something to talk to you about. Excuse us, we will return before the break ends."


"… Keep it moderate."

The son of Marquis Roswayde replied without asking questions. Holy Beast-sama understood my selfish reason. The other members did not seem to understand the reason.

"… Secret talk?"

Dirk asked while tilting his head.

"Yesterday, I endured. I refrained from Holy Beast-sama's wonderful fluff. Today, I endured. Please satisfy my mofu cravings! I am suffering from withdrawal symptoms already!"

"Wait! What are mofu cravings!? You have withdrawal symptoms when you go without fluff!?"

"I do! It's said that humans have three big desires, appet.i.te, sleep, and mofu cravings!! The mofu cravings is an insatiable desire to mofumofu the soft and fluffy fur of your beloved to your heart's content!"

"No… that's a libido, no?"

Adeil-san interjected in exhaustion. No, rather than a libido, it's mofu cravings for me.

"… All right."

Dirk heroicly acknowledged.

"… Do your best?"

Curtis, who understands the situation has been more or less, consider…

"If you don't return, I will consider it Dirk losing to his libido, but don't worry, I will tidy up here, so be at ease?"

He meant well at first, but he ended up going in the wrong direction in the end.

"I won't lose, alright!"

Dirk was teary-eyed. I smiled wryly at Dirk and took his hand.

"I will go easy on you, as much as I can. As much as I can."

"I don't feel relieved to hear that at all…"

However, Dirk kept holding my hand. We went to a place further away, I erected a barrier and hugged Dirk.

"Dirk, Beastify."


Dirk turned into his beast form. Hau… mofumofu. I unb.u.t.toned his shirt.

"Eh!? Wait!"

"Only the upper half, all right?"

"Wha… nyaa! That's… nyaan!"

Fuhaha, my golden finger is not to be trifled with. I am already familiar with Dirk's comfortable points.
I will have you nyaanyaa for me!

"Nyaa… funyaa…"

Dirk was totally melted by my technique. He completely surrendered to me as his sugary voice couldn't stop leaking out. And above all, the sensation of this fluff!

"Hau… mofumofu…"

"Nyaa… it tickles when you rub… nyaan… feels good…"

I lied on Dirk's chest and thoroughly enjoyed the mofumofu. Chin? Under the chin is where it feels good?

"Fumiyuu… purr, purr."

He was purring. He's about to melt, is it about the time?

"Miyaa!? T, that's…"

"I will make you feel good."

I touched Dirk's tail. I have not touched the tail much before, so I am not sure where it feels good.

"Ah… stop… nyaan! Fuah… no…"

Somehow, his voice got s.e.xy on top of being sugary…

"Rosarin… any more than this is…"

"N~, a little bit more…"

When I ignored him and bit his ear, Dirk spasmed.

"Nyaa! It really is bad! I will have to change clothes!"

Change? When I thought about it, I understood. You will feel comfortable over there? I would normally stop here, but not today.

"… I got it. Not the tail then."

"If… if that's the case, then… nyaa… nn…"

"Mofumofu… happiness…"

Seeing Dirk who couldn't speak people language anymore, my mind recovered.

"… I overdid it."

I definitely went too far. Dirk was stiff… with the expression of ecstasy.


I had not touched him, yet Dirk let out a cat's cry.


After a while of swaying and shaking with him, Dirk came back to himself.

"… You said you would go easy on me!"

He cried. No, well, I am sorry. You see, it's because my mofu cravings were oppressed.

After managing to soothe Dirk and returning just before the break ended, the picnic blanket was already tidied up

"Thank you for tidying up."
"… No worries, what's up with Dirk?"

"… I saw heaven and h.e.l.l…"

Dirk declared with tears in his eyes. Holy Beast-sama looked at me with disappointment… no, except Dirk, everyone looked at me with judging eyes. I was being tormented by cold gazes!

"… My oppressed mofu cravings had exploded, you see."

"You, just how strong are those so-called mofu cravings of yours!? What do you mean by 'exploded'!?"

"… I forgot myself because of the happiness from the mofu sensation and made a serious effort."

"The owner of the technique that could make even me, who has lived for such a long time, to purr got serious, huh… moreover, paired with the love for the young beastman… that would truly be from heaven to h.e.l.l experience. Dirk, how about lifting Rosarin's mofumofu ban?"

"No way… I won't let Rosarin do that to anyone except me… I will endure. I am going to bear it."

"Umm… as expected, I had not done anything of such level to anyone except you, Dirk."
"I would cry if you did!"

"No, I did not and will not, so don't cry."

"Rather, it has levels?"

"… She normally plays by observing my reaction… it usually ends just with patting and hugging, though…"

"Once you can't endure, the one who will end up crying will be definitely Rosarin, ya know? It would probably be wiser to adjust."

"… Have a sense of humility."

"What are you going to do if she explodes even while being carefu~l?"

"Things like mofu cravings, Rosarin-chan really is amusing! Rather, Adeil would seriously need your advice!"

"… I don't understand well, but enduring is not good."

"That's why I told you to keep it in moderation."
Curtis, Son of Marquis Roswayde, Adeil-san, Hugh-san who got to experience Adeil-san's fist, Darkness-sama and Holy Beast-sama each gave their comment.

Anyhow, the conclusion.

"… Dirk will have it hard if my mofu cravings spontaneously explode again, so I will make sure to discharge them frequently."

The time pa.s.sed and the lunch break ended. We worked in the afternoon again.
Dirk wasn't able to walk straight, so the son of Marquis Roswayde and Adeil-san had to support him. Holy Beast-sama, don't keep looking at me like that! I know. I understand that I overdid it, okay!!

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