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573 people! The number of h.o.m.o Evolutis awakening this time was 573 people!

This meant that the third awakening was even larger than the first two times combined!

After hearing this news, Yao Yuan immediately jumped out of bed. After a simple bathroom routine, he dashed towards the electromobile. The Black Star Troopers who had already changed shifts for the second time were confused by Yao Yuan’s actions. However, they followed him obediently. They didn’t dare to walk in front of him, so their Black Star s.p.a.ce armors followed behind him ‘slowly’.

In about 7 minutes, Yao Yuan arrived at the quarantine area where about 10 doctors were waiting. When he arrived, they quickly briefed him on the latest development.

"The first case of sudden fever happened the second hour after the s.p.a.ce warp. Due to the experience from the earlier two awakenings, we moved all the patients into heavy quarantine rooms for close surveillance even though they only showcased minor symptoms. The patients were treated with genetic mesomeric devices and nutrient concoctions. Until now, we’ve received several hundred more cases of fevers. Now we can finally confirm we’re ushering in the third h.o.m.o Evolutis awakening," the leading doctor informed Yao Yuan in a hurry.

Yao Yuan nodded in agreement as he stepped into the quarantine room. The original purpose of this room was to prevent alien virus outbreaks. However, with the advent of the Ultimate Vaccine, the possibility of that happening had greatly lowered. Therefore, the purpose of the room changed to prepare for the arrival of h.o.m.o Evolutis awakening.

Currently, the quarantine area had to accommodate three to four people a room compared to the earlier one people per room. This was due to the high amount of h.o.m.o Evolutis awakening this time around. Furthermore, it employed a 24 hour automatic surveillance system, thus solving the issue of lacking of doctors. So far, of the 573 fever cases, there were no deaths.

"An exceptional job, but don’t let your guard now. Keep your eyes peeled for any incidents. If possible…" Yao Yuan paused for a moment. "I hope the fatality rate for this awakening is zero."

Of course, even though everyone knew the fatality rate for awakening had always been high, plus current medical technology couldn’t make it a zero fatality rate, the doctors nodded in confirmation as they left the quarantine area with Yao Yuan.

After a moment more at the quarantine area, Yao Yuan felt uneasy. He realized that he looked like he was surveying the place like he was some kind of great leader putting on a show. So he stopped walking around and asked for a name list of all the patients and retired to central command.

In central command, Guang Zhen was at his very limit. However, he was still in the middle of handling some things, like the new awakening. Ever since the first report of the Hope’s new fever patients reached his hands, Guang Zhen had made it a priority. He sent out a great number of Defense Unit soldiers to the lower residential levels to check each residence for the occurrence of fever patients. So far, all of the fever patients had been discovered, totaling 573 people. If he didn’t insist on sending the soldiers into people’s houses, one-third of them probably would have died at home without medical a.s.sistance.

Yao Yuan was impressed by what Guang Zhen did. With the information they received from the s.p.a.ce merchants, they understood the value of h.o.m.o Evolutis; they were deeply related to the advancement and longevity of a civilization. Therefore, every single one of them was important to the cause.

When Yao Yuan arrived at central command, he resumed command of the ship. The tired Gaung Zhen naturally returned to rest. After finishing his daily job, Yao Yuan pulled out the information on h.o.m.o Evolutis, or Cosmic Adapters, they had received from the s.p.a.ce merchants. The information was long and complicated. They included not only information on the s.p.a.ce adapters, but also Law of the Conservation of Life because the two were closely linked.

"Every being has a soul, but this soul only exists in planets that can breed life forms…

"The cosmos is wide and eternally expanding, but life-carrying planets are extremely rare, less than even 1/10000 of a percent. Under unknown circ.u.mstances, a planet acquires the ability to sustain life. If the planet doesn’t suffer a s.p.a.ce-grade catastrophe, it will eventually evolve to be a cradle for a sentient race.

"The race will populate the whole planet limitlessly, or at least until the planet can’t support them anymore. However, when the race enters the cosmos, its population will be greatly influenced by the Law of Conservation of Life, which means that the soul of a population will always stay constant. With the pa.s.sage of time, the race will welcome its inevitable downfall. Without the supplement of external souls, the race will eventually disappear from the cosmos…

"The only exceptions are the Cosmic Adapter…

"The so-called Cosmic Adapters are an extremely limited group of a certain population that randomly gain the ability to adapt to life in s.p.a.ce after they leave the comfort of their home planet. Depending on the Level of the s.p.a.ce civilization and time away from home planet, the probability of a life form evolving to a s.p.a.ce Adapter is between 0.0001 percent and 0.0000001 percent. A formal calculation dictates that the lower the s.p.a.ce civilization’s level, the greater the chance for the appearance of Cosmic Adapters, and the longer the time spent from one’s home planet, the greater the chance for appearance of cosmic adapters. Of course, common knowledge dictates that the lower the level of the civilization, the shorter the amount of time it has spent away from its home planet. This is a contrary proposition because the two variables balance each other out. After a deep calculation, we know that the highest probability rate for appearance of Cosmic Adapters is one over ten million, and the smallest is one over one hundred million.

"Cosmic Adapters are life forms that have completely adapted to life in s.p.a.ce. They have a great sense of general s.p.a.ce and can easily adapt into 3d, 4d, and even 5d s.p.a.ces. They have great reflexes and the ability to sense another life form’s mal-intention. They also have a certain degree of predictive power and affinity to the sciences. Other than this, Cosmic Adapters are the one exception and unilateral proof to the Law of Conservation of Life.

"The reason why they are exceptions is because when a civilization has Cosmic Adapters, even if there is just one, then the civilization can absorb the soul energy from the cosmos itself, enabling the newborns of that civilization to be exempted from the Law of Conservation of Life.

"The unilateral proof is because when a Cosmic Adapter dies within a society with a vibrant population and birth rate, then there is a good chance there will be a new Cosmic Adapter among the newborns. This has been proven to be true because so far, the only Cosmic Adapter at the Shelter has been reborn at least thirty generations before the lineage disappeared. In other words, the Cosmic Adapter also follow the Law of Conservation of Life, albeit in their own unique manner."

When Yao Yuan finished reading, his knowledge about h.o.m.o Evolutis increased quite a bit. First, when humanity left Earth, the technological level wasn’t high, only at 3rd revolution, not even at the level of 4th revolution that was normally required for a civilizations to venture into s.p.a.ce. Secondly, humanity relied on s.p.a.ce warp to leave. This was the best way for mankind to put distance between themselves and Earth.

When the Hope left Earth, it only warped three times. The first warp probably still left the Hope close to Earth, so the amount of h.o.m.o Evolutis awakening wasn’t so big. The number of awakenings was probably so drastic this time because mankind had warped for quite a times. Each s.p.a.ce warp brought the Hope further and further away from Earth. According to the calculations in distance, the Hope was so far away from Earth that it wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say the Hope might have already ended up the other end of the cosmos. Therefore, even though mankind’s technology had increased, it was offset by the distance, thus creating this giant influx of h.o.m.o Evolutis.

Yao Yuan continued reading.

"Cosmic Adapters are divided into different levels as well. First, there are cosmic adapters below the S level. According to their ability to absorb soul energy and personal prowess, they are divided into Type A, B, and C. However, their cores aren’t changed. These are the Survivors. The Cosmic Adapters that have undergone changes in their genetic make-up are the Level S Cosmic Adapters. They are the Time Watchers (Diviner), Wave Function Savants (Seeker), Infinite Fighters (Perceptor), Academics of Dark Science (Whisperer), Soul Webbers (Anima), Artist of Logic Concepts (Thinker), six Level S Cosmic Adapters.

"Beyond that there are the legendary double S Cosmic Adapters, the Immortals, the Originators, and the Curators.

"Other than the cosmic adapters below Level S, these nine Cosmic Adapters have the ability to evolve. There are five stages of evolution, but we have too little information on these…

"We have discovered that when Cosmic Adapters below Level S are given the chance to visit a second life-giving home planet, then they have a good chance of evolving into Level S Cosmic Adapters or beyond. Of course, this too needs require further confirmation…"

Yao Yuan was taken aback when he read this. He immediately pulled out the fever patient list and he found a few unique names among them. One of them was the only Survivor who had survived the ambush of the s.p.a.ce merchants, the only Survivor that survived in Ying’s group.

"Ran Zhu Yi, Black Star Troopers, Survivor, currently under observation for high fever…"  

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