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“Both of you! Wait a sec-…”

Mutsuki’s voice was drowned out by the sound of the school building’s wall being blown away.

Red and gold. Two b.a.l.l.s of light shot out onto the athletic ground.

“My power is the sword of prayer. Manifestation of almighty wisdom, appear before me!”

“Just so you know, I’m not going to hold back! Haaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh!”



The two drawn swords clashed.

Ange wielded a giant ma.s.s of metal that was probably larger than she was in both width and height, but Ren’s sword was thin. Yet it did not bend or break. Also…


As the angel charged her way, the witch chose not to dodge and instead caught the attack head-on. She did not fall back.

Even if Ange was lighter due to her smaller body size, she had to have the greater overall weight when her sword was included. If her power in the clash had been matched, it meant her opponent had greater strength or speed.


And Ren’s lighter blade gave her the more dexterous weapon.

The clashing swords moved toward Ren…were pulled toward Ren. She intentionally relaxed her strength to get Ange to lean forward. Then she placed her weight on the intersection of the blades where their strength was focused.


And she kicked Ange back.

Ange was sent flying by the solid hit. She slammed into the side of the gym supply room, creating a large dent.

“Your speed is decent, but your movements are all too rough.”

Despite how angry she had been just before the battle began, Ren was extremely calm and showed no openings as she approached.

A normal human would have been turned to mincemeat by the force that slammed her into the wall, so even Ange grimaced.

She raised her divine sword in both hands.

“Prominence – Loop!”


She attacked with the split halves of the sword.

The flurry of attacks from the double swords kept Ren from counterattacking and she was forced to fall back while blocking.

That was when Mutsuki caught up.

“Stop this, you two!”

Seeing their stretched shadows as they clashed too quickly to follow, he was briefly dumbfounded, but then he shouted at them.

Ren had likely made sure no one was around in advance. Everyone was supposed to have left school and those two were the only ones on the athletic ground. That was a relief, but…


He did not want Ange or Ren to get hurt, so the sight of their three weapons coming so close to slice each other in two was bad for his heart.

“What is going on?”

Machina and Subaru arrived after hearing the commotion. Their eyes widened at the disastrous state of the schoolyard.

“Why are they fighting?”

“I don’t know. Senpai just suddenly did this…and now Ange is like that. We have to stop them somehow.”

“It would be best not to approach right now. They’re both taking this very seriously.”

Subaru loved battle through and through, so her eyes sparkled as the scene excited her.

“It is true there are not many ways to stop them. But we still must do so…”

If she joined in, there really would be no stopping it, so Machina made sure the violent cat would not interfere while watching over the two combatants with a grim look.

“…before Jiyuuni-san is defeated.”

Ren was being pushed back by Ange’s two-sword style, so she leaped backwards to put some distance between them. She landed on a soccer goal post that happened to be there.

As Ange attempted to pursue, Ren raised her skinny sword and pulled out the scabbard at her hip.

“My power is the sword of valor. Manifestation of combat rocking on the lake sh.o.r.e, appear before me!”

The scabbard lost its shape as if melting and connected to the sword’s hilt. It changed form.

The hilt extended further and further, continued its growth even after hitting the post she was standing on, and ultimately grew beyond two meters. When combined with the blade glittering in the setting sun, this was…



The newly-formed giant lance attacked Ange.

The soccer goal at her feet was blown away and it embedded itself in the school building. By that time, Ren had already arrived right in front of Ange. The raised tip was about to catch her in the throat.

The angel just barely managed to twist her body and avoid being skewered, but even after dodging the tip, she was still within range of the long lance.


Ren twisted her hands just a bit and the shaft portion dug into Ange’s gut with the full force of the witch’s charge.

Hit by the metal rod, Ange grimaced.


Azure flames burst from her back and struck the ground so Ange could escape into the sky.

But as a ball of light, Ren instantly ended her incredible charge, kicked at the same spot as the flames, and changed direction. She kept up with the angel.

Unable to escape this time, they both crashed into the school building behind them. The golden light crushed the small red-haired girl into the crater on the building wall.

Only after that was the entire hill on which the academy stood shaken by the explosive noise of a sonic boom. Mutsuki was nearly blown away even while watching from a distance. Machina stepped forward to protect him, though.

“Don’t get…carried…away!!”

Instead of fighting the pressure, Ange opened a hole in the wall and leaped away. Instead of pursuing, Ren returned to the athletic ground.

Ange also returned. She realized the two swords only let Ren overpower her, so she had recombined them. With the attack power of that great weight, she could effectively combat that lance’s charge.



“Heh. Myrddin!”

When the girl charged in at her, Ren returned her skinny sword to its original state and blocked.

They once more clashed without either side having a real weight advantage. Ren was not overpowered.

Ange had the greater strength and speed, but the witch was cleverer. She twisted her sword to redirect the force to her right while slipping below the sword and to the left. Ange quickly responded, but she could not gather any strength with her sword arm twisted.

Ren grabbed that arm.

“You never stop being a pain in the-…aaaahhhh, ow!”

She twisted it further.

“Ahhhh! Agh, gh…wait! Hey…you!”

Ange was caught completely off guard by this shift from elegant swordplay and incredible charges to dirty joint locks. She dropped Prominence and was forced to the ground.

“Hmph. Just as the data said, you aren’t much of a threat in your normal state.”

Ren continued twisting her arm instead of delivering a finishing blow.

“I will make sure you regret insulting me.”

“Insulting…? Ngaaaahh! What is this about insulting you!?”

“Shut up! Peeping and mocking other people is a shameful bad habit!”

“Ow, ow, ow, ow!”

“Don’t tell anyone what you saw!”


This seemed to be some kind of argument, but…

Regardless, this settled it. Even without the compatibility between FeTUS and angels, Ren had used her opponent’s tactics against her and maintained a constant advantage, so this was an utter victory for her.

“Y-you two. Isn’t that enough!?”

Surely that had settled the “duel”. Mutsuki ran over, thinking this was his chance to intervene.

“Gh… G-give it a rest.”

Feeling shamed on the ground, the strongest angel’s face stiffened with humiliation just like Ren’s had before.


Noticing something odd, Ren leaped away.

Even the distant boy could see something was wrong.

The air was wavering around Ange. Almost like she had become something that did not fit into this world.

“If my normal state isn’t much of a threat…then I’ll show you a power that’s decidedly not normal.”

“…Is that how it’s going to be?”

The air shimmered. Ren’s expression tensed when she saw the slight burn on her palm where she had been touching the angel.

Machina and Subaru both gulped.

They had seen Ange’s eyes blowing gold as she got up.

The last time they had seen those golden eyes, they had been beaten to the ground with no hope of resisting.

That was the ultimate power of the angels. It was the ultimate disaster sent against the humans.


“S-stop, Ange!”

Realizing what this meant, Mutsuki cried out.

She must not use this. The power turned Ange herself into a bomb. If she used it, she and at least the entire city would be disintegrated.

Her angelic body was already emitting intense heat and the disturbed air currents formed a wall of air instead of just some shimmering. Mutsuki could no longer approach. Only Miss B could face her thanks to the FeTUS heat-reduction technology she wore.

“Bring it on… I came to j.a.pan to slay that power. I, FeTUS Witches Miss B, am not as kind as my teacher!”

She raised her sword once more.

The dropped Prominence had returned to Ange’s hand. The vortex of flames surrounding the sword grew gold.

“Here I go!”


The deadly battle’s second round was beginning.




But just before it could, the angel and witch’s hips gave out beneath them.

Even Machina and Subaru backed away while simply watching.

This was the power that could surpa.s.s even Metatron for women. And it was enough to make Machina and Subaru jerk even when it was not directed at them.

Mutsuki waited for Metatron’s wall of air to vanish and then ran over to the two girls who had fallen to the ground while facing each other.

“Give it a rest, Ange! Set down your sword! You too, Senpai!”

“Wait, Mutsuki, don’t use that…ah, ahhh!”

“Wh-what is this…!? My body…”

Their arms prioritized the boy’s words over their own wills, so they placed their swords on the ground despite their enemy being right there. Ange’s eyes returned to blue and Metatron’s power vanished from her.

Just as the boy had said…just as ordered by her master with the black demon eye in his right eye.

“S-stupid Mutsuki…turn off the Serpent’s Eye. That’s…that’s…”

“Kh…Th-this is the Serpent’s Eye? Ah…ahhhhh. What is this?”

“Oh, sorry.”

Anyone he looked at would be instantly ruled by him as long as they were female. Ange and Ren had stopped fighting just like he wanted and they had also been exposed to its forced arousal power.

Ange might have been used to it, but this was Ren’s first time feeling like her womb was being taken over inside her body. She was sweating heavily, so Mutsuki quickly blinked his eye to close it.

And at that moment…

Some bushes on the other end of the athletic ground moved a bit.

Subaru did not overlook it, so she ran over. The bushes stopped trying to be stealthy and rustled loudly.

Someone was there. Someone trying to escape. And…

When the figure dashed out and immediately hid behind the school building, Ren saw fluttering hair that was clearly red even in the light of the setting sun. She forced herself back onto her feet.

“It can’t be… Miss E! Take care of these two!”

She dragged her weak-hipped body along to follow after Subaru.

Mutsuki and Machina were left behind. And Ange simply stared blankly up from the ground.

“Jiyuuni Ange.”

After signing the name of the resting student, they were let into the infirmary. There was no teacher there today either, but President Ren would probably handle all the formalities later.

“I will fix the school building. You two wait here.”


“Call for me if something happens.”

Machina awkwardly glanced over at the sink before quickly leaving. Mutsuki laid Ange down in the bed.

She had fought an intense battle and then received the effects of the Serpent’s Eye, so she had to be worn out. He did not know what Subaru and Ren had seen or who they were pursuing, but the duel had been called off. That was definitely a good thing, but the suddenness of it confused him.

He decided to rest until someone from FeTUS contacted him.


He wrinkled his brow and approached the dazed-looking girl.

He did not want to be too harsh with her when she was so exhausted, but…

“What was that just now?”

“What was what?”

When the boy pressed her for an answer, the strong-willed girl reflexively pouted her lips. She turned away like a sulking child.

“She’s the one that started it.”

“And she was wrong to do so. She seemed to have some kind of reason and we can ask her about it later. But I’m talking about what happened after that. I can’t just let that slide.”

Mutsuki usually backed off when she sulked, but today was different. He looked her right in the eyes that had turned gold, the color of Metatron, earlier.

She had tried to use Metatron. That meant she had tried to self-destruct and commit suicide.

“You said you would never do that again.”


“You promised.”

His nature kept him from speaking too harshly, but Mutsuki was angry. That got through to Ange and that was why the strong-willed angel pouted her lips.

The girl remained silent and the conversation trailed off, so an awkward silence filled the room.

His recent frustrations concerning Ange were all rising to the surface. Even if they were in opposing organizations, she treated Ren so sharply, as if trying to make more enemies. She was always gone at night and she would not tell him where she was going.

He was also curious about what had happened just before the duel began. She had been carrying a large paper bag. What had that been?

And just as he wondered that…

“I brought your things.”

Machina returned.

She had apparently brought the school bag and other things they had left by the stairs. She had both Mutsuki’s and Ange’s and she placed them on the teacher’s desk.


…And that included the large paper bag.

“Here. It got a bit dirty in the wreckage, so I’ll wash it for you.”

Machina pulled out the contents. Ange’s eyes widened in shock and Mutsuki’s did too once he realized what Machina had pulled out…and what Ange had been trying to hide.

A red backpack. And two sets of clothing: the dress Lucia had worn a few days before and a yellow kindergartner’s smock.

Those were the costumes for the play’s lead.

“Y-you idiot! You don’t have to show me!”

“But aren’t going to wear them?”

“Just put them away! Um, I’ll wash them myself.”

“Hm? Understood.”

Machina looked confused, but she did as she was told.

She then started to leave the room.

“Also, about tonight.” She turned back around. “The repairs to the school building are going to take a while, so I doubt I will be able to help with your Metatron control training.”


“Why did you have to say that part out loud!? Just go!”

Machina looked confused when she was yelled at again.

Mutsuki blinked his eyes as he watched her leave.

That conversation left him with two questions. He could guess the answer to them both, but he could not ask Machina now.

That meant he had to ask the other girl. He turned toward Ange and found her face bright red.

His only choice was to ask the embarra.s.sed girl.

“She said you would be wearing those clothes…”


“Are you playing the lead?”

“…I-I had no choice. Everyone kept looking my way during homeroom and Tomono and Saya kept asking me over and over. It was, um, hard to say no.”


Mutsuki was speechless.

That prideful girl would be wearing those clothes? But more than that…

She hated humans and refused to open up to anyone, but she was doing this for the cla.s.s?

“And, um, what was that about control training?”


“Have you been doing something with Ibekusa-san?”

“~~ I’ve been getting her help at night.”

This one likely hurt her pride as a warrior. She confessed with a sullen look on her face.

“I thought I could bring out a small portion of Metatron and use whatever amount I could control. And it looks like I can use 20-30% of its power.”

“Is that why you’ve been gone every night?”

“For practice, yes. It causes a ton of heat, so I can’t do it at the apartment. Ibekusa created a dedicated location for it outside of town. She says it’s win-win since I can practice controlling it and she can measure Metatron’s heat-increase variable.”

Mutsuki was dumbfounded.

Even if it was completely give and take, they were working together. At the very least, that was only possible if they were certain of each other’s intent to maintain a truce.

It was not just her cla.s.smates; Ange was getting along with an enemy like Machina as well.


“What? …Wah.”

The blushing girl looked away, so she could not dodge when the boy suddenly hugged her. Her small body fit perfectly between his arms and he pushed her back onto the bed.

“S-stupid Mutsuki, what are you-… Let go.”

She tried to complain, but she got tongue-tied.


And her lips were sealed by his.

Ange was shocked by the forceful kiss. Her shoulders and back tensed and she gave him a sharp look of protest.

But that was all. Only her eyes protested; she did not actually resist. Mutsuki had known she would not resist, so he had not restrained her and his embrace was entirely gentle.

“So you weren’t going to blow up back there.”

“Of course not. I am technically your bodyguard, so I wouldn’t use something that would harm you. And why would I throw my life away from something like that? That’s ridiculous.”

“I guess you have a point.”

“I need a new power if I’m going to keep protecting you from now on.”


From now on.

Those words deepened the boy’s kiss.

“Wait, we’re going to do it h-here?”

“You’re having a hard time after being exposed to the Serpent’s Eye, aren’t you? You’ve been sweating a lot.”

“Uuh… That is true, but…”

He kissed her again and finally began an adult kiss that stickily intertwined within her mouth.

As he had said, the Serpent’s Eye’s power was overwhelming. A fire had been ignited in Ange’s body whether she liked it or not and her hips had to be itching for stimulation. Her restless legs were turned a bit inward.

And the worst part was that Mutsuki could help her extinguish that fire.

He pressed his lips against hers with the intensity of a martial arts pinning technique.

“But we can’t do it here. Um, someone might see us.”

“Senpai apparently sent everyone away before the battle, so there’s no one here.”

They spoke while their lips did battle.

Ange was still reluctant because Ren herself or Machina might show up, but Mutsuki had completely overlooked that fact in his l.u.s.t.

“Wait, but…I’m still not mentally prepared…Ahhn.”

His kiss was so intense it made her feel dizzy and Ange’s reason for rejecting him grew vaguer.

Her sweat glands naturally opened up and sweat soaked her jewel-like skin. She wanted to reject him because she had twice the pride and embarra.s.sment of the average person, but she showed no sign of taking action on that want.

Noticing that, Mutsuki began an even more persistent kiss.

“Ahm, nh, nh, hh, hhh…nn.”

Instead of just pressing them together, he rubbed their lips together and licked at hers enough to see a glimpse of tongue every so often.

The lips had sensitive nerves, so once you started stimulating them, the sensation would quickly grow in intensity.

“No…ahn, Mutsuki.”

She soon responded with some obscene kissing of her own. Her jaw grew tired and hung limply open. The way her sticky tongue wrapped around his was undeniable proof that she was accepting his kiss.

Mutsuki was usually shy, but his kissing technique had been polished by the likes of Lucia and Micha. A child like Ange was entirely helpless. She was quickly infected by the sweet sensation and he began sending a hypnotic vibration to her tongue.

“Ahh…nnh, nmh.”

They pressed their tongues together closely enough to feel all the little b.u.mps on the surface.

An obscenely wet sound came from their connected mouths.

“You’re as weak to kisses as ever.”

“Sh-shut up. That’s only because you do it in such a lewd way…”

“So it makes you lewd, too?”

“~ ~”

“Heh heh. You’re so cute.”

She would get mad if he got carried away, so he placated her by licking her soft lips again.

He had confirmed that the stubborn angel was weak to kissing countless times over the past two months. They had slept together many times over summer break and he had found several more weaknesses during that time.

He looked her right in the eye.


He rubbed her head.


He tickled her adorable earlobe.


The angry look to her eyes rapidly melted away.

Her trembling lips grew more aggressive. She actively partic.i.p.ated in the fight between tongues.

Gravity naturally pulled the stickiness toward the shorter one, so her sensual throat swallowed their combined saliva: “Nn♡ Nn♡”

“I’m going to touch you now.”

He reached for her limp body.

She had sand on her after the rampage on the athletic ground, so he first stroked her shirt and skirt to brush it off.

Once that was done, his hands moved to her legs.

“Nn, stupid Mutsuki, why are you touching me in such a dirty way…?”

“Because I want to.”

He stroked her s.e.xy thighs.

Feeling ticklish, Ange wrinkled her slender eyebrows. She desperately grimaced as she tried to suppress how she trembled from each and every movement of his fingers.

She was not wearing her usual spats today, so as his fingers moved up…

“…What’s this dampness?”

“I-it’s obviously sweat.”

“I know, I know. That was quite a battle out there.”

He arrived at her plain panties deep within her scarlet checkered skirt.

The dampness he felt even at her pubis was likely from sweat, just like she said. However…

“You’re so hot down here. I can see why you’re sweating.”

“Ahh…nn. Wait, no, ah…”

He traced his fingers along the center of the cloth plastered to her skin by the moisture.

The mound pushing out her panties contained too much heat to claim it was just due to her workout.

“Ah, ahhh. Hey…Mutsuki, nhh, that’s…embarra.s.sing.”

Ange wrinkled her brow just because he rubbed along the edge of her mature-looking high-leg panties with lace embroidery.

“You’re even more sensitive than usual. …The Serpent’s Eye must have really affected you.”

He was still only tickling her, but her reaction was extreme. She arched her back so much he was afraid she would break her trembling spine and she could no longer suppress the damp breaths.

He recalled a time long before when Ange had been under the Serpent’s Eye’s influence. She had been so sensitive to s.e.xual stimuli that simply rubbing oil on her body to heal her had brought her to climax.

“I’ll give you a light o.r.g.a.s.m real quick. You need some relief right away, don’t you?”

“Eh? Eh? Light…? Hwah!”

He used the hand not in her skirt to reach behind her head and embrace her.

He maintained a gentle touch, but it was enough to easily pull the short angel into his arm. He embraced her sideways while sitting cross-legged.

“W-wait. This is…ahh.”

Proud Ange was angry that he was treating her like a child, but Mutsuki did not let her say any more. She was essentially being princess carried, so her face was close by and he sealed her argument with a kiss.

He grabbed the edge of her panties.


And he slowly pulled them down.

The damp fabric balled up and smoothly fell down. The girl complained, but her struggles failed to stop him from lowering her panties.

He fully removed them with no real resistance. After pulling them from her tiny toes, he turned them inside-out and emphasized the crotch. It was not really a stain, but that part was a little darker than the surrounding sweat-soaked fabric.

“You’re realllly wet, aren’t you?’

“A-again, it’s sweat.”

“Is it now?”

He tossed aside the balled-up panties and reached inside her skirt again.

She reacted quite intensely when he only tickled her inner thigh with the back of his hand. She kicked at the bed with her flailing legs.


The mound that had been noticeably soft even through the panties accepted his hand with almost no resistance. It was like touching soft-serve ice cream.

He had only meant to touch her, but the internal flesh was so melted that his light touch counted as a “push”. It opened its mouth from bottom to top.

“You’re soaked in here too. Isn’t this a little much for sweat?”

“Shut up… Stupid, stupid…”

The angel’s p.u.s.s.y had the innocent appearance of purity itself, but once he touched it, he found it was quite maturely developed.

The external petals stuck out as if to escape the heat inside, exposing the naturally swollen c.l.i.toris, the urethra, the inner lips, and the covered entrance to the v.a.g.i.n.a.

“Hee, eee. Ahn, ahn, no, wait…not so rough!”

He only poked at the v.a.g.i.n.al entrance, but Ange reacted so sensitively you would think she was being roughly penetrated by a thick c.o.c.k.

An obscene stickiness played from within her skirt and she embarra.s.sedly bit her lower lip.

“You’re reactions are always incredible. Now c.u.m. You can’t bear it much longer, can you?”

“It’s not about-…ah! Nn, ah, ah, nooo, not there. Don’t…don’t touch my c.l.i.t!”

That piece of flesh sat at the top of her slit like a tiny hat.

While Machina’s was too small to see normally, Ange’s c.l.i.toris grew considerably when she was aroused and he could focus on toying with it. Mutsuki enjoyed teasing it.

The girl could not bear that, but…

“Ahhh, nn, nnn…Ahn, ahhhn.”

Ange grabbed at the boy’s clothing and released erotic moans you would never expect from her childlike appearance.

Sensing that she was close, Mutsuki further attacked that nectary flesh.

He knew exactly how hard she liked it.

“Now c.u.m. I’m supporting you.”

And he knew exactly how she liked it done.

He breathed on her throat that gave off a sweet-and-sour feminine aroma and he licked her cute earlobe. She narrowed her eyes from the ticklishness.

“Yes…yes. Nn…I’m…Mutsuki, Mutsuki…I’m…I’m going to…”

Her adorable face was red. Her short moans echoed through the bedroom part.i.tioned off by the thin curtain.

When her mind melted from s.e.xual pleasure, Ange had a tendency to mentally regress…or rather, grow oddly cute. Mutsuki knew that, so he gently held her in his arms like an older brother or like a father.



For the finishing blow, he stuck his fingers in her secret tunnel.

Her body obeyed his command even more obediently than a baby. Her legs stretched out and her back arched.

“I’m c.u.mming, ahh, ahhn, I’m c.u.mming, I’m c.u.mming!”

She tossed her head around as she reached climax. With a short delay, her red hair whipped forward and hit the boy holding her.

The reaction in her skirt was just as intense. Her opened flesh bit down on his fingers painfully hard. The s.e.xual flesh around that also reacted, so a heated liquid sprayed out on his fingers.

Seeing a beloved girl look like s.e.xuality itself while in the throes of ecstasy was the most arousing sight for a man, so Mutsuki looked quite satisfied as he burned it into his retinas.

But then a look of panic reached his face.

He had remembered what she did pre-o.r.g.a.s.m, but he had forgotten what she did post-o.r.g.a.s.m.

“Hyah…♡ Ah…♡”

“Um, Ange…”

It was too late.

Something warm reached his hand again, but it was clearly different from the spraying nectar.

It splashed off his hand with a vulgar sound and a yellow stain spread across the inside of her skirt and the sheets.

“…Now I’ve done it.”

Mutsuki cursed himself because he had caused a major problem just the other day by making a girl do the same thing in this very room.

“Ah ha…♡ Ha…♡”

The remnants of the o.r.g.a.s.m lingered within Ange as she breathed heavily with an empty look on her face.

She lay on the bed with her body soaked with sweat, her legs somewhat spread, and a yellow stain spreading between them.


He had completely forgotten about her tendency to wet herself when she came.

She was calm at the moment due to the climax still affecting her, but the boy scratched his head because he knew she would be angry once she realized what had happened.

“A-Ange, lift your legs.”

He did not have time to stand around, so he started by dealing with the stain.

Most of the urine had fallen inside her skirt and the checkered skirt was made from a fairly nonabsorbent material. He undid the hook at her slender waist and pulled it away from the bed along with the sheet below. Her uniform’s blouse was wet from the portion tucked into her skirt, so he removed that too.

Fortunately, the warm liquid had not reached the mattress below.

It looked like he would only have to wash the sheet. To make sure the color did not stain, he filled the sink with water and soaked the sheet, skirt, and blouse together.


Ange awoke from her stupor.

“I’m cold…”

“Oh, sorry, sorry.”

He had removed her panties and then her blouse and skirt, so she only had her bra and socks left. And he had done nothing about her wet b.u.t.t.

He searched for something with which to dry her and something with which to dress her.

Luckily, he soon found something. There were wet wipes next to the bed and there was a change of clothes.

“Ange, how about this?”


He returned to the girl who was staring blankly at the ceiling.

He carefully wiped down her b.u.t.t with the wet wipes and then put some clothing on her.

“Nn…so warm.”


“But what is this?”

“Um…underwear, I guess.”


Mutsuki smiled bitterly because he was not sure this really counted as underwear.

He had used something he found a package of in a corner of the menstrual product shelf. They were probably meant for kids who dirtied their underwear. Simply put…they were paper diapers.

“I think I like these.”

It was warm and girls apparently felt stress from underwear as tight as panties. Ange must have liked the looser fit of this because she narrowed her eyes like a kitten in a sunbeam.

It could be easy to forget after their four months together, but this angel was ignorant of the human world in many ways. She apparently did not know this was known as a diaper and was meant for babies.

He also put another piece of clothing on her. Of the two costumes, the dress Lucia had worn before looked like it would get wrinkled if it was not handled carefully, so he chose the other one: the smock.


It too was warm, so Ange’s expression relaxed, making her look quite happy.

Meanwhile, Mutsuki blushed after seeing the completed form he had made.

Ange was wearing a kindergarten outfit and a diaper.

It felt incredibly wrong somehow.

While she was short, her arms and legs were decently long.

And her b.u.t.t alone was made bulky by the diaper. This outfit ruined her elegant bodylines, so it really did not suit her at all.

But that was exactly what inspired such a sense of guilt and arousal in him. His heart was pounding.

He gulped without meaning to. And…

“…Wh-what is it?”

The ecstasy must have finally cooled because Ange put on her usual lopsided frown.

She closed her spread legs and held her knees together while still lying down.

She was probably trying to hide her important bits, but the bulky underwear only accentuated her cute b.u.t.t.

“Wah! A-a little warning next time!”

He embraced her again.

It was not so much the arousal. He simply found her unbearably cute and started rubbing his cheek against her skin which still contained some lingering heat and sweat.

But Ange was apparently already satisfied.


She pushed back the boy attacking her.

“Ow! Th-that hurt, Ange.”

“Calm down, stupid Mutsuki! And why did you put this on me!? I can’t get it dirty.”


“And this underwear…is it even underwear? If we’re only borrowing them, I can’t get them dirty either.”

She shouted at him after noticing how she was dressed.

He had dressed her in the costume for the play she had been so reluctant to take part in and he had put her in what she realized clearly weren’t panties. Of course she was angry, so the boy smiled bitterly.


But despite pushing him away, the girl was not actually rejecting him.



“It’s give and take… I’ll do oral. So let that satisfy you.”

Mutsuki was not generally in the habit of masturbating and, due to a number of factors lining up just wrong, he had only c.u.m once (with Lucia) over the past few weeks. His teenage body was not at all satisfied.

“Wow… That’s a strong smell.”

Mutsuki sat on the bed with his legs stretched out and he opened the front of his pants.

The blood vessels looking on the verge of bursting and the impressive form pointing toward the ceiling were the usual state of affairs. But the smell surrounding it was new.

It was like sweat condensed down dozens of times and one sniff seemed to leave a salty taste on your tongue.

Simply put, it was a male smell. Ange peered down at the tip as it seeped prec.u.m and she grimaced when the wafting smell hit her nostrils.

Mutsuki was ashamed and about ready to go wash it, but…

“You don’t have to. It is really strong.” She wrinkled her brow and moved her face in close. “But it’s your smell.”

She stuck out her beautiful pink tongue.


She licked at the tip as if taking some preliminary tastes.

That alone felt amazing to his long-deprived body. His upper body trembled as he savored the sweet angel’s service.

“Come to think of it, it isn’t often you’ll do this, Ange.”

“That’s…true, isn’t it?”

Mutsuki naturally liked doing things for others and Ange was prideful and tended to be more pa.s.sive in bed, so it was unusual for her to unilaterally pleasure the boy.

“In fact…is this the first time you’ve suddenly offered to suck me off?”

“It probably is at least the first time I’ve done it ‘suddenly’.”

Then they both remembered when Ange would usually kiss him here. It was always after s.e.x when his p.e.n.i.s had been thoroughly washed by the ample girl juices inside her v.a.g.i.n.a.


She smiled bitterly when she realized that was why she was not used to sucking something with such a male smell.

Her blue eyes were filled with embarra.s.sment and an aroused dampness, but a flame of curiosity ignited within them.

“Now that I think about it, erections are really weird. …Wow, it’s throbbing so much.”

With a flush around her eyes, she kissed the tip again.

She did not seem to find it dirty. She did not hesitate to kiss the smooth tip, the bottom of the head, or the base of the shaft which was as hard as steel. She even licked off the saltiness.

“The veins are bulging out. …It’s kind of gross.”

In fact, while seeing how each part tasted, she observed every little trait of the p.e.n.i.s with curious eyes.

“You might be Mutsuki on the inside, but your body sure is harsh. I never noticed.”

At any rate, she seemed interested in the hardness and bulging veins of the section from the base to the middle. She formed a ring with her fingers and ma.s.saged it.

She was always on the receiving end. Even when she did pleasure him, it was after her mind had been muddled from a few o.r.g.a.s.ms.

But now she had only experienced one light climax, so her mind was almost entirely clear. She checked over every aspect of the shape as if for the first time.

Like a kindergartner who had found a neat toy, her eyes sparkled with curiosity as she focused on that embarra.s.sing place. Mutsuki of course had trouble relaxing.

“So these are the…t.e.s.t.i.c.l.es, is it? I know it’s supposed to hurt if you treat them roughly, but is this gentle enough?”

“Ah, y-yes. It doesn’t hurt, but…”

Her curiosity made her much more active.

She gently lifted up the b.a.l.l.s which were covered with some hair that was in the process of changing from childishly light to a mature black.

She only touched them softly, but…

“Ahhh. Ange, um, that doesn’t hurt, but it tickles.”

“Really? Come to think of it, these wrinkles are a lot like an armpit.”

“So…so, um, ahhh. Ah, nnhah.”

The slightest impact would produce unbearable pain, but the surface skin was delicate too. As she rubbed at and toyed with them, the boy stretched out his legs much like Ange had before.

His undeveloped nerves caused his urethra to tighten like it was in a hurry to e.j.a.c.u.l.a.t.e.

The prec.u.m was supposed to simply seep out, but it spurted out in a string that got in Ange’s hair.

“Oh, dear… Hee hee. Can you not wait any longer?”


Mutsuki apologized, but that only put Ange in a better mood. She grabbed the thick rod that was twitching like a fish out of water.


And her cherry-blossom-pink lips covered the tip which was soaked with a sticky clear fluid.

Mutsuki placed his hands a bit behind his hips and squeezed the mattress.

“Ahhh, ah, ah, ah, Ange, I said that tickles…hwah.”

Her sticky and crawling tongue licked from the tip and down the underside.

And she continued the gentle ma.s.sage of his b.a.l.l.s. The ticklishness combined with the pleasure of her licking the sensitive tip, so his hips nearly hopped up from the bed.

Ange paid his reaction no heed and continued moving her tongue around.

“Nhh, the sweaty smell came from the base, but this is where the lewdest smell is coming from.”

She began another curious examination.

She began at the tip.

“It really is shaped weird. It’s smooth but so hot… I’ve always had trouble believing it’s really part of your body.”

She moved to the bottom of the head.

“Ah, this is the spot that sticks out and rubs at me. It always causes me so much trouble.”

And then to the shaft.

“Nn…it’s so hard. And because it’s so hard, it forces me open no matter how much strength I gather in my gut. That makes it so hard to relax…and…”

“Hm? Ange?”

“…It’s nothing.”

As her crawling tongue grew more familiar with the p.e.n.i.s, she started saying less.

Mutsuki enjoyed the pleasure which was different from just having s.e.x, so he had not noticed the change in her.

Her strong-willed and angled eyes were now obscenely drooping just like when he had removed her panties and fingered her secret flesh.

“Nhh… It’s so hard. And so very big…ah.”

The shape and hardness of the c.o.c.k in her mouth reminded her of the o.r.g.a.s.ms it had given her and he noticed the dampness growing in her voice.

And one other thing…

“Ahhn…nn, nn, nnh.”

Her soft lips narrowed down to delightedly swallow the head.

When her head sank down, her b.u.t.t naturally rose up. And that b.u.t.t was accentuated by the puffy white diaper she wore.

He realized her slender waist and the b.u.t.t wearing a baby’s underwear were wiggling left and right a bit.

“Ha ha. Ange, are you getting h.o.r.n.y from sucking d.i.c.k?”

“…Eh? What?”


She would have stubbornly denied it had he said it, so he just let her enjoy it.

Due to her pose, her loose, poncho-like top slid up her body, leaving only the diaper to hide everything below her navel.

Her slender waist and legs made the puffy diaper on her b.u.t.t stand out all the more.

The way she wiggled that puffy b.u.t.t was like a baby chick dancing. Mutsuki felt like he had seen something similar when his youngest sister had been even younger and practicing standing up. He had thought it was cute back then…and he had certainly never expected to get turned on by someone dressed in the same way a few years later.

“Nhh, mhh…nn.”

The corners of Ange’s mouth were stretched almost painfully tight as she swallowed the c.o.c.k whole.

It was thick enough to win over adult women like Micha and Black Cat, so she seemed to have trouble breathing.

“Are you okay?” he asked while brushing up her red bangs.

“I’h hine…nhh.”

But even if she was dressed like a baby, the way she looked back up at him was not at all like a baby.

Her usually clear blue eyes were filled with stickiness now.

“Ahh…ha ha♪ Amazing, Mutsuki. I can’t believe how big it is…ahnn.”

“Ha ha. Ange, you have the lewdest look on your face just from sucking it.”

“I…I can’t help it when I…think about how I always have this…thick thing inside me. Ah, ahhn♡”

Even when she removed it from her mouth to answer him, she stuck her tongue out to lick at the solid shape. She was especially thorough with the bottom of the head that always teased her v.a.g.i.n.al flesh.

Focusing on how it would penetrate her must have made her v.a.g.i.n.a throb. Her puffy b.u.t.t was moving up and down. Mutsuki laughed.

“I’d better return the favor.”

“Eh…? Kyah♡”

He unb.u.t.toned the chest of the loose-fitting top and stuck his hand inside. He reached the sweet and perky mounds inside and shook them from the base.

“Come to think of it, you’re wearing a different bra from normal.”

He was curious about what he felt with his hand.

A bra with mature lace was hidden below the kindergartner outfit that would be worn by a child of five. He had noticed before that she was not wearing a sports bra like normal.

“Saya recommended some things, so I bought a lot of new clothes.”


She was even dressing up based on her friend’s opinion.

“…Got a problem with that?”

“Of course not. Ange, you have a nice figure, so you would look good in pretty much anything.”

He smiled bitterly and stuck his hips out toward the pouting girl. It made him happy to think that human-hating angel was gradually being influenced by the human world.

He pushed his p.e.n.i.s against her lips. She was surprised when he teased her b.r.e.a.s.t.s and briefly hesitated, but when the prec.u.m flowed from the tip and dripped down…


She licked up from the base like she was catching a melting drip of ice cream and then she swallowed the giant c.o.c.k once more.

That was the same as receiving permission. Mutsuki groped her bust without restraint. She was wearing a more adult bra for once, but as he pushed at and kneaded the soft b.r.e.a.s.t.s, it gradually shifted out of place.

“Your nipples are already so hard. Your horniness really knows no bounds once that fire gets lit.”

“That’s not…ah, ahn, ahhhn.”

“No excuses. Look, look. I think your nipples are going to get even harder.”

Her bust was as smooth as pearls, so the p.r.i.c.kle of her nipples was impossible to miss.

“Did you get turned on as they rubbed against your new bra?”


“Looking at this, I bet I could get you to c.u.m just from your t.i.ts.”

Just like he had driven Machina to climax using only that part of her body in this very room a few days before. He skillfully groped the soft but firm sensation.

“Nn, nhhh, hey, c’mon. Don’t grope my b.o.o.bs so much. Hwah, don’t pinch my nipples!”

While already f.u.c.king her mouth, he also shook her b.r.e.a.s.t.s, which were twice as sensitive as the average person’s, hard enough to possibly leave a mark, so Ange sobbed with an even sweeter voice.

Her hips and below were seducing the boy by wiggling back and forth like a waddling duck. Mutsuki continued groping her b.r.e.a.s.t.s as he reached out his other hand.


He grabbed her smallish b.u.t.t through the diaper.

It was a rough shock with the thick intruder in between. Ange moaned loudly with the thick erection still in her mouth. It made his c.o.c.k tingle.

“Okay, Ange. Keep sucking. Swallow up all of my sticky s.e.x.”

“Okay…hhh, okay, okay.”

The girl grew more obedient as her pleasure grew, so she was completely focused on sucking his d.i.c.k.

Instead of just licking with her tongue, she pressed it against the swollen head as she sucked.

Mutsuki could feel his several days’ worth of s.e.m.e.n rising to the bursting point, but it would be a waste to release it now. He gathered strength in his lower gut and pleasured her with his fingers in response.

His fingers dug into her a.s.s.

“Ha ha…aheh♡ Ahhh, my b.u.t.t, my b.u.t.t feels so hot♡”

“It’s lucky you fit in the diaper, Ange. Your b.u.t.t has been getting big recently.”


“Oh, sorry, sorry. Compared to before, I mean.”

“Uuh… That’s your fault for doing those things every single time…”

“Heh heh. You’re probably right.”

In order to distract her from his poor choice of words, he stuck his middle finger into the center.

Her b.u.t.t was as cute as a baby’s and the perfect softness for the diaper, but when the surprisingly weighty flesh parted, he found an obscene garden that could not at all be called “cute”.

It was always hot by the time Mutsuki spread it open and the a.n.u.s at the bottom always forgot its proper role and loosened. Even through the thick fabric, he could feel the seemingly melted softness accepting his finger.

“Maybe I’ve been overfeeding this thing.”


After feeding it with c.u.m several dozen times, her a.s.s was begging for a c.o.c.k today.

When he suddenly targeted her weak point, Ange cried out half in protest and half in joy.

Which one took precedence was obvious from how lewdly her hips were wiggling, but he still chose to pull his finger back.

And he instead targeted the greater weak point located a little lower down.


But before reaching the hole in question, his finger came to a stop while only digging into the lips.

He recalled that the diaper was not just meant as a kinky kind of underwear. He moved his finger up and down again and found the absorbent material was even heavier than he had expected.

“I didn’t realize it was so soaked. You could have told me.”

Ange naturally produced a lot of juices, but it was not too much for the diaper to absorb.

He had failed to notice since it did not leak out, but the b.l.o.w.j.o.b alone had left the contents throbbing to the point of being painful.

“This might not be good. Maybe I should take it off.”

It might be bad to forcibly take all the moisture away from that sensitive area. He rolled her onto her back and started to move around to her legs, but…

“Nyahhhn. Don’t go. I want to suck it some more.”

“Eh? …Ah, wait.”

Even on her back, Ange continued to move her tongue along his p.e.n.i.s.

She lovingly licked at the underside and bent her head back to swallow it again. She pulled Mutsuki forward so he ended up straddling her face. They ended up in the sixty-nine position with the guy on top.

“Your c.o.c.k is so tasty, Mutsuki… Nn♡ You like it when I lick here, don’t you?”

She had apparently learned how to pleasure the boy i

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