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Unedited chapter

61. Giving Him the Beast Bead to Eat

Shu Shu brought a large number of people. Included among these were a group that was part of the Imperial Guards, police officers whom Ian helped him to summon, and also a lawyer recommended by Jonathan who was said to be very powerful.
The lawyer was a beastman, but he looked cultured and refined and also wore a pair of gla.s.ses. He was surprisingly very different from those beastmen in the army whom Shu Shu had seen in the past.
Anyway, even if this beastman was a bit special, Shu Shu still didn't have time to interact with him. He was in a hurry to find Synthia!
Shu Shu brought some police officers along, and thus, after arriving at Viscount Morton's residence, he broke the gate and entered without giving prior notice and also began to surround this viscount's mansion house completely . . . . This scene was very interesting, and Shu Shu could not help but shout, "Everyone inside, listen, you're already surrounded!"
He felt a little embarra.s.sed after he said that, but the people around him actually didn't care. That lawyer called Donald even smiled at Shu Shu.
The lawyer's smile didn't have the slightest amount of ridicule and was full of indulgence instead, to the extent that Shu Shu's jot of embarra.s.sment disappeared without a trace in a flash.
"What're we going to do next?" Shu Shu turned toward Donald. The d.u.c.h.ess thought highly of Donald. Shu Shu initially felt that this man was a powerful figure, and after reading Donald's resume while on the way here, he was even more certain about this point.
This Donald was a top student and had received all kinds of awards since childhood until his hands went limp with exhaustion. After he grew up, he handled countless cases as a lawyer. Although Shu Shu could not understand the vast majority of the legal jargon, but he could not stop himself from admiring this Donald very much.
"Your Imperial Highness wants to step in personally or leave it to me?" Donald watched Shu Shu, all smiles.
"You step in." Shu Shu said at once. "Rescue Synthia." He was now a sick person with a tumor growing in his stomach. This situation certainly didn't require him to step in personally!
Hearing Shu Shu say this, Donald's face showed a smile. He gave Shu Shu a bow and replied with a pleasant-sounding voice, “I will follow your order, Your Imperial Highness.”
Although Shu Shu married into the Imperial family, but, essentially, he was still a little daemon who had never seen the world. He had only attended one banquet and ended up leaving in the middle of it to boot. Now, being watched attentively by Donald's concentrated gaze, he couldn't help but feel a little uncomfortable.
Donald smiled at Shu Shu and then turned round and walked toward Viscount Morton's residence. "Viscount Morton, you are involved in imprisoning a sub-beastman, mistreating a sub-beastman, embezzling other people's property, and many other criminal charges. Open the door now, and let us enter."
Donald's voice was very gentle and soft and pleasant to hear, but it was nonetheless very firm. Just by listening to it, one would realize that there was no slightest possibility of a compromise. Viscount Morton was shocked.
"We've been surrounded. What should we do?" Viscount Morton looked at his partner with fear. He was actually a man with little ability. If not, he would not have needed to exploit his own marriage to fish for a quick buck.
"How dare they break in like this!" Viscount Morton's partner was quite angry.
"They brought the police. They should've reported the case to the authorities." Viscount Morton said. Even if it was the crown princess, he also couldn't break into people's homes personally. But the police could.
"Father, don't panic. Let's go and call Synthia to come out. We just arranged a marriage for him, that's all. We didn't do anything else." Viscount Morton's son finally placated his parents.
Viscount Morton nodded and became much more relaxed. "Come on, you quickly go and call Synthia to come down!"
Manpower was very expensive nowadays, and the n.o.bility also couldn't have many servants like in the ancient times. Viscount Morton's family always used robots to do housework, and apart from this, they only employed a beastman to help them do some miscellaneous things. After they locked Synthia up, they already let that beastman return home in order to avoid an information leak.
Because of this, Viscount Morton's beastman son personally went to fetch Synthia. In the meantime, the people outside who had been waiting for a while were somewhat impatient.
"Viscount Morton, won't you open the door?" Donald said again.
No sound whatsoever was heard from inside the house. Donald smiled and extended a hand to take off his gla.s.ses.
Donald wearing gla.s.ses appeared to be gentle and approachable, but Donald without gla.s.ses gave people a completely different feeling. If that kind of temperament had to be described with words, it should be called . . . rough and wild?
He stowed his gla.s.ses inside his breast pocket and suddenly smashed his fist into the door of Viscount Morton's house.
A loud "bang", and then the door—which was made into a retro shape and looked wooden but in fact used a first-rate alloy and was also inlaid with surveillance camera, sensor, and a lot of other paraphernalia—was smashed open just like that!
The door fell to the ground, revealing the panic face of Viscount Morton who was standing at the doorway.
Donald withdrew his undamaged fist and put away that wisp of evil smile that appeared on the corners of his mouth. Then he took out the gla.s.ses that he carried with him and changed back into his initial appearance of an innocent and harmless man. "I'm sorry for breaking your door, Viscount Morton."
"So handsome, ah!" Shu Shu couldn't help but exclaim. That Donald looked very handsome! *cough cough* But he was still not as handsome as Edgar, nor as powerful as Edgar.
If it had been Edgar, he could have torn the house down with a sweep of his tail! Moreover, Edgar also wouldn't go back and forth taking off gla.s.ses and then putting on gla.s.ses like that.
Anyway, even if Donald was like that, his approach was still quite fitting to Shu Shu's intention, which made him feel very fresh.
Standing inside the protection circle of the guard team, Shu Shu stared at Donald excitedly. At the same time, he also heard those police officers utter tiny gasps of surprise.
"That Donald is very strong. With such strength, he must be at least a seven-star fighter, right?"
"Such a powerful beastman actually didn't enter the army and became a lawyer instead!"
"Since when is a lawyer a seven-star fighter?"
. . . . . .

Seven-star, ah. Shu Shu did not expect that this young lawyer had such strength. He watched Donald without blinking, wanting to see what he was going to do next.
Donald already entered the house at this time, and Viscount Morton finally managed to react. "What do you think you're doing?"
"I came to rescue people." Donald smiled and then looked behind Viscount Morton's body. "It's good that the man has been rescued.”
Behind Viscount Morton, two police officers supporting a sub-beastman  were walking toward the door, and that sub-beastman was exactly Synthia whom Shu Shu was looking for.
"Shu Shu!" Seeing Shu Shu, Synthia's tears kept flowing.
"Synthia, are you okay?" Shu Shu asked worriedly.
Synthia was fine. Although Viscount Morton was bold enough to lock Synthia up for the sake of money and to prevent getting retaliated by Synthia in the future, but he didn't really dare to hurt Synthia. Therefore, Synthia's condition was quite good.
Since Synthia was fine, Shu Shu also felt relieved. As for the following matters . . . he handed over everything to Donald to deal with.
He knew nothing about the laws of the Beastman empire. Even if he wanted to personally handle those matters, he was powerless to do it.
Donald did not fail to live up to Shu Shu's expectation. He handled these matters very beautifully.
He first sent all members of the Morton's family, except Synthia, to the police station on a charge of imprisoning a sub-beastman. Then he tracked down the specific number of various a.s.sets that Synthia's mother had brought along when marrying Viscount Morton. Next, he brought people to liquidate Viscount Morton's a.s.sets, intending to take all of Viscount Morton's a.s.sets to get Synthia a pay out.
This was a huge project. Shu Shu originally thought that it would take a good several days to finish. He didn't expect that Donald would come to find him on the next day.
"Viscount Morton married Synthia's mother. According to the law of the Empire, he has an obligation to foster Synthia to adulthood. He actually doesn't need to bear the cost of Synthia attending the skill cla.s.s after Synthia grows to adulthood. In this case, the a.s.sets that belong to Synthia are exactly the a.s.sets that Synthia's mother brought along when marrying Viscount Morton minus the cost of attending the skill cla.s.s of the Imperial College.” Inside the Imperial palace, Donald reported the situation to Shu Shu and Synthia with a smile.
"How much money can Synthia get?" Shu Shu asked curiously. He didn't like that Viscount Morton from the start. After he knew that the viscount had actually married Synthia's mother for money and had also not been good to Synthia's mother, he was even more disgusted with him. Now he was eager for Synthia to take all the money from the Mortons.
"I have completely liquidated the a.s.sets of the Mortons. Except for the pre-marital a.s.sets owned by Viscount Morton's partner before marrying him, all the a.s.sets under their names belong to the joint a.s.sets of the Mortons. After all their cash and estates are paid to Synthia as a compensation for loss, they still owe Synthia four hundred and thirty million.” Donald stated with a smile, the eyes behind the lens glinting.
"It can also be like this?!" Shu Shu looked at Donald in surprise. Although Viscount Morton had encountered an economic crisis and owed a huge debt before marrying Synthia's mother, but he still had a lot of valuable real estate. He thought his family could still have something left and didn't expect that on top of being ruined to compensate for loss, he actually still had to owe Synthia money . . . .

"The Mortons have never controlled their money spending. For example, their beastman son has just bought a four-star mech a few days ago. When converting the a.s.sets, this kind of item will have a markdown. This mech is a.s.sessed at 70% of the purchase price and will depreciate a lot." Donald explained, chuckling.
Not to mention that the value of the mech would depreciate only a few days after buying it, it was even valued at 70% of the purchase price when a.s.sessed. Other things should also be handled according to this procedure, right? No wonder Viscount Morton, to compensate for a loss, in the end still had to owe Synthia so much money in addition to using up his family's a.s.sets. Shu Shu, hearing Donald's words, immediately look at Donald worshipingly—he admired this kind of man the most!
"You're really amazing!" Shu Shu praised Donald.
Synthia was also a little stupid. After following his mother to live in the official residence of the viscount, he always had the feeling of lodging under another person's roof. Since his mother's death, he lived even more cautiously and quietly for fear of being driven out, so that he never knew that he actually had so much money.
Synthia's eyes slowly reddened. He looked at Donald and asked with a small voice, “What kind of pre-marital a.s.sets did my mother have before marrying Viscount Morton?”
“Here is the specific list of items.” Donald pa.s.sed a doc.u.ment to Synthia.
Synthia opened the doc.u.ment and after reading it, tears gushed out of his eyes. His mother had more than a hundred million cash in the first place. In addition to this, there were stores in the business district of the capital star, real estate and shares of several companies on a nearby planet, and a wide expanse of pasture on an agricultural planet . . . . The value of these things was even greater.
If he had known earlier that he had so much money . . . . Synthia's train of thought was just about to go down that way when it came to an abrupt stop.
His courage was very small before. Even if he knew that his mother actually had so much money, he might not dare to do anything and was also incapable of doing anything.
"Your Imperial Highness, how are we going to deal with the Mortons?" Donald, turning to face Shu Shu again, asked.
Shu Shu did not hastily make decisions for Synthia. Hearing Donald's words, he immediately turned his head to look at Synthia.
Synthia finally came back to himself and, after hesitating for a long time, said, "They'll pay for damages and give me the money that belongs to me, including the four hundred-plus million they owe me."
"Would you like them to go to prison?" Donald once again asked. Viscount Morton's children were still young, not yet growing to adulthood, and certainly would not be sentenced to prison, but Viscount Morton and his partner had imprisoned Synthia as well as having the intention to “sell” Synthia. If the case was handled well, it could make them go to jail.
"Let them go . . ." Synthia said in a low voice.
"How can you let them go?" Shu Shu immediately frowned.
"They didn't do anything to me. Also, they don't have money now. Their lives will definitely be very bad." Synthia said.
In fact, before Viscount Morton forced him to get married, he didn't hate Viscount Morton at all because his mother had indeed committed suicide. From his earliest memory, his mother's mental state was already very bad, and it was entirely because his mother could not accept his biological father's death, which had nothing to do with Viscount Morton all along.
Viscount Morton never restricted his mother's movements at that time, but his mother very rarely did anything else except crying and always showed no interest to him as well. Later, although the reason for committing suicide was Viscount Morton's betrayal, but according to some words his mother said when facing death, his mother simply felt that he did not owe Viscount Morton anything after he found out about Viscount Morton's betrayal and thus would gladly kill himself so he could just die.
Thinking of the past affairs, Synthia began to cry again.
Seeing Synthia shedding tears, Shu Shu somewhat didn't know what to do. Donald glanced at Shu Shu and then turned his head to comfort Synthia, saying, "No matter how things were in the past, you have nothing to do with the Mortons now. You should be happy."
Synthia nodded and finally wiped his tears dry, and Shu Shu also breathed a sigh of relief.
After Synthia made a decision, there were still many things to deal with. For example, if he was going to take over the Mortons' a.s.sets, he had to sign countless doc.u.ments. All of these could not be done without Donald and also took up a lot of time. A week pa.s.sed almost in the blink of an eye.
Shu Shu didn't understand and didn't want to take care of these matters at all, but even so, he still had a lot of contact with Donald and found that Donald took things seriously and was extremely knowledgeable and very outstanding.
When living in the cave before, Shu Shu thought that Edgar was just a snake and so would prattle on to Edgar all the time. Now that he could communicate with Edgar, he liked to talk even more. He would talk about what happened on that day, and, in the evening, he would still talk about everything regardless of its importance. In this way, he would naturally keep mentioning Donald.
"Donald's really amazing. He can recite so many legal provisions from memory. Also, once he opens his mouth, he can spout off all sorts of cases . . . ." Shu Shu said with full admiration toward Donald.
Edgar's face was dark. Was it really appropriate to praise another beastman like this in front of his own beastman?
"You're not allowed to talk about him." Edgar immediately said. He knew that he could only speak directly when communicating with Shu Shu.
"Why?" Shu Shu did not understand.
"I'm jealous!" Edgar stated without the slightest hesitation.
"Okay, let's talk about Synthia then? Although his current manners and behavior are still as awkward as before and most likely can't be changed anymore, but he's a lot stronger now. I think the current him is very good . . . ."
"You're also not allowed to talk about him." Edgar's face was dark again.
"Why is this again?" Shu Shu still didn't understand.
"I'm jealous!" Edgar stated once again. Not only did he have to guard against beastmen but also sub-beastmen! In fact, he felt that he needed to guard against sub-beastmen even more. After all, Shu Shu was a beastman . . . . Moreover, Shu Shu had more contacts with that Synthia than he had with Donald.
"Why do you love to feel jealous so much, ah!" Shu Shu hugged Edgar and smugly kissed him.
Edgar had always been very pa.s.sionate, but this time he did not “execute Shu Shu on the spot” when Shu Shu came over to kiss him. "Wait."
"What's wrong?" Shu Shu stared at Edgar somewhat resentfully. He and Edgar had not been intimate for two days!
"I'm worried that I'll hurt you." Edgar put his hand on Shu Shu's belly.
Even now, the instrument still couldn't check what exactly was going on inside Shu Shu's stomach, and yet that tumor was already too big to be ignored.
The tumor was now as big as Shu Shu's two fists and made Shu Shu's belly stuck out. Touching it, Edgar could feel a very hard object with his hand.
Feeling the tactile sensation under his hand, Edgar's face was very ugly. What the h.e.l.l was going on with Shu Shu?
His eyes were full of worry, but after a while, they showed a firm expression.
He definitely wouldn't let anything happen to Shu Shu!
"Don't worry. Am I not well? Jones has already checked. The tumor in my stomach hasn't hurt my body. I currently have no problem at all, and my appet.i.te is much better than before." Shu Shu said. He didn't know whether it was to supply nutrition to the tumor inside his body or not, but his appet.i.te was getting better and better recently.
"You . . ." Edgar took a deep breath and finally said, "Once that Synthia's business is done, let Jones do an operation on you. I'll personally watch him!"
Stroking his own belly, Shu Shu didn't know why he was somewhat reluctant, but he still nodded. Afterwards, he wrapped round Edgar and started to rub against Edgar's body.
Edgar's eyes were blazing, and he couldn't restrain himself in the end. He pressed Shu Shu down, but his movements were gentler and softer than ever for fear of hurting Shu Shu.
Shu Shu was not hurt at all. After it was over, he even slept soundly and started to snore. Edgar, however, could not fall asleep.
Putting his hand on Shu Shu's belly, Edgar didn't sleep for a night. As the dawn came, he cultivated for a while and then kissed Shu Shu before going to the military department.
These days, he had been investigating the matters of him being framed and injured by some people at that time, and now his investigation already began to take shape.
After arriving at the military department, someone soon delivered the interrogation reports obtained last night to Edgar.
It should be the same group of people who tampered with his mech, caused trouble to him until he had no choice but to self-detonate his beast core, destroyed the reputation of the Imperial family in the capital star, and also created a disturbance on a private planet of the Imperial family. And he finally caught some subordinates of these people not long ago.
Although the Imperial family no longer wielded political power nowadays, but they still had enough power to investigate these matters!
Edgar hadn't gone and read those reports yet, and his communication device rang. His father, Chris, was looking for him.
"Father." Opening the communication device, Edgar called.
"Have you investigated the trails?" Chris asked, getting right to the point.
"Yes, I have." Edgar admitted.
"I've also investigated some of the trails." Chris' expression was somewhat solemn.
Both father and son gave each other a quick look through the screen of the communication device, and then Edgar abruptly said, "Father, I'm coming to find you."
Chris nodded.
When Edgar and Chris met, Shu Shu and Synthia were eating with Donald.
The Mortons had been released. However, they definitely wouldn't have an easy life in the future since they had no money nor t.i.tle nowadays and yet were accustomed to an extravagant lifestyle. Meanwhile, there were already a huge amount of a.s.sets under Synthia's name.
A few days ago, Shu Shu had taken Synthia to live in the Imperial palace, but now that the matters had been resolved, Synthia would naturally move out. Today was the day when Synthia moved away.
After the dust had settled, this sub-beastman who suddenly became a millionaire invited Shu Shu and Donald to eat together.
After Shu Shu reported to Ian that he was going to eat at the Imperial Plaza,  he and Synthia took an aircraft together to go there. And when they arrived at that place, Donald was already waiting there.
Donald looked very stunning. He didn't wear gla.s.ses today and was even more handsome, making people couldn't move their line of sight. Synthia only gave him a glance and then blushed and lowered his head.
Shu Shu's reaction was completely the opposite of Synthia's. He opened his eyes wide and looked him up and down several times, and he even sighed in admiration, praising, “You look very handsome today!”
“Do I? Then, do you like my current appearance, Shu Shu?" Donald gazed at Shu Shu tenderly.
Shu Shu was being unnaturally stared at by Donald. Donald was looking at him the same way as Edgar looked at him, but when Edgar looked at him with this kind of gaze, it made him very happy and want to nibble on Edgar's mouth. In contrast, when Donald looked at him with this kind of gaze, it made him feel strange and even gave him the w.i.l.l.i.e.s.
Synthia too vaguely felt it was a little fishy and finally spoke softly, "Shall we order now?"
"I've never been to the Imperial Plaza to eat. I don't know what to order here. You should order first." Donald said, his sight set on Shu Shu.
Shu Shu wrinkled his brows, and then Donald's communication device suddenly rang right at this moment.
Donald gave an apologetic glance to Shu Shu and Synthia before taking out his communication device to take a look.
If Shu Shu could see the content on Donald's communication device, he would find that it displayed a string of garbled text.
Of course, this kind of garbled text actually made sense in Donald's eyes:
"The situation is urgent. Control the target and strive your hardest to divert everyone's line of sight!"
After the first message, the second one quickly arrived:
"Give him the beast bead to eat!"

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