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Unedited chapter

40. Living in the Imperial Palace

The people around had calmed down and were unlikely to hysterically obstruct the road again, and the duel was also settled. There was nothing left to do . . . .   
Edgar turned towards the crowd: "Calvin."
"Here!" Calvin emerged from between a group of sub-beastmen in the crowd and arrived in front of Edgar, revealing his handsome face to public scrutiny.
"Those star pirates have been handed over to you. Also, arrest all the men who transformed into beasts today." Edgar said. Calvin was the Deputy Bureau Chief of Capital Star Police Department. They had been cla.s.smates and were now close friends. Prior to arriving at the capital star, Edgar had already notified Calvin to have him keep order and also take those star pirates away. Obviously, based on the current situation, the number of people Calvin had to take away was estimated to be more than he initially thought.
"No problem." Calvin immediately replied while looking at Edgar with curiosity. He was very curious about Edgar's sudden increase in strength. Unfortunately, they couldn't chat more since this was not a place to talk.
After Calvin finished talking, he waved his hand as a signal. One by one, the policemen who had striven to keep order stood up. They glanced at Edgar with admiration and then began to arrest the rioting men while receiving those star pirates at the same time.
Edgar had literally beaten fear into those star pirates. Each and every one of them were very well-behaved, and receiving them did not take much trouble at all. On the contrary, those few beastmen who had transformed into beasts were difficult to deal with.
"You're a rhinoceros. I can't handcuff you because you're too big. Quickly change back." A few policemen said to the huge rhinoceros.
The rhinoceros lying p.r.o.ne on the ground looked at the policeman with grievances, and yet, he was unable to move. He was innocent; he didn't know why he suddenly changed into his original form. Now, he couldn't even change back into a human . . . .
The policeman urged the rhinoceros a few times, but seeing no response, he couldn't help but frown. At this moment, Calvin came over. He grabbed the huge rhinoceros that probably weighed several tons, lifted it up over his head, and walked outside. After that, he tossed it into a truck that had just come in.
After doing all these things effortlessly, Calvin smiled and took the rest of the beastmen who had transformed into beasts away.
These men actually dared to look for trouble under his eyes . . . . Calvin's smile was deeper.
Other policemen who saw Calvin's smiling expression shivered. Every time their boss smiled, bad things would happen!
In contrast, several sub-beastmen nearby were watching Edgar and Calvin excitedly: "His Imperial Highness is so handsome!"
"The policeman is also very handsome. He even helped us before."
"I prefer His Imperial Highness."
"His Imperial Highness is too cold. I was afraid to death just now . . . . I think the policeman is more approachable!"

. . . . . .

Edgar had used level suppression to make every beastman on the scene feel afraid, but they all felt much better now. Sub-beastmen were not beastmen; strong beastmen actually wouldn't make them feel afraid and would only make them feel like chasing said beastmen. Even now, the sub-beastmen  had completely recovered.
However, the situation just now had given them a scare. They did not dare to play around now and only dared to say a few words in private.
Kamille and the other star pirates very clearly saw the way Calvin threw the beastmen who had transformed into beasts, and they also felt the pressure that came out from Edgar's body previously. For a moment, they were as timid as a well-behaved child.
The people in the capital star were truly too powerful. By all means, they had to stop doing any more funny business in the future!
Speaking of strength, they had really been too arrogant. They escaped several military pursuits and thought that they were very powerful. And the truth was? Let's say that the people they hid from were more powerful than them.
Right, just now, they seemed to hear that someone was planning to find that Edgar for a duel?
When these pirates pa.s.sed by Geo, all of them sized Geo up all the way through, and then, they inevitably frowned with contempt across their whole faces. This kind of man who, from the start, wouldn't look them in the eye wanted to duel with that monster, too? There was definitely something wrong on the brain of this man!
These star pirates were very unfriendly when looking at Geo. Although the vast majority of them were worse than Geo in terms of strength, but they all had experienced numerous battles and wandered the interstellar s.p.a.ce for a long time. They were a little spiteful since a good deal of them were still sporting injuries after getting beaten up by Edgar . . . .
Geo was originally intimidated by Edgar's pressure. And now, he started to shiver harder as he saw these heavily injured, vicious star pirates glare at him up close.
Anyway, this expression of his was broadcasted to the star network through the webcams, and almost everyone who were closely following the situation here saw it. For a second, the people who had supported him before felt a painful heat on their face, just like getting a slap on the face, and they all didn't dare to say anything on the star network.
At the same time, some netizens began to a.n.a.lyze Geo's psychology. Normal people naturally wouldn't run out to offend the Imperial family without rhyme or reason. Geo should be a person who sorely lacked a sense of existence but also vain. He wanted to "show" himself by means of some incidents, so he stood up and said those things . . . .
Everyone discussed Geo and also began to discuss that new recruit. That was to say, today, the military made public the training materials of said new recruit at that time and indicated that this new recruit had been reluctant to listen and obey orders and had already been asked to retire from military service at an earlier time.
If this kind of evidence came out early, everyone might still judge that the military wanted to clear Edgar. But since it came out now, everyone believed it.
"I'm at the scene. I'm a four-star beastman, but when His Imperial Highness' pressure came forth, I couldn't move at all."
"His Imperial Highness is so powerful. Does he need to find a sense of existence from the weak just like those losers?"
"I don't know who is targeting His Imperial Highness, but they're really malicious by targeting the Imperial family!"
"Exactly! The previous incidents are undoubtedly someone's plan!"

. . . . . .

The Imperial family's prosperous and grand life could occasionally make people hate the rich, but the vast majority of the populace did not have any ill will toward the Imperial family. They got angry before, but it was because they were worried that the Imperial family might truly hide the truth from the ma.s.ses. They were worried that Edgar, who had become a fallen beast and hurt and killed people, would get off scot-free . . . .
Now, they unexpectedly found out that the Imperial family might have been framed by someone. Naturally, their previous worries completely ceased to exist, and for a time, they actually started to sympathize with the Imperial family.
His Imperial Highness was really unlucky; he was actually framed by others!
Edgar did not know about all kinds of reactions from the netizens. At this moment, he and Shu Shu already took a seat on the aircraft and set out for the Imperial Palace.
The soldiers and the boatmen who came with them would be given a lift to check in at a certain hotel, but Shu Shu would definitely go with him . . . . When his emperor father and empress mother sent an aircraft to pick him up, Edgar was still pondering how he was going to introduce Shu Shu to people. As it turned out, he discovered that the driver who was taking him and Shu Shu back did not show any peculiarity.
Of course everyone would not show any peculiarity. You should know that the empress had already given prior notice, and right now, the emperor and the empress were watching Shu Shu's images!
Earlier, there were so many webcams on the scene, and one of the webcams was sent by them beforehand. The webcam initially captured Edgar's images, but later, it went straight to Shu Shu.
"When I saw the photos Leva had sent, I thought he's a little timid. Now it seems that his courage is still quite big. He's also lively and cute." Ian watched the video recording on his hand with satisfaction. On the video, Shu Shu was bouncing up and down in his attempt to see Edgar.
His Imperial Majesty Chris nodded. "He's just a little too young."
Ian sighed, "Yes, a little too young . . ." The child looked like a minor, or a barely legal adult . . . . Hopefully, the child only looked conspicuously young because of his baby face. He definitely had to ask later.
Chris saw his own sub-beastman at a loss and immediately said: "It doesn't matter if he's a little too young. In the message Jones sent, didn't Edgar say that the origin of this child was a bit strange and that he didn't know anything at all about the language of our Empire and the situation outside? In fact, he should go to school for two years to understand our Empire first."
"Yes." Ian nodded.
The first time they became aware of Shu Shu, it was from the message sent by Jones. The message was actually written by Edgar. At that time, Edgar explained that he had become a fallen beast. He also said that a sub-beastman had helped him, and he wished they would take good care of said sub-beastman. Well, said sub-beastman was undoubtedly Shu Shu.
They just got this information and didn't even have time to digest it yet when they quickly learned about Edgar being fine at the press conference.
Then they waited for another three days, and they received some more news.
Edgar succinctly told them that he was fine and would return soon. Jones, however, sent a section of a video to them; a section of a video where Edgar was being struck by lightning.
In that section of a video, there was a sub-beastman whose face was charred black by lightning strikes. Afterwards, Edgar kissed that sub-beastman . . . .
Their son, in this situation, ah!
They anxiously wanted to know the news of that sub-beastman. When they received a photo sent by Leva, they were extremely happy. After that, they discovered that the sub-beastman looked pretty good, and that the s.p.a.ceship Edgar took was approaching the capital star. Later, they contacted Jones and learned more about this sub-beastman from Jones. For example, Edgar being able to become a human again should have something to do with Shu Shu.
This sub-beastman had saved their son!
At present, even if their son didn't like this sub-beastman, they would still be very grateful to him. But since their son liked this sub-beastman . . . .
Chris and Ian glanced at each other and made some preparation to meet their son's partner.
The aircraft carrying Edgar flew straight into the Imperial Palace and stopped in front of a beautiful house. Edgar came down from the aircraft and finally saw his own two fathers.
"Emperor Father, Empress Mother." Edgar called.
Shu Shu stood next to Edgar. As a mere hamster, he had never experienced paying a visit to the elders . This time, he managed to stammer, "h.e.l.lo."
"h.e.l.lo." Both Chris and Ian ignored Edgar and turned towards the sub-beastman at Edgar's side.
No sub-beastman had been born in the Imperial family for thousands of years. Chris and Ian were still young when they first gave birth to Edgar. They thought they might be able to have another child, but in reality . . . . So many years had pa.s.sed; Edgar was already thirtysomething, and they still did not have a second child, nor did they give birth to a sub-beastman.
"Your name is Susu? Truly a well-behaved child." Ian said, smiling.
"It's not Susu; it's Shu Shu." Edgar said. "He saved me and made me able to become a human again. He even helped me awaken the bloodline."
"Thank you." Chris thanked Shu Shu.
Their son spoke so much as soon as he came up. He obviously attached great importance to Shu Shu. When Ian faced Shu Shu, his expression was softer: "After travelling all the way here and running into some troubles, too, you must be tired, right? Come on in with me, I've prepared a meal for you.”
Hearing that there was food, Shu Shu, who had been taught by Edgar that the capital star had a lot of delicious food, instantly looked eager. Ian glanced at him with a smile and then stepped forward, taking his hand and leading him to walk ahead.
Shu Shu was not used to holding hands with someone. Still, Ian was mild-mannered; Shu Shu couldn't help but had a good opinion of him. Consequently, it made him think of some of his previous conjectures.
He had always thought that Edgar had stayed alone in the forest because he had been cast aside by his parents. Now, it seemed that it wasn't like that at all?
As Edgar's master, when he had a chance, he had to ask what exactly was it all about . . . . At that time in the forest, Edgar could only hunt and eat his food raw; he was really so pitiful.
Shu Shu followed Ian to the dining hall and then saw a table full of fine food.
He hadn't started to eat, but just looking at the presentation of food and smelling its aroma, he couldn't help but feel like drooling. He wished he could throw himself at it straightway and gorge himself.
"I'm hungry." Edgar took the initiative to speak.
Ian glanced at his son with a funny expression and bid his son and the sub-beastman his son fell for to take their seats.
His son had not cried out hungry for a long, long time. He thought he could never hear it again in his lifetime. He did not expect that his son would cry out for others now.
Sure enough, the food was very delicious!
Shu Shu was very happy to eat. The other three people at the table saw him so happy to eat and felt their own appet.i.tes improve as well.
Shu Shu didn't hide the food in his food pouches this time. He also restrained himself, so he didn't eat too much . . . . Of course, even if he did so, he had eaten more than the vast majority of the sub-beastmen would eat. After eating his fill, he finally couldn't help his curiosity and asked Ian who was especially friendly to him: "Why would Edgar live in the forest before? Did you throw him away because you didn't want him?"
Ian stared blankly then laughed in spite of himself. "Of course not! Why would you think so?"
Chris also glanced at Shu Shu with astonishment and immediately had a better impression of this sub-beastman. This sub-beastman was unable to conceal his worries. He looked simple, but he could ask such questions on this kind of occasion without being afraid of offending them. It seemed that he was also sincere toward Edgar.
"His life wasn't so good because he was alone in the forest." Shu Shu said. "Anyway, it's best if you had nothing to do with it."
"We've been looking for him before, but we didn't expect that he would be in that forest." Ian replied. Seeing that Shu Shu was done eating, he immediately began to chat with Shu Shu and also explained the incident of Edgar's disappearance. "He went missing on another planet. I don't know how he escaped to Ga.s.s planet."
"Maybe he pa.s.sed through some s.p.a.ce!" Shu Shu commented.

Previously, thinking that Edgar was a crown prince, Shu Shu a.s.sumed that Edgar's family was very, very big and its rules very strict, and that his parents definitely had a hard time getting along. But when he finally came, he found out that the situation was completely different from what he thought. At once, he breathed a sigh of relief; he could put his mind at rest now.
Even though Shu Shu had seen many movies and TV shows, but he actually had never had social intercourse with people. He had not talked long with Ian, but Ian already obtained a lot of information out of him. He managed to not say that he used to be a little hamster before, but he divulged the matter of him coming from another place. Fortunately, Ian and Chris did not take this matter seriously.
Since Shu Shu had no malice toward them, where he came from was unimportant.
When Shu Shu and Edgar arrived at the Imperial Palace, it was already late in the afternoon. After having a meal and talking for a while, the sky was already dark.
"You've gone through a long-distance interstellar trip. Now you need to take a good sleep. Quickly go to rest." Ian said with a smile. "Edgar, I've already had some people tidy up a room next door to your own room. You can let Shu Shu stay in there.”
“Mother, we're off.” Edgar said, the corner of his mouth unconsciously curved up. His mother's handiwork really suited his intention.
"Where's your room?" Shu Shu looked at the stairs. Although this house was different from the imperial palace in his imagination, but it was very, very beautiful. In addition, there was a large balcony upstairs . . . .
In the past, he didn't like the sunshine, and he didn't like to bask in the sun either. But now that he had become a human, the situation was different. Nowadays, he felt that basking in the sun was very comfortable.
"We take an aircraft to go there." Edgar replied.
"Take an aircraft?" Shu Shu was a little perplexed. Could it be that they were not allowed to go upstairs?
"I live a little far from here," Edgar looked briefly at Shu Shu and recalled that Shu Shu was completely clueless about the Imperial Palace. So he explained again: "This whole island belongs to the Imperial family. Here is where my parents usually reside. I live in another place."
Shu Shu had been thinking why they didn't enter through a gate like in the rich and powerful families story where one had to walk for a long, long time just to reach the doorway. The answer was . . . if the people of this family walked, they might not stop walking. Therefore, they just directly took an aircraft to enter the house door?
Following Edgar to the place where Edgar live, Shu Shu saw an equally beautiful house. After seeing his own bedroom on the second floor, which was not only incomparably huge but also had a bathroom, a study, and a cloakroom, he couldn't help but secretly blow a raspberry.
At that time, he actually only gave the big snake such a small place as its home. He really felt embarra.s.sed now . . . .
Shu Shu looked around his own room once. Then he got into the soft quilt directly and went to sleep. After one night of sleep, he got up early in the morning. As soon as he went out, he saw a robot coming over: "Mr. Shu Shu, Mr. Edgar is working out in the back. I have prepared breakfast for you . . ."
"What's your name?" Shu Shu felt a bit strange seeing a metal-constructed humanoid robot. He remembered that he once heard his owner say that the robot in the Science and Technology Museum could talk to humans, so he immediately asked this robot.
"My name is KM006." The robot said.
"How old are you this year?" Shu Shu asked again.
"I have already left the factory for five years."
"What do you like?" Shu Shu continued to ask.
"I like to do housework."
"Do you want to eat? Can you fall in love? Do robots like you have to sleep?" Shu Shu kept asking.
Shu Shu had never been to the Science and Technology Museum in his lifetime, and he had never seen a robot that could have a conversation. At this moment, he was happily chatting with it. After practicing the spoken language with the robot for a while, he felt hungry.
He was hungry, but he couldn't disregard Edgar and eat first . . . .
Shu Shu thought about it and said: "006, bring me to find Edgar!"
Robot 006 whose programming was almost in havoc from being questioned took Shu Shu along to the back of the house to find Edgar. In there was a huge room that looked like . . . a gym?
Shu Shu pushed the door and went in just to see Edgar, in his beast form, hitting a black wall with his tail. Then the wall displayed some numerical values, which should be the calculation of Edgar's strength.
"Why did you come here?" Edgar quickly changed into his human form. He gave Shu Shu full access to everything, but he really didn't expect that Shu Shu would suddenly come over.
"I'm coming to find you to eat!" Shu Shu said and then turned towards the wall again: "What's that?"
"It's used for testing the strength of a beastman." Edgar said and went to give the wall a punch. The number 1129 immediately appeared.
"Let me try it!" Shu Shu was extremely interested. He walked to the wall and gave it a punch. Then he waited for this high-tech product to come out with his score.
"21." The number appeared on the screen, and then, a voice rang out: "After hitting this product, there will be a certain opposite reaction force. This product is unsuitable for the use of sub-beastman. Please stop."
"How can this be!" Shu Shu was dissatisfied. His strength couldn't even reach the last two digits of Edgar's score?
"One more time!" Shu Shu put his spiritual power to use and punched the wall.
His hand hurt a bit because he punched the wall extremely hard. Luckily, the calculated number that came out this time was not bad. "119, a one-star beastman."
"You see, it also thinks I'm a beastman!" Shu Shu looked at Edgar happily.
Edgar nodded, saying nothing.
Then Shu Shu asked again, "What's the highest score your hit can get?"
"I haven't tried it yet. If you want to get the highest score, you must definitely use the beast form." Edgar said.
"Then you quickly try it, ah!" Shu Shu exclaimed.
"How about we go eat something first?" Edgar said. He had been practicing control over his own power. As for hitting this wall with all his strength . . . he felt that he probably would break it.
"I carry some food on my body. Do you want to eat a little before hitting the wall?" Shu Shu took a lot of food out of his food pouches and spoke again, "I really, really want to see how strong you are. Edgar, I think maybe you'll be the strongest beastman." After all, this was a mythical animal, ah!
The sub-beastman's eyes was shining like the full moon . . . . Edgar changed into his beast form without the slightest hesitation and then resolutely whipped his tail towards the wall.
There was a spark on the wall, but no number came out. Then there was a voice saying: "This product is not applicable for beastman whose strength is on par with or more than that of an eight-star or a nine-star beastman. This product can be immediately replaced with a custom-made version."

". . ." It just broke down like this? No wonder Edgar didn't want to try it just now. Shu Shu felt a little embarra.s.sed and guiltily stole a glance at Edgar. He took a big liberty to touch Edgar's tail and cautiously asked, "Does it hurt? This thing leaks electricity. Can it electrocute you?"

"No, it doesn't hurt. No, it can't.” Edgar answered. How could this little bit of electricity do anything? He was a person who had been struck by lightning; he was absolutely fine with electricity. However, the little sub-beastman gentle caress and stroke actually made him feel tingly. The whole snake was soft.
Sub-beastmen were indeed very amazing. They practically could make the beastmen lose their fighting power instantly.
Edgar's scales were golden-bright and not bad to touch. Shu Shu imagined these scales as gold. Since he managed to not see Edgar's full view, he was not afraid at all, reaching out and stroking Edgar a few times. He even stroke Edgar's much softer belly.
Edgar felt more and more comfortable and openly exposed his vital parts in front of Shu Shu—Shu Shu's hand was really very soft; it would be great if it could touch him forever!
"Hey, what's this?" Shu Shu suddenly discovered that the place he was touching split apart into a wide opening. He looked inside and there seemed to be . . . two meatb.a.l.l.s? The meatb.a.l.l.s even grew a little bigger as he gazed at them . . . .
Edgar suddenly came back to himself and realized that his cloaca had actually opened without him being aware of it. Although the organs inside had not extended out, but the little sub-beastman was looking straight into the cloaca!
"What are these two things? They look very cute." Shu Shu used his fingertips to fiddle with the meatb.a.l.l.s, which grew a little bigger again, or a little longer to be precise. These small things were almost exposed.
Edgar quickly fled and changed into his human form at the fastest speed to put on some clothes.

Author's note:
On the wedding night   
Little Hamster (happy) : Phew . . . it's finally over . . . .   
Big Snake (cold-faced) : I still have one that hasn't been used yet.
Little Hamster (crying tears of joy) : TT Finally, both of them are used!
Big Snake (cold-faced) : I can use the other one again.

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