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Unedited chapter

24. Departure and Scandal

Jeress had already decided early on to take the little sub-beastman away. At any rate, the sub-beastman should not be living in a dangerous forest. But before that, he needed to find out about the little sub-beastman’s circ.u.mstances. He also needed to find out about the circ.u.mstances of this fallen beast being at the little sub-beastman’s side. 
Why would they live in the forest?   

The little sub-beastman and he were obstructed by the language barrier. Jeress had wanted to communicate with the fallen beast at the little sub-beastman’s side . . . . The fallen beast had apparently thought the same, so they had showed up together here.   

Reading the words the fallen beast had written down, Jeress sighed with relief. The fallen beast knew that he had to to leave. No matter what, a sub-beastman could not continue to keep a fallen beast at his side.
"How could this sub-beastman is living in the forest? Why can’t he understand the common language? Could it be that he has been living in the wild since childhood?" Jeress asked. The little sub-beastman could not understand the common language, neither could he understand all the other dialects. He didn’t even understand the difference between a beastman and a sub-beastman, which was simply wrong.   

Edgar glanced at Jeress and used his tail to write the answer on the ground: “He has been living in the wild since childhood, so he doesn’t understand anything.” Edgar knew that the little sub-beastman had not been living here since childhood. On the contrary, both of them had been sent over from other places. But that kind of explanation was no good. It was better off to say that the little sub-beastman had grown up here all along.
Furthermore . . . the little sub-beastman wanted to follow after these men and leave the forest for a trip. Apart from protecting the little guy, he also planned to contact his own parents so they would collect and take care of the little sub-beastman. Then they could help him look for his close relatives. Since it was like this, Edgar naturally wouldn’t explain too much about the little sub-beastman’s affairs  to the beastman before his eyes.   

“Living in the forest since childhood? Is he like Karl the wolfman?” Jeress was a bit surprised. “Karl the Wolfman” was a bestseller book in the Beastman Empire, telling a story about a beastman couple who travelled with their newly-born little beastman and had an accident. The beastman couple died, while the little beastman was adopted by a pack of wolves, and thanks to his formidable strength, he also became the king of the wolf pack. Later, he ran into a beastman expedition, and only then did he realize that he was actually not a wolf but a beastman . . . .   

Edgar certainly knew about this book. After thinking for a moment, he nodded briefly.
Jeress, however, thought about the situation even more. It was quite difficult for the little sub-beastman to survive in the forest. Him living so well now was definitely not the same as Karl the Wolfman who had relied on his own strength . . . .
"Could it be that you’re the little sub-beastman’s father? Since you’ve been taking care of him all along?” Jeress regarded the fallen beast in front of him with admiration. Sure enough, as a father, he was really strong. This fallen beast could remain clear-headed in order to protect his own child, right? Of course, it probably had something to do with the strength of the fallen beast too . . . . Being able to make Jeress feel afraid by sheer pressure, the strength of this fallen beast was deep and unmeasurable. Before turning into a fallen beast, he definitely had been a beastman warrior with formidable strength!
Father? Edgar, making eye contact with Jeress’ reverent gaze, was rooted to the spot.   

"Rest a.s.sured, I’ll certainly protect your child properly and won’t ever let him suffer any harm." Jeress was conspicuously rather excited to offer his guarantee.   
Edgar didn't think so, and his tail whipped past Jeress.   

Jeress instinctively avoided it and somewhat had a guilty conscience. A beastman father had never had a good opinion on the young beastman who coveted his own sub-beastman child. That sort of guarantee he had just made was really like asking for a beating . . . . How about he left and hide so the man could stop beating him and take some time to cool his temper?
Although he had just met the little sub-beastman, and his feelings for the little sub-beastman could not be called love yet, but he really liked the little sub-beastman and intended to pursue him . . . .
Jeress stood still and decided not to dodge anymore. However, the fallen beast unexpectedly didn’t continue to beat him. Instead, he calmly lied on his stomach in the snow, not moving a muscle.
The next day, Shu Shu took his snake disciple along to follow after the group of “daemons”, leaving the cave where he had lived in for half a year.   

Before he left, he secretly stuffed his mouth with all the food that he could put into his food pouches. The rest of things that he did not want to stuff into his mouth were taken out and given as a present to Jeress and the other men.
Shu Shu had eaten the food from these people, and it was always important to  behave properly by reciprocating.   

Jeress and the other men took a sack of sweet potatoes given by the little sub-beastman and were very touched—the little sub-beastman gave them a present!   
"Hurry up and let’s go, OK!" Wrapping all the animal skins he owned around his body, Shu Shu stated happily while shivering in the cold.

Jeers nodded and then used a communication device to contact the military station.
No more than ten minutes, a helicopter came overhead the forest and landed in front of them.
Shu Shu saw the helicopter and stared blankly at it. So actually, it was that simple if he wanted to leave? !

"Our military communication device can send signals even in the forest." Jeress explained. This planet did not have many garrisons, and the signal did not cover the entire planet. This side of the virgin forest didn’t even have any people patrolling it. Probably because of this that the little sub-beastman had not been able to ask for help to leave this forest from the beginning.
In fact, they did not have the right to make a military helicopter come to pick up a person. However, it was different when there was a sub-beastman in the forest. According to the rescue regulations, when a sub-beastman met with danger during a non-war situation, the military had to do their utmost to rescue him.
As for why they hadn't contacted the outside yesterday . . . . They had been giving the little sub-beastman a chance to pack his luggage . . . . Well, they had also wanted to try getting closer to the little sub-beastman.
The helicopter carried all of Jeress' group of people away. Edgar’s ident.i.ty as a fallen beast was initially questioned, but considering that there were many beastmen around, there was no need to worry that the fallen beast would get crazy and hurt the sub-beastman. Edgar, nevertheless, was the little sub-beastman’s close relative, so they still took him along with them in the end.
The helicopter rose through the air, and while a group of people went to the beastman settlement, in the capital star of the Beastman Empire, a major event had just happened. Or it was perhaps more accurate to say that a scandal had broken out.
The Beastman Empire nowadays was a const.i.tutional monarchy. The monarch’s power was not that great, but even so, people still focused their attention upon the royal family. Currently, the only unmarried member of the royal family was Prince Edgar, who was also the dream lover of innumerable sub-beastmen and the idol of countless beastmen.
Without doubt, his rank was already eight-star beastman, and he had also accomplished quite many feats. How could people not worship a young man like this?
But now, he had become an existence who was despised by people.
When Crown Prince Edgar had been clearing up the dangerous animals on a newly-discovered planet, he had shaken off his bodyguards in arrogance. As a result, he had gotten surrounded, and eventually, his beast core had been destroyed, turning him into a fallen beast.
That wasn’t all. After he had become a fallen beast, not only had the Royal Family concealed his situation, but they had also secretly kept him in the Capital Star. And so, just yesterday, he had violated a sub-beastman, and the harmed sub-beastman had almost died!
The Prince had only just turned into a fallen beast, so he was still rational, but he had actually gone to hurt a sub-beastman! The Royal Family even tried to cover up this matter and persecute the sub-beastman’s close relatives!
If it weren’t for the escaping sub-beastman, perhaps n.o.body would know about this matter!
When the news and all kinds of photos and videos a.s.sociated with it were spread online, so many of the ma.s.ses felt very angry. Further, the miserable appearance of the damaged sub-beastman made them thoroughly disappointed with Edgar. They also wished that the royal family could give them a statement.   

Of course, the main culprit, Edgar, had to be punished too! 

Author’s note:

Edgar: I’m being falsely accused, ah! Obviously I have been living contentedly in the forest raising a hamster T_T

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