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List of the Abbots of the Cathedral,

_With the date of their appointment._

Saxulphus 654 Cuthbaldus 673 Egbaldus Pusa Beonna Celredus Hedda 833 Adulphus 972 Kenulphus 992 Elsinus 1005 Arwinus 1055 Leofricus 1063 Brando 1066 Thoroldus 1069 G.o.dricus 1098 Matthias 1103 Ernulpus 1107 Iohn of Salisbury 1114 Henricus de Angeli 1128 Martinus de Vecti 1133 William de Waterville 1155 Benedictus 1177 Andreas 1194 Acharius 1200 Robert of Lindsay 1214 Alexander 1222 Martin of Ramsey 1226 Walter St. Edmonds 1233 William Hotot 1246 Iohn de Caleto 1249 Robert Sutton 1262 Richard of London 1274 William of Woodford 1295 G.o.dfrey of Croyland 1299 Adam Boothby 1321 Henry Morcot 1338 Robert Ramsey 1346 Henry of Overton 1361 Nicholaus 1391 Willielmus Genge 1396 Johannes Deeping 1408 Richard Ashton 1438 William Ramsey 1471 Robert Kirton 1496 Iohn Chambers 1528

Iohn Chambers was the last Abbot and the first Bishop.

List of the Bishops of Peterborough,

_With the date of their appointment._

Iohn Chambers, B.D. 1541 David Pool, LL.D. 1556 Edmund Scambler, D.D. 1560 Richard Howland, D.D. 1584 Thomas Dove, A.M. 1600 William Pierse, D.D. 1630 Augustine Lindsel, D.D. 1632 Francis Dee, D.D. 1634 Iohn Towers, D.D. 1638 Benjamin Lany, D.D. 1660 Joseph Henshaw, D.D. 1663 William Loyd, D.D. 1679 Thomas White, D.D. 1685 Richard c.u.mberland, D.D. 1691 White Kennet, D.D. 1718 Robert Clavering, D.D. 1728 Iohn Thomas, D.D. 1747 Richard Terrick, D.D. 1757 Robert Lamb, LL.D. 1764 Iohn Hinchliffe, D.D. 1769 Spencer Madan, D.D. 1794 John Parsons, D.D. 1813 Herbert Marsh, D.D. 1819 George Davys, D.D. 1839 Francis Jeune, D.C.L. 1864 William Connor Magee, D.D. 1868

Bishop Davys was advanced to this see in 1839. He was formerly a fellow of Christ's Church College, Cambridge, and took a wrangler's degree in 1803. He subsequently became curate of Littlebury, and in 1814 of Chesterford; this latter curacy he held until Dr. Bloomfield, the late bishop of London, was presented to that living, when Mr. Davys became curate of Swaffham Prior; he afterwards removed to Kensington, and was appointed tutor to the Princess Victoria. Shortly after this he was presented to the rectory of All-Hallows, London, and in 1831 to the deanery of Chester, on which occasion he took the degree of doctor of divinity. He discharged his episcopal duties for a period of about twenty-five years in such a manner as to gain universal esteem; and died at Peterborough, after a short illness, in the 84th year of his age, on the 18th April, 1864.

The Rev. Dr. Francis Jeune, who was appointed to the Bishopric in the room of Dr. Davys, was educated at Pembroke College, Oxford, were he graduated in 1827, when he took a first-cla.s.s in cla.s.sics. In 1832 he was admitted into Holy Orders by Dr. Bagot, Bishop of Oxford, being then tutor of his College. In 1834 he was elected to the Head Mastership of King Edward's School, Birmingham, and held that appointment until 1838, when he was nominated to the Deanery of Jersey, and the Rectory of St. Heliers. In 1843 he was elected to the Mastership of Pembroke College, with a canonry at Gloucester annexed, and almost immediately afterwards he was presented by the Dean and Chapter of Gloucester to the Rectory of Taynton. In 1850 he was appointed one of Her Majesty's Commissioners of Inquiry for the University of Oxford, and in 1859 was elected Vice-Chancellor of the University. About three months previous to his promotion to this Bishopric, Dr. Jeune was made Dean of Lincoln, in the room of the Rev.

Thomas Garnier. Dr. Jeune lived only four years after his appointment to the see. Suffering from an internal disease he went to Whitby for change of air, where he died on the 21st of August, 1868, after a short and painful illness, and was succeeded by the Rev. W. Connor Magee.

Bishop Magee was born at Cork in the year 1821, his father at that time holding a cure in that city before being presented to the living of St.

Peter's, Drogheda, in 1829. His grandfather filled the Metropolitan see of Dublin previous to Archbishop Whately. The future bishop of Peterborough received his earliest education at Kilkenny, from which place, at the age of thirteen, he was removed to Trinity College, Dublin. Here he obtained a scholarship in 1838, and Archbishop King's Divinity prize. He graduated A.B. in 1842, A.M. and B.D. in 1854, and D.D. in 1860. In 1844 Mr. Magee received deacon's orders at the hands of the Bishop of Chester, and in the following year was ordained priest by the Bishop of Tuam. His first curacy was that of St. Thomas, Dublin, which he was obliged to resign through ill health, and after a two years' residence abroad he accepted a curacy at St. Saviour's, Bath, in 1848. Two years later he was appointed to the joint inc.u.mbency of the Octagon Chapel, Bath. During his residence in Bath, Mr. Magee published two volumes of sermons. In 1859 he was nominated an Hon. Canon of Wells Cathedral, and received the degree of D.D. from his University; and on the resignation of Dr. Goulburn, minister of Quebec Chapel, Portman Square, London, Canon Magee was appointed to the vacant post. In 1860 he was transferred to the precentorship of Clogher in conjunction with the rectory of Enniskillen; in 1864, on the death of Dr. Newman, he was installed Dean of Cork; and in 1866 was appointed Dean of the Chapel Royal, Dublin. He was enthroned as Bishop of Peterborough shortly after the death of Bishop Jeune in 1868, receiving his appointment from the Conservative Prime Minister, Mr. Disraeli.

List of the Deans of Peterborough,

_With the date of their appointment._

Francis Abree, D.D. 1541 Gerard Carlton, B.D. 1543 James Curtop, A.M. 1551 Iohn Boxhall, LL.D. 1558 William Latimer, D.D. 1560 Richard Fletcher, D.D. 1585 Thomas Nevil, D.D. 1590 Iohn Palmer, D.D. 1598 Richard Cleyton, D.D. 1608 George Meriton, D.D. 1612 Henry Beaumont, D.D. 1616 William Pierse, D.D. 1622 Iohn Towers, D.D. 1630 Thomas Jackson, D.D. 1638 Iohn Cosin, D.D. 1640 Edward Rainbow, D.D. 1660 James Duport, D.D. 1664 Simon Patrick 1679 Richard Kidder, D.D. 1689 Samuel Freeman, D.D. 1691 White Kennet, D.D. 1707 Richard Reynolds, LL.D. 1718 William Gee, D.D. 1721 Iohn Mandevil, D.D. 1722 Francis Lockyer, D.D. 1725 Iohn Thomas, D.D. 1740 Robert Lamb, LL.D. 1744 Charles Tarrant, D.D. 1764 Charles M. Sutton, D.D. 1791 Peter Peckard, D.D. 1792 Thomas Kipling, D.D. 1797 James Henry Monk, D.D. 1822 Thomas Turton, D.D. 1830 George Butler, D.D. 1842 Augustus P. Saunders, D.D. 1853 J. J. Stewart Perowne, D.D. 1878

The present Dean of Peterborough, The Very Rev. John James Stewart Perowne, D.D., was born about the year 1823, and married in 1862 Anna Maria, third daughter of the late Humphry William Woolrych, Esq., Serjeant-at-Law, of Croxley, Hertfordshire. His family is of French (Huguenot) extraction, which came over to this country at the Revocation of the Edict of Nantes. He was appointed to the Deanery in August, 1878. He was educated at Norwich Grammar School and at Corpus Christi College, Cambridge, of which College he became a Fellow. He was a Bell's University Scholar in 1842, took the Members' Prize for a Latin Essay on three different occasions, viz., 1844, 1846, and 1847, and graduated B.A. in 1845, in which year he was also Crosse Scholar, and in 1848 he proceeded M.A. and was Tyrwhitt's Hebrew Scholar. Eight years afterwards he took the degree of B.D., having in the meantime been ordained deacon in 1847 and priest in the same year that he took his master's degree. In 1855 he was appointed examining chaplain to the Bishop of Norwich, and was made prebendary of S. Andrew's and canon of Llandaff cathedral in 1869. In 1872 he became praelector in Theology of Trinity College, Cambridge, and in 1873 took his degree of D.D., and became Fellow of Trinity College. In 1875 Her Majesty was pleased to graciously appoint him one of her hon. chaplains, and in the same year he was appointed Hulsean Professor of Divinity. In 1851 and 1852 he was examiner for the Cla.s.sical Tripos at Cambridge, and select preacher before the University on several different occasions. For 10 years he held the vice-princ.i.p.alship of St. David's College, Lampeter, which appointment he resigned in 1872. Before this, he had been Lecturer in Divinity at King's College, London, and a.s.sistant preacher at Lincoln's Inn. In 1868 he was Hulsean Lecturer, and Lady Margaret's Preacher in 1874-5. From 1867 to 1872 he was third cursal prebendary of S. David's Cathedral. From 1874 to 1876 he was one of the Whitehall preachers. The Dean is the author of "The Book of Psalms, a New Translation with Notes, Critical and Exegetical;" Hulsean Lectures on "Immortality"; a volume of Sermons; occasional Sermons; Articles in Dr. Smith's Dictionary of the Bible; _Contemporary Review; Good Words, &c._ And he is a member of the Company engaged on the revision of the Old Testament.

[25] Gunton says, "that in the foundation thereof, Peada laid such stones, as that eight yoke of oxen could scarce draw one of them."

[26] See _Britton's His. Cathedral Church of Peterboro'_, note p.


[27] James Henry Monk, afterwards bishop of Gloucester.

[28] _Garbett's Architectural Account of Peterborough Cathedral._

[29] Britton, in speaking of these door-ways, says, "There are also two door-ways to the southern aisle of the nave, _both_ having _semicircular_ arches, &c.;" but this is evidently an oversight.

[30] These door-ways are supposed to have been built in the middle of the 12th century. It is worthy of remark, that one door-way in the western wall, which is now filled up, is attributed to the Anglo-Saxon age.

[31] Vide note at page 4 of this work.

[32] The columns of the beautiful west front were also composed of the same marble; but, being much dilapidated, they were in the time of Dean Monk, taken down, the best sorted and again put up, and the others replaced by Ketton stone.

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