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This chapter may not be suitable for younger audience. Read at your own discretion. I love how this falls at Day 69. Cough. ¹s.e.xcapade - a s.e.xual escapade; an illicit affair.. ²SPG - Strong Parental Guidance, not suitable for children. ³Tropa - it means Troop in English and it has similar used like "bro," "squad," and/or "best friend." ⁴Putspa - a pun, combining the curse word "Puta" and "Foot spa" ⁵Hugot - the word means "to pull out" but it recently became an expression when someone says some emotional words that they pulled it out from within their hearts because of a related event that happened to them. ⁶Itchy - When you feel "itchy," it can mean that you're h.o.r.n.y&h.e.l.lip;.. ⁷Base - s.e.xual Baseball term. First Base is kissing, french, or just a peck. It also includes any touching above the belt. Second Base is using hands below the belt. Third Base is when mouth are used below the belt. Fourth Base or Home Base is doing the deed. ⁸Gsv kvihlm - Can't you just ask her directly.. Anyway, this code is an Atbash Cipher. Day 69


Rico: Did you know!!11!exlamation!1point!

Jhing: So energetic.

Rico: I want to tell you a story!

Jhing: What?

Rico: I got b.u.t.terflies in my stomach because of your "I won't" :DDD

Seen 11:12 pm

Rico: Joke

Seen 11:12pm

Rico: Uy Jhing, I was just joking! D:

Seen 11:13pm

Rico: Okay fine&h.e.l.lip;.

Seen 11:13pm

Rico: I almost got raped!


Jhing: ._.

Rico: I'm serious.

Jhing: Whenever you say "I'm serious," I feel like it's the opposite. These words means that you're just fooling around.

Rico: Not serious! D:

Jhing: Whatthe.


Rico: What do you want me to say then? Huhuhuhuhuhu you're so confusing. D:

Rico: But you know, I panicked a while ago. I almost became a Father. :(((

Jhing: WTF?

Rico: Joke. But I got hara.s.sed Jhing.

Rico: Someone hara.s.sed my body. :(((

Rico: Don't you think I'm pitiful!?!?!?!?!

Rico: Ahuhuhu.


Jhing: What happened?

Rico: Will it be okay to tell you?

Jhing: What story is it anyway? If it's your s.e.xcapades, nevermind.

Rico: s.e.xcapades¹? O_O

Rico: Why do you know?

Rico: That?

Rico: Term?


Jhing: Not important. So what's your story?

Rico: It's not s.e.xcapades, my goodness.

Rico: I'm not like that.

Jhing: Ok sure, so what is it then?!


Rico: Warning: kind of SPG².

Jhing: So?

Rico: Just putting some warning signs, who knows if ah

Jhing: Hurry up!

Rico: Yessir! Why are you in a rush.


Jhing: ._.

Rico: Here ah, don't get shocked.

Jhing: I'm getting impatient.

Rico: Yes!


Rico: My tropa³ is insane. He said that my birthday is coming, so he wanted to give me a present before he travels to a different country.

Rico: I told him that I'm fine with house and lot but he rejected saying he'll buy me a house next time if we get married. So gay, right?!

Rico: And then he said that he'll treat me to a ma.s.sage to relax because I've been designing and talking to clients every single day.


Jhing: Then?

Rico: Then then you know, the ma.s.sage Jhing&h.e.l.lip; :(((

Jhing: I don't know.

Rico: We went to sauna first, chatting and all, and then the ma.s.sage&h.e.l.lip; putspa⁴.

Jhing: Why?


Rico: My eyes are not virgin anymore.

Jhing: What?

Rico: Because of the ma.s.seuse ah. Her name is Joy. She said she brings joy to other people. Her clothes was so revealing that I almost grabbed a blanket and gave it to her because it's cold.

Jhing: Haha wtf.

Rico: I was so scared of that woman. I felt like she was taking my clothes off with her gaze.


Jhing: Aren't you supposed to be naked when you get a ma.s.sage?

Rico: OH RIGHT?! YOU SEE!11!1?! I felt naked just because of her gaze!!!

Jhing: ._.

Rico: ಠ_ಠ


Jhing: Continue!

Rico: Yessir.

Rico: So she made me lay down the bed, and I heard my tropas laughs from the other room. My ma.s.sage is actually in private, I'm the only one who has "special service."

Rico: She made me choose what service I wanted from the menu ah.

Jhing: Menu? In ma.s.sage?

Rico: Yes. O_O

Jhing: What menu?


Rico: There's "big and juicy," "long and hard," and one more that's just too much&h.e.l.lip;

Jhing: What kind of menu is that?

Jhing: What's the other one?

Rico: I forgot.

Jhing: The F.


Rico: Do you want to try?

Jhing: Just finish your story.



Rico: I told her, "I'm fine with normal," but then she inches closer and closer until she climbed up on the bed and crawled on top of me. O_O

Jhing: The heck?

Rico: She starts ma.s.saging me and asked, "Sir, how hard?"

Seen 11:30pm

Rico: Jhing?

Jhing: Go on.


Rico: Just tell me if you want me to stop talking.

Jhing: Go.

Rico: Oh okay. So I answered her, "As long as I can walk home properly."


Rico: And then she said, "What if you're not able to go home?" I pushed her but just a bit because I'm a gentleman ah and said, "I can't, someone's waiting for me." She asked, "Your wife?" I answered, "No, my Seen Queen."

Rico: HashtagBlushingToTheBones

Seen 11:33pm

Rico: Seen.

Rico: Seen Queen. :">

Jhing: Whatever. So what happened?

Rico: Hahahahaha!

Rico: Ah so I pushed her a bit more? But she didn't let go of my hand and then I was shocked. O_O


Jhing: What?

Rico: She made me touch it. O_O

Jhing: Touch what?


Rico: Her you know!

Jhing: What?


Rico: Do I really have to say it?

Jhing: Why not?

Rico: Why are you like this? D:

Jhing: Like what? Tell me. What did she make you touch?


Rico: Her boo_s.

Jhing: Boo_s?


Rico: Books.

Jhing: She made you touch her books?

Rico: What do you think!

Jhing: Haha! Ok. Go on.


Rico: She made me touch her books and I asked in surprise, "Hardbound?"

Jhing: Haha you're a jerk.

Rico: But really, I couldn't feel anything so I thought it was hardbound.

Jhing: Jerk. Then?

Rico: She pushed me so hard that I hit my head. She got offended.

Jhing: Because you're a b.a.s.t.a.r.d.


Rico: It's not my fault if her books are hardbound.

Jhing: Hahaha bwisit haha!

Rico: Looks like you're having so much fun ah?

Jhing: Just finish your story before my mood turns bad.

Rico: Wow. :((


Rico: So yeah, she made me turn my back on her. Her ma.s.sage was terrible, she was hurting me.

Jhing: Haha you deserved it. :p

Rico: s.a.d.i.s.t.

Jhing: Haha then?

Rico: Then yeah&h.e.l.lip; gradually, it became better. Smoother&h.e.l.lip;. Hands were slowly creeping downwards&h.e.l.lip;..


Jhing: She touched you?


Rico: &h.e.l.lip;

Jhing: What did you do?

Rico: Shocked.

Jhing: Then?

Rico: Shocked.

Jhing: I know. And then?

Rico: I couldn't push her or else she might get offended again.


Jhing: You had s.e.x?

Rico: No.

Rico: Jhing ah.


Jhing: What? I think that's the ending of your story.


Rico: No ah! I'm not like that. Even though I joke a lot, I will never do that to a woman I don't love.

Jhing: Then what happened?


Rico: I told her, "Joy, you should probably bring joy to other men instead. My thing is the only one you can give joy to, but my mind and heart will never accept it. If you're doing that because you feel like no one's respecting you, then let me be the first one to do so."


Jhing: You told her that?

Rico: Uhm, yes?

Jhing: Are you sure?

Rico: Yes?

Jhing: Wow huh.

Rico: Then I went home.


Jhing: Nothing happened?

Rico: None.

Jhing: None?

Rico: I went to the washroom when I got home.

Jhing: Okay, enough.

Rico: Hahahahahahaha I took a cold bath to calm myself down.


Jhing: Epic day?

Rico: It's fine, but I felt like a pervert.


Jhing: You act like you're virgin.

Rico: I'm a virgin. O_O

Jhing: Oh really?

Rico: Kind of?


Jhing: Kind of?

Rico: Half half?

Jhing: Are you fooling around?


Rico: A bit?

Jhing: Spill.

Rico: What spill?


Jhing: Spill the story about that "kinda devirginized" story.



Jhing: Ok bye.

Rico: Jhing?


Rico: You left me!


Rico: College. First girlfriend. She was a senior. I was a freshman. Cla.s.smates in Algebra. I was late in cla.s.s so I sat beside her at the back of the cla.s.sroom. I was in the block. She was irreg.

Seen 12:23am


Jhing: Really?

Rico: Yes?

Jhing: Why?

Rico: What do you mean?


Jhing: Why did you do it with her?


Rico: Because I love her? Because I was curious? I'm also a man, Jhing.

Jhing: Not obvious.

Rico: You're hurting my heart. D:


Jhing: Then what happened? Is she your ex of 2 years?

Rico: No. Before that. We broke up after 7 months.


Jhing: Why?

Rico: Because she was 7 months pregnant.

Seen 12:34am


Jhing: Tangina, you're already a Father?

Rico: If I said yes, what will you do?

Jhin: Then why are you f.u.c.king chatting with me?

Rico: Because I want to.


Jhing: f.u.c.k, you already have a baby?! But you're still shameless to chat other women!? If you don't love your wife, at least treasure your baby! Tangina you're a b.a.s.t.a.r.d! You don't deserve the child. That child doesn't deserve a father like you. You annoying a.s.shole!

Seen 12:39am


Rico: Wow. HashtagHugot⁵.

Rico: Hahahaha!

Rico: I was kidding! I'm not the father. I didn't have s.e.x with her the month we got together okay ah? 


Rico: If I really am the father, my bad-tempered sister will kill me. My ex got pregnant with another man&h.e.l.lip; my Professor, to be exact.

Jhing: You're not a good joker.

Rico: Sorry for my humor?

Jhing: It wasn't funny.


Jhing: But that was a twisted plot twist.

Rico: Were you worried?


Jhing: Shut up.

Rico: It was more of a plot twist when I was one of the people who took a vow for the baby at his baptism to be his G.o.dfather.


Jhing: What? Hahahahahahahaha epic.


Rico: I can feel your happiness all the way from here ah.

Jhing: It was funny.


Rico: When I gave you a joke minutes ago, it was not funny. Now that I'm being serious, it suddenly became funny.

Jhing: I'm weird like that. Deal with it.

Rico: I'm happy dealing with it.

Jhing: Whatever.


Rico: You?

Jhing: What me?

Rico: I don't know. Story?

Jhing: Huh?


Rico: Do you really want me to ask you directly?


Jhing: There’s no "story" because I’m saving my whole self for the person I’m going to be with for the rest of my life in the future. I believe in making love after marriage. Sorry.



Rico: Ouch. I suddenly felt like a demon. :(((

Jhing: Nah. We all have different values.

Rico: Hahaha yeah. After that, even if I feel really itchy, I don't want to do it anymore.


Jhing: You don't want it? Never tried it with your ex?

Rico: Just a bit of a base⁷.

Jhing: Which base?



Rico: I need to go to the church to confess and repent my sins tomorrow.


Jhing: I was just asking. You don't need to answer my question.

Rico: But I want to be honest with you.


Jhing: Wtf, so much drama.

Rico is typing&h.e.l.lip;

Jhing: Please. Don't answer it.

Seen 1:06am


Rico: I thought you wanted to know?


Jhing: Go to sleep.

Rico: Huh? Why? Did I say something wrong? 

Jhing: You're too honest. It's annoying. Okay go, sleep.


Rico: Oh&h.e.l.lip; sure. But I have a question.

Jhing: What?

Rico: Did something happened to you today?


Jhing: Nothing, why do you keep asking?!

Rico: Ohhhh&h.e.l.lip;

Rico: One more.

Jhing: What?!


Rico: How to become "gsv kvihlm"⁸ ?

"the person," read back to 12:57am if you don't understand~

Jhing: What?

Rico: Good morning.


Jhing: Hey!


Jhing: Jesus Crux!


Jhing: You with your stupid childish codes.


Jhing: You should really go to the church to clean your sins, bwisit!

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