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Nakakatacute - A variation of "nakakatakot" which means "it's scary," but instead of nakakatakot, it fuses the word "cute" at the end, giving the meaning of it's scary but cute at the same time. ²f.u.c.k cute - a variation of "Pa-cute" which means "pretending to be cute," but Rico replaced the pa into f.u.c.k in response to Jhing's f.u.c.k you. Day 68


Rico: Hi Baby Jhing!


Rico: Baby Jhing?


Rico: Baby?


Rico: Jhing?


Jhing: What?

Rico: You hate Baby Jhing that much?

Jhing: Isn't it obvious?

Rico: But you're the one who started it.

Jhing: I was just mocking you. It was not for endearment.


Rico: But don't you think Baby Jhing is adorable?

Jhing: f.u.c.k no.

Jhing: Disgusting.

Rico: Baby Jhing 


Rico: Baby? 


Rico: Hahahaha fine I'll stop!

Rico: You're scary. 


Jhing: It's good that you actually know fear.

Rico: Yes, Baby Jhing. It won't happen again.

Seen 11:56pm


Rico: Joke! I'll seriously stop.

Jhing: I’m close to hugging you.


Rico: Ha?! O________O

Jhing: So tight.

Rico: Wait!


Jhing: With a rope. On the neck.

Seen 12:04am


Rico: Badtrip, you can have the b.u.t.terflies in my stomach back.

Jhing: You're also a badtrip. I'm sleeping!

Rico: You're always sleeping on me.

Rico: It hurts to get sleepzoned.


Jhing: Wow k.

Rico: Instead of walking out on me, you just sleep. 

Rico: Are you getting bored of me?


Jhing: Wtf question is that?

Rico: For real, am I boring?

Rico: I'm scared you'll stop replying because you got tired of me.


Jhing: What kind of drama is this now, Jesus Crux?

Rico: Reality? 

Rico: The bitter truth that you'll one day get tired of my stubbornness and get p.i.s.sed, and then finally decide to not talk to me. 

Rico: Or maybe I'm not as persistent anymore so it makes you yawn instead of laugh?

Rico: There's also the possibility of too much persistence that it will annoy you to the point of leaving me which will make me cry?


Jhing: What did you eat a while ago that it made you emotional?

Rico: Just asking.

Jhing: Ah.


Rico: You didn't answer my question.

Jhing: What question?

Rico: Did something happen to you today?

Jhing: WTF


Jhing: What's your problem? Why do you keep on asking me that question?

Rico: Nothing much.


Jhing: You keep saying it's nothing but you ask that question every single day.


Rico: But are you bored of me?

Jhing: You're so good at changing topics.

Rico: Just asking.

Jhing: Is something bothering you?


Rico: None. 

Jhing: You should sleep.

Rico: Aw are you worried? :”>

Rico: Sweet Baby Jhing :”>


Jhing: Stop. That.

Rico: Stop what?

Jhing: That baby thing!


Rico: Baby?

Jhing: UGH

Rico: Hahahaha it's so cute when you get teased. 


Jhing: It's also cute when you get blocked.

Rico: Awww you're nakakatacute¹.

Jhing: f.u.c.k you.


Rico is typing. . .


Rico: f.u.c.k cute²

Jhing: O boy.

Rico: Hahahaha I don't know, I'm going crazy. Sorry.


Rico: But the words I said are my true feelings. I'm scared of you getting bored of talking to me and then you'll stop replying hahahahaha.


Rico: Jhing?


Jhing: I won’t.

Rico: What "I won’t"?


Jhing: I won’t get bored.


Jhing: Goodnight. 

Rico: Wait!!111111!11!11111


Rico: Jhing!??!??!


Rico: BABY JHING??!?!?


Rico: Joke.

Rico: Jhing!!


Rico: Why are you doing this to me!?

Rico: Don't stop our HashtagBlushingToTheBones moments midway.

Rico: Ahu ahu ahu ahu . . .


Rico: But it made me smile.


Rico: Good mornight My Seen Queen

Rico: *hihi*

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