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When Autumn's Golden Wind Embraces Jade Dew

The golden and green lights flowed as a pair, lingering about Hu Nianzi, making Bright Star Ten Feet of Blue appear extremely illusory. Hu Niangzi only slashed the air with her double sabers. The golden and green saber-qi twisted over, once again repelling the Yin Yang Twin Swords.

"Surprisingly, it is the Heaven Earth Dark Yellow Skill." Sikong Chuhe opened her little mouth. She honestly was unable to believe such a legendary Star Maiden and Star Master was merely second only to the Heaven Rank Supermoves.

"Take this."

Xi Yue used her Illusion Reality powers. Zhang Yuqi and Zhang Feiyu also followed up, one wielding fierce flames and the other's White Water Mirror Heart blossomed with bottomless vortices.

The Water and Fire Generals also used everything they could to block.

"Time Flows Like Water!" Shan Meng'er wielded the Flying Shower Falling Star Spear. An extremely nimble water spear-light slithered in the air like a living snake, its speed very quick, dazzling.

But before this killing snare could cover them, it was cut apart by Golden Wind and Jade Dew.

Hu Niangzi calmly guarded in front of Su Xing, wielding her blades with calm and ease. Illusory saber-qi flashed by, suddenly unstoppable, and the ice and fire sisters could only activate magic weapons to barely resist.

Seeing the situation was increasingly deteriorating, Sikong Chuhe could only inwardly curse that these Zhang Sisters were somewhat unclear about the circ.u.mstances. To not kill that feeble Star Master was enough, but to still unexpectedly allow the enemy Star General to comprehend the Heaven Earth Dark Yellow Skill, Sikong Chuhe was very depressed.

"Little Sister, we are leaving!"

Sikong Chuhe snorted in feigned anger, not daring to tarry.

The General of Sacred Water and the General of Holy Water did not continue fighting. To face against Heavenly Star Water and Fire Sisters, they naturally recognized themselves as not being opponents, let alone there was also the Bright Star that had comprehended the Heaven Earth Dark Yellow Skill.

"Scram then, this wasn't even a warm-up for Big Sister." Zhang Feiyu had the urge to chase.

"Feiyu, do not pursue." Xi Yue hastily called her back, so as to avoid the impulsive Boatman falling into a trap.

Hu Niangzi's eyes followed their backs until they disappeared. Her Heaven Earth Dark Yellow Skill "When Autumn's Golden Wind Embraces Jade Dew" was activated under the condition her contractor was powerless. The Golden Wind and Jade Dew double sabers unleashed a green and gold saber-qi that wound around herself and Su Xing. For the time being, Hu Niangzi was unable to leave from within a certain range of Su Xing.

The saber-light hid.

"You all came?" Su Xing smiled.

"Is Milord alright?" Xi Yue asked, concerned.

Su Xing shook his head.

Water splashed. Zhang Yuqi jumped right in front of Su Xing like a mermaid. Her fluffy golden twintails were still dazzling as before, moving like the waves. The girl was all smiles and said: "Yuqi rushed over with lots of speed."

"Are you alright?" Su Xing received her influence, and he could not help but relax.

The White Stripe in the Waves winked. She ambiguously spied Su Xing's two lolis: "You truly have a lot of luck with women…" Saying this, Zhang Yuqi moved close to Su Xing's ear, softly whispering: "Little Sister Bright Star Hu Sanniang surprisingly comprehended her Heaven Earth Dark Yellow Skill with you. Tell Yuqi, did you make her give you a b.l.o.w.j.o.b?"

Su Xing did not know whether to laugh or cry. Hearing her tease him like this, he knew that the Damage Star in his memory with that damaging tone had truly returned. However, at this time, Su Xing did not have much of a mood to return the compliment. After beating back the water and fire generals, the Nine h.e.l.ls again restored its tranquility. Everyone's lines of sight gathered on the Heaven Earth Dark Yellow Thousand PaG.o.da of Chao Gai.

That Buddhist light that sprinkled down on the Nine Firmaments made them feel even more pressured. The Big Sister of Maiden Mountain made every Star Maiden present curious.

Zhang Yuqi shook her head at the Devil transformed Guan Ying,

Chao Gai had been continuously using the Heaven Earth Dark Yellow Thousand PaG.o.da's Buddhist light to inhibit the Devil Star and slowly absorb it into the paG.o.da. The unexpected attack of the water and fire generals naturally had been in her sight, but Chao Gai naturally would not pay close attention to the fight between the Star Generals and remained unmoved. On the contrary, when she saw Hu Niangzi use the Heaven Earth Dark Yellow Skill "When Autumn's Golden Wind Embraces Jade Dew," she showed a peculiar expression.

"Do you have anything you would like to say to Su Xing?" Chao Gai saw that Guan Ying's gaze was concentrated on herself, and then she indifferently asked.

The Brave Star was silent.

"Is that so?"

Chao Gai thought aloud. Her hand shook, and the Heaven Earth Dark Yellow Thousand PaG.o.da's nine storeys of Buddhist light slowly receded. Brave Star Great Blade Guan Ying was finally absorbed into the ninth floor of the paG.o.da.

In the sky, a star that seemed obscured by fog slowly vanished, and finally completely dimmed.

Brave Star.

Star Duel end.

Su Xing watched the renowned Brave Star Great Blade Guan Ying leave the Star Duels. He sighed in disappointment and frustration. Although she had withdrawn from the Star Duels. As far as Guan Ying was concerned, this perhaps was not necessarily the best way to be freed.

The Buddhist light disappeared. Chao Gai's hands clasped the paG.o.da, and then she descended to Su Xing's front.

Hu Niangzi, Zhang Yuqi, Xi Yue and the others were incomparably anxious. They feared Chao Gai would make a move against Su Xing. Su Xing cast them a relieved expression. He looked at the G.o.dly woman that should have been angry but was not, and he asked: "Chao Gai, what'll happen to Guan Ying?"

"She will be refined within the paG.o.da."

"Is she dead?" Zhang Yuqi was taken aback.

"This will depend on her own luck. If the Devil Star can be refined away, that would be for the best." Chao Gai did not explain clearly.

However, Su Xing could tell, Chao Gai really was not thinking of making things difficult for Guan Ying.

Chao Gai fixed her gaze on Su Xing for a moment, and then she raised her head to look at the heaven supporting pillar, Maiden Mountain. At a distance of hundreds of millions of li away, Maiden Mountain's domineering aura was still majestic. "This One asks you one final time. Are you prepared to bear the price of breaking the rules?"

"Chao Gai, Niangzi will not allow you to harm Dear Husband." Niangzi's double sabers unsheathed.

The other girls looked as if they were facing a great enemy when they heard this.

Su Xing restrained her impulse and faintly said: "I'll never go back once I do something."

"Very good." Chao Gai gave him an expression of praise. A very slight, minute curve appeared at the corner of her lips: "Evil Smiting Hall has ended. You are unable to imagine Maiden Mountain's trials…This One advises you make all haste to call them all back, in order to not leave behind regrets before you die."

"What are you saying?" Hu Niangzi's tone was full of cold.

Chao Gai smiled. She leapt backwards, dispersed golden light, and her figure seemed to ripple and dissolve into the air. She completely vanished, leaving only a sentence that seemed to care yet not care for them.

"When you see that Maiden Mountain has a peculiar image, this means that Maiden Mountain's trial for you has begun…Do your best. This One is very curious to what degree you can break the rules of the Star Duels at the very end."

"Does Papa know Chao Gai?" Bai Yutang pinched the corners of Su Xing's clothes, her eyes wide as she shyly asked. The little loli's question honestly was what the others wanted to ask.

Especially Zhang Feiyu, who very directly asked – Were you sent by Maiden Mountain? How are you so close to even Chao Gai. This is too unimaginable.

"I broke the rules. Chao Gai has come to admonish me on behalf of Maiden Mountain." Su Xing shrugged.


"So Maiden Mountain feels that Young Su has contracted too many Sisters and wants to test you. Yuqi actually has never heard of this." Zhang Yuqi pursed her lips, feeling quite displeased with Maiden Mountain's methods.

Zhang Feiyu gasped, "In that case, Su Xing, since you have contracted so many Sisters, not only is it impossible for you to ascend Maiden Mountain, you could even lose your life at any time?"

"That's right." Su Xing nodded.

"Ah, Little Sister, don't you want to reconsider." Zhang Feiyu was very pragmatic. She felt that Su Xing had so many Sisters, anyways, for her Little Sister to contract with him, she felt too wronged.

This practically felt like a concubine.

"Elder Sister." Zhang Yuqi coquettishly glared.

"Regardless of how extreme Maiden Mountain's trials are for Milord, Xi Yue will stand at Milord's side." Xi Yue said, tender and sincere.

Su Xing smiled. He shook his head, not at all hoping for her to do this.

Just as they said this, they saw Su Xing's exhaustion and still decided to first return to the Immortal's Abode. At this time, suddenly, the sky seemed to shake. They lifted their heads to look. Their originally relaxed mood immediately tensed.

Not a moment after Chao Gai left, the next moment Maiden Mountain then displayed an abnormality.

The heaven-supporting pillar burst forth with a gorgeous rainbow light. Immediately afterwards, a crimson light spewed out.

After the crimson light, there was another moment.

An orange followed closely behind.


Yellow, green, azure, blue, and purple light shot out in succession, "Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Azure, Blue, Purple" were seven colors. When the rainbow lights shot out, it was extremely blinding. However, it disappeared immediately afterwards, dissolving without a trace into the boundless horizon.

"The advice Chao Gai left honestly was right on time." Su Xing took in a deep breath.

Xi Yue and the others had grave expressions. The seven lights that Maiden Mountain spouted were extremely out of the ordinary. Even with this enormous distance, they could still feel their lungs choke.

"I'm going back first. I have to forge the Earth Element Flying Swords. Xi Yue, Yuqi, let's part ways for now." Su Xing said, not wanting to implicate them.

"Hey, Young Su, can you even forge a Flying Sword in this shape?" Zhang Yuqi teased him and winked.

"Since Young Su has saved Yuqi, Yuqi naturally cannot leave now."

"Yuqi, what your Elder Sister said is right. We don't even know what Maiden Mountain's trials are. It's too dangerous for you to stick with me." Su Xing gravely said.

"Aren't they in danger?" Zhang Yuqi's gaze looked to Bai Yutang and the others.

"If I can minimize things, then I naturally will." Su Xing shook his head.

"However, Young Su has saved Yuqi. Yuqi nevertheless should repay you…" Zhang Yuqi bashfully said, somewhat honest, somewhat feigned.

Su Xing laughed, actually not minding very much about the Damage Star's repayment. "No need. You and I are friends. Something as small as this isn't worth a mention."

"Hm, hm, so generous?" Zhang Feiyu chuckled.

Zhang Yuqi's cheeks flushed red. She rolled her eyes at Su Xing. Then, she showed pearly white teeth and candidly smiled. "However, Yuqi certainly does not want to owe Young Su a favor."


Her fragrance wafted, a.s.saulting him in the face. Before Su Xing could react, Zhang Yuqi suddenly pounced. She spread her arms and clasped Su Xing's chin. Her supple red lips solemnly stuck to his.

She tenderly kissed him, like flowing water.

This made Bai Yutang curiously widen his eyes. Hu Niangzi, fearing the child would be led astray, opened her arms and shielded Bai Yutang's pure gaze. She herself stared at Su Xing and Zhang Yuqi's deep and intimate kiss. Her heart could not help but be moved.

A scorching mark appeared on each of their foreheads.

In the sky, another Crimson Star ignited.

This kiss ended, and their saliva drew thin as silk.

Su XIng's lips were dripping wet. This was the first time he felt a kiss so full of the sea's moisture. As expected of White Stripe in the Waves. Furthermore, an abundant, ocean-like energy once again bubbled forth throughout Su Xing's whole exhausted body.

"Zhang Yuqi, you really aren't scared of danger…" Su Xing was speechless.

"Whatever. Aren't the Star Duels hand-in-hand with danger?" Zhang Yuqi smiled without a care.

Su Xing nodded and said nothing more…

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