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Published at 17th of August 2019 05:20:04 AM Chapter 471: 471
Chai Ling stood at the bow of her boat . The waves undulated, and an eerie gold appeared on the horizon .

The sound of burning fire flared up, and a completely red Burning Whale swam to the side of the boat . On the whale were two girls .

“Zhang Feiyu, Xi Yue, you have come as well?” Chai Ling did not even glance at them .

“Is that in the direction of the Endless Abyss?” Xi Yue said in astonishment .

Chai Ling opened her fan, showing that this clearly was the case .

“Is White Stripe in the Waves already fine?”

“En, isn't Su Xing careless, to unexpectedly want to go with Guan Ying to destroy the Devil Star…This is too unreasonable . ”

“Feiyu, we should hurry over there, too . ” Xi Yue anxiously urged .

Zhang Feiyu nodded . Before they left, she gazed inquisitively at Chai Ling . The n.o.ble Star Little Whirlwind in front of her that was positioned outside of the Star Duels clearly cared very much about Su Xing .

“This Palace has no need to go . He will be fine if he has a plan . ” Chai Ling smiled charmingly .

Zhang Feiyu and Xi Yue said nothing . The Burning Whale ignited its flame, breaking out a scorching splash of flame on the seas . Only after their figures disappeared did Chai Ling's lovely smile gradually disappear . It was replaced by an indescribable melancholy .

“Legend says the Nine Nether Devil Star Stone is a stone produced in the Nine h.e.l.ls that dropped from Star World . The qi of the Nine h.e.l.ls reportedly can remove the stone, but it can also make the Devil Star become even more terrifying…Chai Ling…” A languid and indifferent voice came from above .

Chai Ling turned her head back . Konghou was currently sitting leisurely on one of the boat's masts . Her hand held wine . She was drunk .

“Are you truly not worried about the Brave Star after she turns Devil Star?” Konghou thoughtfully glanced at her .

“Brave Star Great Blade Guan Sheng, the head of the Five Tigers Generals, a cavalry general . Her strength does not lose out to Lu Junyi . She has inherited the Reclining Moon Blade Technique of the Saint of War1 and possesses a uniquely unmatched warrior general spirit among the 108 Sisters…” Chai Ling did not answer but slowly narrated instead . Each word was as beautiful as a creek . “Her Innate Skill Unrivalled has even greater effectiveness when faced with the siege of several Star Generals . ”

“Unrivalled, truly burdensome . ” Konghou drunkenly sighed .

Unrivalled .

If speaking solely about the martial general spirit of Star Generals, indeed, she was unparalleled, but even the Saint of War generals with G.o.d-like might nevertheless lacked contributions across the eight generations of Star Duels . They had never even entered the Seven Stars a.s.sembly .

Compared to Lu Junyi, Wu Song, and Lin Chong who did not sign contracts, chief of the Five Tigers Generals Guan Sheng was much more fond of finding a Star Master that could accompany the Brave Star .

And such a Star Master often treated others with an utterly stupefying righteousness .

This was not praise at all, but more like mockery .

The Seven Stars a.s.sembly of the Star Duels selected the final seven Star Masters and Star Generals, and at this time, the Star Duels often had powerful alliances, and Guan Sheng's personality was doomed to never do this .

Of course, this did not count for much . In fact, top-notch martial generals would do this, but Guan Sheng was even more tragic in that she would often be enc.u.mbered by upstanding contractors – an a.s.sembly of Star Generals unable to learn to deceive and cheat one another . It was better that such a way to die was not too common in the Star Duels, so after naturally after martial generals like Lu Junyi, Wu Song, and Lin Chong Starfeel, chief of the Five Tigers Generals Guan Sheng inevitably would too . All Star Masters would not put up with the chief of the Five Tigers Generals ascending Maiden Mountain, and at that time, Star Masters would unite with even more coordination than at any other time .

The ninth Brave Star Guan Ying resolved to change this situation and contracted with the most powerful Star Master of the Devil Star Palace well-known for deceit, but as Heaven would have it, this generation was even more tragic than before .

Even that legendary Devil Star was about to be born .

There was no choice but to sigh .

“Are you truly unconcerned with the Devil Star?” Konghou asked again . “If the Brave Star becomes a Devil Star, without Lin Chong or Wu Song at his side, that man named Su Xing is bound to suffer misfortune . ”

Gazing at that golden light on the horizon, Chai Ling's slender phoenix eyes had a rare bit of hurt .

“This Palace believes that she will not become a Devil Star . ”

“Why?” Konghou sipped her wine .

Chai Ling's reply was very simple, just eleven words .

Each word nevertheless was resounding and powerful, striking one's feelings .

“Because she is the Brave Star! Just this and nothing more . ”

When Konghou heard, she smiled somewhat drunkenly .

“Do you trust her this much?”

Black script endlessly flickered all over Guan Ying's body . The Devil Star seemed to be secured tightly by chains . Immediately, these chains shattered, and Guan Ying's whole body was full of a deep darkness . Her eyes brimmed with the shock that could only appear for one in a nightmare .

The Devil Star was released .

But Guan Ying did not appear at all willing to be taken in by the Devil Star . She tightly gripped the great blade, her taut body struggling . That indomitable and proud torso seemed to age a hundred years, stooped like an old person . She relied on unimaginably tough willpower . The Brave Star unexpectedly was still persisting to death even under the Devil Star .

Great Saint Starkiller's smile immediately froze . His eyes filled with pain, unreconciliation and hate .

“Purple Thunder Monster!!”

All of his hate exploded on Su Xing . Great Saint Starkiller furiously shouted, pouring all of his magic energy into the Golden Magnetic Divine Peak . Devil Qi crisscrossed all over his body, and two terrifying horns unexpectedly grew out of his forehead . The Eight Desolates Heavenly Demon Body had reached its limit . Great Saint Starkiller spared nothing in order to kill Su Xing .

The Golden Magnetic Divine Peak was used by Great Saint Starkiller like this .

The dark gold light expanded a hundredfold . Countless ancient script scattered and circulated over the mountain . The world contorted under the First Magnetic Golden Light, reversing Heaven and Earth, and the Boundless Bell continuously rang .

The Golden Magnetic Divine Peak spun without restraint, crushing down .

Two more of the five-clawed golden dragons were crushed by the Golden Magnetic Divine Peak in succession .

Su Xing also did not hesitate at all to urge on all of the magic energy his body had . The Meditative Mind Lotus Flower blossomed in the air, its brilliance stronger than when it was in the Buddha Kingdom, but Great Saint Starkiller's magic weapon Divine Peak was more powerful than Su Xing thought, especially the First Magnetic Divine Light on the mountain . It oppressed all living things, twisted Heaven and Earth . If it was not for the Five Dragons Lantern containing the Bodhi as a core releasing endless light, he completely would have been unable to block .

“Is that man a monster?” The pupils of the Ruan Jin'er to the side shrunk, casting an overwhelmed gaze at Su Xing .

Great Saint Starkiller's Golden Magnetic Divine Peak was Devil Ancestor Dark Nether's . Transforming Star of Annihilation level magic weapon, forged with powerful abilities . It was no exaggeration to say that the Prehistoric Spirit Treasures on the Spirit Sealing List were lacking in comparison, add on that Great Saint Starkiller had an additional Boundless Bell .

Once this type of frightening magic weapon combination was used, let alone a Supercl.u.s.ter Cultivator, even Supervoid Cultivators would be helpless .

But .

That man surprisingly could make a claim to be equal, and he was merely Supercl.u.s.ter Middle Stage cultivation . This was too unimaginable .

This kind of Star Master had to die .

Ruan Jin'er's mind fell into a perilous situation . The Azure Seas Green Duckweed in her hand stirred restlessly .

“Yin and Yang suppressed, Heaven and Earth fortune!!”

Great Saint Starkiller again chanted .

The Golden Magnetic Divine Peak spun rapidly . The First Magnetic Divine Light's storm rolled, gradually already suppressing the light . Seeing Guan Ying was still struggling against the Devil Star, Great Saint Starkiller was impatient .

Gongsun Huang pointed her sword, attempting to use Star Magic Half-destroyed Landscape .

The girl was stunned, and blood flowed from the corner of her mouth .

The Dark Technique Star Magic indeed was used, but this First Magnetic Divine Light was honestly too defiant . It unexpectedly suppressed Heaven and Earth, and even the world-shocking Half-destroyed Landscape was like a pebble fallen into the ocean, with no response .

There was a phoenix cry .

The Di Nü Heavenly Phoenix flapped its wings . Its magnificent body slammed towards the Golden Magnetic Divine Peak .

Su Xing shouted . The Earth Book True Spirit Empress Tu flew towards the Golden Magnetic Divine Peak . Yellow dust rolled, gathering into a boulder that rolled along . Within it was a chaotic thunderclap, powerfully emitting pressure . All directions were left unturned .


The two exchanged blows .

The sound of thunder drummed against the mountains and rivers . The deathly still Endless Pool rumbled, and the entire black colored seawater churned . An intense impact rang in the sky .

A blinding golden light flashed by .

The ma.s.sive Golden Magnetic Divine Peak split apart with a rumble, the sound of the impact turning into a golden light that rained down .

Great Saint Starkiller violently vomited blood upon receiving this blow .

Su Xing also sprayed blood .

The two were consuming all of the strength in their bodies, fighting evenly . Su Xing did not have the strength to lift even a finger . Although he had succeeded in destroying Great Saint Starkiller's Golden Magnetic Divine Peak, Su Xing had paid an extremely great price . The Di Nü Heavenly Phoenix was heavily injured, the book of Empress Tu had lost much of its spiritual power, and the Buddhist light of the Five Dragons Lantern had been extinguished .

Gongsun Huang gently waved a hand, and a breeze held Su Xing aloft .

“Guan Ying, I order you right now to become the Devil Star . ” Great Saint Starkiller was drained, yet he staked all of his hatred, squeezing out a bit more energy . The black Devil Star Banner in his hand waved . The Star Crest on his forehead became black, releasing a glaring light .

The contractor's compulsion and determination were channeled into Guan YIng . THe Brave Star's Star Crest on her forehead glowed .

Guan Ying struggled even more unbearably, casting an even more disappointed expression at Great Saint Starkiller: “Your Highness, why…”

“Kill, kill, kill, kill, kill, kill…” Great Saint Starkiller was thoroughly mad, roaring twistedly .

Perhaps Guan Ying was still struggling during her fall into a Devil Star . Great Saint Starkiller had already entered the Nine h.e.l.ls, but the contractor was inherently linked to Star General . By doing so, the Brave Star suffered even more .

“Your Highness, what happens now?” Gongsun Huang opened her little mouth, fearfully looking at the blackening Guan Sheng .

The Su Xing with magic energy completely in overdraft formed a hand seal, activating the technique he previously learned from the Taiyi Sword Sect's Ancestor Gui Mu, “Wood Essence Nurturing Qi . ” This technique could maintain a Star Cultivator's Star Energy . Pills could hardly compare, and at the most dangerous moment, it could allow a Star Cultivator to use his final bit of magic energy . Su Xing used this last bit of magic energy, his hands forming countless seals .

“So I have heard, Buddha reads for commoners . Set!”

The final ray of Buddhist light left Su Xing's finger, piercing Guan Ying's brow .

The girl's struggling then weakened .

“You thought you could obstruct the Devil Star? Ridiculous . Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, I, Great Saint Starkiller am finally the number one overlord of the Star Duels!!” Great Saint Starkiller was frenzied, laughing practically with insanity .

“d.a.m.n you . ”

Hu Niangzi raised his double sabers to kill him .

Suddenly, Great Saint Starkiller felt his forehead burn with unmatched pain . The blackened resonating Star Crest was red as hot iron, painfully breaking Great Saint Starkiller .

“Since this is so, you already do not deserve to act as This General's master . ”

Guan Ying's tone was bleak, turning in a split second from the torment of the Devil Star back to radiating light .

Great Saint Starkiller was shocked .

The Star Crest on his forehead surprisingly slowly faded, disappearing in the end .

In the sky, a Crimson Star went dark .


Great Saint Starkiller felt his forehead in shock, and his whole body trembled .

Everyone was dumbstruck .

Contract, rescinded!!

“It is impossible for a complete Star General to rescind a contract . ” Great Saint Starkiller was incapable of accepting this fact and screamed .

As he said, unless special means were used on a complete Star General under a contract, it was very difficult to rescind the contract, no matter how much one wished . Unless…unless Guan Ying's inherent warrior spirit had already reached a Realm that all other Brave Stars had never reached .

And this Realm can't ever be bound even by a mutual contract…Su Xing exclaimed .

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