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Yan Jun thought about Shu Qinger's death and the fact that they have not found the actual culprit. The situation had gotten a little complicated now that her twin sister appeared. 

"Let's not jump into conclusion yet. You should check on it first and we will decide after that!"

"Should I need to arrange some bodyguards to secretly protect the Old Mistress and the Young Mistress at the mansion?"

Somehow, even Yan Jun felt like that woman would do something to Mu Chenyan!

"Either way, Zhao Ruoxin is still Qinger's sister. Since I owe Qinger a debt of grat.i.tude, it is my duty to take care of her sister!" "Investigating Zhao Ruoxin is just to get to know her better. It doesn't necessarily mean that she is a bad person!"

Yuan Xuan had always put in careful considerations before making a decision. He would not act rashly and alert anyone before confirming that she is suspicious. After all, the debt of grat.i.tude that they owed to the Shu Family had always bothered the Old Mistress.

"I wanted to be safe than sorry..." Yan Jun said worriedly.

Yuan Xuan could not help but laugh when he saw how Yan Jun was more nervous than him.

"Jiu'er who is with the Old Mistress has been trained since young. That girl will protect the Old Mistress!"

"Moreover, Zhao Ruoxin will not hurt the Old Mistress because she is her patron! The Old Mistress invited her into the Yuan Family Mansion, provided her with beautiful clothes and delicious food."

"As for Chenyan, I don't think she's that weak. This also happens to be a good opportunity for her to train herself!"

As he spoke, Yuan Xuan recalled how the woman acted one way in the open and another in the dark. Moreover, she was able to destroy Feng Rao without batting an eyelid. Thus, Zhao Ruoxin who seemed harmless at the moment would not be a match to her.

He had seen the innocent and bright Mu Chenyan in the past. Although she was not as adorable as she was from before, it was challenging now to have a woman as unpredictable and difficult as her! 

Sometimes, he even wished that she was a little more cunning!

He will spoil his woman no matter who she had become!

Seeing the smile on the Third Young Master's face when he mentioned Mu Chenyan, Yan Jun could not help but sigh internally. That woman must truly be a magical living being to be able to melt his ice-cold heart...

"Oh right, when do Young Master plan to deal with the situation in the prison?"

Yan Jun recalled the news from the first trial and secretly broke into a sweat for those pests who had no idea of death or danger!

"Might as well do it today. Pick up the Young Mistress in a while and I will be there today."

Yuan Xuan was annoyed whenever this was mentioned!

Someone actually dared to go against his will and deliberately hurt Mu Chenyan!

She had already suffered two years in prison and she had to suffer another two more years. This thought alone caught him by surprise and made him lost his temper!

He could not ease his anger if he did not do something about these people!

Yan Jun went to the Hibiscus Garden to pick Mu Chenyan up but he did not tell her where they were going.

Mu Chenyan stayed silent and did not ask. The gentle-looking girl dressed plainly sat in the car, looking at the rapidly moving view outside the window with her bright eyes and feeling a little sentimental.

Yan Jun was suddenly curious about this Young Mistress.

He worked for Yuan Xuan for a few years already but he had never seen his CEO paid so much attention to a woman.

The public said that Miss Shu was the CEO's childhood friend, but Yan Jun felt that the CEO was only paying his grat.i.tude.

Even though the CEO's att.i.tude towards Miss Mu was very uncertain, Yan Jun felt that the CEO favored her...

Nonetheless, he always thought that Miss Mu was a little terrifyingly quiet despite going through so much. Considering the grudges between the two families in the past and what he found out from the pests in the prison.

Mu Chenyan noticed that Yan Jun was secretly looking at her. She twitched her mouth and put on a smile, averted her gaze and asked in a low voice, "Secretary Yan, you've been around Yuan Xuan for a few years already, right?"

Yan Jun instantly sat up straight when he was being asked, "It has indeed been a few years already!"

"There isn't any other woman around Yuan Xuan in the past two years?"

Mu Chenyan asked briefly while twirling her hair with her fingers. She asked very casually without any emotions on her face. However, the calmer she was, the more dangerous it felt!

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