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Chapter 1571 - 1571: Our Heaven Continent’s Golden Meeting (3)

Translator: Atlas Studios    Editor: Atlas Studios

What benefits they specifically gained, outsiders didn’t know, but when they left, everyone was shining with immortal light.

On the city wall of the Immortal Burial City, the Sect Master of the Sword Sect, Zhang Guangyuan, the Sect Master of the Blood Battle Sect, Immortal Lord Wansha, and a few Immortal Lord powerhouses from the Dao Sect came to send Han Muye and the others off.

“Yunlan, whether or not the Fuyu Immortal World can truly rise depends on you,” Zhang Guangyuan said with a hint of emotion on his face, speaking softly.

All this time, the Fuyu Immortal World had never achieved any real success at the Grand Summit.

This time, it was probably the most likely opportunity for the Fuyu Immortal World to achieve good results in countless years.

Because this time, the leader of the Fuyu Immortal World was Yunlan Sword Immortal Han Muye.

This person was capable of single-handedly dealing with several Immortal Lord experts.

During the elite selection battle, Han Muye fought nine Immortal Lords alone and killed an Immortal Lord expert from the Zhaoyang Immortal World with a single punch. Then, he chased after those Immortal Lords from the Zhaoyang Immortal World.

With such methods, he was bound to shine in the compet.i.tion of the myriad realms.

Seeing Han Muye and the others soar into the sky, Zhang Guangyuan and the others looked expectant.

“If Yunlan and the others can get back one or two cultivation certificates from the G.o.d Realm, then our Fuyu Immortal World will really soar into the sky,” Zhang Guangyuan said in a low voice.

The top 100 of the Grand Summit would be rewarded with the proof of cultivation in the Divinity.

The top ten could obtain even more treasures and certificates as rewards.

The better the results, the more rewards there were.

As long as one had proof of cultivation, they could cultivate freely in the Divine Realm.

Having a certificate also qualified one to enter the Divine Source Heavenly

Palace, gain recognition from the Origin, and become an Immortal Venerable.

“Hehe, with Sect Master Zhangs relationship with Yunlan Sword Immortal, as long as you have proof of cultivation, reaching the Immortal Venerable realm is foreseeable.” The Sect Master of the Heavenly Radiance Sect, Immortal Lord

Fu Xue, looked at Zhang Guangyuan with envy.

Hearing his words, the others also sighed and chuckled.

Who would have thought that the Fuyu Immortal World would be so close to the Immortal Venerable realm?

“Fellow Daoists, don’t worry. As long as Yunlan can bring back the proof, it

will be an opportunity for our Fuyu Immortal World,” Zhang Guangyuan said calmly, without refusing, but rather with a calm expression.

He was much closer to Han Muye.

The entire Fuyu Immortal World knew that the rise of Yunlan Sword Immortal could not have been achieved without the early cultivation and support of the Sword Sect.

Most of Han Muye’s subordinates in the Fuyu Immortal World were from the Sword Sect.

If Yunlan Sword Immortal brought back a cultivation certificate from the divine realm, he would not forget the Sword Sect.

He, Zhang Guangyuan, had cultivated for countless years. His cultivation was stuck at the Immortal Lord Realm and could not become an Immortal

Venerable. This time, he finally had a chance to step into the Immortal Realm!

The venue of the Grand Summit was not close to the Fuyu Immortal World.

The flying ship shuttled back and forth in a tedious manner.

Han Muye sat quietly in the cabin, surrounded by immortal light.

Although his immortal cultivation had reached its peak, he could refine his physical body, cultivate the methods of essence spirit and true spirit, sharpen his sword dao essence spirit, and even summarize and understand the rules of his own cultivation.

For him, it was not like Zhang Guangyuan and the others who had reached the peak of immortal cultivation and had no further path to follow.

In physical cultivation, his path could extend to the ancient times, reaching the level of an overlord.

This was not controlled by the rules of the calamity.

The True Spirit cultivation technique came from the Great Desolate and was also far away in the ancient times. It was not a cultivation formulation that belonged to this tribulation.

Han Muye recondensed his true spirit, but no longer adhered to the bloodline of the Golden Crow.

His Kui bloodline and the Golden Crow bloodline fused into one, turning into the power of lightning and fire, condensing into a 10-foot-tall double-horned winged phantom.

This was the true spirit that Han Muye had cultivated again.

The true spirit of lightning and fire only extracted the power of lightning and fire from the Kui and the power of the blazing sun from the Golden Crow.

This True Spirit technique that cultivated strength instead of bloodline lacked the support of bloodline power.The origin of this chapter's debut can be traced to N0v3l--B1n.

But Han Muve had the Dower of the Dragon Crocodile. and he didn’t care

about bloodline power at all.

In the world of bloodlines, was there anything stronger than the overlords of the ancient times?

He was ready to advance the power of the true spirit to the second stage, and then re-cultivate it, combining it with the physical body and the power of Immortal Dao.

Moreover, he now had four Rule Bending Powers, dozens of Rule Bending Powers in his hands, and the power of the Cultivation Tribulation. These were all things that he needed to study for a lifetime.

As the flying ship moved forward, it gradually encountered other flying ships heading to the Grand Summit.

Some would greet each other, while others would rush past.

It was normal. The Grand Summit was a compet.i.tion for resources, a time for life and death. There was no need to be too close..


In front of him, a light screen flashed.

The flying ship rushed into the light screen, and the surrounding s.p.a.ce instantly felt somewhat illusory.

They had arrived.

The place where the Grand Summit was held, the place where the Divine Realm and the ten thousand worlds of the Immortal Dao connected, Our Heaven Continent.

Back then, Our Heaven Continent was originally a corner of the Heavenly

Cycle Divine World. Later on, for some reason, it collapsed and fell into the Immortal Dao World.

This place had the characteristics of the Divine World. It could condense divinity and gather divine crystals.

There was also a pervasive immortal aura, more abundant than in other realms.

This was once a place where many worlds fought to the death for it.

In the end, powerful sects from the divine realm intervened and turned this place into the venue for the Grand Summit.

Flying into Our Heaven Continent, one could see countless flying ships hovering and many courtyards.

These courtyards were the resting and stationed places for various factions from all realms partic.i.p.ating in the Grand Summit.

“All Immortal Dao Worlds, register for the trial s.p.a.ce.

“There are still 100 days before the summit begins. No private fighting is allowed within these 100 days.”

A voice echoed in the void.

He looked up and saw a huge phantom appear.

The phantom had countless eyes that seemed to be staring at all the flying ships below.

“A divine beast?” Han Muye murmured..

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