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Hi i am Ling Yu, Currently 27 Years Old

I am a good ol' NEET that is peculiar due to the status that i am earning my own money as a White Collar.

So while I was playing on my computer the clouds darkened and rumbled with anger while also spewing out Droplets of Water, and the internet suddenly got cut off as well. i was angry at this situation i am currently being out on but being angry didn't really mean you are creating a solution to the problem since you are gonna probably make problems worse, i just calmed down and kept my chill. too bad, then i guess im gonna have to play some offline games. while searching my computer for the offline games, i found this app called the BAM. oh i remember this one.

This one is an app created by me. BAM meaning Body a.n.a.lytical Mod. it's gonna scan your body so that it can a.n.a.lyze your body status to determine lots of things.

i just felt really melancholic at the moment and decided to nap to ease my mind for a bit.

Remembering the times when i could graduate college and become successful...


A Large Beam of light struck near my house. and the lights went off and on a sudden i felt odd because there really wasn't any supposed lightning storms today, the forecaster mentioned some mild drops but this is way too strong to

be called MILD.

Since i was really about to pee in my shorts i scrambled to get i the restroom and unleash my desire.

when i was peeing i got electricuted by something and died.

I Opened my eyes to see that i am not in the Bathroom anymore. i was in this pure void like perimeter and all i saw is nothingness

i heard a voice calling out to me in a particular direction.

I saw a phone floating like a boss in mid air. if there was any air to be honest

i picked it up and it was saying....

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