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In the big house of Qin family, there in the secluded firewood house beside the side door, she closed her eyes and slipped the last tear. 

Inside her ears, it seemed as if she could hear the noise that the Yujia squad usually made. The junior female fellow apprentice was practicing 'The garden', and the senior male apprentice was singing 'Qin pick'. Master Zhang blew on a free reed wind instrument while Young Ji was playing the Suona, and the tall Qiao was playing the four strings Pipa, and everyone was laughing. 

It's her who only saw his deep affection and decided that she wouldn't regret it. It's her who just wanted to hear the blessings and neglected their worries. It's her who left the whole Yujia squad. She was gentle and agreeable; the only wrong thing she did was defying her master as she wanted to marry into the Qin family. When her master told her that she would be the next leader, she only wanted to go with him. Lang was inconstant in love, and his concubine full of affection. She still remembered him, the prominent family's jade and even his red sleeve's sweet smell. She still remembered the mutual respect in marriage, like a mandarin duck in love and inseparable. She still remembered the perfect harmony between them. The oath of eternal love in a blink of an eye was in vain-to think he would shift clothes. 

Then one sister followed in, and she thought he had her in his mind. She thought she would be willing to be a concubine; that she could live in the mansion for a lifetime as long as she had his favor. However, she didn't have it. She was the jade of the Yujia squad. Even though she was an individual singer with an elegant complex, had a voice of warbler's singing and a soft figure, she couldn't tolerate being the head of the family. She only learned how to sing, but she didn't know how to live in such a big house. In these three years, she understood. But she had already come to the end of life. She felt regretful, but it was too late.

In the dimness, white light spilled which was unpleasing for the eyes. She detected a strange smell and heard a cry. Who was it? Who? 

"h.e.l.lo, my name is Yu Su Su." Slowly, the face got clearer. Big eyes, and a tiny white melon seed face, her appearance was cute and lovely. 

Yu Su Su said, "In the future, you are me. Please help me and take care of my parents." Then right away, she slowly disappeared. 


What parents? I don't understand. 

"Susu, Susu," the cry got clearer. A face of a middle-aged woman appeared with a relieved smile. She, at last, knew why it was strange-the woman had no feet. "Ahhh!", with a scream, she fainted. 

She slept for a full two months, where she combined Yu Susu's memories with hers. To her, it was a great awakening from a dream of millenary, a complicated feeling that won't be understood by those who haven't experienced it personally. From the initial fear up until she received the entire memories of Yu Susu. Yu Susu was born after the 80s. Her father Yu DingTong, and her mother Du Hanju were high cadres. Yu Susu got killed in a car accident when she was on her way to the college entrance examination. Yes, the original Yu Susu was dead. 

Yu Susu was gentle since she was young. She was also a good learner that was loved by elders and praised by everyone, which contrarily, was what Yu Susu never enjoyed before. From within her memories, she could tell that what happened to her was called crossing. 

Suddenly, Yu Susu felt a little inferior because she can't do anything except singing. It was too shameful, so much so that she can't even particularly recognize some words. This one Susu seemed to know everything. There was a memory inside her mind about English that she didn't dare to encounter as it only had incoherent scribbling. Only by thinking about it, a pile of memories poured in. 

The door got knocked twice, and then her mother pushed it and came in. Yu Susu softly moved her mouth a few times, but still, her mother didn't speak. "Susu," Du Hanju sat down on the chair beside her, with a hot pot in her hand. 

"This chicken soup was made by Aunt Zhao. Your mother will feed you." Du Hanju opened the hot pot which contained smoked chicken soup. She blew several times and put the spoon in the bowl before handing it to Susu. The steam was on Yu Susu's face; she lowered her head and took a sip. Unexpectedly she understood the formal Yu Susu's attachment to her mom; the feeling of having a mother was so good. Previously in her past life, she was an orphan. Although the Masters treated her well, it wasn't that good. 

She also remembered that on a cold night, the Masters went to perform. She was alone in the back, and there was no spare room for her to recover from her illness. At that time, she was very inconspicuous, huddled in a small corner of the backstage, trembling silently, and listening to the soft singing and ear-shaking applause. 

The Masters were genuinely good toward her. After she became ill, she tried hard to show her talent in Kun Opera. 

Tears dripped into the empty bowl. Du Hanju took the bowl and placed it aside. Then right away, she gathered her daughter in her embrace. She felt distressed when she saw her child's display of emotion. She thought she was sad over the car accident and murmured to her: "Good child, good child, it was just a college entrance examination. We're not going, not really. We'll go abroad, there's nothing amazing about it here." 

"No," Susu pulled away from Du Hanju. "Mom…" Finally, she called her mom, and she found out that it wasn't difficult. "I don't want to go abroad." As if she would leave such a mother who was hard to come by. The original Yu Susu also said that she should take care of her parents. "I, I want to stay with you." 

With those words, Du Hanju instantly felt moved to tears. She cried for a long time before she wiped her tears and laughed, "I see, Susu won't go abroad. Tsinghua University, Fudan, go wherever you want to go." "Mom," Susu twisted the hem of Du Hanju's clothes. 

She was very much looking forward to it as it was a new era, a life completely different from before. There should be no regret and just draw the cool autumn in leisure time.

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