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Chapter 840: Putting Pressure On The Elders

The good thing is that Yang Chen will definitely not forget the sect. The many cla.s.sics compiled can only be read by Yang Chen and his family, which will not maximize the benefits. It is inevitable to hand them over to the sect.

Over the past hundred years since the Greatest Heaven Sect was wiped out, the world has been settled. Those sects that had previously obtained the Greatest Heaven Sect’s cla.s.sics have begun to relax their management of those cla.s.sics.

Relaxation does not mean letting anyone read, but it creates a culture of exchange among sects. Anyway, this is not something from your own sect. Everyone got it from the Greatest Heaven Sect, so it was normal to make a copy and exchange it for something you need from others.

Ordinary cultivators who want to read these cla.s.sics and obtain cultivation methods, pills, square diagrams, etc. need to use their respective sect’s contribution points in exchange. The more advanced the cla.s.sics are, the greater the sect’s contribution points required. Especially for some of the advanced techniques of the Greatest Heaven Sect, no matter which sect they are placed in, a jaw-dropping contribution figure will be required in exchange for them.

However, it is relatively simple among the sects. Except for the super large sects that have received the complete collection, the others, regardless of the demon sect and monster race, have received parts. If everyone wants to see the whole picture, exchanges between sects are needed.

Super large sects turn a blind eye to this kind of exchange by ordinary sects. They own everything they get from the Greatest Heaven Sect, and they will not actively block this method of ordinary sects. They will even take the initiative to provide some high-level cla.s.sics for the various sects to come and exchange, in order to strengthen the interests between the sects.

Facing the Profound Heaven Sect, the wider these cla.s.sics are scattered and the more people see them, the more powerless the Profound Heaven Sect becomes. They can’t really be enemies with all the cultivators, right?

After more than a hundred years of exchanges, except for the super large sect that has truly mastered a batch of core cla.s.sics of the Greatest Heaven Sect, basically everything that each sect wants has been exchanged from other sects. At this time, Yang Chen brought out a batch of cla.s.sics to enrich the scripture pavilion in the Pure Yang Palace, which was not so abrupt.

Even so, when the palace master and the core elders saw the batch of cla.s.sics that Yang Chen brought out that had been carefully selected by Yang Chen for more than a hundred years, they still couldn’t suppress their ecstasy, the core elders would jump up and cheer.

In terms of talent reserves, the Pure Yang Palace is a rising star, and it is far behind the big established sects. Especially in terms of inheritance, it is even more pitiful. Even with the cla.s.sics from Zhao family manor and Blue Vault Mountain Immortal’s Cave, there are still most of the cla.s.sics that can only be placed there but cannot benefit ordinary disciples.

There is no way, there are too few real masters in the Pure Yang Palace, especially those who are knowledgeable, it is even rarer. The previous limitations of the sect also limited the vision of the core elders. Even if the Pure Yang Palace flourished later, the acc.u.mulation in this area was still far behind, so much so that there were not even a few experts who could review these cla.s.sics.

Who dares to easily let his disciples try out the cla.s.sics that have not been tested by experts? That is extremely irresponsible towards his own disciples. Even if they knew that the things obtained from the Zhao family manor and the Greatest Heaven Sect were unlikely to have major problems, they did not dare to take risks. The elders responsible for compiling the cla.s.sics will review them one by one before opening them to ordinary disciples.

As for the inheritance of the Blue Vault Mountain Immortal’s Cave, no one except Yang Chen can understand the ancient texts, let alone pa.s.s them down. It’s a pity that Yang Chen has been busy with various things in the past and did not focus on this aspect.

For this reason, when Yang Chen suddenly took out such a large number of cla.s.sics that had been carefully reviewed by Yang Chen to enrich the sect’s scripture collection pavilion. How could it not make the core elders, including the head of the palace, overjoyed?

According to Yang Chen’s introduction, this batch of cla.s.sics covers almost all aspects of the cultivation world. They have been organized into categories by Yang Chen, and the scope of reading has even been limited according to the level of cultivation. It can be said that as soon as this batch of cla.s.sics enters the sect’s scripture pavilion, the sect’s disciples’ choice of cultivation directions will be expanded a hundred times.

What is the comprehensive strength of the sect? In addition to the combat effectiveness of the disciples, this orderly inheritance is also one of the essential measuring conditions. The reason why the Pure Yang Palace can only be a first-cla.s.s sect and cannot become a super sect. It is because the inheritance is not long enough and the foundation is not deep enough. With this batch of cla.s.sics, it is only a matter of time before the Pure Yang Palace becomes a super sect over time.

This is not the most surprising thing, the cla.s.sics given by Yang Chen are divided into three parts. Part of it can be read by ordinary disciples. It is open to all disciples and can be viewed as long as they have enough contribution. The second part is for core disciples. That is, the most loyal disciples of the Pure Yang Palace, they are the real core secrets, including the core inherited cla.s.sics of the Greatest Heaven Sect and Zhao Family, except for those super large sects, other sects tried their best to get it.

This batch of core cla.s.sics directly allowed the core disciples of the Pure Yang Palace to enjoy the treatment of the core disciples of the Greatest Heaven Sect. In addition, there is no shortage of other resources in the Pure Yang Palace now, and the rapid growth of the core disciples is already a certainty.

The most surprising thing is the third part, which is a batch of cla.s.sics that Yang Chen specially selected based on the characteristics of the Palace Master and core elders that are most suitable for their current realm.

The core elders of the Pure Yang Palace were unable to improve their cultivation level due to lack of qualifications in the past, and were stuck in the Yuanying stage, unable to make any progress. Yang Chen spent great efforts to use the body refining pills to raise the postnatal spiritual roots of a group of core elders to the limit, making it possible for them to achieve great success in the future.

However, in the past, the Pure Yang Palace was a small sect after all, with a limited scope of influence and limited vision. Until now, it has not had the magnanimity of a large sect that cannot be cultivated in one generation. It takes at least three generations of cultivators to truly have the magnanimity of a large sect.

Yang Chen would not push back on the situation, but he would not let it go either. These cla.s.sics can make up for their previous shortcomings in vision, allowing their state of mind to truly grow to the state of looking down on all living beings. For the rise of the Pure Yang Palace, Yang Chen will definitely spare no effort.

What elder wouldn’t like such concern for his juniors? The core elders of the Pure Yang Palace are all self-aware and aware of their own shortcomings, and they will never have the mentality of being looked down upon by Yang Chen because of Yang Chen’s behavior. Everyone knew where everything in front of them came from, and everyone happily accepted Yang Chen’s filial piety.

“The origin of these things won’t cause any trouble, right?” Out of caution, Grandmaster w.a.n.g Yong looked at the piles of cla.s.sics and asked carefully, and then he was afraid that Yang Chen would think too much, and added: “Don’t tell us.”

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