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Chapter 695: Subtle

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After getting the map of the demon sealing formation, masters of formations from various sects kept studying, but, no matter how hard they racked their brains, they couldn’t find a way to break the demon sealing formation, but this formation was real. It was broken by Yang Chen. In this way, could it be that Yang Chen’s attainments in formation techniques are no worse than theirs in formations?

It can be said that the most important reason for the collapse of the Zhao family was because the Demon Sealing Formation was destroyed, so it was unable to suppress the heavenly tribulation. When the Heavenly Tribulation of the fourth grade Earth Immortal realm came, those guys who were not protected all died.

Although the major sects have taken a fancy to the ability of the Demon Sealing Formation to suppress the Heavenly Tribulation, there is a person like Yang Chen who can crack the Demon Sealing Formation, which makes people a little entangled. Although no one said it, everyone basically agreed. If there are more masters and more tribulations to suppress, once Yang Chen suddenly breaks the formation, wouldn’t they be reduced to the same fate as the Zhao family?

If they don’t figure out how to break the demon sealing formation, and don’t make up for this last flaw, all the major sects will have trouble sleeping and eating. Yang Chen understood what they were thinking, so he didn’t resist. He just asked them to get together and announce it at once, saving himself the need to say it a few more times.

The sects were quite satisfied with Yang Chen’s att.i.tude, especially the pills bought from Yang Chen, which basically established Yang Chen’s reputation. Generally speaking, everyone was willing to choose to believe what Yang Chen said.

It was related to the interests of the sect, so the representatives of the major sects gathered together very quickly, and the master of the palace personally received them. Fairy Junqi, Fairy Qingmu and Fairy Murong Wu were all present, and after they ask about this matter clearly, they will all stay in the Pure Yang Palace to accompany Yang Chen.

“I know the reason why you seniors are here. In fact, it is very simple to break this formation.” Facing the representatives of the major sects, Yang Chen said straight to the point: “Basically, there are two ways, both of which can be broken instantly.”

Hearing Yang Chen’s words, the group of people were shocked. When the Pure Yang Palace sold the array, they never said such a thing. Isn’t this sincere deceit? However, Yang Chen’s concubines have always been calm, without too many emotional ups and downs. Their husband must have had intentions when he said so.

“One way is to find a master, directly drop ten times with one force, and break the formation with force.” Yang Chen waited until everyone quieted down, then he said slowly “As long as the attack power exceeds the limit that the formation can resist, the formation will naturally break.”

Speaking of it, this is actually a common way to break the formation of all formations. Any formation has a limit, and it is impossible to have an unlimited formation, so as long as it exceeds the limit of the formation, breaking up is a normal thing. The key is, what kind of attack power can break the demon sealing formation?

“The specific attack strength, according to my guess, should be at least at the level of the fifth grade Earth Immortal realm.” Yang Chen did not give the exact value this time, but gave a guess “When the black tortoise escaped, it was probably at the level of the fourth grade Earth Immortal realm, there was no way for it to break it with the fourth grade Earth Immortal realm, presumably a higher level is required. At least it must be the fifth grade Earth Immortal realm.”

After the normal transcendence and ascension, the human immortal is the first rank, and there are also the ninth and tenth grade of the human Immortal realm. Then comes the earth Immortal realm, in other words, it is at least two great realms higher than the Dacheng stage before it is possible to break through this formation. Among the sects in the mortal world, even including the Greatest Heaven Sect, how could there be masters who surpa.s.sed the tenth grade human Immortal realm? The great elder is already an old monster among old monsters if he can reach the fifth grade Human Immortal realm, so it is as difficult as climbing the sky to break through the demon sealing formation.

This also means that it is basically impossible to destroy the demon sealing formation by force. All the sects breathed a sigh of relief.

“Then what is the second method?” Someone asked immediately, the fifth grade earth immortal, there is no way for the black tortoise to reach it. Obviously, Yang Chen’s method of breaking the formation at that time was not this, and everyone was concerned about Yang Chen’s method.

“The second method is to destroy the demon sealing formation from within.” Yang Chen finally opened his mouth and said the method that everyone is interested in: “I think everyone has discovered that this demon sealing formation actually has a formation eye. “

The representatives who came here were all masters of formation, and for matters related to the formation, at least one must understand the formation. As for the matter of the formation, after the various sects get the formation map, there will be special personnel to a.n.a.lyze it, of course they will not be ignorant. When Yang Chen said that, everyone nodded.

“The eyes of the formation usually need to be controlled by two people, and they can control the formation at any time to make adjustments.” Yang Chen said, these are all things that can be seen in the formation map, and Yang Chen has no need to hide “So, these two people are very important. Once they have other thoughts or are killed, basically the formation can be easily broken.”

Once the person controlling the eye of the formation has other thoughts, of course they can break the formation instantly. However, if it is killed, the formation can at least operate independently for a period of time, but it is not comparable to breaking the formation instantly, but Yang Chen’s words can’t be completely wrong. A formation that no one controls is a dead formation, even if it is grinded, it can be broken.

“I don’t know how Grandmaster Yang broke the formation?” Immediately, the elders of the Greatest Heaven Sect asked. Although some clues could be known from Tao Junqi’s mouth, she didn’t know the core after all, so they quickly asked. This question is also what others are eager to know.

“I was in the Zhao family at the time, and asked the Zhao family to send the tortoise to help me under the pretext of alchemy. It took me two years for the tortoise spiritual awareness of the fourth grade Earth Immortal to figure out the movements of the Zhao family’s masters who control the formation.” Yang Chen said with a face. There was no deceitful guilt at all, and he said very naturally: “At the last moment, the tortoise suddenly launched a spiritual awareness attack, killing the two masters of the Zhao family who controlled the eyes of the formation, and then relying on the strength of the fourth grade Earth Immortal realm, the demon sealing formation was directly opened from the inside.”

When Yang Chen broke the formation, Tao Junqi, Shi Wushuang and the Murong Sisters were all present. Thinking about the situation at that time, it was similar to what Yang Chen said. Hearing this, they finally understood what happened at that time, and they all nodded slightly.

When the representatives of all parties heard Yang Chen’s statement, they immediately felt relieved. Yang Chen’s explanation is very reasonable, everything makes sense, of course it is easier to break through the formation from the inside than from the outside. From this point of view, the only mistake of the Zhao family was to allow spiritual awareness of the mysterious tortoise to enter the inside of the demon sealing formation, otherwise, Yang Chen would not be able to break through the demon sealing formation due to his great abilities.

In this way, as long as the person who controls the eye of the formation is trustworthy, there will be no problems. After reaching this conclusion, the representatives of the major sects were finally relieved, and their hanging hearts were also relieved.

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