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The cooperation between Pure Yang Palace and Blue Cloud Sect was finally completed smoothly. The Blue Cloud Sect not only got the promise of refining the Questioning Inner Heart Pills, but also the pill recipe of the Inner Sensing Pill for free.

Although the monster race pill recipe was not so rare, the Blue Cloud Sect’s luck was not good enough. The disciples under the sect had killed thousands of monsters, and they still could not obtain the pill recipe of Inner Sensing Pill from any of them.

Since the Pure Yang Palace was very generous to present the pill recipe as a gift, the decision regarding Sun Qingxue's marriage was not pursued by Sect Master Lu Zongzhu. After all, the Pure Yang Palace was not giving a refusal, but wanted the two to make this decision themselves.

This reason also showed the importance of Yang Chen for the Pure Yang Palace. Thus, it was understandable that Yang Chen's own opinions on such matters would be respected.

Similarly, the Green Jade Immortal Island had the same temperament for this matter which thus, served as the biggest reason for the Blue Cloud Sect to finally accept it.

To not sit idly by, the Blue Cloud Sect could only urge Sun Qingxue to get along with Yang Chen as much as possible, and practice together. Strive to tempt Yang Chen and s.n.a.t.c.h him from Shi Shanshan. Not to mention how the Blue Cloud Sect’s people were looking forward to the wonderful success of the Questioning Inner Heart Pills refining.

Yang Chen was now working with his Master and Senior sister in the Blue Vault Mountain Immortal’s Cave to find a suitable room to practice together.

There were only a few hundred disciples who were qualified to enter and practice in the Blue Vault Mountain Immortal’s Cave. All of them were those who had pa.s.sed the examination of Hall Master Meng Xian and other elders. These were the future of Pure Yang Palace. Of course, they must focus on training themselves.

Besides the fire seeds compensation given by the Blue Cloud Sect in advance, Yang Chen had already had sixty kinds of third grade fire seeds, thirty kinds of fourth grade fire seeds and four kinds of fifth grade fire seeds, and there was also the sixth grade fire seed Purple Heart Profound Fire. It was Yang Chen's unwillingness to keep it outside so that at least these fires should be absorbed into the Profound Spirit furnace first.

After Gongsun Ling came back, she always thought about something to busy herself with, and did not dare to disturb Yang Chen, unless she was dragged by Gao Yue and forcibly pulled in front of Yang Chen.

Yang Chen was also unpretentious. He was very straightforward to express his desire to have spiritual awareness double cultivation with his master and sister. Both women were embarra.s.sed while listening to Yang Chen's request. But no one objected, and they followed Yang Chen to the inside of the Immortal’s Cave.

They may have been aware of Yang Chen's att.i.tude towards his marriage with either the Blue Cloud Sect or the Green Jade Immortal Island.

As the two women were very docile to Yang Chen, soon he started to feel like a patriarch with both being his beloved wives.

In the enormous sect palace, the three only occupied a small corner, even if someone payed attention, no one would disturb them.

Of course, Yang Chen leading the two G.o.ddesses for spiritual awareness double cultivation was an act. In fact, he wanted to take this opportunity to cement their relationships. Also, his Master needed to absorb the Purple Heart Profound Fire which was to be handed over to her in this hidden place.

Gao Yue and Gongsun Ling did not know when such an alliance had been formed. Yang Chen knew this well. Therefore, he didn't conceal anything from Gongsun Ling. He openly took out the jade box that preserved the Purple Heart Profound Fire.

There were no markings on the jade box. From the outside, they couldn’t see what it contained. Gao Yue and Gongsun Ling looked at it with doubts.

“What is this?” Gao Yue turned to look at Yang Chen and strangely asked.

“This is a gift for Master.” Yang Chen replied with a smile.

After answering his Master, he turned to his Senior apprentice sister and apologetically said, “this time I went out without encountering something suitable for my sister. Next time I have the opportunity, I will find a suitable one for you.”

He did not explain the origin of the Purple Heart Profound Fire, only that he accidentally encountered it himself when he went out. The two women remained very calm. Yang Chen occasionally would bring good things for them when he went traveling. Just like how he had brought the four seas mysterious coral liquid which both had since dunk aplenty.

Opening the jade box, Gao Yue immediately felt the amazing heat of the Purple Heart Profound Fire through the two-fold array method. The Purple Heart Fire inside her body was attracted by the things in the box and was ready to move. This surprised Gao Yue.

“This is…”

At the beginning Gao Yue, was not sure, but the feeling got more and more familiar, and attractive so she quickly confirmed it. It turned out to be the sixth grade fire seed Purple Heart Profound Fire.

The flame of w.a.n.g Yong, because it absorbed the fire of the same kind of water and fire in the Qilin horn, became the Qilin fire, and then became the Qilin Heavenly Fire of the seventh grade under the tempering of the Yin Fire Tribulation. The Pure Yang True Fire that had been collected by the Pure Yang Palace was of the same level, so Yang Chen did not need to bother to find the fire seeds again.

If the problem of the master ancestor was solved, then his Master would naturally have to be on the agenda. It happened that the appearance of the Purple Heart Profound Fire satisfied his wish.

Looking at the appearance of Gao Yue's surprise, Yang Chen's heart was full of satisfaction. If his Master could become even happier, let alone the sixth grade fire seed, he would even bring her even more advanced fire seeds.

However, with the qualification of Gao Yue on controlling fire, even if she reached the Yuanying stage, the highest grade of fire seed that she could absorb would still be the sixth grade fire seed. Unless she also learned w.a.n.g Yong’s method, tempering with Yin Fire Tribulation and promoting the Purple Heart Profound Fire into a Purple Heart Heavenly Fire.

This would happen a long time later, at least Yang Chen would not have to consider this issue in a few hundred years.

Although the Yin-Yang Burning Heavenly Fire also needed to integrate with other fire seeds, he had many fire seeds of third, fourth and fifth grades. It would take Yang Chen decades to integrate them. When it would be necessary to have a sixth-grade fire seed, Yang Chen may rather find it through other channels.

Gao Yue had been immersed in ecstasy, Yang Chen had quietly found her a Purple Heart Profound Fire. Now, she would not have to worry about fire attribute spirit power for at least a few hundred years. How could she not he happy?

Of course, the thing that made her happiest was Yang Chen's intention. When he went out, he didn't forget to find the right things for herself. This was what made Gao Yue most moved and the most joyful. If Gongsun Ling was not around, Gao Yue would not hate to be in Yang Chen's arms again and share this extreme happiness with him.

“Master, this kind of fire seed is for you to properly absorb.”

Waiting for Gao Yue to gain tranquillity, Yang Chen reminded, “first slowly get familiar with the heat of the Purple Heart Profound Fire, wait until the adaptation is almost the same, then unseal the first layer formation. Gradually, I think it would take at least a hundred years to fully absorb, so there is no hurry.”

Gao Yue certainly understood this truth, as this was a sixth-grade fire seed, thus, Yang Chen's words made her completely calm.

Yang Chen understood Gao Yue's mind, and did not say much. After reminding her with those few words, he turned towards Gongsun Ling. From the achievement ring, he took two first grade Inner Sensing Pills, and gave one to his Senior apprentice sister.


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Editor:  Skizlock

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