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TL: Hi! Here I am today again! I'm glad QT: The Best Male G.o.d is finally showing at NU, though there's just a tiny problem that occurred. I didn't notice that I missed out adding Quick Transmigration on the t.i.tle, haha. Sorry. Anyway, what's important is that QTTBMG is finally on the list. I'm hoping this would help bring more people to this site. XD
Btw, be warned that I'm not a native English speaker. Also, this is only MTLed so most of the time, I'm playing fill in the blanks here, especially with the lines that really don't really make sense.

Tan Bingyu's exquisite face was full of youthful atmosphere. When she heard Zhou Zeyi's question, she grinned.

"What did you say?"

The two first met each other in the bus that carried them here together with the crew. Since both of them were in the same boat, they decided to team up. After all, in this rural place in dire need of reformation, the two were outsiders.

"Oh, nothing. We'll get used to this after a few days."

Zhou Zeyi laughed happily, his easy-going look stunning Tang Bingyu. Just which of them planned so much when they were talking on the bus before? Is he going back on his words now?

"Here! Come here and wash your face!"

Yang Fanggang came over with a basin grasped by both hands. She saw the two people talking. Her eyes flashed with a little envy, but the face was still showing a smile when she called them over.

In the village, the Yang family could already be considered somewhat well-to-do. However, compared to Tang Bingyu and Zhou Zeyi's families, the Yangs were no compet.i.tion. Father Yang always had to go to the field, the mother was also very busy. Due to this, from an early age, Yang Fangfang learned to be very sensible.

Zhou Zeyi and Tang Bingyu walked over to the girl. It was unknown if it's fate, but despite the difference between the colors of Zhou Zeyi and Tang Bingyu's sportswear, the style was almost the same. When the two walked together, anyone looking at them would feel how incompatible they were with this poor mountain village.

“Don't worry, the towel is new." Yang Fangfang said as she presented the piece of clothe.

The towel was really newly bought. Despite so, in the eyes of the two, it was still not good.

Tang Bingyu visibly hesitated whether to pick it up or not.

She slept in the same room as Yang Fangfang last night. She actually did not dislike her. It was just because she grew up in a rich family, she couldn't accept such living conditions.

It was then that Zhou Zeyi took over and smilingly said to Yang Fangfang.

"Thank you for the towel, Sister Fangfang." (TL: I'm guessing, he actually said Fangfang-jie because she is older than them.)

Yes, Yang Fanggang is two years older than Zhou Zeyi and Tang Bingyu. At the age of sixteen, she's no longer going to school.

After taking the towel, Zhou Zeyi turned his head to Tang Bingyu and handed it to her.

"You wash up first. Take this basin of water. I'll have my turn after you."

The family's condition is not really good. There is only one well in the settlement and the whole village is counting on it for their everyday life. If it is a dry day, then naturally, the usual daily amount of drinking water and water used for other things would be not much.

This time, Tang Bingyu finally took the towel. Her face suddenly went red, and she became very embarra.s.sed to look at Yang Fangfang.

"Thank you for giving me water, Sister Fangfang."

Well-behaved and polite in saying thank you, Zhou Zeyi wondered if this was Tang Bingyu's step in her plan. Unlike the rebellious Zhou Zeyi, Tang Bingyu really wanted to become a star. She wished to rely on this show to become famous so she didn't want to mess up.

"It's nothing. Go wash up."

Just last night, the two people were still acting very repulsive towards them, especially this pretty little girl who was cold faced and did not ever speak with her for the whole eve. However right now, when Yang Fangfang saw the other's face red smilingly talking with her, she was somewhat flattered and thought that this little girl who came from the city was really beautiful.

Tang Bingyu quickly washed her face. When she came to the village, she didn't bring many things. She only had a bottle of sunscreen with her, and so after Zhou Zeyi advised her, she shared it to Yang Fangfang and Yang Le. Now, their relationship was somehow alleviated.

The people responsible for filming the program did not expect Zhou Zeyi, who was still being arrogant last night, to suddenly turn sensible after a night's worth of rest. Also, Tang Bingyu, who somehow disappointed them for treating the Yangs coldly yesterday, was now looking shy as she used the sharing of her lotion to ease up her relationship with the two children of the Yang family. Their sudden changes truly amazed them.

When the four children went to have their breakfast, they found that only the four of them were at home. The mother, w.a.n.g Hongmei, and father, Yang Jianhui, had already gone out to work. Now it was eight o'clock. The breakfast this morning was still made by Yang Fangfang. It was quite sumptuous. There was even a meat dish in the table.

Zhou Zeyi sat comfortably on the small stool made out of bamboo. He had experienced this kind of hardship before so he was not having any trouble adjusting at all. Unfortunately, not everyone here was like him. Tang Bingyu who was on the other side was currently frowning because she was not really used to the food she was seeing right now. The colors of the dishes were especially rendering her to have no appet.i.te.

"This is delicious! My sister hasn't cooked this for a long time!" While Yang Le was holding his bowl, he couldn't hide the joy in his eyes. It was because a meat dish suddenly appeared on the table for him to enjoy today.

"Oh? Is that so? Then, let me try it." Zhou Zeyi's chopsticks also moved to the one he thought was safe to eat.

The meaning of the program 'Interchange of Life' was not only to let rich children like them to experience poverty or to make them stars. In reality, these impoverished mountain villages were being displayed in front of everyone so that once these mountain villages were featured, the children here would also have some way out.

He put the meat dish in his mouth, and um, the taste was very generic. Actually eating meat dishes early in the morning was bad for the stomach. However, this was already the best food the Yang family could produce.

"Bingyu, try it. It's quite good."

He turned to look at Tang Bingyu. He knew that she was currently struggling inside. But, if she wouldn't do so, he's afraid that the crews would get new criticisms for her.

Tang Bingyu first looked at Zhou Zeyi's face before taking a bite. After that, she no longer put up a reluctant expression and began to eat and drink. When she finished drinking the soup, the breakfast finally ended.

Yang Fangfang left to wash the bowls. And Yang Le, since he was only eight years old this year and has yet to go to school, when he finished eating, he went out to play. Only Zhou Zeyi and Tang Bingyu were left to sit there, having to accept interviews from the program group.

"How do you feel about the village? Is it still the same with your initial impression?"

Tang Bingyu and Zhou Zeyi looked at each other and thought of what to answer.

"Not the same. I have never been to such a terrible room before. There are things that I don't think okay which easily makes me ill-tempered and want to feel angry."

This was already the best answer the crew could get from the delicate little girl.

"Almost. I have already researched some of the poorer mountain villages in China before coming here. It is still quite acceptable, but with the modernness of the outside world, the backwardness of this mountain village is a problem that everyone must face and resolve. When I first came here, I had to sleep with someone else in the same room. This made me quite indignant. But when I thought about it last night, I realized that it was because the village is poor, the families are poor, and that there is just no way to give us better accommodations. Since I'm already here, I definitely want to change this place."

Zhou Zeyi's words made Tang Bingyu blinked, even the staffs of the filming group were stunned. The tens of thousands of people watching the broadcast didn't expect Zhou Zeyi to say these things.

When other children came to this poverty-stricken area with the intent to make troubles for their families, this child, Zhou Zeyi, who was called a bully, wanted to bring change to this mountain village?


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