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『From a G.o.d's Point of View』

“Ah, that's right, it's about time… Need to save…”

Following Kobayashi-san's line of sight to look at the clock, it really was almost time.

Saving the game, we turned off the console. Fumbling with the remote, I swapped the TV reception back to the regular public channels. The midday news report was on.

“But honestly, that was a pretty crazy misunderstanding we caused there…”

Looking at Kobayashi-san as I said that, she smirked at me as she poured herself another helping of barley tea.

“Sieg really is the only one who can hear our voice, huh? Even though we didn't really put that much thought into what we said, things got pretty out of hand, huh…?”

That's right.

Our idea wasn't bad, but it sounded completely different when it was eloquently reinterpreted by the Prince. Well, not much we can do about it now.

“When you told Baldur to stay by Finne's side, was there any deeper meaning to that, Kobayashi-san?”

As I asked Kobayashi-san that, I took the barley tea that she held out to me.

As I did, I couldn't take my eyes off her white throat that quivered slightly as she began to start drinking again.

She's… Ah, c.r.a.p, stop thinking about weird things.

Kobayashi-san, who didn't seem to have noticed my wicked stare, began talking again as she finished her tea.

“Mm, sort of, but not really? The key flag for Baldur's survival is getting close to Finne and having them both foster feelings for each other, and since we're dealing with that Finne, is he really going to feel the need to protect her normally?”

That Finne… Basically, she means our MAX Level Finne?

Certainly, if MAX Level Finne enters Baldur's route and awakens to even more power, let alone having a perfect defense, the Witch would probably have to flee very early on.

Although we're going to do everything we can to keep Liselotte from being possessed by the witch, having a backup plan like that wouldn't hurt at all.

“If it can keep someone alive, then we should do whatever we can, right…?”

We still don't really know just exactly how much effect our 【Favour】will have, either.

“That's right. Also, I tried as much as I could to copy this save over to a new slow or reload from a previous save file, but it wouldn't let me do it at all. I think we've only got one chance at this.”

As Kobayashi-san's expression changed, I understood how serious her words were.

We won't get any do-overs.

Somebody might really die for good.

Even if it's just on the other side of the screen, it's a hard thing to think about.

We can't let it happen.

In order to keep everyone alive, we have to do everything we can.

I was a little worried that my expression had gone dark, but maybe to brighten the mood, Kobayashi-san's next words were cheerful.

“Besiiiides, don'tcha think that Baldur is the number one choice for Finne!? He loves Finne the most, and his route can give you diabetes 'cause it's so sweet! In fact, it's so easy to fall into Baru's route in the game. Even though I'm aiming for another capture target, I'd always accidentally raise flags with Baru, and then when we'd get to the autumn ball he'd ask me to dance and I'd think ‘Wait, I wasn't aiming for you!' and stuff…”

Ah, I remember when Kobayashi-san was playing the game on her own, I heard her yell that a few times.

That said, I also remember her yelling out afterward something like ‘No no, I still like you Baru, okay!? I like you the most actually!? I'm just not after you right now!', not to mention the deep sense of jealousy I felt at that.

“Ah, so… Do you like him, then?”


“No, I mean, I was just wondering if you liked Baldur, Kobayashi-san?”

Even though he was on the other side of the screen, just what was it about him that she liked so much?

I don't know if Kobayashi-san would prefer to be on the other side of the screen and find love with someone 2D or not, but I felt a slight nervous sweat on my forehead all the same.

“Hmm, well, like, huh? I guess amongst the MajiKoi capture characters, I like him the most.”

Kobayashi-san didn't seem to be bashful about saying that at all.

“That's it, huh? But then, you're still fine with having him attached to Finne like that?”

I couldn't tell just what she was thinking, so thinking that it was strange I decided to ask her. After a moment of looking confused, she suddenly sparked back to life.

“…Ah! No, I don't mean I like him like that! What I meant was that I like【Baldur as Finne's Lover】, okay? I just think Baru's route was the most moe, it's not like I love him specifically or anything!”

As Kobayashi said that with a laugh, this time I was the one who looked confused.

“Mmm, maybe that's it? Endo-kun, you might have a fundamental misunderstanding about what otome games are really about, huh?”


‘Otome games are romance games aimed at girls' wasn't enough of an understanding, then?

As I looked puzzled, Kobayashi-san suddenly made a peace sign right in front of my face.

“Ya see, there are two types of otome games, one where the main character heroine is basically a blank slate self-insert and one where the heroine is her own character. So, two types of people can enjoy them. Those who like to basically be in the shoes of the protagonist and people who like to see these stories unfold from the point of view of a G.o.d.”

‘G.o.d' again, huh?

As I overthought her use of the word ‘G.o.d' considering everything that had been going on, she kept going.

“As for MajiKoi, it's in the latter category. When you get a CG of the capture targets, it's not taken from Finne's perspective, but from a perspective of a third person. Finne is drawn to be really moe as well, and she's actually in lots of CGs.”

After that, she dropped her peace sign.

“Honestly, it makes you wonder if the devs actually loved Finne the most out of everyone. Maybe MajiKoi isn't actually an otome game, but a【Watch Over the Lovely Finne as a G.o.d】game. So, then I'll play the Matchmaking G.o.ddess and have Finne and Baldur together, since he's the best fit for her.”

I see, so that's it.

As I nodded sagely, convinced by her words, I heard Kobayashi-san's next words as barely more than a whisper.

“…But if I'm a G.o.d now, I'd rather watch over the cute Liselotte, right? Then I can pair her together with Siegward…”

The Matchmaking G.o.ddess Kobayashi-san sure has a lot on her plate.

At the same time, I wished I could pray to her to make my own love come true.

Far, far in the distance, a whirring siren sounded out like an echoing cry.

On the other side of the screen, I saw the face of my one time friend, his expression cold and serious.

The feelings I once had of wanting to go to Koshien together with him or the pleasant feelings I had spending time together with her now, I wonder just which were stronger? [1]

“Ah, it's started, huh? By the way… did you want to do some commentary? I can't really do any commentary on baseball since I don't know much about it.”

But, honestly, when I saw Kobayashi-san's grinning at me like that, I didn't think this was a bad outcome at all.

There's a fridge, heaps of barley tea, an air conditioner, and Kobayashi-san is cute.

…Honestly, this c.r.a.ppy weather is too hot to make good jokes.

[1] Koshien is the stadium where the j.a.panese National High School Baseball Championships are held. It's kind of a big deal.

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