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"You look very different today." Yi Duanfang was stunned for a good while before he finally said this sentence with surprise.

  Chen Keren turned her face, but a smile lifted the corners of her mouth. "You are not bad. It's too late. Let's go."

  Yi Duanfang nodded his head immediately and went out with her. In the yard, Chen Keren glanced at his mini-car and then walked to her own car. Standing there, she turned her face slightly and looked at Yi Duanfang with a condescending att.i.tude.

  Yi Duanfang quickly went to open the car door for her without hesitation.

  Chen Keren took the front pa.s.senger seat. Closing the car door, Yi Duanfang walked to the driver's seat.

  A slight breeze pa.s.sed through the car window, bringing the rich fragrance of flowers and stirring their hair with the intoxicating cool. Chen Keren put one hand on the window and quietly stared straight ahead with her deep, charming eyes. The flowers outside the window paled in comparison with her beauty. Yi Duanfang drove away and completely forgot his mini-car.

  It seemed that the newhalf was able to fall in love with a woman.

  At this moment, his little heart was out of control, beating fast.

  The lovely scent Chen Keren emanated lingered in the tip of his nose and made him somewhat lost.

  The beauty of a woman was really a deadly poison. As he drove, he smiled bitterly, struggling in his strange feelings for Chen Keren. He was very clear that he could not have a crush on girls because...

  "Oh, forget it."

  At the entrance of the Jiulong Hotel, w.a.n.g Weixi's and Yi Duanfang's cars arrived at the same time. They look at the time. It was not too early or too late, but there were a lot of cars in the parking lot. It seemed that many people had arrived, but there should still be a large number of people on the way here.

  w.a.n.g Weixi got out of the car. He was handsome in a black suit. Without wearing his gla.s.ses, he had a special air of charm today and looked elegant with a faint smile.

  Yi Duanfang stopped the car and did not rush to get out of it. Instead, he fixed his eyes on w.a.n.g Weixi, seeing him bypa.s.s the car and gently led Chen Kexin out of the car. The sun went down, and the moon rose into the sky. The alternation of day and night seemed to be quite appropriate. Chen Kexin, who wore a white cheongsam, looked stunning and lovely. If Chen Kexin and her younger sister stood together, they were both pretty and attractive, except that the latter had an air of indifference.

  Chen Keren looked at Yi Duanfang and said, "Aren't you getting out of the car?" Yi Duanfang stared at the couple and responded with a smile. "They look so good. I was a bit shocked."

  Chen Keren looked at Chen Kexin, who happened to see her sister's car, quickly pulled w.a.n.g Weixi and motioned him to wait for a moment.

  w.a.n.g Weixi turned his face and waved at the duo in the car. Chen Keren chuckled and said, "It's really that clothes make the man." Yi Duanfang got out of the car and opened the car door for Keren like a gentleman before Chen Keren slowly walked out.

  The soft moonlight fell on Chen Keren, like giving her a dreamlike halo. The people around them all stopped there, staring at Chen Kexin in a white cheongsam and Chen Keren in a blue cheongsam. The sisters looked so gorgeous that they drew everyone's attention.

  Yi Duanfang also radiated a terrible air of glamour. Both men and women would scramble for him.

  w.a.n.g Weixi's maturity also made some girls itch to date him.

  "Keren, I didn't expect you to come." Chen Kexin said happily as she skipped toward the duo. w.a.n.g Weixi followed her and gave Yi Duanfang an evil smile.

  Yi Duanfang coughed and replied, "Do not misunderstand. We just take what we need."

  Chen Kexin played with Chen Keren's wig and acclaimed, "Keren, your hair is pretty."

  Chen Kexin's long hair was tied up into a beautiful bun and fixed with a hairpin embedded with flowers, which matched her white cheongsam. She looked elegant and dignified. If she did not utter a word, she would be definitely a graceful young lady from an eminent family. However, the premise that she did not speak was impossible today. Hrm... it was impossible forever.

  Chen Keren said with a smile, "I am still afraid that the long hair is not suitable for me. Let's get in." Chen Kexin hooked her arm through Chen Keren's and walked toward the hotel while w.a.n.g Weixi and Yi Duanfang followed them.

  w.a.n.g Weixi looked at Chen Keren and then glanced at his friend by his side. Yi Duanfang looked extremely enchanting today and his eyes with long black eyeliner were so attractive that w.a.n.g Weixi helplessly sighed, "What a handsome boy! Why do you like to fix your face like this?"

  Yi Duan Fang wore a radiant smile, pointed at him with his orchid fingers and said, "Dear, am I not looking good?"

  w.a.n.g Weixi wanted to vomit.

  Chen Kexin turned her face with a painful look.

  Chen Keren glared at him and speeded up her pace.

  Looking at Chen Keren who was a bit upset, w.a.n.g Weixi sighed, "You two are really a perfect match, but you didn't show yourself at all."

  Yi Duanfang yawned and said lazily, "I am not interested in women."

  Seeing w.a.n.g Weixi silently step forward and catch up with his wife, Yi Duanfang curled his lips and came to walk with Chen Keren.

  On the third floor of the Jiulong Hotel, the melodious music was heard, and the hall was filled with guests. The moment Chen Keren and the other three walked out of the elevator, they immediately attracted everyone's attention.

  w.a.n.g Weixi looked around and actually felt a bit nervous. It had been seven years...

  "I don't know if Tong Siqi has changed. I still remember her previous look, as pure as water and as elegant as wind."

  "Has she not arrived yet?" Chen Keren whispered in Yi Duanfang's ear.

  "What a surprise! She really cares about it," Yi Duanfang thought.

  He looked around and shook his head, saying, "No, Jinxiu's people haven't arrived. All are from our company."

  Chen Keren nodded, not noticing that a few people had dashed in her direction. She just turned to look at Chen Kexin, who was holding w.a.n.g Weixi's arm and greeting some people dressed in suits. Presumably, they were some important people.

  "Director Yi, this is?" A handsome man asked, with great excitement in his eyes. His good-looking face was nothing when compared to Yi Duanfang.

  Yi Duanfang raised an eyebrow and replied, "Can't you see it? She must be my female companion."

  Yi Duanfang's colleagues stared at Chen Keren and could not avert their gaze from her stunning face. Chen Keren frowned and responded with a consistent indifference, but she did not say a word.

  "Beauty, h.e.l.lo, my name is Chen Xiaolong." The man reached out and wanted to take the opportunity to shake hands with Chen Keren.

  Yi Duanfang wore a helpless smile. "The pretty girl always grabs men's attention, so I hate to bring them to this sort of party."

  Chen Keren never played by the rules. She glanced at Yi Duanfang, turned around and left with a frosty look.

  The others stood there embarra.s.sedly.

  "You really don't remember? w.a.n.g Weixi's sister-in-law, who came to our company last time," Yi Duanfang whispered.

  The group of people widened their eyes because they had not recognized Chen Keren who wore a wig, different makeup, and a beautiful cheongsam. Don't say that they had not recognized her. Even if they had, they would have been lost in Chen Keren's charm and had no time to think about who she was.

  Yi Duanfang's words scared them indeed.

  w.a.n.g Weixi's sister-in-law...

  She was the pretty girl who beat up Yi Duanfang last time...

  "Don't you still dare to tease her?" Yi Duanfang said as he looked at the men in front of him with a funny look.

  His colleagues immediately withdrew their eyes for they still wanted to live for a few more years.

  "However, Director Yi, you are a man, but with this sort of makeup... Do you want us men and the other female staff members feel inferior?" Suddenly, one man joked.

  Yi Duanfang rolled his eyes and said irritatedly, "Go away, play by yourself. I don't have time to chat with you."

  His colleagues smirked and turned their gaze toward Chen Keren, who was drinking alone in the corner, before one of them said, "The director's spring is coming. We won't bother you." Then they left.

  Yi Duanfang snorted. "A group of superficial people," he murmured inwardly before he turned around, fixing his eyes on Chen Keren who was drinking red wine alone. At this time, she looked so lonely but arrogant and aloof. Many men around were eager to go forward and say h.e.l.lo to her, yet any one of them, who stepped in her radius of three meters, would receive her unfriendly glance, so all of them shrank back and only looked at her from afar.

  Chen Kexin was also attractive because of her pretty face. The people around w.a.n.g Weixi and her seemed to be the top executives of their company. These old men glanced at Chen Kexin from time to time. Yi Duanfang stared at w.a.n.g Weixi with an amusing look. The latter's face fell, yet he still had an elegant smile on his lips. It seemed that he had regretted bringing Chen Kexin here.

  Yi Duanfang turned to look at Chen Keren, who was quietly watching her sister. He gasped and thought whether Chen Keren would come to beat them up if they threw more lascivious glances at her sister.

  As he was about to approach her, he heard Chen Kexin cry in a sweet voice, "Keren, why are you here alone?"

  Turning his face, Yi Duanfang found that Chen Kexin had freed herself from the boring social engagement and drew to Chen Keren. He smiled softly and walked over.

  Countless lecherous eyes were fixed on the three figures as if those men and women would swallow the three alive.

  Chen Kexin pursed her lips as she said, "My husband is talking something I can't understand with his leaders. It's annoying." She took a gla.s.s of red wine from a waiter and gracefully took a sip of it.

  Yi Duan also took a gla.s.s of red wine and said with a smile, "Because of that, you've left Weixi alone? You're really a little girl who is not caring."

  Chen Keren rolled her eyes toward him and replied, "We didn't come here for being a vase. It's the most annoying thing being stared by you men with lascivious eyes."

  Yi Duanfang said calmly, "It is not 'you men'. I'm different from them."

  "Right, you're our elder sister, not a man." Chen Kexin teased him joyfully.

  Yi Duanfang lifted his chin with pride.

  Chen Keren touched her forehead with resignation. The duo was really a perfect match.

  Raising her head, Chen Keren watched Yi Duanfang and Chen Kexin chattering, casting her mind back to this afternoon when Yi Duanfang met her at home.


  "But you actually fixed your eyes on me for a good while."

  She could not help but smile before she shook her head and thought, "What happened to me recently? Why do I become a bit weird?"

  Glancing at Yi Duanfang, she lowered her head and continued drinking wine.

  Yi Duanfang's voice suddenly disappeared. Chen Keren raised her head and curiously looked at him, seeing him frown and worriedly stare at w.a.n.g Weixi. At this point, w.a.n.g Weixi and a group of old men, including the president who had been shut out by Chen Keren, was walking toward the doorway.

  Presumably, that woman was coming.

  "Director Yi, let's go out." At this time, one of the old men recognized Yi Duanfang and said with a gentle smile.

  Yi Duanfang handed the gla.s.s to Chen Kexin before he responded with a nod. "Director Lee, Why are you here?"

  This cooperation would bring a huge amount of money and Huaxia attached great importance to it, so all the directors attended the banquet, in order to show their sincerity to Jinxiu. After all, this cooperation had not been officially settled and several companies were vying for this fat contract.

  Seeing Yi Duanfang walking with Director Li, Chen Keren's gaze suddenly fell on the latter, who wore a lecherous smile and actually touched Yi Duanfang's waist from nowhere.

  Yi Duanfang seemingly did not perceive it at all and only responded Director Li with an enchanting smile. Seeing this, Chen Keren did not know why she suddenly felt oppression in her chest.

  Chen Kexin looked at Chen Keren curiously and asked, "Keren, what's wrong with you? You look pale."

  Until then, Chen Keren found herself overreacting. She shook her head and said, "Nothing."

  Chen Kexin nodded suspiciously.

  At the entrance of the Jiulong Hotel, a long motorcade caught everyone's attention. Before the black Porsche Cayenne, it was an eye-catching royal blue Lamborghini. A woman in a black suit was getting out of the Lamborghini with a few bodyguards before she walked to the hotel. This woman was w.a.n.g Weixi's first love lover, Tong Siqi.

  The faint moonlight fell on her and made her emanate charming radiance, which gradually disappeared until she walked into the golden hall and entered the elevator.

  w.a.n.g Weixi, who was standing at the door of the elevator, suddenly felt a little uneasy. "What kind of expression shall I have to make when facing her?"

  "Shall I smile at her like treating an old friend? Or shall I treat her indifferently as I did the last time we met?" He did not know what to do. As he was deep in thought, Yi Duanfang came and stood behind him.

  Yi Duanfang had seen through w.a.n.g Weixi's anxiety. He only patted his shoulder and signaled him not to be nervous. w.a.n.g Weixi turned his face, nodded slightly, and forced a smile.

  The elevator door finally opened with a "Ding".

  Seeing Tong Siqi walk out, w.a.n.g Weixi put on a surprised expression on his face.

  "Is this the Tong Siqi I know? I still remember she was gentle and delicate and had water-like eyes that cast a spell on people. She always smiled and looked as warm as jade.

  "That day she broke up with me, her decisiveness made me feel painful and pity for her.

  "But look at her now, is that her?"

  Her long hair was tied high and a trace of evil was revealed on her frosty face. Her eyes should have been vibrant, yet they looked calm and even a little indifferent. The black suit dress made her look more serious and maturer.

  Tong Siqi was a very professional woman now, beautiful still, but not a trace of innocence.

  w.a.n.g Weixi suddenly realized that both of them were 27-year-old now. "Are we still qualified to talk about youth?"

  The moment he saw her again, w.a.n.g Weixi suddenly felt his heart aching. "Has she led a hard life over these years? Or has she been happy with her pride?

  "Why is she full of the taste of a businessman, without a little bit of feminity? Even Keren is cautious sometimes, but I can't feel any of the cautiousness on Tong Siqi.

  "I miss, I miss the day when I took shelter from the rain with you. Under the tree, I saw an innocent smile on your wet face, which enchanted me for a whole summer."

  Tong Siqi shook hands with the senior executives of Huaxia Company one by one. She had already come to w.a.n.g Weixi.

  "This is w.a.n.g Weixi, the general manager of who is in charge of the project," the president said with an obsequious smile.

  Tong Siqi nodded and looked at the man who did not smile or speak in front of her. She only lifted the corners of her mouth coldly and reached out, saying, "Weixi, long time no see."

  The others were stunned and looked at each other. Finally, the people of Huaxia Company laughed excitedly.

  w.a.n.g Weixi nodded, reached out and responded. "Long time no see."

  Holding Tong Siqi's hand, w.a.n.g Weixi suddenly felt that the touch of her hand was really familiar.

  "Do you want to keep holding my hand like this?" Tong Siqi asked with a funny look.

  w.a.n.g Weixi realized his own gaffe. He quickly released his hand before he said unnaturally, "You have changed a lot in these years."

  But he immediately realized that he had said some inappropriate words.

  Little did he expect that Tong Siqi replied in a flat tone, "Yes, everyone would change, and you also have changed a lot."

  At this time, Yi Duanfang came by w.a.n.g Weixi's side and spoke with a bright smile. "Miss Tong Siqi, long time no see."

  Tong Siqi was a bit shocked and looked at Yi Duanfang's eyes in astonishment, but in an instant, she recovered her calmness. A hit of joy was revealed in her impa.s.sive eyes as she said, "Duanfang, long time no see. I have not noticed you are here!"

  Hearing this, the others were even more excited.

  Yi Duan nodded and said with a smile, "You don't care about me, so you haven't noticed it."

  Tong Siqi wore an awkward smile and said, "Then let's get together sometime."

  Not far from them, Chen Keren coldly stared at Yi Duanfang and Tong Siqi. The moment Tong Siqi showed up, Chen Keren immediately felt that the woman was annoying. She couldn't tell why, but she really disliked her.

  Chen Kexin looked at the group of people curiously and said carelessly, "Hey, is there an important person coming?"

  Chen Keren gave no response. "This clumsy girl, if she knew that the woman was the first lover of my brother-in-law, how anxious she would be!" Chen Keren shook her head helplessly.

  In a short while, Chen Kexin and Chen Keren saw w.a.n.g Weixi, Yi Duanfang, and Tong Siqi come over. A flicker of surprise was revealed in Tong Siqi's eyes.

  "This is my wife, and this is my sister-in-law." w.a.n.g Weixi introduced them gently as he held Chen Kexin's hand.

  Chen Keren nodded faintly while Chen Kexin said with a bashful smile, "Nice to meet you."

  Tong Siqi chuckled and responded. "Nice to meet you too."

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