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Chapter 305: The Truth Union’s Request

Something isn’t right!

Melissa immediately became alert when she heard that there was a mission.

Before she was put in confinement, Joseph had told Melissa that he would transfer her to the Intelligence Division in order to better protect and guide her.

Now that Joseph had successfully made a spectacular comeback, he would only face more troubles in the future.

And under this sort of circ.u.mstances, Melissa was basically his only weakness. Thus, transferring her to the Intelligence Division was most appropriate and the only choice for both Joseph and herself.

While the Combat Division was the strongest of the four Secret Rite Tower divisions, with more than half of the current ten Great Radiant Knights inside, it was also the division responsible for the vast majority of the dangerous tasks with more than enough opportunities for actual combat.

For any ordinary member of Secret Rite Tower, joining the Combat Division was undoubtedly the best choice if they wished to advance further.

Many from the other divisions felt that joining the Combat Division was glorious and racked their brains trying to think of ways to squeeze in.

But in terms of combat, was there anyone currently in Secret Rite Tower that could compare with Joseph, who was formerly the Great Radiant Knight Chief?

Should Melissa want to learn how to fight, wouldn’t it be easy to ask her father to mentor her?

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Also, Joseph's comeback was the decision made by the Council of Elders and naturally, they supported him fully. The case regarding Oswald’s situation a few days ago had been put to bed with all credit being attributed to Joseph, and he was reinstated the t.i.tle of Great Radiant Knight the following day.

Like a storm, it swept through the entire Secret Rite Tower.

All of Joseph's admirers went ‘crazy.’ Oswald was a veteran Great Radiant Knight and was a genuine Destructive-rank even if he was already aged.

Joseph’s indifferent remark at that time, "Unfortunately, Oswald, despicable would just be your epitaph," and the image of Oswald's head being ripped off as if by an invisible force ‘happened’ to be recorded as well and went viral among all the transcendent community.

In one night, the whole Norzin learned that the ‘Indomitable Sacred Flame,’ so powerful that he had no match, had returned once more.

At first, most expected that he would directly a.s.sume the position of Combat Division Chief. However, Joseph made it clear that he would stay on as the Intelligence Division’s Chief.

This disappointed the once more stirred-up Combat Division knights, but then a strange trend appeared—Division Transfers!

Knights of Secret Rite Tower were free to transfer divisions as long as they had the Council of Elders’ approval and pa.s.sed the examination of the division they wanted to get into.

Similar to how it had been like when Joseph transferred from Combat to the Intelligence Division.

Admirers in the Combat Division had submitted lots of applications in the past couple of days, seeking transfers to the Intelligence Division.

These admirers claimed it was a step toward following in the footsteps of their idol, while some fanatics even call it a ‘Pilgrimage path,’ which was, of course, a term that they only used in private.

Thus, even though Joseph had promised Winston he wouldn’t steal the position of Combat Division Chief from the latter, in just a short span, the Combat Division’s original manpower had been reduced by a third as they all transferred to the Intelligence Division…

This was much worse than stealing the position.

Even if that hadn’t happened, the status of the Intelligence Division would probably be on par with the Combat Division from now onward.

It was something everyone knew, just like the reason for Melissa's current detention and the likelihood that she would be transferred straight to the Intelligence Division in the future... No, it was a sure thing.

So, why had she been a.s.signed a new mission all of a sudden, at such a moment that anyone could tell was crucial?

Moreover, it wasn’t just any mission.

Rather, it was a highly dangerous mission of besieging and raiding the Corpse Devouring Sect’s hideout which could perhaps even last for a month.

It was common knowledge that the leader of this new and evil Corpse Devouring Sect was Wilde, the Destructive-rank black magician.

Moreover, Wilde and Joseph were eternal enemies.

Now, Joseph’s only weak spot—his only daughter—was being a.s.signed to raid the Corpse Devouring Sect’s hideout... This was no different from sending a sheep into a tiger’s den.

There was something very wrong with this mission…

Melissa's face darkened. She placed the doc.u.ments down and looked straight into the instructor’s eyes. “Who else other than me is a.s.signed to this mission? What's the danger level?”

The instructor replied, "All of the Combat Division Squad Five members, including Great Radiant Knight Vivian. The danger level is P-D."

The Combat Division was divided into 10 squads; Great Radiant Knights led the first, and the captain of Squad Seven was ‘Scarlet Lancer’ Vivian. Melissa was just but a lowly team leader in Squad Seven so partic.i.p.ating in a comprehensive Squad Seven operation wasn’t anything out of the ordinary.

P-D level meant that generally, Pandemonium-ranks could complete this mission, but there was a chance of Destructive-rank enemies showing up during the process.

The instructor added, "This is an urgent mandatory mission from the Council of Elders. It cannot be refused."

However, Melissa didn't buy it. She stared at him and said, "I won't refuse, but I have to say goodbye to my father first. I remember that there’s a rule in the Tower which mentions that Pandemonium-rank personnel can bid farewell to their families before performing a mission above P-level.”

The instructor showed indifference and said, "I can help convey that to your father, for he may not have the time."

Melissa retorted coldly, "Regardless of whether my father is free or not, he would definitely make time knowing that his daughter is embarking on a P-D level mission.”

Eyeing the young red-haired lady before him, the instructor then said, “Sir Joseph is currently on another urgent mission.”

Melissa didn’t back down. "What mission?"

The instructor seemed to hesitate for a moment before replying, "This ought to be confidential, but as you are Sir Joseph’s family as well as Combat Division personnel, telling you this should be alright… Andrew, Vice-Chairman of the Truth Union, issued a request to Secret Rite Tower, for us to send dispatch personnel to help clean up Machine Loop."

Melissa was thoroughly taken aback by this mission that she had never heard of before.

Machine Loop was the place where the Truth Union would use for all kinds of experiments, which was equivalent to their most secret bas.e.m.e.nt.

But now, they were asking Secret Rite Tower to help clean up something so private... This was simply absurd. In the past, the Truth Union would always hold and hide Machine Loop like a treasure.

Now doing something like this was akin to bringing out their secret lover and sharing it with the world!

"Why?" Melissa asked in surprise.

"The reason given by Andrew was that two scholars had recently gone missing with some doc.u.ments during the course of their experiments and had likely entered some forbidden areas in Machine Loop. Therefore, they decided they might as well clean up the unexplored sections of Machine Loop. The danger and risk were very high, so Sir Joseph was dispatched."

The instructor looked at the time and said, "Alright, if you have anything to say, I can help pa.s.s it on to Sir Joseph, but there’s no time to lose right now."

Although Melissa was still unwilling, there hadn’t been anything wrong during this whole process of the mission briefing. Thus, she eventually nodded and agreed.

As the instructor watched at the back of the red-haired young lady leaving, the corners of his lips curled up into a sly smile.

The image of a long sword wrapped in flames indistinctly appeared in his eyes.

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