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Chapter 303: Can’t Stop Myself

Ji Zhixiu was stunned. She had initially wanted to add on more but realized she wasn’t in a business meeting and hence had no room for negotiation. Thus, she was quick to nod her head. “Your wish is my command.”

“Mmm.” Lin Jie nodded as well, but he suddenly realized the subtle change in Ji Zhixiu’s expression and was skillfully able to pick up some hesitance on her face that had yet to fade.

Miss Ji seemed rather disappointed at the thought of not being able to personally bring him to the party.

Which also meant to say—she was actually looking forward to escorting him to the venue of the birthday party?

Lin Jie raised an eyebrow.

Shouldn’t the star party be sitting down elegantly while accepting gifts and greetings from others?

Why would she ‘downgrade’ herself and specially make the trip to the bookstore to escort me?

What a strange arrangement, how unlike that of the party’s host…

However, this very frantic expression and the crimson blush on her face during previous trips had also been very explicit. She had also requested for a rose as well as invited Lin Jie to her birthday party.

On top of that, Miss Ji had first stumbled across the bookstore at a time when she was suffering great emotional distress and betrayal.

In such a feeble state of mind, she had been given a heart-warming bowl of ‘chicken soup for the soul.’ As such, it was easy for her to tie this feeling of warmth and relief to Lin Jie who had provided that for her.

Resulting in developing feelings she wouldn’t have otherwise.

This was the bold guess Lin Jie had.

Thus, Lin Jie felt obligated to help this lost lamb turn back, lest Miss Ji finds herself stuck in a ‘quagmire,’ unable to extricate herself from a dream that could never become reality.

Ji Zhixiu wrapped the five books and placed them in a specialized box before saying cautiously, “If that’s the case, I’ll make preparations for these few…”

“Wait a moment,” Lin Jie said as he got into his most common posture: arms folded with chin propped on his interlocking fingers. “I feel the need to clear up some stuff, lest things proceed in the wrong way.”


Ji Zhixiu was like a deer caught in headlights as panic overwhelmed her.

She had no idea that the way she reacted had made it seem as if all her secrets had been spilled to Lin Jie.

“There’s no need to be so nervous.” Lin Jie softened his tone. “I didn’t mean to be too harsh on you, since it’s common for people to have these sorts of notions, even more so when there are special circ.u.mstances. Desire triumphs over reason, and this is a definite given.”

Lin Jie didn’t think there was anything wrong with how he phrased his words.

Being attracted to one’s savior was a really normal psychological phenomenon.

My previous fleeting yet wayward thoughts to sell the five books to the supporters of the Ji family was still discovered! The guilt-stricken Ji Zhixiu thought to herself.

She lowered her head and replied regretfully, “My apologies. I got carried away by my selfishness and couldn’t contain these thoughts. I ask for your forgiveness for having had these inadequate ideas.”

Aha! Lin Jie knew he guessed correctly; she’d definitely developed feelings for him.

“Haa…” Lin Jie sighed. “That’s just human nature, you can’t be faulted for it.

“Just that, I think there’s something you need to understand. There are some thoughts that should never exist in the first place as it would only bring about many problems for you, me, and even your father. Things wouldn’t go well, especially since you know, the gulf between us is just too wide.”

Lin Jie smiled as he advised with utmost sincerity, “I would be unable to stop myself if you come too close.”

Unable to stop himself from the alluring pull of riches, as well as the young heiress of a monopolistic corporation. Just the thought alone could make Lin Jie shudder.

Ji Zhixiu had already long known about the distance that existed between them. Regardless of how much improvement she made, be it becoming a Destructive-rank or a Supreme-rank, all that would do was to make her realize how great the gulf between them. She would never ever a.s.sume she could close the gap between Boss Lin and herself.

But, what can't Boss Lin stop himself from?

Ji Zhixiu glanced at the case in her hand; among the five books was Blood Sacrifice, considered as a recipe book by Lin Jie. In this case, “unable to stop myself” could only mean one thing.

—That is, he would be unable to stop himself from eating her up.

This realization frightened Ji Zhixiu, causing her to shiver as she looked at Lin Jie with fear in her eyes.

Even though she had always respected Boss Lin, she was really incapable of keeping her cool at that very moment.

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Lin Jie saw it all very clearly. How Ji Zhixiu’s face had paled instantly before breaking out in slight trembles. It appeared that she had been deeply hurt by the decisive refusal.

I’m truly sorry, but it is my greatest responsibility to make things clear.

Lin Jie gave another sigh before adding on, “You must think that I am cruel?”

Ji Zhixiu shook her head frantically like a rattle.

“No. I truly believe that you are a really gentle person.” Ji Zhixiu forced a smile.

Had she confirmed it out loud, Ji Zhixiu would have been instantaneously turned into a dish even without needing to get close.

Lin Jie could only blink as he felt that this child was beyond hopeless.

Why was she still being so stubborn with such a clear and obvious reaction?

“Never mind that. In any case, let’s just keep a distance between us. Perhaps my so-called ‘gentleness’ in the past led to some misconceptions, but I need you to understand that it was all just a misunderstanding.”

Lin Jie deliberately turned stone cold.

Though he could use this opportunity to gain even more benefits, taking advantage of another’s feeling was something even Lin Jie couldn’t bring himself to do.

“Think about it carefully, yeah?”


Ji Zhixiu stepped out of the bookstore and sighed.

The weight of the five books in her hands didn’t seem like the weight of books but rather the weight of Rolle Resource Development’s future.

Choosing five suitable buyers for the books seemed to be another one of Boss Lin’s tests. After all, he did mention he would be attending the banquet by himself. But, if this business deal were to fail, he could choose not to come altogether.

To reject her offer of escorting him over was most likely an insinuation of maintaining a distance.

Combined with Boss Lin’s warning and the way he a.s.serted his dominance back at the Jis previous visit to the bookstore, he had already made clear his intentions. He was only willing to entertain these ants with their game due to their ‘tribute,’ but it didn’t mean he would stand with them.

Hence the issuance of this direct warning.

I know in detail all your hidden agendas; do what you're told and do it well, and never bite the hand that feeds you. Else the patience and mercy granted by me will disappear—This was definitely the message Boss Lin wanted to send across to Ji Zhixiu.

His graciousness was not something she could take advantage of with her presumptuousness.

Just like that, the short-lived seed of hope in Ji Zhixiu’s heart was quickly smothered before it could even sprout.

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