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Yasil a mutation in Unigux, someone broke free from his Time Suspension.

'Just how many surprises more this tiny planet holding?'

And with that, he vanished and appeared before the blind old man rushing.

"Huh… Raven Diviner Sage – Furner Raven"

"Justice of Light Sovereign!!!"

Both exclaimed in the same breath; clearly, neither of them was expecting this meeting.

"ooh… Are my senses betraying? How is the ever upright Chief Justice of the Confederation bending the rules. The last time I checked Time Paradox is prohibited punishable offence warranting 10 years of service in the frontline.

Or has the Rules been revamped by those old frats after my retirement?"

The blind old man showed utter disregard and disdain and mocked Yasil without reservation.

"So you escaped the Tribulation, I have been turning the entire world thank G.o.d!!"

Yasil wasn't bothered with the ridicule and walked to the blind man giving a hearty hug.

'Since when did this stubborn mule believe in G.o.d. What's with all this squishy hug??'

The blind was mentally exclaiming in confusion; they were never in talking terms. Before the accident, Furner was one of the bigwigs of the Confederation just like Yasil.

Yasil and Furner were the youngest council members, the entire Council of Confederation was divided into two factions.

The first faction advocated conservatism and believed in Rule of Law; typical right-wing and Yasil was the spearhead.

The second faction was free-spirited and advocated justice than rules; typical left-wing and similarly Furner was the face of this faction.

Though both of them were had a difference of principles and politically in opposing ideologies, it was within the boundaries of healthy compet.i.tion.

So Furner was obviously taken aback by Yasil's weird behaviour.

"It's been decades since Raven Diviner Sage's demise; all that's left is a cripple old man with impaired eyes waiting for his death."

Furner shoved away Yasil while he mumbled.

"Stop being all mushy, and what are you up to anyway? If those old fools find out you'll be sentenced to 10 years of Mortal Imprisonment? You of all people should know the rules."

Furner was almost interrogating while staring into at Yasil's eyes through his blind white pupil.

"Not 10 years, it'll be imprisonment of a century. Raven, after you divined Newborn Cosmic Black Hole in the Desolate Starfield just outside our galaxy. The Confederation dispatched all our Star Battle Forces and destroyed it the disaster at its source.

As the Eye of the Blackhole dissipated, a sudden mutation caught us off guard. It transformed into a Cosmic Black Storm and crashed into our galaxy before we could react."

Yasil paused there a bit.

"Don't you dare tell that all of you failed to contain the storm and all my sacrificed was for nothing."

Furner was full of seething resentment; rightfully so he lost everything to the Tribulation for peeking into the heaven's secrets.

"Nothing of that sorts happened, Security measures were in place, and Cosmic Black Strom was repelled by the Planetary Guardian Shield. Only one area was affected, Lincoln's Light Dimension.

As you know all newborns in our clan must be in our Ancestral land - Lincoln's Light Dimension. Unfortunately, my son was stepped foot into only to be hit by the radiation of the Cosmic Black Storm.

Thus, the House of Lincoln's first Dark elemental had a physique mutation, yes, the one-in-trillion birth Calamity induced Const.i.tution Mutation.

And in line with the theory, my son's Physique mutated into one of the Seven Primordial physiques…."

"Dharma Devouring Physique"

Before Yasil could spell it out, Furner muttered in astonishment.

"Did you just…"

Furner opened and closed his mouth a few minutes before finally squeaking the rest.

"Yes, I was left with no choice I personally tortured my son before exiling to this planet. My son's suffered too much because of the Primordial Physique, so I had to make it count.

Everything is in place, the seed of hatred and physique is sealed with the Gorged Golden Sun Seal. In the equation, he was missing a reliable teacher, and you're the strongest Dark elemental cultivator our Galaxy has ever witnessed.

So please take my son as our disciple, he'll be the most apt cultivator for your legacy.
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Any moment the Palace Guardian will find out that I have stolen the Gorged Golden Sun Seal. If everything goes as planned, my contribution to the Confederation will be offset by capital punishments. In all likelihood, a century-long Mortal Imprisonment in solitude would be the harshest judgement I would be awarded.

Please give me the a.s.surance that my son is in good hands."

Yasil was nearly begging to his old rival while Furner was stunned silly.

'Just how many times did he you the word 'Please'.'

Furner thoroughly shaken, he knew Yasil's arrogance and Pride would never let bow his down.

Yet for his son, the ever upright Yasil Stole from the treasury of the Galaxy breaking the very rule of law he was safe-guarding for decades. And further pleading to his rival for his son.

"Yasil even without your intervention, I would have taken your son as my closing discipline. The very purpose of staying this planet was to meet him, this had been long deduced by me."

Furner rea.s.sured Yasil by hold his hands.

"Good, good... That's so good to hear. Furner, your disciple, has made some friends and one of them is very special you'll when you meet them."

"Hahaha… See you later, my old friend."

And with that laughter, all the pressure built was relieved.

Then Furner opened and closed his mouth a few times, swallowing thin air before finally resolutely stating.

"Yasil, the last Divination not only foretold the Cosmic Black Hole, but I also got a very bleak premonition. Our galaxy's principles are going to evolve, but we will undergo a man-made calamity ten times worse than Cosmic Black Hole during the evolution."

Yasil's eyes hardened, but he left with just nodded before vanished from the world. He knew conversing with Furner might induce a new Tribulation upon his son's teacher.

The very next moment everything returned to normal, the time freeze was unwound.

The ashes fell, as the 'Law of Gravity' was restored. Fran continued reading his book while Kelly continued cleaning the books. Ben was still sitting on the tree like a statue, only out of his own will.

Everyone from students to the teacher to vice-dean every single frozen person resumed their motion. Not just Natal Dawn School, the whole planet Unigux returned its motion.

There was only three witnesses of this miracle in Unigux - Quinn, Furner and Elgar.

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