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6:30 A.M

Its Monday...ugh i have a Maths quiz, if you didn't realize i hate Mondays and I HATE Maths. I am thinking about begging my mom to homeschool me?.... I already tried but she said she doesn't want to be stuck with me for the rest of her life, my mom is just cruel ;( .

9:00 I just had the Maths quiz, i think i got a negative mark....it is possible with me somehow. My mom called me and told me we are going to have a barbecue at our house and i should make some friends to invite...she said everyone will get a friend, including my 1 year old brother...i need to get some friends, even my baby brother has friends.


I went to talk to some people to make friends with...I accidentally went to the disgusting weird nerds group, EVERYONE made fun of me, since they picked their nose...WE ARE HIGH SCHOOLERS ?. Whatever, i talked to this girl called Stephanie and she was so nice she even asked me to be friends...EKKKKK I HAVE A FRIEND, sorry i had to get it out...hehe.


I invited Stephanie to the barbecue at school and she said ok.... I told her to come at 3:30. I've got to open the door to check if she is lost....i opened the door and found Stephanie calling her "cheerleader" friends and telling them about a plan to embarra.s.s me and post it on the schools website... ITS NOT FAIR,WHY CANT I HAVE ANY REAL FRIENDS.


I want to move schools, i hate it there everyone is mean... I just want to have friends real ones. I am going to school tomorrow and put a recording camera in my bag to catch what mean things everyone is telling me so i can show it to my mom then i could move schools?.


I just want to die right now...everyone is talking about a video of me talking to those disgusting weird nerd group. I HATE MYSELF WHY CANT I JUST KNOW THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN A NERD AND A NORMAL GROUP....deep breath i need to calm down. If my plan doesn't work, I'll go to the schools roof to jump?. I just can't handle it.

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