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PHYLUM. A term introduced by Haeckel to designate the great branches of the animal and vegetable kingdoms. Each phylum may include several cla.s.ses.

PICKELHAUBE. The spiked helmet of the German army.

PLANKTON. Sea animals and plants collectively; distinguished from coast or bottom forms and floating in a great ma.s.s.

POLYGAMIC (LOVE). Pertaining to the habit of having more than one mate of the opposite s.e.x.

POLYPHRASTIC. Having many phrases; pertaining to rambling, incoherent speech.

POST-SIMIAN. Pertaining to an age later than that in which simian or monkey-like forms prevailed.

PRENUBILE. Pertaining to the age before s.e.xual maturity or marriageability is reached.

PRIE DIEU. A praying desk.

PROPEDEUTIC. Preliminary; introductory.

PROPHYLACTIC. Any medicine or measure efficacious in preventing disease.

PSEUDOPHOBIAC. Pertaining to a morbid condition in which the subject is continually in fear of having said something not strictly true.

PSYCHOGENESIS. The origin and development of soul.

PSYCHONOMIC. Pertaining to the laws of mind.

PSYCHOSIS. Mental const.i.tution or condition; any change in consciousness, especially if abnormal.

p.u.b.eRTY. The age of s.e.xual maturity.

p.u.b.eSCENT. Relating to the dawning of p.u.b.erty.

PYGMOID. Of pygmy size and form.

RABULIST. A chronic wrangler; one who argues about everything.

SCHEMA. A synopsis; a summary. In the Kantian sense, a general type.

SCHEMATISM. An outline of any systematic arrangement; an outline.

SUPERFOETATION. A second conception some time after a prior one, by which two foetuses of different age exist together in the same female. Often used figuratively.

TEMIBILITY. (From Italian temibile, to be feared.) The principle of adjustment of penalty to crime in just that degree necessary to prevent a repet.i.tion of the criminal act.

TIC. A nervous affection of the muscles; a twitching.

TRANSCENDENTAL. In the Kantian system having an a priori character, transcending experience, presupposed in and necessary to experience.


TRAUMATISM. A wound; any morbid condition produced by wounds or other external violence.

VERBIGERATION. The continual utterance of certain words or phrases at short intervals, without reference to their meaning, as seen in insane Gedankenflucht or rapid flight of thought.

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