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Chapter 20 – Birth, Nostrum, Top Secret Dispatch Part A

Translator: E R O S
Special Mention: Midehira, for summoning me back from the abyss.

Note: someone ask why I translate the ‘toned down’ part and not the exciting part. Mostly because I dunno when the author toned it down so it is hard for me to track it with web archive service and this (toned down raw) is all the raw I have now. If you can find the raw before toning down then send it to me and I will do that one instead!

# Birth

When my little sister born, the first one to give her a bath is not father but it was me and the midwife instead. My father was unfortunately had to go do his job in the forest when mother starts feeling contractions from labor.


The door where mother going through her labor is opened up and from outside, father is coming inside. Usually, a mother who is going through the process of childbirth should be in a weak state after using up all her strength in it ---- but that doesn’t happen to my mother. I a.s.sume that was the after effect of using elixir. Even when her stomach getting bigger when her pregnancy enters its late months, mother was still full of energy and move about actively seeming oblivious of the stomach weight.

The sight of her weak and bedridden at that time really seems to be just a nightmare in the past.

“Ricardo…… The baby was born healthy so please don’t you worry. So go on, and call her name for the first time”
“…… Ahh, of course. Great work there Remilia…… and also Hiroto, thank you for accompanying your mother”
“I don’t do much. It was all thanks to aunty midwife. She constantly give her encouragement to mother at the time”
“No you don’t have to thank me. I already feel happy really, having you both safe and healthy…… I’m really glad Remilisan”

The midwife aunty wipes her tears with her handkerchief.

When mother was in labor, she is the one who uses healing magic to stop her bleeding. Sara.s.san also treat mother with her healing magic periodically back in her pregnancy period and because of that, mother’s condition after the labor is not that bad.

“…… Do you recognize me? I’m your father, Ricardo Siegrid…… and then fraulein*, your name is Sonia Siegrid” (*ger for little lady? Ricardo call Sonia in a polite term that is hard to translate and mademoiselle is kinda not matched so there)

The baby that just got named Sonia is looking at my father with her barely opened eyes.

Just a while ago, after she got born, she was crying loudly. So she seems to be getting tired of crying now.

But then again, [fraulein] eh? …… Father’s etiquette suddenly shows up at an unexpected time. He even pays attention to his att.i.tude even to his just born daughter. I can feel that father is very grateful for her safe birth and thus his act.

“This is your older brother. He is very dependable you know? Hiroto, why don’t you hold her for a bit? Be careful okay……”
“…… She is so warm. So this is a baby”

While saying that, I hold my just born little sister with ease. I have already experienced holding a baby in my previous life after all. Looking at my steady hold, father could only show a wry smile.

“Hiroto is really good at doing everything even more that daddy. Daddy is feeling a bit jealous”
“Fufu…… Sonia seems to be attached to Hiroto already. Look at how happy her expression is”
“Oioi, why did she get attached to Hiroto that fast? …… It seems like daddy have to increase the time for daddy to stay at home”

My baby sister has already grown some hair. As I hold her, her cute round eyes moves toward my direction. Looking at her like this, it is indeed that she looks somewhat happier than when father holds her. And even more so, she is very calm. What a good girl.

“Hey Ricardo, isn’t Sonia the name of the hero that is sung in the legend? Why did you name her with that?”
“Well that is of course because her older brother, Hiroto, is someone with a big potential even being a child. And I hope that the little sister would also grow up splendidly as her older brother. You can also think of it as a prayer……”
“I-I don’t think I have big potential……”
“Hiroto-chan has indeed grown splendidly. He is very obedient towards his parents and quick to understand. Almost all the women in the town are a big fan of Hiroto- chan you know?”

The midwife said so to me. The way she said big fan…… doesn’t it sounds like having some kind of impure meaning hidden inside? Maybe I overdid myself in doing Milk Harvest skill to the women in town for the sake of skill. After the charm effect gone and no follow up interaction done afterward, those women affection to me should have gone back to normal level. But thanks for my high Negotiation skill, if we meet again and having a bit of conversation, the affection meter will rebound high again which made give me a hard time to lower it.

But then again, I don’t just use Milk Harvest to anyone like when I was still a baby. I only do it with a few limited people only now (Eros: still guilty IMO). Like to Yuisia when I go to the forest, and then after that there’s Monicsan, Wendy, and Nameless that would ask me to do it for them sometimes. Everyone seems to think that it was a should-do reward for them after we go to do quest together so if I don’t do anything, it would instead make their mood goes bad.

Even now, me acting like that to them is already categorized as OUT but what would happen if I grew a bit more? …… No, rather, they even actually said that they are looking towards me growing up. If that were to actually happen…… all I can do is to play dumb and says ‘doesn’t baby delivered by the stork?’. d.a.m.n, what kind of innocent character I’m trying to sell myself? I’m not an idol who needs to do that anyway.

When I thought to that point, it made me thinks. An existence that is like an idol in this world, wouldn’t that be a princess? This Junegan Princ.i.p.ality is ruled by a Mandated King and that Mandated King has a total of three daughters. And among them, one was an important character that becomes the key of a main quest back in the game.

“Oi Hiroto, daddy knows that you are good at holding the baby but why don’t you let mommy see Sonia too?”
“Ah…… I-I’m sorry”
“No no, it doesn’t matter, take your time. Seeing Hiroto taking care of Sonia like this makes mommy feel happy”

I walk toward mom that is smiling cheerfully looking at us carefully while still holding Sonia. Mother gently take Sonia into her embrace and give her a thigh hug.

“Thank you for being born healthy and safely like this. I am your mommy”

“This child is really docile…… She might become the type that won’t be a burden to her parent”
“She cried loudly just a moment a go so she must feel sleepy now right? Remilisan, you should also take some rest, let me look after her”
“No, I will look after her instead. Lindsan, both when it was for Hiroto and also now for this child, thank you for helping me. I really grateful for your help”

The midwife, aunty Linda, nods her head while wiping her tears again. Seeing her cry almost made me and father infected with the feeling but when I look at my father who trying his best to hold his tears by pointing his face upside, he noticed my gaze and gives out a sheepish smile.

“Hiroto also, if you feel so happy that you wanna cry, it is okay to let it out you know? Daddy is an adult so I won’t cry though”

But aren’t you already cried once when mother was in danger before? I don’t say it out loud though. Well, this side of him is also one of his characters which made me like him even more.

Mother just look lovingly towards Father that tries to act strong. Until now, I thought that it was father who pull mother out with his strength…… but I realized now that, the center of my home is definitely my mother.

“Kyaa kyaa”
“Oh my…… Sonia is smiling. Are you also understood that Daddy is just acting though?”
“I-I’m no…… S-she might just think that our family is a fun one isn’t it? Sonia, is there any interesting things you noticed? How about daddy here makes a funny face for you? Beroberoba~!” (peek a bo j.a.p version)
“Ahaha…… Anyway daddy, didn’t you also do the same at my time?”
“Hahaha…… so you remember it? Back when you are still a baby? If you are like that then Sonia would probably also remember… Maybe I should hold back in making weird faces to her. Don’t blame daddy alright? This is also daddy’s first experience in having a daughter so daddy don’t know how to interact with her”

I don’t think you need to worry about that father. Look, Isn’t Sonia already quite attached to you? But after all, different from myself, Sonia is a girl. Towards his first daughter I can sense how nervous father is. I can also understand how he feels since this is also the first for me for having a little sister.
(Eros: Hiroto has a little brother back on earth)

Maybe I should help mother change her diaper. Cleaning it seems to be a h.e.l.l but I have water magic now. I can use water spirit magic combined with pharmacy skill to create a substance named [cleaning liquid] and many other kind of method to do real life hack.

“Mommy, from now on, I will also help you with a lot of things”
“You are also still a child Hiroto, your main occupation is to go out and play. Just leave Sonia to mommy. Even when mommy already becomes this old, mommy don’t know why but mommy feels healthier than ever. Mommy can feel power surging from mommy’s body”

Mother indeed looks very healthy like she could just jump out of her bed right now and go back home…… Elixir, such a terrifying existence.

But even now, I still can’t dismiss my question regarding mother’s healing process. At that time, her life point had indeed already reached 0. I don’t know why the elixir starts reacting to heal her only when it gotten past her throat.

---- Then I suddenly remembered something from my time at the game. There were indeed some rare cases where some being’s life point reached 0 but they didn’t die. It was said that there should also be some decimal point behind that is hidden and in those cases, the hidden decimal point actually still has some point left before reaching perfect 0, or in this case, death.

At first, even if she’s still alive, mother is already too weak to even drink the potion but thanks to everyone calling her at that time, she managed to give a reaction and pa.s.ses the elixir through her throat…… and that action finally activates the elixir and cures her from her sickness and stops her life point from decreasing.

Elixir is an extremely rare medicine so I can’t recklessly experiment with it but…… let’s keep this last half of a bottle left elixir of mine for other emergency situation in the future. Honestly, after this event, having thousands or even ten thousands of ordinary potions is already not something comparable to having a drop of elixir for me. Amongst my other possession, its rarity rating is the highest and probably only my +7 Doverg small axe could compare,


Name: Elixir
Type: Medicine
Rarity: Legend Unique

Use 1: Total recovery for life and mana.
Use 2: All negative status will be cured.
#Will only give either one of the effect.

That is the result of using Appraisal Skill and from the result, I know that Elixir will only give either one of the effect towards the user. Mother’s disease is remain a mystery until the end but from the result, I know now that Elixir’s power could even cure a disease that is still unknown.

The ranking of item rarity from the highest is G.o.d, Legend Unique, Super Unique, Unique, Rare, and lastly, Normal. Above Unique level, the item doesn’t only get called with its generic name but will instead possess a name unique to itself. Its drop rate from Monsters is infinitely small and even if you try to get it from other mean, it is still something hard to get.

Even if Elixir is created from an array of Super Unique graded item like the mandragora and parts of elusive divine beast, its rarity rating can’t surpa.s.s that off the demon sword. That is because even if those are rare, if one managed to collect all the ingredient, one can create it again no matter how many. Rarity of G.o.ds simply means that, there is only one of that item existed.

(Ah, talking about elixir made me remember…… According to my agreement with Obabsama, I would only take a half of a flask of the first created elixir)

Seems like Obabsama also has some other way to utilize elixir. She said once about a wonder drug that is even higher that elixir but I’m not very clear whether such drug even exist.

“Hmm, if I had to say, she really looks similar to you, Remilia”
“Isn’t it too fast to judge? And also, aren’t her facial features seems closer to you darling?”

Father and Mother talk to each other harmoniously while looking at Sonia’s face. They already enter a love-love mode even when we are still in the medication center. I can’t imagine how much more romantic they will act once they get back home…… I might vomit sugar too much at that time. As their son, let’s just tease, I mean support them from afar.



A few days after Sonia born, mother could finally get back home.

Fortunately when mother is still away, mother’s friends, Sara.s.san, and even Serrsan came to house to help with the house ch.o.r.es. So even if mother is not around, we managed to keep the house tidy.

It was all thanks to mother sparing no effort in socializing with the neighbors that in such times, they are willing to come help.

In my previous life, my social network is almost nonexistent beside the friends that I made in game. In this life, I determined to improve my social ties. And of course, the normal relationship kind without the need of using my charm skill.

The feeling of discomfort when talking with other people has gone. When I still feel discomfort toward talking, I used to convey my feeling with a letters many time before and their happy face when receiving the letter is still memorable until now. They must feel happy because I remember them. So even when I can talk normally now, I still can’t stop the habit for writing letter.

And that’s why, today, as my expression of thanks toward Neris-Obabsama who had always take care of me, teaches me spiritual magic, and help me create elixir, I give a letter of thanks to her.

“Hohou, such a great penmanship. You are even far beyond qualified to write a ma.n.u.script for a magician book”
(Eros: Grimoire sounds too high leveled so I use magician book instead)
“Obabsama even makes a book?”
“But with my age now, writing one would take up to a few months to finish. Well, it was just a hobby that this old lady is fond of, the same as creating magic potions”

This person really made me wonder. She is totally a great talent in many fields yet why would she lives in such out of the reach place like this? Her pharmaceutical skill is even higher than Sara.s.san who has the job as Sage and her spirit magic is even higher than Filianes-san who is a Holy Knight. She is already old now but just from her status, I can easily imagine how great of a magician she was in her youth. Her t.i.tle as a wise-man (woman?) really matches her well.

“But then again…… you are still just a whelp so where did you learn this stuff like [When a beautiful girl suddenly comes and save me, I was surprised at first because I don’t recognize her] I wonder? You still can say this old granny as a beautiful girl?”
“I also can’t recognize granny at first”

Every time I play to Obabsama’s place, Milty always comes out and stays together with us to join our conversation. Her expression noticeably lightens up brightly every time she sees me so I don’t feel bad with her company. No, let me say that again, I am quite happy with it,

But when she knows about how Riona also go to the cavern to save me, she seems to feel quite depressed from being left out. Well, regarding to that, I think I should do some follow up on her so she won’t get depressed by it. After all, she becomes like this because she wants to help me.

“Someone wearing Obabsama’s attire, but actually an unknown person, I thought. A bit scared, I was”
“Milty, you should be able to tell the difference from the smell right?”
“…… Young Obabsama’s smell, similar to mother’s”
“…… Is that so”

Milty silently clings to Obabsama’s embrace. Obabsama is also patting her head and back affectionately.
This action seems to be something normal for them when I’m not around.

(Both of Milty’s parents haven’t died yet…… Obabsama had tell me about it once before)

I still have a debt of grat.i.tude to Obabsama for saving my family and there’s also Milty who adores me so I want to somehow help her so she can live happily with her parents again.

“I, Milty’s mom and dad……”
“…… About that… Well, with your current capability, you surely have enough power to go out on an adventure. And if you do go out, it would be just a matter of time before you meet them I think”
“…… meeting with, mom and dad?”

Milty’s eyes are shining from happiness. But Obabsama’s eyes that look back at her are showing a color of grief instead.

“But it will be incredibly dangerous. Hiroto who manages to win over a sovereign dragon could definitely be stand side by side with other powerhouses in this kingdom but the power of the one who put Milty’s parent into ‘its’ slave is just too heretically perverted”

The one who makes Milty’s parents as ‘its’ slave…… ‘its’ power that is heretically perverted…… it means that I would definitely lose in a frontal confrontation. It might be also a type of enemy that has the worst compatibility for me.


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