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Chapter 1037 (Preparing for Warm-up Before the Battle)

"Death penalty!" Ye Yuanqing said coldly.

"You dare, Ye Yuanqing! I am from Ninth Prince's camp!" the man's face changed, shouting angrily.

Ye Hua sneered, "Even if you are heaven's child, you can't be saved!"

As soon as the words fell, the man's face began to distort, as if under some pressure, and his body started to swell.

In an instant.


Splendid blood blossomed in the air.

Ye Yuanqing had no objections to her elder brother's actions. She admired his decisiveness, clearly feeling the morale rising.

Everyone knew there was little hope of victory if they went out of the city to meet the enemy.

"Depart!" Ye Yuanqing waved her slender hand, and a million soldiers stepped out of the city gate with a chilling murderous intent.

Meanwhile, the same thing was happening in the right city.

More than twenty Overlords floated not far away, led by Shi Yun. They observed everything.

"Unexpectedly, they actually plan to go out of the city to meet the enemy," Shi Yun murmured. Such actions were indeed a bit extreme, but it was the only way to create a miracle, a desperate move.

The other Overlords silently watched this scene, not intending to act. They had their own tasks, which were related to seizing the Supreme Soul.

The news of going out of the city to meet the enemy quickly reached Huang Yun's ears.

"What! They went out!" Huang Yun, now dressed in royal robes and golden armour, looked imposing. However, his expression changed upon hearing the news.

They actually dared to go out of the city to meet the enemy, defying his orders.


'Very good!'

'Defying military orders, just execute them!'

Now, he finally had a reason!

Thinking of this, Huang Yun's expression gradually became composed. Since they were all going to die, this was even better!

He had previously feared that there might be opposition to his orders, but now he didn't need to worry at all.

"Spread the order, prepare to meet the enemy's attack!" Huang Yun said in a deep voice.

"Yes, General!"

Huang Yun stood on the last blockade line, with doubts in his mind. 'Didn't Father arrange everything? Why is Ye Hua still alive?'

'This should be impossible! Ye Hua should be dead by now!'

'Could it be that Father intends to kill Ye Hua in the midst of the war? This possibility is quite significant.'

'Regardless, after today, my reputation, Huang Yun's, will once again resound in the Spirit City. Everyone will know that it was I, Huang Yun, who defeated the attack from the Demon Capital. With this ability, I can sit in the position of the Crown Prince and become the future Emperor!'

With this joyful mood, a subtle smile curved at the corner of Huang Yun's mouth as he silently waited for the bad news from the front!

At this moment, Huang Yun also recalled the words Father said before setting out.

The enemy's commander might deliberately lose under his sword!

'Father's arrangements are meticulous!'

In fact, from that moment on, Huang Yun understood that this was a trap arranged by his father. It not only could eliminate Ye Hua but also allow him to smoothly ascend.

'Father is still experienced, and there is still much for me to learn.'

Huang Yun was not worried now because he knew the enemy wouldn't break through, and they might even come to offer their heads. Thinking about it was quite lamentable; for the sake of interests, one could really go to any lengths.

At this moment, Huang Yun did not convey this news back to Spirit City, as he felt it was all the same. There was no need to tell Father.

In the imperial palace of Spirit City, Huang Fei and Shan Junren were both waiting for the latest battle report.

Haung Fei's expression wasn't very good. Ye Hua had been out for three days, and according to reason, he should have disappeared by now. Why was he still there?

'How did this crow manage things? Why hasn't he made a move until now?'

'Could it be that he plans to act during the war?' Haung Fei thought so, so he kept waiting. Rather than hearing about a great victory, it would be better to be told that Prince Ye had disappeared or died in battle.

This day will be very difficult...

At this moment, the two million soldiers had already a.s.sembled!

Two million people, when looked at from the sky, appeared as a densely packed crowd, just the sight of which would make one's blood boil.

On the opposite side.

There were five million soldiers, and several primordial divine beasts were hovering in the sky!

This made two million soldiers salivate. These primordial divine beasts could easily capture the city gate. Fortunately, they faced the challenge. Otherwise, it would be too unfair to die.

However, the primordial divine beasts flying in the air withdrew after a short while, leaving many people puzzled.

In fact, this was just a show of strength before the battle, a normal procedure.

However, Ye Hua's side did not have the support of primordial divine beasts, and the morale seemed quite low...

But for Ye Hua, was this even a concern?

Not at all!

'On your side, you send out primordial divine beasts, and on my side, I'll release primordial fierce beasts.'

'As the main force on this side, of course, we need to showcase our strength!'

Ye Hua wore a dark robe, looking as if he was not here for a battle, just strolling around.

However, Ye Yuanqing and Huang Li, walking behind him, were different. They wore st.u.r.dy armour, especially Huang Li, who wished he could use everything to protect himself.

But as the vice-general, he couldn't show a fearful expression now. After all, even Ye Yuanqing beside him appeared calm, as if taking a casual stroll.

And this Prince Ye was the same. Why could they remain so calm and composed? What was the reason for this?

Could it be that they were not afraid of death?

The two million soldiers made way, and Ye Hua, hands behind his back, walked at the forefront. It felt like there was a certain charm in this scene, barely reaching his standards.

In the enemy camp, both Jing Tiandi and Jing Wushen saw this man named Ye Hua.

Their gazes carried a peculiar colour, not seeming like they were looking at an enemy; rather, he seemed like an ally.

In the eyes of Jing Tiandi, this man named Ye Hua seemed like a miracle, managing to infiltrate the heavily guarded imperial palace unnoticed.

You know! His brother was not weak either; he was also an Overlord. Yet, he died just like that...

It's really hard to accept.

In Jing Wushen's eyes, this exceptionally handsome man seemed mysterious. Judging by his age, he appeared similar to himself, but in other aspects, he was much more powerful, not even on the same level. He was just too strong!

Ye Hua, with his hands behind his back, walked to the forefront of the two million soldiers. His composed expression infected everyone. Just seeing that face, they felt like today's matter wasn't a big deal, like playing house.

Ye Hua gazed at the five million soldiers before him. It had to be said that the aura emitted by five million people was quite magnificent, and it felt good.

If Ye Zizi and Wei Chang were here, they would definitely start comparing again. They loved this kind of thing.

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