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TN: Hi, uh, It's me. That guy who's been dead for about 2 years. I can't tell if I'm actually picking this up (probably won't), But I'll do as I like and translate whatever. Because life.

Chapter 4: Holy Prince Mirano Herfalte

“Calm down a little bit, Prince. Maybe you should take a walk through the rose gardens.”

With a bow the servant closed the door behind him, leaving the first prince alone inside the room. The beautiful First Prince of the Herfalte Kingdom heaved a sigh with a despondent expression.

“I hope this night will pa.s.s quickly.”


In a place a little away from the door, a giant hulk of a man stood. He had long, messy black hair, with a full-face beard. It was to the point that his mustache merged with his sideburns. Putting it lightly, He looked like a neat hobo. but on his clothes had the emblem of a golden eagle, of which only those the royal family have permitted to have on.

“It is troubling for the first princess, the guest of honor of the banquet to leave so early; that will make everyone unhappy.”

“I was directly invited by the princess; I won't just go out without any reason.”

“No, no, it is an enviable story. Even though I am a person of such high status, I have never been to a very beautiful place such as this.”

“i guess it is because I am dressed so shabbily. At least remember to dress properly for events like this.”

“This is the official uniform of my country. These are a battle clothes, and my burial clothes. I apologize for taking on the role of being the prince's bodyguard, but I must be able to move freely at any time.”

The big man whom of which was called k.u.mahachi, answered calmly.

This man, judging from his appearance, is not from this continent. Hailing from a foreign country across the sea, He came for warrior training. Though he looks older than thirty, the way the prince has referred to him hasn't changed.

No matter how small the Kingdom of Aquila is, such a man is not allowed to cross the threshold of the kingdom, let alone tolerate in a banquet that takes place in an important spot in the country. The only thing that makes it possible is the mismatched emblem sewn on the dirty kimono. If it had the coat of arms from an influential country like the Herfalte, Other country's cannot help but to obey

“Have you seen Princess Arue? She is a lovely girl. So, what was she like?”

“Thank you. Being suddenly called to the bedroom, I thought you would say “Come on and marry me!” and push me down and eat me up without a second thought.”

“I'm quite aggressive, not looking like a ladylike look」

“It's not like that.”

Prince Milan shook his head.

“That is not what I want. To tell the truth, I was trembling.”

“So it is true, that the Prince is “Looking for a bride.” Immediately after I left I was confused, but my tactics for the ‘night battle' has also been polished.

“Stop making fun of me. In any case, I haven't done anything of the sort. Do you have anything that you wanted to talk to me about?”

“You're a really stubborn one. If I were you, I would have attacked her right away.”

k.u.mahachi stroked his beard with a laugh. He was a close aide to the prince, and at the same time, he was also a close friend. At the same time they are master-servant relationships, they are also worthy rivals as those who study together.

“I'm going to go to the forest for a bit. I'm sick and tired of the banquet, being targeted by women like bird of prey.”

“Nonono! It's really bad if the protagonist escaped!”

“Then do something If you say that me and the Princess are having an affair, other girls will be quiet.”

In an unspoken tone, Mirano went out into the garden and went straight into the forest. Every time I arrived in a new country, I am made to converse with high society, and I was disgusted by the fact that I would calm down outside. I want to have a breather before I explode.

“How did it end up like this…”

Miran, while complaining to himself, pushed through without a care through a disorderly thicket. After spending a considerable amount of time away from his homeland, but he was sick and tired of his travels being of “Looking For a Bride.”

Unlike his father, who was called the Lion King, Milan was more of an elegant man, similar to his mother. He is also eighteen years old this year. His father and King gave a certain order to the Miran who became a young lion. He was ordered to explore the continent and deepen his understanding of it. Milan agreed wholeheartedly to his father's belief that “It is impossible to rule the kingdom without knowing about its citizens.”

Then Miran, as a prince of great and powerful country, chose a humble carriage, a few trusted men, and set out on a national tour. His heart was excited by some anxiety and curiosity about the unknown.

However, his expectations were shattered easily. Although he started secretly in the form of an encounter, the fact still remains that he is still the first prince of a great country. And it was rare for every country to have an opportunity to meet a person of his caliber.

As soon as Prince Mirano arrived, each country gave a huge banquet and an aristocrat presented their proud daughter to the prince. On the unique opportunity to obtain the backing of such a great country, and the prince himself is an excellent thing. It was odd not to do so.

The rumor has spread to countries, and the prince's journey for training is unknowingly called “Looking for a Bride” and starts travelling alone. The rumor was accompanied by a tail flap, but then it grew horns and fangs, and it became a monster that attacked the Prince. Mirano, who wanted to forget his position as a prince and wanted to travel around the country as a traveler, was deeply disappointed.

“…Did I go to far?”

While dredging up some unpleasant memories, he seems to have wandered around in the forest before long. Although there is moonlight shining, if I go any further, I'll get lost.

“Well, that might actually be good.”

Miran smiled and gave up a sigh. I told k.u.mahachi that I entered the forest, and I was confident that I could fight back with a barehandedly even if a fierce animal comes out. Most of all, to cool the fire of the affair with the princess, if you say that you get lost as a result of entering the forest, it will be a good excuse not to return to that farce.

Miran feels lighter at the thought, and leaned on a nearby tree. Under the cover of darkness of the night, he throws away his t.i.tle as the Holy Prince, and foolish thoughts like, “I want to live as a commoner,” appear. This is how crazy Miran's current circ.u.mstances is.

“What was that?”

Suddenly, A clear and beautiful voice rang through the forest. It sound like a girl's voice, but it's impossible in a place and time like this. While thinking it's a hallucination, the Prince moves toward the voice.

――And I saw it.

“Am I… is this a dream?”

The scenery was so beautiful he muttered unintentionally.

As the bushes cleared up, a girl kneeling, seemingly praying for something on the bank of a clear spring could be seen. The body made of white porcelain wrapped in faint moonlight, and appeared to be faintly shining, like fireflies.

Moon Spirit- Words like that appear in his head.

As if blessing her, flowers of all sizes bloomed around her. For Mirano who has only seen the prim and proper rose garden, the sight made him truly feel the sense of fresh life.

“Elf? No, they don't live around here…”

As he is talking, he denies the thought. A pure white elf clan similar to her live far north, in the northern “White Forest”. They have no reason to live near humans.

Two possibilities float in Miran's mind.

I don't want to touch the painting like this, But I feel like I want to touch it at the same time; The contradicting desire to reach out towards this mystery before me. His hesitation lasted only but an instant. Miran decided to choose the latter. The girl was that charming.

Milan while feeling a little guilty consciences that trampled the fresh snow, approached her quietly. Perhaps what I see now is an illusion? Will it disappear if I were call her out? To hide his nervousness, he opened his mouth.

“Beautiful Moon spirit What are you praying to? Or is it some kind of song?”

He never thought he would ever say words like that, but Mirano was forced to learn lines to compliment women on his trip thus far. I never thought it would ever come into use, so Milan thought with a bitter smile.

After finally noticing, the white girl's body trembled and looked at herself, and her eyes widened to the point crimson eyes was about to fall out. Miran was delighted to know in fact, the girl was not an illusion.

“Stay away!”

But that feeling lasted only for a moment. Is she angry about me disturbing her holy rite? As she frowned to herself, she turns and rushes deeper into the forest.

“P-Please, wait!”

Reflexively shouting, he tries to reach the for the girl's hand. I don't know why, but I feel I might never see her again if I lose sight of her. Motivated by such feelings, a game of tag under the dark night began.

“She's fast…!”

Milan has flexible muscles that make it look like a whip while being slim. No matter how unfamiliar I am in this forest, I can't catch up with her at all. As if she was the leader, she smoothly slides past the gaps in the trees. Her white hair, reflected in the falling moonlight, shone brilliantly. It looked like a fairy of light was flying through the forest.

After that, I continued to chase her for a while, but the distance gradually grew between them, and the white glow disappeared at last.

“… She's gone.”

Miran has run a considerable distance, but hasn't even taken a single breath. But more than thinking about myself, the curses that came out were dripped with bitterness. Beyond the bush there was dirty warehouse, but the figure of the beautiful fairy had already disappeared. Perhaps it was really a fairy.

Because of that idea, he realized too late that the light from the royal palace leaked out from between the trees. This place seems rather close to the palace. Perhaps the fairy guided him back because he was lost.


While Miran was thinking about the fairy, an unexpectedly feeble screech came into his ears. wholehearted sadness could be felt from that wail. That girl's voice-, as soon as he recognized it, Miran turns around to spy inside the warehouse to see what's going on.

“Could it be….?”

Then Miran noticed that there was only one window, located behind the warehouse, pointing in the direction of the sun. It probably hasn't been taken care of well enough, as think ivy winding around the wall, covering itself many times over. Miran took one and pulled on it with some strength. It isn't very strong for a grown man, but it seems that it would be able to support a child.

Thick Ivy, open window, the fairy's disappearance- those clues click together like a puzzle in Miran's brain.

“Oh, there you are, Prince! How long until you are done playing?”

A certain bear was reflected in the edge of Miran's eyesight. k.u.mahachi runs over in an irritated manner, looking like he has no choice.

“The girls at the party said, “it's impossible for you” and kicked me out to go look for the prince! It's really getting on my nerves!”


k.u.mahachi is seriously angry, but Miran did not regard it as much. Putting his hand over his chin, he concentrated hard to think about something.

“Prince? You hear me?!”


The prince said so shortly. k.u.mahachi was surprised at the serious sound, but after a moment he made a serious face. k.u.mahachi is a man who seems to be unlucky, but he was a man who can instantly draw on the spirit of his Lord. Miran wouldn't have chosen him if he weren't like that in the first place.

“Is there anything wrong? If there is anything suspicious, I'll cut it down in a single slash.”

“It isn't like that. There is something I'd like to talk to you about, Please hear me out.

Miran briefly talked about what happened and told k.u.mahachi his thoughts on it. k.u.mahaci groaned, with his hands crossed.

“Umu, it is an unbelievable story. But I know that I, the prince isn't the kind that would make a kind of story. Well, what's up?」

“If you could talk like this about a tale like this, I'll quit martial arts and become a poet.”

When the Prince says so, k.u.mahachi laughs with a “I see.”

“Anyways, we will have to partic.i.p.ate in the party tonight. As long as there is something to look forward to, I'll be able to endure any obstacle.”

“Oh, that's right. Now then, the decisive action is tomorrow. please k.u.mahachi, I'm begging you.”

“Then I acknowledge your decision.”

That said, Miran and k.u.mahachi returned to the royal palace.

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