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Act 30: No Doubt, the One I Need is You {Explicit}

Hang Hang: I'm leaving.

Liang Ze: That's it!…You're leaving?

Hang Hang: Yeah, we finished eating, I even washed the dishes for you.

Liang Ze: But…

Hang Hang: Hm?

Liang Ze: Wait a minute!

Hang Hang: Oh?

Liang Ze: That is, you invited me to dinner, now it's my turn to invite you…

Hang Hang: Now?

Liang Ze: Um, don't go yet!

Hang Hang: (Snickering) Now that we have a long night ahead of us, what do we do?

Liang Ze: Watch a movie!

Hang Hang: (Frowning) What movie?

Liang Ze: 《Zodiac Killer》?
[T/N: The Zodiac Killer was a serial killer who operated in northern California in the late 1960s and early 1970s. The killer’s ident.i.ty remains unknown. The Zodiac murdered victims in Benicia, Vallejo, Lake Berryessa, and San Francis...o...b..tween December 1968 and October 1969. This murder case has made into a doc.u.mentary film.]

Hang Hang shook his head.

Liang Ze: 《Downfall》?
[T/N: Downfall – a 2004 German-Italian-Austrian historical war drama film depicting the final ten days of Adolf Hitler’s rule over n.a.z.i Germany in 1945. It was based on several histories of the period.]

Hang Hang shook his head.

Liang Ze: 《The Holiday》?
[T/N: The Holiday – a 2006 American Christmas romantic comedy film of two lovelorn women from opposite sides of the Atlantic Ocean, who temporarily exchange homes to escape heartbreak during the holiday season.]

Hang Hang shook his head.

Liang Ze: …Body Art, you wanna see? {Translator Input: Lit. meaning – striptease/strip dance}

Hang Hang: Hahahaha…are you dreaming?

Liang Ze: (Waving hands) No! (Suddenly pulling down the vest zipper) Unfortunately, I don't have a black coat!

Hang Hang: Are you imitating the exhibitionists*? {Translator Input: In 2008, there was a type of people called the exhibitionists, because they wear only a coat over their naked bodies and then ran to random people on the street and exposed their naked glory to the bypa.s.sers. They caused quite a ruckus that year and caused many people to become afraid of going out at night, because they don't want to see those exhibitionists. The crazy thing is that those exhibitionists asked you to look at their naked glory >.>}

Liang Ze: (Being serious) I'm not! The exhibitionist doesn't have protruded chest muscles, smooth abs, and a good body shape!

Hang Hang: You do?

Liang Ze: I don't! But it doesn't matter, just take that you've seen it!

Hang Hang: …

In the end, Hang Hang watched 《Zodiac Killer》with Liang Ze, the movie was two hours long, he admitted that he slept through one hour and a half of the movie. Well, he couldn't help it. It had been such a long time since he got to sleep that comfortably. He leaned on Liang Ze's shoulder, eyes only open for a moment, then he fell into a very deep sleep. Liang Ze's eyes were glued to the TV, so he did not notice that Hang Hang had slept through the whole movie; he had been holding his breath, brain operating at its best, as he completely immersed himself in the movie. Even though the weight on his shoulder was a bit uncomfortable, he felt very content in his heart.

By the time the movie finished, Hang Hang also woke up, as he opened his eyes he saw Liang Ze looking at him with excitement: "It definitely is that man, even though the DNA test didn't match, I think that half fingerprint will match his, someone must have tampered the evidence! It's him! All the evidences pointed to that comic artist, the survivors also identified him, and during the time he was in prison, the murder also hauled! What do you think?"

Hang Hang gave it some thought, "it's hard to say" such a conservative answer! Liang Ze must have not noticed that he had been sleeping =.=

"Yeah, haha!" Liang Ze stood up, rubbing his shoulder, "Want some tea?"

"Is your shoulder hurting?" Hang Hang pulled Liang Ze back, taking a look at his shoulder, checking to see if there is any drool on it…

"It's not." Liang Ze smiled brightly, "No need to look! You can lean on it for hours, it won't get hurt."

No drool, Hang Hang a.s.sured himself. Hang Hang has a bad sleeping habit, if he's not sleeping on a bed, his drool tends to slip out, that's why he always wears a mask whenever he uses public  transportation.

Both of their eyes met naturally, Liang Ze coughed a bit to ease the tension, "does this mean we both are good now?"


"That's good…let me get you a set of pajamas, go take a bath."

"Do you mean that…" Hang Hang helplessly said, "If we're not good, you won't get pajamas for me or let me take a bath?"

"Finding fault in my words, that's not good." Liang Ze was sulking.

During the time Hang Hang was taking his bath, Liang Ze was not just sitting around. In order to have a pleasant night, he cleaned up everything on the bed. He even changed the bedding into the full of pink hearts design. No doubt that it was a TaoBao product. Hang Hang stepped out as he wiped his hair, and he took one look at it…

"Doesn't it look great! Hahahaha!" Liang Ze grabbed his set of pajamas and entered the bathroom.

Hang Hang stared intensely at that festive pattern, he was too shocked to say anything. It was a long time ago when he first opened his online shop on TaoBao. He had always been wondering who would have bought those strange products, but now…he got his answer.

Today Hang Hang was happy, very happy; although the Idiot is still the Idiot, he had become more initiative. Hehe. Asking him to stay over was Liang Ze, setting up such a "warm" bed was Liang Ze's doing, then next…he just waited to watch the Body Art ^_^

Just that, before the strip show even started, the audience already felt excited. He did not expect to get the beauty as his prize; even though this audience (Hang Hang) really wants the beauty (Liang Ze) for his prize,…the beauty is a confused idiot, he might try to run away halfway in like a runaway bride, then he (Hang Hang) will be that groom standing lonesome in front of the priest. This Idiot said he wants to stay together with him, but if his action doesn't show any changes then…

While Liang Ze was washing his hair, his mind was filled with the thought that he must not disappoint Shuaige! Be sure to let Hang Hang know that he has changed! He can definitely get his little brother to be up! He definitely can satisfy Shuaige! Yup, right, satisfy him. There won't be a problem, he had been thinking of Hang Hang so many times in his wet dreams, he just need to turn that dream into reality then he will have his satisfaction! He won't just be still like a worm, he must make Shuaige feel good! No need to worry, he has everything planned out in his head. One cannot say that Liang Ze is being naive, because in this Idiot's memories, they stopped at the moment when he was on top of Hang Hang, every reader can testify for him on this piece of memory. It's just that Liang Ze had forgotten that that day Hang Hang had forced himself to be on the bottom.

Humming a song as he finished his shower, Liang Ze only wrapped himself in a bathrobe, with hair still wet and immediately went back out to the bedroom, standing in front of Hang Hang with a "secretive" look, he suddenly took off the bathrobe, "Look, have you seen any handsome man that is this fit?"

Hang Hang was sipping on his water, he immediately spat them out in on spray. He spitting out the water was not due to laughing, but was due to the thought of him being hara.s.sed by an exhibitionist =.= such identical demeanor behavior. All those exhibitionists have a common feature: only wearing a long black coat outside, completely naked inside, and wearing a secretive smile when they exposed themselves =.=

"Aiya, look at how excited you are!" Liang Ze jumped onto the bed, and directly attacked Hang Hang.

"Wait, wait…let me wipe my mouth first." Hang Hang grabbed a paper towel, he was so not prepared for this sudden enthusiasm.

"No need to wipe, it'll get all wet later." With that said, Liang Ze took off Hang Hang's pajamas, how could he know how anxious Hang Hang was feeling right now? Suddenly being pressed down like that!

Very initiative~Hang Hang was being pressed down by this wolf*, what awaiting them in the next moment, only G.o.d knows.  Hang Hang at this moment did not know. Even though the heaven above knows what Hang Hang did not know, Hang Hang was very certain of what he had on his mind now. If Liang Ze is to repeat the same mistake they did the other night, he would strangle Liang Ze, and then tow his body downstairs and bury it in his backyard. Then, you and I will be together forever. Yeah, at this  very moment, Hang Hang was harboring that thought in mind.
{Translator Input: In most chinese BL, you will see the authors describe the dominant male/seme as a wolf; because of this animal's behavior of a dominant and leadership; like how america we always call the powerful or cunning man in Wall Street as Wolf of Wall Street; now sort of getting the idea? Eheheheeh But you will see wolf being used for the h.o.r.n.y and perverted seme as well}

Two pairs of lips locked with each other, two pairs of hands wrapped around each other, and two pairs of legs tangled with each other. Two bodies were sticking on each other like siamese twins. Liang Ze's hand touched every inch of Hang Hang's smooth body, Liang Ze's legs rubbed in between Hang Hang's legs, Liang Ze's mouth left kiss marks on Hang Hang's skin. Hang Hang was very comfortable as he was given the service. His mouth and hands did not leave Liang Ze's body, just that they were not as pa.s.sionate as Liang Ze's touch, ah right, he still needed to keep some distance between him and this Idiot. Ah, yes, this is his post trauma, for fear of stroking out an impotent worm. {Translator Input: he means Liang Ze's c.o.c.k; some times they compare the p.e.n.i.s to a worm. We all know what a worm looks like, so yeah…}

Liang Ze's little brother was in full spirit, yet the person underneath him still showed no interest. Liang Ze couldn't help but sulk, "Shuaige!"


"Why are you ignoring me?" Liang Ze propped up.

"I ignore you?" Hang Hang fended innocent.

"You're not touching me!"

"I'm embracing you, aren't I?"

"I'm talking about my little brother, you aren't even touching it!"

"…You also aren't touching mine!" This sentence was coming from the bottom of Hang Hang's heart, up until now he still had doubt about Liang Ze; although Liang Ze was very enthusiastic, he did not take the initiative to touch Hang Hang's manhood.

Now, the two of them were in a very delicate position, I'm afraid that I can't fully express it in words…{Translator Input: This whole sentence is exactly what the author wrote in the original text.}

Liang Ze just simply moved his hand down, his big hand suddenly seized Hang Hang's manhood. Very hot, very hard. Hang Hang felt Liang Ze's cold hand on his manhood, then he also moved his hand under the quilt, touching the back, touching the waist, and then moved a bit further down, finally touching a fully awake and rock hard stick. What a relief. Once he had confirmed that, he immediately rolled over, pressing Liang Ze down; Liang Ze kissed Hang Hang, then rolled over to stay on top of Hang Hang; Hang Hang then flipped them around to be on top; Liang Ze also flipped around and stayed on top. Then Hang Hang rolled over…

"f.u.c.k!…" Liang Ze held onto the bedpost, if they were to roll one more time, the two of them along with the quilt would roll off the bed, "Shuaige…what are you doing?"

"Press you down." Obviously right now Hang Hang just said out loud what on his mind.

"Don't press on me anymore, I'm going to fall…" the word "off" had not left Liang Ze's mouth, and right away they both fell off the bed. Luckily, the floor was covered in thick carpet, or the neighbor downstairs would have come up with a complaint.

When Liang Ze lost his balance, he instinctively grasped onto anything, and it happened to be his closet door, and because it was a slide door, so it did not help him keep his balance; the door slid to the side revealing a big mirror inside the closet.

And the image reflected on the mirror was like this: quilts scattering all over the floor underneath their bodies, Liang Ze on the ground facing up with all limbs completely spread out like the character "大", and Hang Hang was lying on top of him =.=

"Shuaige…I told you to not roll anymore…"

Hang Hang was quite annoyed, he wondered why, is this some kind of retribution? It was the first time none of them were trying to get out of s.e.x, and it was very hard to get their d.i.c.ks up and ready. Now it's just great, their little brothers were now back to two impotent worms. Fell off. Complete disaster.

But, is Hang Hang someone that can be easily discouraged like that? Right, if so, the person under him now would not be this Idiot.
{Translator Input: I'm afraid some of you might not be able to follow the plot. So I need to explain here that what Hang Hang means to say here is that he is very determined and very stubborn when he has his mind set on a goal. So when he decided to make Liang Ze his partner, he has followed through until the very end, and he knows fully well what the consequences might be. That's why he meant if he is so easily discouraged, then he would have ended their relationship a long time ago ^^}

"Why aren't you saying anything?" Liang Ze now had finally gotten his sense back after the fall.

"Now, just take it slow, don't roll over just yet, or we both will roll our way into the closet."

"Making love in the closet?" {T/N: This is Liang Ze}

"…" {T/N: This line is Hang Hang}

"We can't go in, the mirror is blocking it!"

"That's not a good idea, we might get covered in shards of gla.s.s."

Liang Ze huffed out a laugh, "Shuaige, stop teasing me!"

Hang Hang also laughed, "You teased me first."

After laughing for a short moment, they both started to get intimate, and the mood gradually returned; Hang Hang's flexible hand gently stroked Liang Ze's little brother, but Liang Ze cheekily asked, "Can you use your mouth?"

Hang Hang's mouth left Liang Ze's, slowly moving southward, with his action showing he agreed with the request.

Liang Ze felt extremely comfortable, hands gripped hard on Hang Hang's hair, eyes closed as he completely immersed himself in this incredible feeling. With the quilt underneath him, and Hang Hang's heated body pressed above him, Liang Ze did not feel cold at all.

Because he felt extremely good, Liang Ze really want to c.u.m right now, so he pulled Hang Hang up and said, "lie down."

"I lie down?" Hang Hang was taken aback by surprise, so this is the reason he kept rolling over on top of me earlier?

"Yeah, or, you want to ride me? On your tummy? On all four (doggystyle)? Or sideway…"

"You go and kneel on all four." Hang Hang was angry, what this guy thinking? He dares to even have such thought (Liang Ze being on top)! With that said, he propped Liang Ze up on all four.

Liang Ze did not have time to retort back when Hang Hang had already prepped him into the position.

Hang Hang squeezed out the lubricant as he heard Liang Ze say: "Why you don't let me do you…wasn't the reason you got angry last time because I didn't properly do you?"
{Translator Input: Straight guy thinking =.=}

Hang Hang really did not want to get mad at him at this moment, but he could not help but be extremely angry with this person's thinking…

With his fingers covered in lubricant, Hang Hang directly shoved them in.

Liang Ze huffed out a shout, "Be gentle ah!"

"The reason I got angry is because you didn't want to have s.e.x with me, you didn't accept me."

Liang Ze was kneeling in an awkward position as he felt Hang Hang's fingers inside him. So it was that…Because of the narrow s.p.a.ce they were in, Liang Ze looked up and saw the image of himself and Hang Hang reflected in the mirror.

"…Can you let me close the closet door first? It feels like I'm watching a p.o.r.n video."

"Then watch it." Hang Hang patiently loosened up Liang Ze's entrance, while his other hand was stroking his own manhood; due to the lubricant, Liang Ze's hole got very slippery, which made Hang Hang just want to thrust his member into that welcoming entrance.

"The point is…they're all familiar faces…"

In order to stop the Idiot from saying something that might put out the fire in him, Hang Hang suddenly thrust into Liang Ze's body.

Suddenly being switched from slender fingers to an enormous heat rod, Liang Ze felt like he was about to pa.s.s out.

Liang Ze's arms that had been supporting his body suddenly lost all their strength, if it was not for Hang Hang holding onto his waist, he would have collapsed on the ground by now.

"Take a good look, you're doing it with a man now." Hang Hang has quite a huge retaliation in his heart. At this moment, Hang Hang was thrusting in and out of Liang Ze with all his might, at the same time he used his hand to lift Liang Ze's chin up, forcing Liang Ze to look at the mirror in front of them.

"I know…" Liang Ze's body quivered at the violent thrusts as he uttered out each word, "don't let me…see those familiar faces…" {Translator Input: Liang Ze was being embarra.s.sed for watching the two of them having s.e.x through the mirror, the familiar faces here he means Hang Hang's and his. ^^}

The sound created by their connected lower body part echoed throughout the room, once the dull pain disappeared, Liang Ze felt an unnamed strange pleasure arising, and his soft little brother began to harden up in Hang Hang's playful hand.  

He opened his eyes and then saw in the big mirror the image of their intercourse.

Liang Ze for the first time realized that Hang Hang looks really s.e.xy while making love.

Hang Hang leaned to kiss on Liang Ze's back, and that move made Hang Hang thrust deeper into Liang Ze and touched that particular area that made Liang Ze's wall tighten around Hang Hang's d.i.c.k. Liang Ze's little brother swelled up in Hang Hang's hand. And then, Hang Hang looked up and saw Liang Ze had been watching him through the mirror with l.u.s.t in his eyes.

Hang Hang knew that he was about to c.u.m. He wanted to keep it in a bit longer, but when he looked at Liang Ze's flushed face, he almost lost it…

Luckily for him, the body under him reached the climax first. When he felt a sticky fluid spurt in his hand, Hang Hang also followed suit and shot his load in Liang Ze.

The s.p.a.ce between the bed and the closet is quite narrow. Liang Ze tried to hold up the weight on his body until Hang Hang pulled out, and then he immediately collapsed on the ground. Hang Hang also lied down, they were like two fishes sticking onto each other.

"Mr. Photographer, your work here is done." Liang Ze said that and then shut the closet door. He turned around and was face to face with Hang Hang; Hang Hang finally produced a laugh, his body shaken from laughing.

Liang Ze also laughed, "I think we will make the best comedic duo."

When they were emerging in their kiss, Liang Ze held tightly on Hang Hang, as he whispered into Hang Hang's ear, Shuaige, I finally get to hold you again.

As their kiss ended, Hang Hang held on Liang Ze's with his two hands, looking deep into those eyes and suddenly felt extremely happy. If only, the mood were not killed by that sentence, "So smelly, take it away…"

Liang Ze lied there for some time and then got up on the bed to look for a smoke. Hang Hang was still lying on the ground. At this moment he saw a visible scar on Liang Ze's calf, "what happened to your leg?"

"Oh?" Liang Ze looked down, trying to take a good look at his leg as he putting on his bathrobe, "it was nothing!"

Hang Hang grabbed onto Liang Ze's leg, "such a big scar and you said it’s nothing?"

"Ah, ahem, it was from that night I climbed the wall to play Romeo."

The sound of the lighter echoed as Liang Ze lit his cigarette, then smiled.

Hang Hang looked up at the ceiling, "….The most was just playing Juliet, and it’s a postmodern version."
{Translator Input: Hang Hang implied that Liang Ze is Juliet aka the uke in their relationship, not the seme ^^}

"You, this person… can you feel some sympathy for me? I bled a lot that night."

"Why are you  making a big deal out of it, haven’t you heard of this song? 'Lao Zhang drove to the northeast, and got into an accident; he was sent to the hospital and got five st.i.tches, yet he was fine.' But hey, how many st.i.tches did you get?" Hang Hang sat up.

"Five st.i.tches…" Liang Ze looked at Hang Hang, then laughed, "not good, my stomach is hurting (from laughing)."

"Don’t push me, I also laughed a lot today…" Hang Hang leaned back on the bedside, unable to stop his laughter.

Proofread: Kazuha

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