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Published at 9th of July 2019 11:53:45 PM Chapter 85
Chapter 85 Bei Yunxue Made the Breakfast

"Don't worry . " At this time, Gui Jianchou opened his eyes and slowly stood up from the ground .

Glancing at w.a.n.g Feng who was only with skin and bones, he said slowly, "I only play a guiding role in treating your injury . What can really help you to recover your injury is the hidden strength contained in your flesh and blood . No matter how strong the external force is, it is your own body that plays the most important role . You can also take it as that the strength you lose is used to recover your shoulder . "

The explanation of Gui Jianchou was very clear .

"Is there any harm in that?" w.a.n.g Feng asked with some concern .

"Not big harms . You can eat more nutritious food and even some natural treasures later on . These things can help you recover . "

"I got it . " w.a.n.g Feng nodded . The worries in his heart slowly dispersed .

Gui Jianchou's words were well understood . It indicated that w.a.n.g Feng's body was like a container, and his flesh and blood were like water inside . Now that water was used up, what he needed to do was just restore it .

"Have a good rest . I'm going back . " Gui Jianchou then stood up and went away . He Tian hurriedly followed up .

He could see that Master paid a great price to cure w.a.n.g Feng, instead of playing a guiding role as he said .

More of his hair became white in an hour, which was the best proof .

Of course, w.a.n.g Feng also saw the great change of Gui Jianchou, but he didn't know how to express his grat.i.tude . Since he had become one of Gui Jianchou's disciples, the only thing he could do was to practice harder and to become a master of Internal Strength as soon as possible .

"Sister Xue, are you okay?" w.a.n.g Feng threw his sight on Bei Yunxue and asked .

Her shock had never dissipated in this one hour or two . So, even if Gui Jianchou and He Tian had left, she was still immersed in the incredible surprise .

What she saw today was simply the most unbelievable thing throughout her life . Was this the place where she lived?

First, w.a.n.g Feng acknowledged an old man of the so-called G.o.d Spirit Sect as his Master and learned a kind of martial art . Then, his fatal injury recovered completely .

She could accept that if it was a TV show because TV shows were all fake .

But now, all those had happened in reality, and she had witnessed them, which couldn't be fake!

"What?" Hearing what w.a.n.g Feng said, Bei Yunxue recovered from the shock .

However, when she saw his skinny body, she was astonished again, "What happened? Why did you become like this?"

Fearlessly, she rushed to w.a.n.g Feng and grabbed his shoulder .

"It's really cured?" Looking at his healthy shoulder, she got stunned, as if her world outlook had collapsed completely .

"Of course yes . And I'm fine . I just lost my strength temporarily and it will be restored soon . " He answered, and then made a smile, "Sister Xue, would you please bring a new suit for me . Let's go home from the hospital . "

"Okay . " Although her world outlook collapsed completely at this moment, it was the best news that w.a.n.g Feng had recovered .

After a short while, she came back with a set of new suit . Then she asked worriedly, "Have you really recovered completely?"

"Yes! Don't worry!" w.a.n.g Feng smiled and then raised his left arm .

"All right . " Since w.a.n.g Feng recovered, Bei Yunxue didn't want him to stay in the hospital any longer . After all, the hospital was not the right place . Who would be willing to live here every day?

Moreover, it would be more convenient for her to take care of w.a.n.g Feng after going back home because no one would disturb them at that time .

It took them more than half an hour to get home . Someone had sent w.a.n.g Feng's car back . In addition to the two, no one else was at home at present .

w.a.n.g Feng's body was still very weak now, so Bei Yunxue went out in a hurry, after some warnings .

After less than half an hour, she came back with a cart full of goods . Seeing those precious medicinal materials and various kinds of meat in the cart, w.a.n.g Feng couldn't help rolling his eyes . Was she going to store them for the winter?

"Sister Xue, this is too over . " He uttered .

"No! Your Master said that you are very weak now . If you don't make up for it earlier, how can you be normal again? Don't stand still, and help me carry these things inside . " Bei Yunxue replied, and wiped the sweat on her forehead . She was apparently tired .

In fact, He Tian had given w.a.n.g Feng enough medicinal materials containing a lot of spiritual elements to make him slowly recover, but now, since Bei Yunxue had already brought these things back, he couldn't let her refund them .

So, at present, w.a.n.g Feng felt touched very much . He didn't expect Sister Xue to be so considerate .

It took them ten minutes to move everything . After they had done with the moving work, w.a.n.g Feng was got tired and fell on the sofa immediately .

All his strength was used to make up for the shoulder injury . So, he felt moving these things was more tired than a whole day's hard work .

Without any Essential Qi in his body, he was no longer as strong as he used to be . He even felt tired to make a small move, just like a dying person who couldn't do anything . This was his weakest moment now .

"Whew . . . "

Bei Yunxue made a long breath and then lay down on the sofa as well beside w.a.n.g Feng, bringing a sweet wind .

She was very tired in this half day . At this moment, her face was red and covered with sweat .

Looking at her, w.a.n.g Feng got a little ashamed to let her be so tired .

"Sister Xue, come here and I'll give you a ma.s.sage . " He sat up from the sofa and patted his leg while speaking .

"Ow, okay . . . " Bei Yunxue nodded, put her head on his leg and looked at him abstractedly .

His face was undoubtedly thinner than before . She could even see the protruding bones . However, she became obsessed with such an ordinary face .

Feeling comfortable at her shoulders, she couldn't help but cry out softly .

This voice was so charming . w.a.n.g Feng couldn't help but suspend . Sister Xue was really too tempting .

Hearing the sound from her mouth, Bei Yunxue's face was quickly covered with a blush . She immediately turned her head aside . It was really too embarra.s.sing for her to make such a sound .

Maybe she was too tired today, so as w.a.n.g Feng ma.s.saged her shoulders, she fell asleep on his leg .

Looking at Bei Yunxue with a smile on her mouth, he slowly calmed down . He gently stroked her face and revealed a sweet smile .

Bei Yunxue's face was very smooth and tender like water, very wonderful . Feeling the heat from his palm, w.a.n.g Feng also felt extremely satisfied .

It was enough to be accompanied by Sister Xue this life, and what else would he want?

He gently removed her head from his leg and then held her up to her bed .

Looking at this sleeping woman, he felt infinitely sweet in his heart . Then he gave her a quick kiss on her forehead before exiting her room .

The most important task for him now was to restore his strength . With such a skinny body, even if Sister Xue didn't abandon him, he would be regarded as a ghost outside .

He took out a natural treasure that He Tian gave him and put it in his mouth .

It tasted the same as before, like chewing a dead branch . He swallowed it without a frown .

After swallowing all the residue in his mouth, he took a long breath of relief and then sat down on the bed with his legs crossed .

Now that he obtained the core cultivation method of the G.o.d Spirit Sect, he naturally needed not to practice the art of Qi Gathering .

The art of Qi Gathering was obviously a kind of entry-level martial art, while the Nine Nine to One Cultivation Method he just learned was far more advanced no matter in terms of strength and deepness . Therefore, he decided to quit practicing the art of Qi Gathering .

Everyone was looking forward to better things . Now that he had one, he certainly wouldn't be stupid to use the ineffective the art of Qi Gathering again .

When he woke up the next day after practicing for a whole night, he only felt his body seemed to become thick a lot .

This feeling directly appeared in his mind, very wonderful . He opened his clothes and found that his withered body was actually recovering rapidly . Though he still looked very thin, it had been much better than yesterday .

In the kitchen, there was a clangorous sound of metal impact . It turned out that Bei Yunxue was busy inside .

Standing at the door of the kitchen, w.a.n.g Feng was amused, because he could see that Bei Yunxue couldn't cook at all . She couldn't even cut a bone with a knife . But he didn't go to bother her .

Looking at her, w.a.n.g Feng got fullness in his heart . This was what a home was like, wasn't it?

After for five minutes, he couldn't take it anymore, so he called her .

"Ah!" Hearing the voice of w.a.n.g Feng, Bei Yunxue was shocked . And the knife in her hand almost fell to the ground .

"Haha . Step aside . " He laughed at her panic, came near her and stretched to take the knife, saying, "Just let me do this rough work . "

"Nope . " Even though he had already touched the knife, she still grasped its handle and said, "I have learned several methods of cooking soup online . Now that you are weak, let me take care of you . "

She then continued with a grievance, "Do you dislike me for not doing this well?"

"How come?" Seeing the grievance on her face, w.a.n.g Feng was also in a panic . Then he took back his hand and said, "I mean I'll help you cut these bones, and you can cook the soup later . "

"Really?" Hearing his words, she revealed a trace of suspicious on her face .

"Of course yes . Have I ever cheated you?" He brazenly answered .

"Ow, it's kind of you . Then help me do it quickly . These bones are just like stones that can't be cut . " She handed the knife to w.a.n.g Feng while speaking .

"Bones were indeed hard, so you have to use strength!" w.a.n.g Feng thought in his heart .

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