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"Pffft, to clear up snake venom, a physically weak little girl with no strength to truss a chicken, unexpectedly want to clear up a venom snake? Is that a joke?!"

Suddenly, a burst of jeering laughter came from the top ahead.

Lin Yixue turned around toward the voice and saw a fifteen-year-old Gong Zi, standing at the second-floor window of an inn. He is holding a folding fan and looking down full of interest at her. The two master and servant clearly heard the young n.o.ble, and once again looked at the mysterious n.o.ble's daughter, Lin Yixue with even more distrust.

"With a single look at you, your ten fingers are not glutinous, scallion water, it is like the xiaojie from an influential family. How can you prove that you can clear up the snake venom? Our young master is still young and may not stand your torment."

The maidservant's glaring eyes questioned Lin Yixue.

"Although I.."

Lin Yixue have not yet explained when everyone's noises interrupted her.

"Aiya! look at this delicately pretty eldest daughter of an affluent family. Can clear up what snake venom?"

"Exactly, exactly, to clear up snake venom is quite troublesome, if not clear can leave sequelae (TL: Sequelae means Residual effects)."

"Who is to blame? Young people nowadays only likes to show off one's own talents, but this time human life is beyond value."

"This madam should still without delay look for a carriage to the medical building in town, although the distance is somewhat far it is better than to dilly dally."

"True, true, quickly go, do not let this young lady delay time."


"I have really come to help this little young master clear up his snake venom."

Lin Yixue faced everyone that is calling her into question, she does not know whether to laugh or cry.

"This young lady, I do not know what your real purpose here but my child right now has been bitten by a viper, it is already troublesome, you must not look for trouble okay?"

The married woman obviously is not convinced that Lin Yixue has the skill so she calmly asked Lin Yixue to leave.

"You all, this too..."

"This young lady, thank you for your kindness, but our little young master's condition is urgent, we can not afford to delay the time, so we're asking you a favor."

Lin Yixue, have not enough time to finish when the young girl interrupted. Lin Yixue is unguarded she staggered, and almost fell to the floor. She is obviously well-intentioned and ran down to save people, how did it become looking for trouble, really dog bites Lu Dongbin* not knowing what is good, this willfull people!

(TL: Lu Dongbin is a Chinese scholar who was elevated as an immortal, he likes to help people.)

Lin Yixue was angered, she turned around resolutely to gauge out the young n.o.ble a glance, with a cold voice she said to the Madam:

"Now, I will tell you the pros and cons, what to do next is your own choice. Right now your son was bitten by Trimeresurus, Trimeresurus is a kind of highly toxic snake, the venom is spread by blood. It must be timely treated, you can not miss a moment. Fortunately, it was discovered in time, treatment is not too late. We only need to clean out the venom on time. If you go to the nearest town medical building,  it would take at least half an hour, in that time, what the specific situation will be is not easy to say. Of course, he is your own son, if you will not let me save him, and would rather watch him suffer, I naturally have no opinion!"


"Are you sure that you can cure our family's little treasure*?"

(TL: Xiao Bao means Little Treasure, it is the nickname of the little boy.)

The Madam was silent for a moment, and asked in a trembling voice.

"Of course, since I promised to treat the little young master, I certainly am able to cure him. But what specific things needed, and how to treat, you have to listen to me."

The Madam thought for a while, and finally clenched her teeth and made up her mind:

"OK, we'll listen to you."

Lin Yixue pointed to the side where the waiter, and the maid in the crowd are and ordered:

"You, go to the inn and request a basin of water and ice. You, go to the back of the house over the lake to find some half of lotus, mashed into a juice, do not throw the dregs. Madam is in charge of pressing the little young master, do not let him move randomly."

Lin Yixue calmly a.s.signed tasks for everyone.

At first, when they heard Lin Yixue's order, several people are obviously stupefied, some would like to stupidly argue, but with Lin Yixue's fierce eyes shot past them, they were obliged one after another to obey.

Lin Yixue tore the hem of her skirt, and made strips of cloth to use around the little boy's wound area about 10 parts, and then swiftly advanced to bind around the wound area. When the waiter came with clean water she repeatedly cleansed the wound.

Then from her sleeves, she took out a fine dagger. This black iron dagger looked considerably valuable, ever since she woke up she is already carrying it. Apparently, the former host must have been very fond of it, she does not know who would give such a precious gift.

However now, Lin Yixue does not want to think of it at this time, she took out the dagger towards the young boy's wounds, along the snake bite and made an incision that looked like "+" and repeatedly rinsed to expel the poison.

When it looked like the rinsing is good enough, Lin Yixue again tore the hem of her skirt, to wrap ice to apply over the wound. Quite soon, the maid holding the juice of half of a lotus came over, Lin Yixue made the young boy drink it down and then she spread the dregs on the afflicted part.

Finally sensing that the venom is more or less cleared, only then did she loosen the bindings on the little boy, the people sat on the ground sighing in relief, squatting for a long time their feet are numb.

Lin Yixue's entire process of medical treatment flowed smoothly with not a bit of sloppiness, everyone is dumbstruck simply unbelieving their own eyes, nevertheless, they saw just now that the one who took care of the illness is her, is she really a daughter of an affluent family?

Even the little boy was overawed by Lin Yixue, he forgot the pain and crying, so the emergency treatment advanced very smoothly.

"Truly, look at the manner of this little girl, she is truly capable!" 

The young gong zi lightly sighed, waving a fan, he turned around to leave from the crowd's attention.

"En, it seems this young lady is really a master of medicine, this unruffled calm and strength generally young doctors really don't have."

"Truly, you can't judge a person by appearance!, look at this extremely delicate work it is however very nimble."

"True, true, look at the way she bandaged the wound, the technique is both fast and professional, truly pretty good."


Bandaging is complete, everyone is full of praise on Lin Yixue's medical treatment.

Seeing that the little young master is un.o.bstructed, the crowd of people began to leave in twos and threes.

"Miss, why are you here? Zhenzhu looked all over the Inn, and could not find you, it scared this servant to death."

Finally, the crowd dispersed, Zhenzhu found Lin Yixue still sitting on the ground.

"Oh, let's go back inside. Lunch good yet? I am hungry! "

To accompany her words, her stomach made a resentful protesting sound, Lin Yixue realized at this point that she did not eat lunch.

"Well, Master is back. He is in the room waiting for you! "

"This young lady, you are the benefactor of our whole family, thank you for saving our little treasure's life, thank you for saving our little treasure's life, our whole family will forever remember your kindness, in the future when cow......"

Lin Yixue has just gasp in under the arm of Zhenzhu supporting her up wishing to walk, to see that the madam is already kneeling in worship while shedding tears of grat.i.tude. To reckon her next words will be, when the cow serve as a horse to repay her...!

Lin Yixue can't listen anymore, quickly signaled Zhenzhu to support the madam to stand up. Treatment is only a very slight effort nothing more, and she unexpectedly received such a huge ceremony.

On the other side of the street.

Inside a certain hidden room, while Lin Yixue helped the young child, with an imposing manner, and powerful guards, a handsome, and exceptional man is silently watching this scene.

 "Really is her, it seems that this can't be wrong! "

Pondering for a long time, the man muttered softly.


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